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Chapter 599: Sea Heart Flame

The green flame curled over the sky. Waves of distortion appeared in the air wherever one looked. A great heat spread through the air and was transmitted, covering the entire Inner Academy within it.

Numerous gazes from the ground were stunned as they watched the green-colored flame that was curling out like a burning grassland. They could not help but wipe their cold sweat away. Such a frightening imposing feeling was indeed a little too terrifying.

The middle of where the green flame spread was a cluster of bloody sea that was merely ten feet wide. At this moment, the sea of blood that was originally expanding in an extremely domineering manner had swiftly begun to curl up under the frightening temperature of the surrounding flames. Waves of pale-blood fog repeatedly seeped out from within it before turning into nothingness.

The surface of the sea of blood slowly shrank under the repeatedly rising blood fog. According to this speed, it was likely that the surroundings would be completely vaporized by the sea of fire.

“Heavenly Flame?” The sky immediately emitted numerous extremely shocked cries as the green-colored flame curled toward the sky. The gazes of some people immediately turned involuntarily toward Han Feng who was fighting with Hu Gan not far away.

At this moment, Han Feng’s gaze had also stared unblinkingly at Xiao Yan the instant that the green-colored flame appeared. There was a shock that was difficult to hide within his eyes. He did not expect that the latter would actually be able to obtain a ‘Heavenly Flame’ at such an age. It should be known that he had nearly lost his life in order to obtain this ‘Sea Heart Flame’ that was ranked fifteenth on the ‘Heavenly Flame Ranking’ back then. He manage to obtain it with sheer luck. The swallowing and refinement that followed also caused him to suffer greatly. Moreover, due to him practicing an incomplete ‘Flame Mantra’, it also resulted in the ‘Heavenly Flame’ not being completely suppressed. The flame within his body would occasionally revolt, causing him a lot of trouble.

Hence, even with Han Feng’s scheming, he could not help but feel jealous when he saw that Xiao Yan was able to control a kind of ‘Heavenly Flame’ without any fear at such an age.

“From the looks of the color of this flame as well as the illusory lotus shape that would occasionally form when it burst, I think that this should be the ‘Heavenly Flame’ that is ranked nineteenth… the ‘Green Lotus Core Flame’!” Han Feng’s gaze flashed swiftly as the gaze within his eyes gradually gained an additional greed while looking at Xiao Yan.

“It is really unexpected that I am actually able to meet two kinds of ‘Heavenly Flame’ within one day. Hee hee, this trip is really not wasted. If I am able to obtain these two kinds of ‘Heavenly Flame’ and successfully swallow them with the incomplete ‘Flame Mantra’, my strength will definitely soar. At that time, I think that the old man from the Jia Nan Academy would not be able to deal with me even if he returned.” A cold smile and fanaticism surfaced on the corner of Han Feng’s mouth as this thought flashed in his heart.

“But despite this little fellow being young, his control over the flame appears to be extremely great. Such an enormous sea of flame is something that even the current me can barely use. Yet, he is able to use it as he pleases. Looks like it won’t be easy to snatch the ‘Heavenly Flame’ from his hands.” Han Feng could not help but frown as he muttered in his heart when he saw Xiao Yan, whose face did not change much after using the sea of flames.

Although the ‘Heavenly Flame’ was extremely rare in the Dou Qi continent, there were still two different methods to remove it after it was refined. The first kind was to forcefully remove it. This kind of overbearing manner in snatching the ‘Heavenly Flame’ required the person being robbed to be unable to resist. Moreover, once the ‘Heavenly Flame’ was successfully snatched, the person who had lost it would gradually die as the ‘Heavenly Flame’ left his body. Hence, this kind of method was usually used by some vicious people who wanted to obtain a ‘Heavenly Flame’ by foul or fair means.

The second type was to inherit a ‘Heavenly Flame’ This kind of ‘Heavenly Flame’ inheritance similarly required one to pay a hefty price. For example, the source of the ‘Skyfire Three Mysterious Change’ that Xiao Yan practiced: the ‘Burning Flame Valley’, which was renowned from how they played with fire, had a kind of ‘Heavenly Flame’ which was inherited. This type of ‘Heavenly Flame’ was something that only the Valley Leader had the right to inherit. They passed it from one generation to another in this manner and this became the strongest protection measure of the sect. However, after this kind of inheritance, when the previous leader passed it over to the next leader, the strength of the former would decline by more than half. Should one not be careful, there was even the chance of one’s life being at risk. This kind of matter was basically something not uncommon during the inheritance in the ‘Burning Flame Valley’.

These two methods to transfer the ‘Heavenly Flame’ were commonly used in the continent. Most of the experts whose strength had reached a certain level would be able to know a little about it. Given Han Feng’s strength, he naturally had the qualification to know about it. Moreover, back then, he had also adopted the greedy thought of snatching the ‘Heavenly Flame’ when he attacked Yao Lao. However, he did not end up with his wish because of Yao Lao’s alertness.

Xiao Yan in the distant was naturally unaware that someone actually remembered him after merely displaying a little of the ‘Heavenly Flame’. There were quite a number of people who knew about him possessing a ‘Heavenly Flame’ during these few years. While he was still at the Jia Ma Empire, even the people in the Alchemist Association and Pill King Gu knew about it. However, there was hardly anyone who thought of snatching it. One reason was because those people who possessed a ‘Heavenly Flame’ were extremely troublesome to deal with. Another reason was that the person who wanted to forcefully snatch the ‘Heavenly Flame’ also needed to undertake great risk. Hence, other than a few extreme fellows, there was usually hardly anyone who would think of forcefully snatching another person’s ‘Heavenly Flame’.

Coincidentally, that Han Feng was one of these extreme fellows. He was able to use any means, fair or foul, to obtain strength, and was even able to do an outrageous act like killing his teacher without feeling any remorse.

However, Xiao Yan did not currently have the time to observe this fellow who had evil intentions. His attention was currently placed entirely on his opponent — Fan Lao.

That cluster of blood that was over ten feet wide appeared to be like a rock in the turbulent waves within the enormous green-colored sea of flames. It constantly faced the danger of complete destruction.

Fan Lao sensed the irritable hot temperature of the surroundings from within the sea of blood. His expression had turned extremely ugly. He may have known that the opponent’s ‘Heavenly Flame’ had a certain restraint on his sea of blood, but he did not expect that the so-called ‘restraint’ was actually to such an extent… under the surrounding sea of flame, the sharp, dark, cold energy within the sea of blood had completely lost its effect. The size of the sea of blood was also slowly shrinking under the incineration with this kind of temperature. According to this speed, it was likely unable to endure for too long.

“This bastard!”

Fan Lao clenched his teeth and scolded in a menacing manner. He lifted his eyes and his gaze passed through the flame before finally stopping on the black-robed, young man, who was suspended in the air not far away. The corner of his mouth twitched a little. It was unexpected that with his prominent position and reputation within the ‘Black-Corner Region’, he had actually ended up in such a helpless state by this young man who was still wet behind the ears. This was quite a severe blow to him.

“If I lose to this kind of person, it is likely that I will be laughed to death by those fellows within the ‘Black-Corner Region’.” Fan Lao clenched his teeth viciously and suddenly formed some seals within his hand. Immediately, the sea of blood that was continuing to shrink after being surrounding by the green flame, suddenly began to surge intensely before it was swiftly withdrawn. Threads of Dou Qi quickly entered the former’s body.

“Blood Transformation!”

As the blood entered his body, the sea of blood that spread around the place swiftly became thinner. Those pair of eyes belonging to Fan Lao also slowly became blood-red. Moreover, his pair of shriveled hands also grew increasingly white. The tip of one of his fingers strangely gained a sharp blood-colored nail. Much like an incomparably sharp blade, it reflected a dark, cold glint under the sunlight.

Fan Lao’s back shook slightly, and a bloody aura spurt out before covering the blood-colored wings on his back. Those Dou Qi wings immediately flapped, and an instant later, a transformation occurred. At a glance, they became even longer and stranger. One could vaguely see that it appeared just like the merger of the wings belonging to a bird and bat.

After the last thread of bloody aura entered Fan Lao’s body, the spreading sea of blood finally disappeared completely. The former’s body once again appeared in front of Xiao Yan’s sight.

“It is sufficient for you to be proud that you are able to force me to use the ‘Blood Transformation’.”A circular blood-colored light film spread out from his body, isolating the surrounding hot temperature. The wings on Fan Lao’s back flapped slightly, and his body immediately turned into blood-colored lightning that instantly flashed out from the engulfment of the green-colored flames. He appeared at a spot that was less than ten meters from where Xiao Yan was. His dark, cold laughter reverberated on the horizon.

Xiao Yan watched Fan Lao, whose appearance had changed slightly. Surprise flashed in his eyes. Currently, the latter was much stronger than before, whether it was in terms of his aura, speed, etc. From the looks of it, this old fellow had finally begun to reveal his true ability after being ravaged by the ‘Heavenly Flame’.

“This is not sufficient. Since you have been bearing a grudge in your heart over your son being killed in my hands, I will not mind sending you to meet with him.” Xiao Yan spread his hand and laughed at Fan Lao. That laughter was extremely harsh and acrid when it landed in the latter’s ears, causing the cold, dark face of his to be able to freeze one’s heart and lungs.

Xiao Yan waved his sleeves while he spoke. Immediately, the green-colored flame that covered the sky wiggled swiftly. Finally, it once again agglomerated into two jade-colored long fire snakes that slithered forward and backward. They followed his fingers, and entered into his body.

The Spiritual Strength that was exhausted when controlling such an enormous flame was quite significant. If not for the support of Yao Lao’s strength, Xiao Yan would not be able to use what he did earlier even if he used all his strength. Hence, he naturally needed to recoup from using such an enormous flame. Otherwise, it would be too extravagant to allow it to simply disappear between the heavens and earth. This was especially so for Xiao Yan who was still engaged in battle.

Fan Lao inhaled a deep breath of air and did his best to suppress the killing intent that was soaring in his heart. His gaze was like that of a sharp blade as it stared intently at the smiling Xiao Yan. A moment later, his mouth emitted an awful hissing laughter. His blood-red eyes suddenly widened, and a thunder-like roar finally carried an incomparable fury and killing intent as it was emitted.

“Little bastard. If I do not tear you into a thousand pieces, strip your bones, and pull out your ligaments, I might as well kill myself on the spot!”

Xiao Yan merely smiled when faced with Fan Lao’s shocking killing intent and the countless number of stunned gazes from below. His soft words completely caused the gunpowder-barrel-like Fan Lao to explode.

“In that case… you should go and die, old dog.”

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