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Chapter 593

hapter 593: Joining Hands to Seal!

The appearance of Hu Gan and the others were undoubtedly reinforcements, causing the state of the Elders, who had already reached their limits, to be bolstered.

“Everyone listen up, exchange spots with a couple of the Elders!” Hu Gan waved his hand at the large group of people who had instantly flashed and appeared in the sky outside of the energy barrier. Immediately, over ten experts that had hurried over from the Outer Academy flew up. They successfully received the task of maintaining the energy barrier with great cooperation.

The few Elders also sighed in relief when the heavy burden was received. They cupped their hands toward Hu Gan and the others with gratitude before flying down from the sky and sitting crossed legged on the ground in order to swiftly recover their exhausted Dou Qi.

Although the experts that Hu Gan had brought over from the Outer Academy were a little weaker than the Elders of the Inner Academy, they were better off in terms of having a quite a lot of them. Hence, despite the colorful energy web being slightly dimmer, it was still able to withstand the wild attacks of the invisible flame.

Su Qian’s heart also sighed in relief as he sensed the increasingly weakening attacking strength of the invisible flame. It appeared that this thing also had a point where it reached exhaustion.

A crowd of black mass was squeezed together on some of the rooftops and treetops around a hundred meters away from the colorful energy barrier. They eyed this frightening exchange, and felt somewhat speechless. The Elders who they had usually respected and feared were extremely weak under the invisible fire python. Even with their eyesight, they could see that if not for the arrival of the reinforcements from the Outer Academy, it was likely that the energy web would have been broken by the invisible fire python.

However, they also felt a shock for that mysterious invisible fire python on top of them being speechless. It was actually able to rely on its own strength to turn the Inner Academy upside down. Moreover, from the looks of the situation, even the First Elder appeared as though he feared it greatly.

“What exactly is that thing?” Countless numbers of people were shocked and aghast in their hearts as they muttered.

Seeing that its wild attacks were useless, the invisible fire python in the sky finally ceased these meaningless actions. It once again curled its enormous body in mid-air. Those completely white eyes stared intently at the energy web in the sky. A snake tongue that was a full half a meter long was extended, appearing as though it was agglomerating the strength it needed to attack once again.

Seeing that the invisible fire python had ceased its heavy collision, the pressure that Su Qian and the others felt was also reduced. However, they did not relax much. After all, they clearly understood that the enormous being below might unleash an extremely ferocious all out attack in the next moment.

“Elder Su, it is extremely disadvantageous for us if we drag it out with it in this manner. Supporting the energy web exhausts too much Dou Qi. If it continues to cease moving, we will not be able to continue to maintain the web.” Hu Gan flashed to Su Qian’s side as he frowned and spoke in a deep voice while his gaze stared intently at the invisible fire python within the energy web.

Su Qian nodded slightly and immediately laughed, “Relax. Its current self is also in a tired state, and should not be able to unleash any overly strong attack within a short period of time. We should begin preparing for the next step of the seal during this period of time.”

“Yes, the people from our Outer Academy will be responsible for maintaining the energy web. You can direct the people from the Inner Academy to proceed with the next s

tep of the seal.” Hu Gan nodded. Both of his hands immediately formed a seal, and a powerful Dou Qi surged out from his palm before receiving that thread of energy from Su Qian’s hand.

Although Hu Jia’s strength could not be compared with Su Qian, he was at the very least an expert at the peak of the Dou Wang class. Hence, no mess would appear with him as the person in charge of controlling the entire energy web.

Su Qian, whose hands were freed, slowly rose. Finally, he was suspended at the middle of the energy web. His gaze swept over the flame surrounding the ‘Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower’ and immediately cried out in a deep voice, “All Elders and instructors of the Inner Academy listen up. Confirm your position according to the formation and carry out the formation plan!”

As Su Qian’s voice sounded, those Elders who had rested for awhile also hurriedly opened their eyes. Their bodies leaped and once again pounced into the sky. They scattered and remained suspended in mid-air.

A large group of human figures suddenly swarmed out from the cluster of people from the Outer Academy after all the Elders took their position. There were a large number of them. Forget about comparing their auras with those of the Elders. They were clearly one level lower even if they were to be compared with Lin Xiu Ya, Liu Qing and the others. It was obvious that these were the instructors of the Inner Academy.

Although their auras were not very strong, they won in terms of having a large number of them. Therefore, with such a large group of human figures rushing about, it caused their aura to temporarily soar. Some of the students who were a great distance away also felt their heart boil because of this scene and even had an impulse to go forward and lend a hand.

The eighty-eight instructors did not possess the ability to fly. Therefore, most of them merely rushed onto some of the top of the trees around the energy barrier. The scattered figures formed an extremely clear correspondence with the Elders in the sky.

“Form the seal formation!”

Su Qian’s figure was suspended high in the sky above the energy barrier. His hands abruptly gestured as he let out a deep cry.

As Su Qian’s cry sounded, numerous Dou Qi glows suddenly surged out in mid-air. Finally, numerous Elders and Instructors emitted extremely orderly clear voices from their mouths. Dou Qi surged immediately and nearly a hundred Dou Qi glows shot out explosively from everyone’s hands. Their target was, however, not the invisible fire python within the energy web but Su Qian in the sky!

Su Qian’s expression was solemn as he watched the Dou Qi beams shooting over from every direction. The seal in his hands changed abruptly, and a powerful circular space ripple appeared in front of him. Finally, it formed a five foot circular vacuum. Those nearly one hundred Dou Qi beams were shot into it. Immediately, the vacuum was filled with an extremely powerful aura. Hence, a five foot vacuum Dou Qi ball appeared in Su Qian’s hand.

Having appeared to have sensed that extremely terrifying energy that was gathering in the air, the invisible fire python, that was curled up to recover its strength, began to feel uneasy. Its white triangular eyes viewed Su Qian in the sky with a sharp and ferocious gaze. The hot invisible flame once again surged out from its body. After which, it swung its huge tail and its body once again shot toward the energy web. The space shook repeatedly along the way, appearing distorted and folded.

“Everyone, be careful. Don’t allow this beast to break through the energy web!” Hu Gan cried out in a deep voice. His expression became serious as he watched the invisible fire python that was carrying an incomparably great momentum.

“Yes!” Everyone cried out in unision. The Dou Qi in their bodies surged out, and finally poured into the energy web, causing the latter’s color to become even brighter.


Its enormous body passed through the air before suddenly smashing against the energy web much like an enormous meteorite. Immediately, a loud mountain-splitting and earth-shattering explosion surged out from the point of contact. In that instant, the expressions of many experts in the Outer Academy had become a little paler.

“This beast is indeed frightening…” Su Qian’s face was a little flushed. He watched that energy barrier be pressed until it formed an extremely dangerous arc. The Dou Qi within his body suddenly flowed like floodwater before it was unceasingly poured into the energy web and held it together.

However, the invisible fire python appeared to know just how great a danger the energy agglomerating in Su Qian’s hand was this time around. Hence, it basically went all out to struggle. The glow of that energy web had quietly dimmed a little under this struggle.

“Elder Su, hurry up!” The hand of Hu Gan was repeatedly trembling slightly as he grit his teeth and shouted toward Su Qian in the sky.

Su Qian’s gaze was locked intently on the invisible fire python, which was struggling intensely in the web below. The glow of that enormous Dou Qi ball in his hand also grew increasingly bright. His long robe rose until it was stretched to the max. The way it grew was as though it was a balloon which had air blown in it.

The Dou Qi ball in his hand was basically like a bright sun following the gathering of energy, appearing extremely eye-catching. In the next instant, that enormous Dou Qi ball suddenly began to tremble intensely. Su Qian understood that this was because it had already reached its limit.

A stern coldness flashed across Su Qian’s eyes as he sensed the Dou Qi ball trembling in his hand. He let out a low cold cry that reverberated within the Inner Academy like rolling thunder, “Beast, go back!”

Su Qian’s hands suddenly pressed downward as the cry sounded. That enormous Dou Qi ball also emitted a ‘chi’ sound as it cut through the resistance of the air, and quietly entered the energy web. Finally, it appeared like a cannonball as it violently smashed into the enormous body of the invisible fire python.


Even with the strength of the invisible fire python, it emitted an extremely sharp hiss upon being struck by such a wild, violent attack. The powerful explosion that had suddenly erupted pushed it violently to the ground. Finally, it was shot into the broken ‘Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower’ from Su Qian’s hands.


The invisible fire python was once again thrown into the ‘Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower’. Joy flashed momentarily in Su Qian’s eyes. His hands abruptly formed a seal while he cried.

As Su Qian cry resounded, one could see that the top of the ‘Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower’ which had broken apart suddenly emitted a layer of pale-black energy film. The tip of the tower was firmly covered.


Seeing the ‘Fallen Heart Flame’ which was once again sealed within the tower, the countless students watching from the surroundings immediately emitted a cheer that could move mountains and flip the sea.

“Teacher…” Xiao Yan watched the ‘Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower’ which contained a black-colored glow from within the sea of flames. He knit his brows slightly as he softly spoke in his heart.

“Don’t be anxious. It is not so easy to seal the ‘Fallen Heart Flame’… moreover… there seems to be another faction which had been alerted by the activity here.” Yao Lao’s somewhat surprised voice sounded in Xiao Yan’s heart.

Xiao Yan was startled when he heard this. His face immediately changed slightly as he involuntarily cried out, “Don’t tell me it is the people from the ‘Black-Corner Region?”

“The surroundings of the Jia Nan Academy only have the ‘Black-Corner Region. I think it should be…”

“These fellows are really cats which cannot resist the smell of fish. They even dare to get involved in the matters of the Inner Academy.” Xiao Yan’s eyes narrowed. His gaze was thrown toward the clear sky. Although the Inner Academy was covered by a space mirror, it was not a very strong concealment against a truly strong person.

Su Qian in the sky also heaved a sigh of relief as he watched the ‘Fallen Heart Flame’ which was once again sealed from the sky. A smile also surfaced on his face when he heard the cheers from the distance. However, the smile had just surfaced when it suddenly stiffened under the soft laughter that had suddenly appeared.

“Ke ke, it is really unexpected that the Inner Academy is still hiding such a ‘Heavenly Flame’. First Elder Su Qian, you had really kept the secret well…”

A wave of ripples suddenly rose within the clear sky as this laughter sounded. Immediately, a large group of human figures slowly walked closer. They eventually remained suspended in the sky. Immediately, a blood thirsty aura covered the sky of the entire Inner Academy!

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