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Chapter 594: Incomplete Flame Mantra

The laughter that had suddenly appeared above caused the cheer that had resounded over the place to suddenly stop. Countless numbers of students watched the large group of people who had appeared in the sky in a stunned manner, and were somewhat unable to make heads or tails of the situation.

In the sky, Su Qian’s expression was dark and solemn as he glared at the group of people, who had appeared by breaking through the mirror. His gaze slowly paused on the man who was wearing an alchemist robe at the front. His eyes immediately began to slowly narrow as he coldly laughed, “I thought I recognized you. It is actually the medicinal emperor Han Feng from the ‘Black-Corner Region’.”

“Ke ke, First Elder is too courteous. That name is something that was randomly given to me by my friends from the ‘Black-Corner Region’. I am really not worthy of it.” The thin lips of the man who was addressed as Han Feng carried a slight smile as he spoke to Su Qian.

“Han Feng, this is a place that belongs to my Jia Nan Academy. What are all of you planning to do by coming uninvited?” Hu Gan’s expression had similar appeared quite ugly because of the appearance of Han Feng and the others. His body slowly rose until it was behind Su Qian before crying out to him.

“He is Han Feng?” Xiao Yan was suddenly startled when he heard the name from the ground. His immediately spoke in a soft shocked voice as his gaze involuntarily examined this alchemist grandmaster who could be considered as his ‘Senior’.

Han Feng laughed softly. However, his gaze glanced to the broken tip of the ‘Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower’. In a gentle voice, he said, “A ‘Heavenly Flame’ is a natural mysterious object. It is indeed a little too cruel to seal it here in this manner. As an alchemist, a flame could be said to form a kind of faith in our hearts. Therefore, Han Feng wishes to ask First Elder to release this ‘Heavenly Flame’, and not perform this kind of imprisonment.”

The moment that Han Feng’s voice sounded, not only did the faces of Su Qian and the others become quite strange, but even those people around him also had strange expressions. For those people in the ‘Black-Corner Region’ murder and arson were common things, much less whatever nonsense imprisonment was. Most importantly, the thing that was imprisoned was not even a human but merely a cluster of flame even though this flame possessed an extremely great amount of energy.

“What a ridiculous excuse. Do you think we, the people at the Jia Nan Academy, are three year old kids?” Hu Gan laughed coldly. He waved his hand and one could hear the rushing wind sound from all over the sky. Immediately nearly twenty human figures with Dou Qi wings flashed and appeared, watching Han Feng’s group on the opposite side in a malicious manner.

“Just tell us if you want to snatch the ‘Heavenly Flame’. Speaking in a roundabout manner does not match your status.” Su Qian flung his sleeves as his gaze suddenly swept over the group of people with strange appearance behind Han Feng. The hand in his sleeves immediately tightened as he said faintly, “Ke ke, you are indeed worthy of being the Medicine Emperor. You are able to invite the leaders of factions like the Blood Sect, Ground Fire Gate, Eight Gates. You are likely the only one who possesses such summoning ability within the ‘Black-Corner Region’.”

“Ha ha, First Elder is really an outspoken person.” Han Feng laughed. He immediately let out a sigh and spoke, “Since First Elder is able to guess my intentions, I would trouble you to accommodate us. You should know just how important a ‘Heavenly Flame’ is to us alchemists. I will try my best to satisfy whatever conditions you have as long as you can hand the ‘Heavenly Flame’ to me.”

Ridicule was contained on the corner of Su Qian’s mouth. He waved his sleeves and mocked, “Do you think I don’t know just what kind of person you are? If it was your teacher Yao Zun-zhe who was saying this, I might actually consider such an offer. You, however, should go and continue practicing for a couple more decades. Our Jia Nan Academy has not relied on an empty name to survive in the Dou Qi continent for so many years.”
TL: zun-ze – Basically a title of sorts given to Dou Zun.

The smile on Han Feng’s face was slowly withdrawn. His gaze that was filled with warmth had also gradually become dark and cold. “Since First Elder is unwilling to hand it over, you should not blame Han Feng for forcefully snatching it.” The moment his words sounded, a wave of liquid water-like dark-blue flames suddenly surged from his body. High temperature slowly spread out from it.

“Heavenly Flame?”

Waves of shocked voices sounded the moment the dark-blue flame appeared. In everyone’s eyesight, it was natural that they were able to identify Han Feng’s flame at a glance.

Xiao Yan’s gaze that was staring at the sky from the cluster of flames on the ground had suddenly shrank at this moment. He gently inhaled a breath of cool air as he muttered, “This fellow… actually also possesses a ‘Heavenly Flame’!” His voice had just sounded when his expression suddenly changed slightly. He merely sensed that the dark black ring on his finger had become quite hot at this moment.

Xiao Yan forcefully endured the searing pain, but remained silent. When he first heard the name Han Feng, the black-colored ring had also become fiery hot because of the uprising of Yao Lao’s Spiritual Strength. This kind of flame had become increasingly intense now…

“Teacher…” Xiao Yan softly cried out in his heart.

It was a long while after Xiao Yan’s voice sounded before Yao Lao’s voice carried a tread of low spirits as it slowly sounded, “I am fine. You need not worry. It is just that I did not expect this traitor would actually have such good fortune.”

Xiao Yan gently rubbed the dark-black ring as he spoke in his heart, “Relax, teacher, leave the matter of cleaning up the traitors to me…”

“It is fine that you have such an intention, but the current you is still no match for him. His training time far exceeds your own, and he also currently possesses a ‘Heavenly Flame’. Therefore, do not have any conflict with him in the near future.” Yao Lao sighed.

Xiao Yan quietly nodded. He knew that what Yao Lao said was true. With his current ability, he was far inferior to this senior regardless of whether it was in terms of strength or medicinal refinement.

“However…” Xiao Yan suddenly knit his brows doubtfully and softly spoke in his heart, “Teacher, I remember that an ordinary alchemist can at most have one kind of flame, right? Since this Han Feng also possesses a of ‘Heavenly Flame’, why is he still here to rob?”

Yao Lao descended into a silence the moment Xiao Yan’s words sounded. It was a long while later before a deep hoarse voice sounded, “This is because… he also practices ‘Flame Mantra’!”

Xiao Yan’s body stiffened. His face was shocked.

“However, the ‘Flame Mantra’ which he practices is merely an incomplete one.” Only with Yao Lao’s words at the end did Xiao Yan quietly sigh in relief.

“Incomplete? What do you mean?”

“Back then, when he was still my disciple, he had stolen the ‘Flame Mantra’ when I was off-guard. However, I discovered it while he was practicing. Due to his haste, he could only obtain a portion of ‘Flame Mantra’s’ Qi Method routes. “ Yao Lao’s voice was somewhat hoarse when he recalled his memory back then, “However, I have already said that his talent in medicinal refinement is not weaker than your own. After feeling about for so many years, it is likely that he may have found a little something. Otherwise, he would not be interested in a second type of ‘Heavenly Flame’.”

Xiao Yan nodded slightly. His gaze stared intently at the figure in the sky. It was really unexpected that Han Feng also practiced the ‘Flame Mantra’. Although it was merely an incomplete version, it still caused Xiao Yan to possess a somewhat strange feeling. That was… he must kill the latter!

This kind of feeling did not arouse from Xiao Yan’s heart. Instead it was nearly a sort of instinctive reaction. This kind of instinctive reaction reached deep into Xiao Yan’s mind, causing his intention to kill Han Feng to be much denser.

Xiao Yan inhaled a deep breath of air and suppressed the killing intent that rose from within his heart. His gaze swept over the two factions within the sky as he involuntarily frowned. If he were to compare the number of people now, the Jia Nan Academy naturally had more people. However, most of the people from the Academy were at the Dou Wang class. Other than Hu Gan, there was no one else who was an expert Dou Huang. On the other hand, most of the faction leaders on Han Feng’s side were of the Dou Huang class. On top of this, some of the experts from the other factions were at the Dou Wang class. No one knew just who would end up losing if they were to really fight…

“However, the Inner Academy still has the First Elder. He is an elite Dou Zong. With him around, it is likely that Han Feng would not dare to be careless despite him having many expert Dou Huang.” Xiao Yan repeatedly calculated both parties strength within his heart.

“Han Feng, the old me advises you to leave as soon as possible. I can treat it as though nothing has happened. Otherwise, if the headmaster returns in the future, it is likely that not one of you present will be able to escape!” Su Qian cried out sternly as he watched the dark-blue flame rising from Han Feng’s body.

“Ke ke, First Elder need not try to scare me. Your headmaster has not revealed himself for many years. Who knows just where he has run off to?” Han Feng laughed. The gaze which he used to look at the ‘Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower’ was filled with heat. “As long as I am able to obtain this ‘Heavenly Flame’, it is likely that no one will know who the one who took it is even if he came searching for me in the future!”

“Therefore, I will also advise First Elder to hand over the ‘Heavenly Flame’. You are also clearly aware of what kind of characters that we, the people from the ‘Black-Corner Region’ have. If we were to really end up fighting, it is likely that this Inner Academy would also be completely destroyed, right?” Han Feng appeared to laugh as he spoke. His voice was actually filled with a threat.

Su Qian inhaled a deep breath of air. His face was covered in green. Both of his hands were slowly extended out of his sleeves and grasped the air gently. The space began to fluctuate intensely at this moment as he spoke in a dark and cold manner, “It has been many years since I fought. Today, the old me will decide and see if you have the right to say these words!”

“All Elders, listen up. Protect the ‘Heavenly Flame’ until death!” Su Qian suddenly let out a soft cry. His cry was like a thunder that resounded unceasingly in the sky.

“Protect the ‘Heavenly Flame’ until death!”

All the experts in the academy cried out in unision. Immediately, waves of powerful auras surged to the sky!

“Stubborn fellow. A Dou Zong may be strong, but it does not mean that one is invincible. The ‘Black-Corner Region’ still has people who can match you!” Han Feng quietly took a step back when he sensed the powerful pressure that spread out from Su Qian’s body. With a cold laugh, he immediately turned around and spoke respectively, “Misters Gold and Silver, please reveal yourself!”

“Ha ha, Han Feng, you should know the price of inviting us to act. Hopefully, you will be eventually be able to take it out. Otherwise…” Han Feng’s voice had just sounded when two loud bouts of laughter suddenly sounded. The space began to ripple immediately as a gold and a silver figure appeared in the sky in a ghost-like manner.

The expressions of Su Qian and the others immediately changed as they watched the gold and silver figures in the sky. A cold wind-like voice popped up from the gap between Su Qian’s teeth.

“It is really unexpected… that even you two were invited!”

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