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Chapter 591: Thousand Layer Sealing Formation

The hot magma flow was like a fire pillar which erupted from the top of the ‘Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower’ in a straight manner. In that instant, the natural energy within the entire Inner Academy suddenly began to run rampant.

After breaking through the seal of the ‘Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower’, an excited sharp hiss was suddenly emitted from the magma flow in a lightning-like manner. Immediately, the magma came shattering down from all directions, and a ferocious flame would rise wherever it passed. Hence, in a short period of time, the area that was nearly a couple of dozens of meters around the ‘Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower’ transformed into a sea of flames.

While the magma spilled downward, an enormous invisible fire python that was hundreds of feet long immediately shot out explosively from within. It sensed the freedom that it had not experienced for a long time, and those enormous triangular eyes were filled with an extremely human-like wild joy.

Countless numbers of students were on some of the three tops over a hundred meters away from the ‘Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower’. Their faces were filled with shock as they watched that enormous being charge out from the top of the ‘Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower’. No one expected that the place that they had frequently trained in actually contained such a fierce thing.

“Where is Xiao Yan?” Lin Xiuya and the others who had just escaped from the tower were on the top of a roof before Lin Yan suddenly looked all around him and hurriedly asked.

“He’s there.” Zi Yan extended her little finger and pointed to an area in the sky around the ‘Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower’. There was a black figure that was flapping a pair of purplish-black wings while floating in mid-air.

“That fellow. Didn’t the First Elder tell everyone to leave that place? Why is he still staying there where it is a problem that even the First Elder and the others cannot solve?” Lin Yan’s expression immediately changed as he hurriedly asked upon seeing this.

Zi Yan pulled her pale-purple pony tail. She had a tender voice, but she purposefully acted in an elderly manner, “It is not as though that fellow is a fool. Relax. He will definitely flee faster than a rabbit should something happen. He still needs to refine things for me. How can he die so easily?”

Lin Yan immediately felt at a loss when he heard this. He helplessly shook his head, and could only cease his attempt at a pointless reply. He turned his gaze toward the enormous being that had rushed out from the ‘Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower’, and a shock immediately surged on his face. He muttered, “What Magical Beast is this? It is actually this frightening…”

Lin Xiuya, Lin Yan, and the others shook their heads. With their knowledge, they were still unable to see the origin of the invisible fire python.

“This is not some Magical Beast… it… it… even I don’t know what it is.” Zi Yan shook her head as she bit the tip of her finger and thought for a moment only to end up laughing. Her original form was a Magical Beast. Thus, she was naturally able to sense that the invisible fire python did not have the aura of a Magical Beast. If one were to ask her to give a reason, it would be making things difficult for her little head which only thought about eating all day long.

Everyone shook their heads. This ‘Brute-Force Queen’ really did survive by only relying on her strength…

While everyone was conversing, Su Qian was watching this invisible fire python, that had broken through the ‘Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower,’ in sky above. His expression also changed slightly. Soon after, however, he let out a stern loud cry, “All Elders, listen up. Form the ‘Thousand Layers Seal Formation’!”

As Su Qian’s cry sounded, the eighteen Elders that were suspended in the sky immediately let out a response in unison. Immediately, eighteen powerful Dou Qis surged out explosively before intertwining with one another in a lightning-like manner. As they intertwined, countless numbers of somewhat tiny energies were reflected just like light. These energies intertwined with one another and a moment later, they formed an extremely dense energy web in the sky.

This colorful energy web repeatedly reflected. Hence, it was basically covered layer after layer. That manner was as though thousands of layers were superimposed on each other, and they all possessed an extremely shocking defensive strength.

Xiao Yan’s expression was solemn as he eyed the colorful energy web that had formed in the sky. Su Qian’s hand swiftly formed some seals. Immediately, his finger pointed toward the middle of the energy web. An enormous amount of energy surged out before pouring into it!

Having received the support of this enormous energy, Su Qian pulled his hand back once more, and the energy web that was nearly a hundred meters wide suddenly shot down from the edge, forming a layer of a colorful energy barrier. As this energy barrier fell, an extremely firm defensive web once again intercepted the head of the ‘Fallen Heart Flame’.

Due to it having exhausted too much energy when breaking through the ‘Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower’ earlier, the flame on the body of the invisible fire python temporarily appeared somewhat dim for a short period after it had charged out of the tower. It was quite a long while after the ‘Thousand Layers Seal Formation’ was formed in the sky before the fierce flames once again rose from the large body of the fire python.

The wild, violent energy within the invisible fire python appeared to have once again recovered greatly following the rise of the flame. It slowly lifted its enormous head, and it fiercely glared at the colorful energy web in the sky. Having already tasted the sweet taste of freedom, it was naturally unwilling to return to that world filled with magma and fire poison.


It hissed toward the sky. That sharp sonic wave appeared substance-like as it swiftly spread out. Finally, it shook the surrounding vertical energy walls, carrying waves of swiftly shaking ripples.

Due to the energy web enveloping an area that was far too large, Xiao Yan who was pausing nearby was also wrapped into it. It was fortunate that Xiao Yan was alert and intelligent. He swiftly descended down to the sea of flames below the moment the invisible fire python emitted its sonic attack. With the help of the ‘Green Lotus Core Flame’ wrapping around his body, not only did the sea of flames around him not cause him any damage, but they had instead provided him with the best condition to hide himself.

“They are about to fight…” Xiao Yan’s expression was excited as he watched the two sides in the sky which were about to begin fighting. He had waited nearly a year for this day and it appeared that he was about to achieve his reason for coming to the Jia Nan Academy.

“Be careful. The activity when they start fighting will not be small.” Yao Lao’s reminder sounded in Xiao Yan’s heart. Although the latter was reminding Xiao Yan, his voice also contained a joy that was difficult to hide.

Xiao Yan nodded. He hid his body behind an enormous rock and ignored the fiercely burning flames around him as his gaze stared at the sky.

The invisible fire python emitted a sharp sound in the sky before it gradually curled up into a snake shape. Its completely white triangular eyes stared intently at Su Qian who was at the middle of the energy web.

As the snake curled up, the flame on the invisible fire python’s body began to rise more intensely. Even the surrounding air had become distorted to the point where the gazes that were looking at the fire python could only see a vaguely enormous body.

“Everyone heads up. Be careful of its retaliation. I have already released the signal. As long as we hold on for a while, the deputy headmaster of the Outer Academy and the other Elders will hurry over. At that time, we will definitely be able to seal it once again by combining all of our strength!” Su Qian immediately let out a stern cry as he watched the posture of the fire python that appeared to be just about to attack.

“We understand!” The Elders’ expressions became solemn as they replied in deep voices after hearing the cry.


The orderly replies had just sounded when the invisible fire python occupying the spot suddenly extended its body. That enormous body immediately shot out explosively in a lightning-like manner. Its speed did not slow even a little because of its enormous body.

Wherever the fire python passed through would leave behind traces of a vacuum in the air. The hot searing temperature was able to cause the expressions of some of the Elders to change slightly despite them being far away. Only after personally exchanging blows with it did they understand that this ‘Fallen Heart Flame’ appeared to have become much stronger than before.


The invisible fire python was swiftly magnified in Su Qian’s eyes. An instant later, the hand seal of Su Qian moved abruptly, and he was the first to let out a loud cry. When the cry sounded, that colorful energy web also emitted an eye-piercing, colorful, intense glow!


Its enormous body carried an incomparably ferocious charging force as it violently collided with the colorful energy web. That ferocious and strong force struck the energy web until it was protruding by nearly ten meters. The alarming appearance of being on the verge of breaking caused the students far away to wipe the cold sweat in their hearts.

“Go back!”

Su Qian’s eyes coldly and sternly observed the fire python that was struggling wildly against the energy web. His hands pressed down violently, and the entire space immediately appeared to be violently pressed downward.

After Su Qian pressed both of his palms down, the energy web that was pressured until it protruded out abruptly emitted an intense glow. An extremely powerful rebound surged out, and shot the enormous body of the invisible fire python. That enormous strength violently smashed down on the latter.

The huge tail swayed in mid-air before it finally came to a sudden stop when it was less than ten meters from the ground.

The invisible fire python did not stop when its first attack showed no effect. Its enormous tail was swung, and its body once again shot explosively toward the skyline. When it was less than fifty meters from the energy web, it widened its mouth, and an invisible flame surged out explosively in all directions!

Su Qian’s expression changed a little as he watched the invisible flame that came surging over. His hands swiftly formed some seals, and an incomparably powerful Dou Qi was poured unceasingly into the energy web.

The invisible flame swiftly collided with the energy web. That extremely frightening temperature immediately caused ripples to rise on the surface of the energy web.

Although the invisible flame was ferocious, the energy web that was formed from eighteen elite Dou Wangs and a Dou Zong was naturally not an ordinary thing. Hence, the two gradually came to a stalemate where neither could do anything to the other.


Another sharp sound wave suddenly appeared. The invisible flame that came sweeping out in all directions actually began to squirm. Finally, it agglomerated into a small fire snake that was as thick as an arm in front of Su Qian’s drastically changing face.

The moment the small fire snake was formed, it had an extremely frightening speed as it violently smashed against the energy web. Immediately… it exploded with a bang!

The energy web began to shake swiftly the moment the explosion swept forth. An extremely tiny hole quietly appeared…

Due to the speed at which Su Qian and the others reacted, this hole did not become the main culprit of the collapse of the energy web. However, the instant this hole appeared, an extremely wild and violent energy shot out explosively from this spot. It finally shot to the horizon. That majestic energy ripple was something that one would clearly be able to sense even from thousands of kilometers away!

“Oh no…” Su Qian’s heart immediately sank the moment that this wild, violent energy rose and spread.

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