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Chapter 590: Breaking Through the Tower!

Under the shocked gazes of everyone, the blood-colored magma pillar carried a hot magma flow as it charged through the final seal from every direction. Immediately, it collided violently against the tip of the ‘Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower’.


The low, deep, furious thunder-like explosion suddenly rumbled beside everyone’s ears. During this meteorite-like collision, Xiao Yan clearly sensed that the entire ‘Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower’ had shaken violently.

Everyone’s expression was a little pale as they watched the fiery hot magma that was erupting from that deep hole. Even though they were isolated by an energy barrier, they could still faintly sense its high temperature.

The blood-colored magma pillar collided heavily with the tip of the ‘Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower’. However, the magma did not shake the latter until it broke because of its ferocious forward momentum. The instant they collided, a layer of a somewhat dark, thin energy barrier immediately surfaced at the dark-black tip of the tower. This energy barrier that was not even as thick as one’s finger may have appeared to be thin and weak, but this thin layer of dark-black energy managed to completely stop that incomparably ferocious magma pillar!

The attack failed and a countless number of rock fragments shot out explosively from the magma. Finally, they shot toward those energy barriers by the side. They had just made contact when these rock fragments were shaken into powder by the wild and violent energy on the energy barrier.

However, the blood-colored magma pillar did not withdraw and disappear after it failed. It merely descended a couple of dozens of meters. There were hot waves that were repeatedly rolling over the blood-colored magma. A moment later, the waves suddenly expanded greatly. An enormous transparent fire python that caused Xiao Yan’s group to be stunned slowly appeared in the fire wave as it extended a head that appeared ferocious because of its immense size.

“This… what is this thing?” Even with the mental strength of Lin Xiuya and the others, they involuntarily cried out in a shock voice as they watched the invisible fire python that merely revealed an enormous head and a length of its body.

Xiao Yan’s gaze stared intently at the invisible fire python that was rolling within the magma. His throat rolled slightly. This was the first time that he had seen the enormous snake at such close proximity. Moreover, he also sensed something. The invisible fire python that was within the magma pillar should be the mysterious being that was hidden at the bottom of the deep hole which he had seen the first time he entered the ‘Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower’… the actual body of the ‘Fallen Heart Flame’.

“It is really unexpected that the ‘Fallen Heart Flame’ has already evolved to this state. At this moment, this thing is basically a little different than an ordinary Mystical Beast.” Yao Lao’s surprised voice suddenly sounded at this moment. From the looks of it, the shock that this invisible fire python gave him was quite big.

Xao Yan nodded his head in shock within his heart. After undergoing the accumulation and agglomeration over countless number of years, it had actually evolved from a cluster of invisible flame into this current beast. The mystery of nature did indeed cause one to feel amazed.

“Teacher, what do we do now? This thing is actually so terrifying. We… do we capture it?” Xiao Yan anxiously asked in his heart.

“Directly capture it? If I were in my heyday, we could give it a try. Now… it is best that we quietly wait for action to be taken by the Inner Academy.” Yao Lao mocked Xiao Yan’s question as he spoke.

Xiao Yan let out an embarrassed smile and nodded.

The fire python extended its enormous head out from the magma pillar. Having appeared to have sensed a couple of little fellows that were just like ants not far away, the triangle pupils that contained a white color glanced slightly at where the latter was. Under the focus of the pure-white triangular pupils, even Zi Yan took a small step back in fear despite her character, much less those other people who were frightened until their faces were white.

The invisible fire python was unconcerned about this group of people who were just like ants in its eyes. Hence, it merely randomly glanced once before withdrawing its gaze. It raised its head and stared intently at the tip of the tower that was as black as ink. A circular cord-like black-colored energy was slowly lingering at that spot. The seemingly thin and weak defense possessed an extremely frightening defensive strength.


Suddenly, the invisible python emitted an extremely sharp hissing sound. An invisible sonic wave was suddenly spreading out. Immediately, it collided heavily with the energy barrier around it. Waves of intense ripples rose on the energy barrier.

Xiao Yan could not resist swallowing his saliva as he watched the energy ripple that was swiftly fluctuating. Just a random hiss of this thing had a destructive strength that was stronger than his ‘Lion Tiger Gold Shattering Roar’ by a countless number of times.

The sharp hissing slowly weakened and the invisible fire python widened its enormous mouth. Immediately, an enormous invisible flame abruptly erupted from it!

The moment that invisible flame appeared, Xiao Yan and the others could still sense the temperature of this place suddenly soaring despite being isolated by the energy barrier. Immediately, everyone had no choice but to unleash their Dou Qi to wrap around their body. Only then did they feel somewhat better.

The invisible flame charged toward the layer of black energy film at the end of the energy barrier. Along the way, a varying degree of distortions appeared in the space it passed through. At a glance it appeared like the folds on clothes.

Even the space was burned to the degree where it became distorted. If it was a person’s body, it was likely that at that instant, it would be incinerated until even their ashes would not remain.

The speed at which the invisible flame was spat was not very fast. It took around thirty seconds or so before it carried its extremely frightening hot temperature and collided with the black energy layer.

The moment the two came into contact, it did not emit a loud sound like it did earlier. Instead, it appeared like ice on hot oil, continuously sizzling and emitting smoke.

Although the dark-black energy film was thin, its defensive strength was shockingly strong. Even after having that invisible flame glued to it, it was still as firm as it was in the past. When that invisible fire python saw this situation, it once again emitted a sharp hiss. Waves of flames repeatedly spat out as though they did not require any effort.

Although the black energy film was extremely strong, it was unable to endure for long under this kind of continuous incineration. Hence, as time flowed by, the layer of dark-black energy became increasingly thinner and increasingly illusory under the focus of Xiao Yan’s group…

Seeing the weakening of the dark-black energy film, the invisible fire python once again emitted a hissing sound. However, even Xiao Yan and the others could hear the joy within the hissing this time around. Immediately, the latter worked even harder to swiftly spit out that incomparably frightening invisible flame…

The burning that continued for a long time without stopping also caused the black energy film to become increasingly thinner and illusory. Around five minutes later, that energy film basically became so faint, that it was only partially visible. Clearly, it was about to reach the point of cracking apart…

“This ‘Fallen Heart Flame’ is indeed frightening. Even the seal of the ‘Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower’ is unable to trap it. Looks like it is only a matter of time before it breaks the seal.” Xiao Yan involuntarily muttered in his heart as he watched the energy film that was about to disappear.

“All of you little brats, why are you still here?” Just as Xiao Yan and the others were watching the scene until they were stunned, over a dozen human figures suddenly flashed out from the tunnel. The person leading them was surprisingly Su Qian. He involuntarily cried out when he saw Xiao Yan and the others who were still standing in this place.

Only after hearing this cry did Xiao Yan and the others recover. Their gaze looked at the ten plus human figures that had rushed out. These people were clearly the Inner Academy’s Elders. The group of them nodded carefully and were planning to withdraw when they discovered that after his loud cry, Su Qian had swiftly shifted his gaze from them toward the increasingly illusory and thin black energy film which was being incinerated by the flame of the invisible fire python.

“This is bad. The seal of the ‘Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower’ is about to be broken. This thing is using some unknown method this time around and actually caused its own strength to soar.” Su Qian’s face was shocked at this moment despite his mental strength. His voice was even a little sharp.

“First Elder, what do we do now?” An Elder hurriedly inquired. All of them clearly knew just what kind of serious consequence would occur once the ‘Fallen Heart Flame’ broke through the seal.

Su Qian’s face was dark and volatile. A moment later, he suddenly waved his hand and spoke with a sharp voice, “All Elders, follow me at once. At this moment, the seal of the ‘Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower’ won’t be able to endure for much longer. We can only use the formation seal that the headmaster left behind back then. Let us see if we can seal it!”

Su Qian did not pause for even a moment after speaking. His body flashed and swiftly rushed toward the exterior of the ‘Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower’. When he was passing by the side of Xiao Yan’s group, he let out a stern cry, “Why are all of you still staying? Get as far as possible once you get out of the tower. Don’t allow anyone to come over!”

The necks of Xiao Yan’s group shrank as they heard Su Qian’s stern cry. They were just about to move when numerous figures rushed out from beside them in a lightning-like manner. Finally, these figures turned into numerous afterimages that rushed out of the ‘Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower’.

Xiao Yan’s group was shocked by the speed of these Elders. They too did not dare to stay in this place for long. They hurriedly charged toward the exterior of the tower.

Xiao Yan once again turned his head around and took a glance just as they were about to leave the tower. He immediately inhaled a breath of cool air as he saw the layer of black energy had already become incomparably faint under the fierce burning of the invisible flame.

“It looks like this ‘Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower’ can no longer imprison the ‘Fallen Heart Flame’… next, it is up to the Elders. Hopefully, they will leave a chance for me.” Xiao Yan muttered in his heart. He ceased staying in this place as he turned around and rushed out of the ‘Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower’.

Eye-piercing sunlight came shattering down the moment they exited the tower, causing Xiao Yan to narrow his eyes. He lifted his gaze and looked in all directions, only to realize that the originally extremely crowded tower exterior had become totally empty. His gaze looked afar. Only then was he able to see some scattered human figures in the distance.

Xiao Yan’s body rushed toward the small slope of a hill. He suddenly raised his head and was stunned to realize that there were nearly twenty human figures suspended in the sky. Various different colored Dou Qi wings were being flapped slightly causing the space to appear somewhat bright and colorful.

These human figures in the sky stood in a scattered manner. They appeared to be randomly standing, but there was faintly some unique traces. If one were to carefully observe them, one would be able to discover that in the middle of this group of people was surprisingly the ‘Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower’!

Pale varying colored energy barriers were over the twenty figures. Threads of energy that one had difficulty seeing with the naked eye were quietly being extended.

Xiao Yan’s heart thumped abruptly the instant the formation was formed in the sky. That ‘Green Lotus Core Flame’ which was flowing within the Qi Paths also emitted a somewhat hot temperature at this moment…

“It is about to be broken…” Xiao Yan muttered softly, having appeared to have sensed something.

An earth-shattering, mountain-splitting explosion suddenly reverberated through the sky just after his voice sounded. Immediately, that incomparably firm tip of the ‘Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower’ was suddenly blasted apart. The hot magma pillar suddenly gushed out under the many shocked gazes in the distance!

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