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Chapter 576: Explode

As Xiao Yan’s laughter sounded, the green-colored flame on his body had instantly wrapped firmly around him until he had disappeared underneath the armor within the blink of an eye.

Having been prepared, the agglomeration of Xiao Yan’s flame armor was so fast that it was frightening. By the time Liu Qing’s sharp hand claw suddenly came in close contact with Xiao Yan’s body, the flame armor had already completely taken shape.

Liu Qing’s eyes shrank slightly at the flame armor that had suddenly appeared. Being in such close contact, the extremely hot temperature of the flame armor caused his body to faintly transmit a searing pain. His heart was immediately shocked. This fellow’s green flame was indeed a little strange.

“I just want to see whether this armor of yours can truly defend against all attacks?” The attack was imminent and it was too late for him to withdraw it. Hence, a coldness surged within Liu Qing’s eyes as his attack charged forward instead of pulling back. The Dou Qi within his body surged wildly as a pale-golden Dou Qi shot out an eye-piercing glow, isolating the hot temperature.

Due to the stimulation of the Dou Qi in his body, Liu Qing’s claw hand had instantly become sharper. Immediately, the sharp hand-claw collided heavily with the flame armor.

The two collided and the ‘Clang Clang’ sound of metal colliding immediately sounded within the arena.

As the sound fell, one could see that the surface of that extremely firm armor had formed quite a deep dent. Xiao Yan, who was hidden under the flame armor, also took a step back after receiving such a heavy blow. Although the flame armor isolated a large portion of the force, there was still some hidden force that seeped through the armor and shook his body until it swayed.

“Clang! Clang!”

Liu Qing instantly followed up in a ghost-like manner the moment Xiao Yan stepped back. The golden glow shined brightly on his claw-hands. Numerous afterimages were left behind as they descended and those golden glowing sharp claw-hands landed unceasingly on the flame armor. Immediately, the entire arena emitted a ‘Clang Clang’ sound that caused one to be struck with fear.

Following this wild attack by Liu Qing, there was an increasing number of dents appearing on that incomparably firm flame armor. By the end of Liu Qing’s series of attacks, it was basically full of holes. Xiao Yan was also shaken by that extremely powerful force until he withdrew by more than ten steps. Moreover, this was the result after having the flame armor block most of the force. It was difficult to imagine just what state Xiao Yan would be in if he did not secretly prepare this tactic before hand. Should that sharp hand-claw, which could shatter gold and cut rocks, firmly strike his body, he would at the very least end up being seriously injured and losing his fighting ability…

Countless numbers of people were sweating profusely on the viewing gallery as they eyed the numerous afterimages dancing within the arena as Liu Qing performed his wild attack. Their hearts quietly whispered that he was indeed worthy of the name Tyrant Spear Liu Qing. This attack was indeed incomparably tyrannical, causing one to be struck with terror. Everyone was stunned by this extremely sharp attack of Liu Qing while at the same time, they could not help but feel amazement toward Xiao Yan in the arena. Xiao Yan may have descended into a disadvantage under this wild and violent attack of Liu Qing, but he was not defeated yet. This ability caused everyone to be filled with admiration as they exclaimed, “No wonder he is qualified to be viewed so seriously by Liu Qing and Lin Xiuya. This new student dark horse does indeed have some abilities.”

During that short distance of over a dozen steps, the numerous afterimages that Liu Qing showed basically had the force of a hundred strikes which all mercilessly smashed the flame armor. Faced with such a heavy attack, that extremely firm flame armor was on the verge of cracking apart. Even its color had become much paler…

On the tall platform, Liu Fei’s face was filled with wild joy as she grabbed Yao Sheng’s hand by her side. Her voice had become somewhat sharp in excitement, “That fellow is about to be defeated!”

Beside her, Yao Sheng’s gaze stared intently at the arena before frowning slightly. His strength far surpassed Liu Fei’s, so his eyes were naturally a little sharper. Although Xiao Yan was shaken until he continuously stepped back within the arena, Yao Sheng, who had personally fought with him, clearly knew just what kind of frightening defensive strength that damn flame armor had.

“That fellow Xiao Yan has an extremely outstanding combat awareness. He was actually able to agglomerate his flame armor in that instant. I think that he should have already prepared it beforehand.” Yan Hao smacked his lips and continued in amazement, “However, it is fortunate that this fellow was hiding a card. Otherwise, this frightening attack of Liu Qing, that had erupted instantaneously, would have likely been sufficient to cause Xiao Yan serious injury had he not used the defense of the flame armor.”

“However, the flame armor appears to be also unable to block all of Liu Qing’s attack. From the looks of it, that armor is also about to burst apart…” Han Yue knit her brows slightly. Anyone could tell that it was likely that the flame armor on Xiao Yan’s body could not be maintained for much longer.

Lin Xiuya’s eyes stared intently at the arena. A moment later, he finally slowly opened his mouth, “It is likely that this attacking momentum of Liu Qing won’t cause much harm to Xiao Yan. Although it appears that Xiao Yan is beaten until he is unable to retaliate now, his withdrawing footsteps are in sequence, and he does not have the slightest panic. I think… huh?” Surprise suddenly flashed passed Liu Xiuya’s eyes before his words sounded. He suddenly sensed the sudden fluctuation of the natural energy within the arena.

“What is it?” That slight fluctuation was extremely weak and appeared to be hidden by something. Therefore, even Yan Hao and the others did not discover it. This caused them to open their mouths and question uncertainly.

Lin Xiuya narrowed his eyes. An instant later, he finally sensed something and his gaze was suddenly thrown toward Xiao Yan who was repeatedly stepping back under Liu Qing’s wild and violent attack. His mouth moved slightly and he immediately muttered with surprised eyes, “Xiao Yan is perhaps… about to retaliate.”

“Retaliate?” Yan Hao and the others were slightly startled when they heard this. They immediately knit their brows and watched Xiao Yan who was basically collapsing a thousand miles under Liu Qing’s attack. They really could not see the slightest trace of him retaliating. In their eyes, should this attack of Liu Qing continue for a while longer, it was likely that victory would be decided at the moment the flame armor on Xiao Yan’s body completely broke apart.

Lin Xiuya laughed softly but did not point anything out. He merely smiled faintly and said, “It is really unexpected that Xiao Yan is actually this cunning. He is indeed a troublesome opponent to deal with. Even though he is facing Liu Qing, he has not shown the slightest sign of chaos.”

Yan Hao and the others eyed each other and immediately shook their heads helplessly. They were about to inquire again when an uproar suddenly sounded from the stadium. Immediately, they hurriedly turned their gazes to the arena only to involuntarily feel shock.

Under Liu Qing’s storm-like wild and violent attack the incomparably tough green flame armor finally reached its end. The moment Liu Qing’s sharp claw violently smashed onto a dent, the entire armor instantly shook intensely. Immediately, crack lines swiftly covered the armor under the pitiful gazes all over the stadium. Finally, a clear cracking sound appeared. The armor that had received nearly a hundred attacks from Liu Qing finally cracked apart and turned into nothingness…

As the armor disappeared, Xiao Yan, hidden within it, also once again appeared in everyone’s sight.

At this moment, not only were Xiao Yan’s clothes somewhat shattered by the hidden force that had penetrated through the armor but his expression was also pale. A thread of blood even flowed down the corner of his mouth. Clearly, even though he had the protection of the flame armor, he was truly a little injured when faced with that nearly bull-like wild and violent attack!

Liu Qing’s expression was as deep as water. The shattering of the last layer of Xiao Yan’s defense merely caused his brows to be quietly lifted. The pale-golden Dou Qi once again covered his hand-claw, and the sharp claw’s wind shot toward Xiao Yan’s chest!

With a blood trace remaining on the corner of his mouth, Xiao Yan eyed Liu Qing, who did not rest even a little as the latter once again attacked fiercely. A cold smile that was difficult to notice was lifted in his dark-black eyes. His body did not move as his right hand slowly lifted before it directly faced Liu Qing. From the looks of his manner, it was as though he was about to receive the latter’s attack head on.

This actions of Xiao Yan immediately caused private conversations to appear in the viewing gallery. After the exchange earlier, everyone knew that Xiao Yan was unable to beat Liu Qing in a head on clash. This current action of Xiao Yan could really be only judged as ‘seeking death’ in the eyes of everyone.

Regardless of what they thought of, however, Xiao Yan still stubbornly adopted such a maneuver in the arena. A coldness was contained in his eyes as he watched Liu Qing who had arrived in an instant.

Even Liu Qing was somewhat surprised at the actions of Xiao Yan. However, on top of feeling surprise, his heart had unknowingly tightened greatly. It was said that abnormalities were monsters. Xiao Yan was not a fool, it was impossible for him to adopt a method like using an egg to collide with a rock.

As the doubt in Liu Qing’s heart was rotating swiftly, a pale-green-purple color suddenly flashed in his eyes. Immediately, the hairs all over his body stood up. A kind of intense sense of danger surfaced in his heart.

An instant later, the green-purple color once again appeared. This time around, Liu Qing finally discovered the source where it was transmitted from. His eyes immediately shrunk in an abrupt manner… this was because that place was within the dark-black sleeves of Xiao Yan who was facing him…

The wild and violent attack was basically forcefully stopped by Liu Qing in mid-air. He ignored the tightness in his chest caused by the force. Under the numerous stunned gazes from the surrounding viewing gallery, Liu Qing’s expression changed suddenly. His two feet also stomped on the ground, and his body swiftly retreated!

“It’s too late!”

Xiao Yan involuntarily parted his mouth and smiled as he watched Liu Qing who appeared to have discovered his intentions. His clean white teeth still had a little remnant of blood. He flicked his finger and a faint voice emitted, “Go!”

As the voice sounded, a green-purple glow immediately flashed out from Xiao Yan’s sleeves. Following the appearance of this cluster of green-purple glow, the temperature of the arena suddenly rose! At this moment, everyone finally understood just why Liu Qing had swiftly withdrawn at the last moment. Xiao Yan had actually dug a pit long ago… waiting for Liu Qing to charge over.

The green-purple glow’s flashing speed was so fast that it was frightening. However, it still did not escape the attention of the Elders on the judges’ seats. As they sensed the frightening destructive strength contained within it, even the expression of the First Elder Su Qian involuntarily changed a little.

The green-purple glow flashed a couple of times before it appeared in front of Liu Qing as his eyes shrunk swiftly…


The simple sound of a word was slowly emitted from Xiao Yan’s mouth. An explosion that could collapse mountains and break the land suddenly appeared.

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