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Chapter 575: The Collision Between the Octane Blast and the Great Rift Coffin Splitting Claw

The two human figures appeared to be like meteors colliding as they crashed under the gazes of the countless number of people. Monstrous Dou Qi ripples from the fallout were shot all over the place.


The heavy ruler in his hand cut through the air much like a black-colored lightning bolt. It carried a ferocious wind that caused the air to distort. It violently hacked down toward the unmoving Liu Qing who was like an imposing mountain. Under that powerful force, even the air under the ruler was completely expelled. A low sonic boom resounded, much like an underground explosion, oppressing and horrifying people.

The powerful suppressing wind caused Liu Qing’s clothes to be glued to his skin. However, his face did not move just because of the heavy ruler that came hacking over ferociously. His eyes indifferently watched the increasingly heavy ruler. When it was merely half a foot from his head, Liu Qing finally took a random gentle step to the left.

The heavy ruler landed strongly, but it glanced past Liu Qing’s arm narrowly as it fell. It did not have the slightest contribution. The instant that the attack missed, Liu Qing’s left hand curled slightly. It immediately slapped to the left side in front of him.

The seemingly careless slap by the hand claw slapped extremely accurately on the body of the ruler the instant the heavy ruler fell. Immediately, a powerful force surged out and slammed the heavy ruler until it flew over a foot away, which coincidentally blocked Xiao Yan’s intention of immediately changing his attack stance.

As the subsequent attack stance by the heavy ruler was cut off, the entire aura of Xiao Yan also delayed for the blink of an eye. Liu Qing completely grabbed the opportunity of this momentary pause, which was extremely difficult to discover. His palm faced the ground and was curled into a slight arc which was like an extremely sharp beast claw. His arm trembled and the sharp claw carried a cold wind as it smashed heavily toward Xiao Yan’s chest.

Xiao Yan also reacted in an instant as the heavy ruler was pushed aside. His left hand moved aside in a lighting-like manner. Powerful Dou Qi swiftly agglomerated over his fist as he clenched his five fingers. It was immediately thrown out violently and coincidentally collided together with that hand claw that was extending over explosively.


A fist and a claw collided violently as a low, deep explosion suddenly appeared. A ripple force that caused the air to fluctuate continuously surged out before spreading in all directions.

“Thump thump…”

Xiao Yan’s body shook intensely as his footsteps stepped back quickly. The extremely hard ground was filled with threads of crack lines each time one of his feet landed. This continued for quite a number of footsteps before a soft muffled snort softly sounded from Xiao Yan’s throat. His right foot immediately stomped violently. The hard ground where it landed was instantly cracked, forming extremely small fragments.

Xiao Yan completely resolved the force that was transmitted from his hand before raising his head with a serious expression. He eyed Liu Qing who had merely took one step back. The other party’s strength had steadily suppressed him in a head on collision.

Xiao Yan inhaled a deep breath of somewhat cool air. His gaze stared intently at the expressionless Liu Qing on the opposite side. In his heart he clearly knew that the longer he dragged out the fight with this kind of person, a person with powerful strength and awfully rich combat experience, the greater it was to his disadvantage. Hence, if he wanted to greatly increase his chances of victory, he must obtain the greatest offensive affect in the shortest amount of time.

Although Xiao Yan knew just what kind of fighting tactic was the most advantageous in his heart, he still felt somewhat of a headache. Liu Qing was not an ordinary opponent. As long as he revealed even the slightest bit of an opening, it was likely that he would be faced with a storm of wild attacks. He was waiting for the best opportunity to strike, and so was his opponent. The thing that caused him to be most depressed was that the other party had sufficient time to leisurely and quietly wait for Xiao Yan’s strength to be exhausted. However, he on the other hand, must obtain a certain offensive affect within a certain period of time. Xiao Yan had undoubtedly fallen into a disadvantage under the comparison of this mentality.

Xiao Yan laughed bitterly in his heart as he tossed those chaotic thoughts out of his mind. He tightly gripped the ruler’s hilt as his gaze narrowed and eyed Liu Qing on the opposite side, who had similarly placed all his attention on him. A moment later, Xiao Yan’s body suddenly leaned a little forward as his feet abruptly stepped on the ground. Immediately, he carried the extremely sharp sound of rushing wind. The pressure of the wind was great as a vague black shadow broke through the resistance of the air in a lightning-like manner and shot explosively toward Liu Qing

Xiao Yan’s sudden ruler throwing assault caused surprise to flash across Liu Qing’s eyes. However, his expression did not change much. Both his hands were abruptly curled into a claw-like shape and his footsteps advanced instead of retreating. As a step fell suddenly, his somewhat large hand-claw was wrapped by a pale-golden Dou Qi. He extended a little below the vague black shadow that had suddenly appeared between his hand claws!

Liu Qing’s hand claws were wrapped by a pale-golden Dou Qi as they abruptly grasped with force that lightning-like black shadow that had abruptly paused in midair!

Although his hand-claw grabbed the heavy ruler, Liu Qing’s body was shaken by this powerful force until he took a couple continuous steps back. Only then did he completely resolve all the force caused by the heavy ruler. However, by being able to just rely on the strength of a claw to easily receive this heavy ruler of Xiao Yan, with enough force to shatter a mountain rock, it must be said that the strength of this fellow was really somewhat frightening.

Liu Qing’s five fingers were curled into a strange arc and all his fingers were coincidentally in contact with the heavy ruler. The couple of relay points and the powerful Dou Qi on his body was the reason he was able to receive Xiao Yan’s attack in such an easy manner.

As Liu Qing’s hand-claw gripped the heavy ruler, the frightening weight that it contained immediately caused Liu Qing’s expression to change a little. Although he had already expected that this ruler would be quite heavy, he was somewhat surprised to discover that this ruler was even heavier than his own Mountain Splitting Spear now that he had.

Surprise had just risen in his heart when astonishment quickly followed. This was because Liu Qing was somewhat shocked to realize that the Dou Qi that was originally flowing extremely smoothly within his body had suddenly become very sluggish after grabbing hold of the heavy ruler.

“This ruler is a little strange!” A thought flashed across his heart in a lightning-like manner. Liu Qing’s hand-claws were basically relaxed at the same time. The heavy ruler powerlessly fell down after it was ceased being clamped onto.

A slight low rolling thunder sound suddenly rang out the instant that the heavy ruler rolled down. Liu Qing frown slightly. He instantly raised his head and a vague black shadow appeared within close vicinity in a strange ghost-like manner.

The vague black shadow borrowed the instant that Liu Qing was absentminded because of the Heavy Xuan Ruler and approached him in an instant. Those five fingers were abruptly tightly clenched as the Dou Qi in his body wildly circulated at this instant.

“Octane Blast!”

A low cry suddenly sounded as Xiao Yan’s fist violently smashed directly at Liu Qing. Along the way, the wind on his fist soared a couple of times as unceasing low, deep explosive sounds, like that of firecrackers, resonated by everyone ears.

An attack that was wilder and more vicious compared to any other caused Liu Qing’s eyes to be slightly narrowed. He could sense that this incomparably ferocious attack by Xiao Yan was the powerful close range attack that had defeated Bai Cheng and Yao Sheng.

“It is still a little lacking if you want to rely on this to defeat me. However, I want to see whether this close range attack of yours can contend with my ‘Great Rift Coffin Splitting Claw’.”

A smile surfaced on his face as Liu Qing’s hand-claw suddenly curled into a strange arc. Pale-golden Dou Qi lingered over the tip of his fingers. It expanded and shrank carrying a dense chill.

“‘Great Rift Coffin Splitting Claw’!”

The claw faced the attack and the smile on Liu Qing’s face was instantly withdrawn a moment later. His arm was extended as his hand claw shot out explosively. A shapeless wind formed a partially visible glowing arc in front of the claw. Its aura was extremely shocking and was not the least bit weaker than Xiao Yan’s ‘Octane Blast’.

Waves of exclamation sounded from the viewing gallery when they saw the two people in the arena who had actually chosen the most direct physical fight. Everyone was able to tell that the two people were quite accomplished in terms of close quarters combat. However, they were similarly clearly aware that this kind of close range physical combat was somewhat bloodier and more violent when compared to a fight between weapons. Of course, men did not have the slightest bit of discrimination toward this. This could be seen from the faces of the students that were suddenly filled with a red glow.

Wu Hao and the others also tensed up their bodies at this moment. In this kind of physical combat, any carelessness would basically result in one ending up losing with serious injuries. Although they had great understanding of Xiao Yan’s close range combat, that Liu Qing was similarly an expert in this style.

“This close range attack of Xiao Yan is likely of a class that is not lower than that of the ‘Great Rift Coffin Splitting Claw’. However, I don’t know whether it will be able to defeat it in a head on clash.” Yao Hao eyed the wind that Xiao Yan carried somewhat seriously as he opened his mouth to speak.

Lin Xiuya’s gaze did not blink as he eyed the arena. However, he slowly shook his head when he heard Yan Hao’s words. “I’m afraid that it won’t. I have seen Xiao Yan display this kind of Dou Technique a couple of times. Although its explosive force is extremely strong, the follow up eruption after that cannot be compared to that of the ‘Great Rift Coffin Splitting Claw’. After all, Liu Qing has practiced this until he had truly reached the pinnacle level. If Liu Qing were to take down Xiao Yan’s attack, the retaliation that follows might well result in Xiao Yan being in danger of losing.”

Wu Hao, Han Yue, and the couple of others beside him nodded when they heard this. Their gaze immediately carried a worry as they eyed the collision that had instantly erupted within arena.

Under the countless number of gazes, the fist and claw, which respectively carried extremely strong destructive forces, finally collided with a bang!


The clear sound of an explosive force suddenly sounded in the arena. A ripple that could be called a storm suddenly erupted from the point of contact between the two of them. The ground repeatedly emitted an overwhelming cracking sound wherever it passed. Numerous crack lines began swiftly spreading from under the bodies of the two of them in a web-like manner.

The destructive strength created by the forceful storm caused the sound of saliva being swallowed from the viewing gallery to appear one after another. This extremely pure physical strength actually had such a frightening destructive force.

A fist and a claw appeared to have been adhered together within the arena as an invisible force repeatedly spread out from the feet of the two people. After which, everyone saw the extremely firm ground swiftly crack apart, turning into extremely tiny fragments before the fragments were finally shaken into powder at the end!

Xiao Yan’s eyes stared firmly at the expressionless Liu Qing. His arm trembled slightly at this instant. The resultant force from the head on collision between the two had nearly caused his arm to descend into a numb state. His heart sank a little. This time around, the ‘Octane Blast’ which had never failed in the past did not achieve much impact. Xiao Yan could sense that when the hidden force of the ‘Octane Blast’ entered Liu Qing’s body, it was shattered by an even more ferocious force.

The force that was created from the Octane Blast was being swiftly reduced. On the other hand, the large hand claw that was tightly grabbing his hand did not show the slightest trace of relaxing.

“The eruption force is fair but the follow up is inadequate!” At a certain moment, the rock statue like Liu Qing suddenly opened his mouth slowly and smiled toward Xiao Yan. He spoke softly, “I’m afraid that it is over!”

Liu Qing’s voice had just fell when his hand claw abruptly pressed down in a strange manner. Immediately, it broke past the hindrance of Xiao Yan’s arm and shot toward the latter’s chest. The claw’s wind was incomparably sharp. Xiao Yan’s defeat was basically certain should he be struck by it!

However, Xiao Yan’s left hand that had been left dangling was already prepared as it swiftly formed some seals. He smiled slightly as a hot green-colored flame surged out from his body. As the flame surfaced, a firm flame armor, that could not be destroyed, suddenly covered Xiao Yan’s body.

“That may not be the case!”

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