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Chapter 561

Chapter 561: Bloody Ground Eight Split

The face of Bai Cheng in the arena had suddenly become extremely blood-red. It attracted the attention of the people in the viewing gallery. Immediately, numerous people were surprised as private conversations sounded.

Xiao Yan’s eyebrows were knit slightly. He could sense Bai Cheng’s aura had suddenly become much more powerful. Moreover, the Dou Qi that writhed over him had clearly become at least twice as strong at this moment.

“Secret technique… it is unexpected that this fellow also practices one. However, its increase seems to be much weaker than the ‘Skyfire Three Mysterious Change’. From the looks of the strength of his Dou Qi, it appears that it has merely raised his strength by one star. Moreover, from the looks of his expression, it is clear that it increases one’s strength by stimulating the boiling of one’s blood. This kind of method is one of the weaker types of secret techniques.” Xiao Yan muttered softly. Normally speaking, secret techniques were differentiated from good and bad. Something like how he stimulated the ‘Heavenly Flame’ to increase his personal strength could be considered an excellent one while Bai Cheng’s one stimulated the blood to borrow its strength could be considered a lousy one. Moreover, some even more vicious secret techniques might even leave behind harm to the user that was difficult to remove.

However, no matter whether it was an excellent one or a lousy one, a secret technique was an extremely rare thing. It could be a decisive factor during critical moments. In more serious cases, it could determine the victor in a battle.

A bloody aura writhed on Bai Cheng’s face. A moment later, he slowly raised his eyes that were covered by the bloody aura. He stared at Xiao Yan in a dark manner as his hand held the long spear tightly. A pale-yellow Dou Qi that was doped with a bloody color spread down from his hand, wrapping his entire spear within it. Threads of blood-colored energy wandered indefinitely over it, much like many extremely tiny blood snakes.

The long spear was raised and was pointed at Xiao Yan on the opposite side some distance away. The corner of Bai Cheng’s mouth involuntarily parted into a ferocious smile as he sensed the powerful energy that was flowing unceasingly within his body. His laughter was hoarse, much like blades drawing past glass, causing the eardrums of some to feel a piercing pain.

Xiao Yan brows were knit without leaving a trace after he was locked onto by Bai Cheng’s long spear. As the party involved, he was able to clearly sense that the former at this moment was different from how he was earlier.

“This kind of secret technique appears to leave some desirable areas.” A thought flashed across Xiao Yan’s heart. His eyes, which were staring intently at Bai Cheng, suddenly shrank. A silver-colored glow under his feet swiftly flashed and appeared. Following the flash of the silver glow, Xiao Yan’s body instantly disappeared from its original spot.

The instant that Xiao Yan disappeared, a human figure that was covered by a bloody-yellow glow flashed and reached the spot in a ghost-like manner. The blood-colored long spear was like a blood-red lightning bolt that appeared without the slightest sound. Finally, it abruptly penetrated the ground where Xiao Yan had stood.

The fight that suddenly erupted within the arena merely happened in a split second. Other than a small number of people, most of the audience could only see a human figure reach its destination in a flash and a blood-red long spear that suddenly appeared.

“How fast…” Quite a number of people in the viewing gallery swallowed their saliva at this moment as they muttered in surprise. They clearly understood that if they were to receive Bai Cheng&r

squo;s ghost-like attack earlier, it was likely that they would only be able to sense it after the long spear had penetrated their body.

Xiao Yan’s body surfaced over ten meters from where the blood-colored spear landed on the ground. His face carried a little surprise as he eyed Bai Cheng who had appeared in the spot where he had been earlier. Bai Cheng was holding his blood-red long spear as he did so. After using that secret technique, it appeared that not only did Bai Cheng’s strength greatly increase, but even his speed had also soared. If Xiao Yan did not possess an agility Dou Technique like the ‘Three Thousand Lightning Movement’, it was likely that it would not have been so easy to dodge that attack earlier.


Bai Cheng raised his dark, cold face after his attack missed. He eyed Xiao Yan who was not far away as his hand shook abruptly. Immediately, the long spear trembled at an extremely fast speed. The tip of the spear lifted up. The rock ground that was penetrated escaped from being clamped down by the spear. Some rock fragments spiraled and shot toward Xiao Yan at that moment.

Xiao Yan’s eyes narrowed. He took a small step back and raised the heavy ruler high above his head before immediately hacking it down. An invisible wind formed on the tip of the ruler, escaping from the latter an instant later and striking the rocks that were shot over with great speed into pieces. Pale-gray rock powder slowly scattered down.


As the rock powder fell, a blood glow surfaced abruptly. The blood-colored long spear danced and formed numerous spear afterimages at that instant. Each spear afterimage contained a sharp killing intent that pierced toward all the fatal spots on Xiao Yan’s body.

Xiao Yan sensed the sharp spear glow that was basically spread all over his body. His expression also changed a little. The trajectory of the waving heavy ruler in his hand changed once again. From the originally strong hacking motion to an unceasing tangled force that heavily collided with the numerous glowing spears.

“Ding! Ding!”

Sparks flew in all directions as the sound of metal colliding rang out. However, Xiao Yan’s footsteps swiftly stepped back each time the long spear collided with the heavy ruler. Threads of tiny crack lines also spread on the hard ground.


Another confrontation between the spear and ruler occurred. Xiao Yan’s foot were violently stamped down and the ground was completely cracked. A green-colored flame flashed across the heavy ruler. Finally, it was carried by the heavy ruler, containing Xiao Yan’s full force as it heavily smashed violently toward the blood-colored spear that was moving in all directions!

“Chi, chi!”

Xiao Yan was finally not shaken back by the force in this collision. That wisp of green-colored flame was like a gluttonous beast. Any of the blood-colored spear glows that came into contact with it were instantly swallowed.

With the help of the green-colored flame, the heavy ruler destroyed the blood-colored spear glow that came from all directions as though the latter was weak and vulnerable. Following the blood-colored spear glow being forced back, the human figure hidden behind it immediately appeared in Xiao Yan’s gaze.

Four eyes exchanged looks with one another as the energy was annihilated. They both displayed an icy coldness as well as killing intent.

“Bloody Ground Eight Split!”

A dark, dense cry was suddenly emitted from Bai Cheng’s throat. As his voice sounded, his face, which was originally filled with a bloody color, instantly turned pale white. However, the long spear in his hands was enwrapped by a rich blood-colored energy. Traces of the bloody scent spread out from the body of the spear causing those who smelt it to feel disgusted.

The blood-colored glow on the long spear was restrained until it was frightening at this moment. A dark-bloody color dyed it until it appeared to have been made completely from blood.

Bai Cheng’s hand trembled abruptly. Finally, a blood-red glow erupted from the tip of the spear in front of a countless number of shocked gazes in the viewing gallery. Eight blood-colored light arcs at least five feet in diameter shot out using an extremely strange route. If one were to carefully look at it, one would realize that these eight blood-colored light arcs coincidentally formed a cage shape, completely wrapping around all the escape paths of the person who was attacked.

Eight blood-colored light arcs carried a whirling wind sound as they drew past the arena. Eight deep gullies that were a foot wide appeared on the hard ground wherever they passed. Rock fragments shot in all directions. As the dust spread, the originally clean battle stage was destroyed until it was a complete mess.

Dust rose repeatedly. In merely the blink of an eye, it completely wrapped around Xiao Yan’s position. Those eight blood-colored light arcs basically carried a sharp killing intent as they shot out violently and explosively toward that spot at the same time.


The eight bloody arc shot toward the spot where Xiao Yan was at. Immediately, a thunder-like explosion sounded with a bang in the arena. Countless number of rock fragments shot out from the dust toward the viewing gallery, stirring up chaos.

The attack of the bloody arc was quite powerful and its destructive strength also caused people to be extremely surprised. This kind of attack would also be quite troublesome for an ordinary seven star Dou Ling to block. It was unexpected that Bai Cheng’s attack would actually be this strong after he had used a secret technique.

Numerous gazes from the tall platform carried some shock as they eyed the eight blood-colored arcs with its extremely shocking force. An attack of this strength was something that even some of them would have difficulty handling.

“The ‘Bloody Ground Eight Split’ of Bai Cheng is quite a lot stronger than what it was before. Looks like that fellow is going to be out of luck.” The feminine Yao Sheng glanced at the blood-colored arcs in the arena from the tall platform as he laughed coldly.

“It is best that he is killed on the spot.” A gloating look also surfaced on Liu Fei’s face by the side as she viciously cursed.

Liu Qing knit his brows. His gaze focused intently on the arena where dust was spread everywhere. A moment later, he shook his head and said faintly, “All of you have underestimated Xiao Yan. For some unknown reason, I keep getting an elusive feeling. In this Grand Competition, it is likely that in addition to having Lin Xiuya as my opponent, there might also be… Xiao Yan.”

The two people by his side immediately revealed stunned faces when they heard this. They did not expect that Liu Qing’s evaluation of Xiao Yan would actually be this high. Liu Fei muttered a few sentences and was extremely unwilling to see Liu Qing viewing the person that she disliked this highly. However, she did not dare to doubt the latter’s words due to his prestige. All she could do was to repeatedly curse Xiao Yan, wishing he would be defeated and become crippled.

“It seems there is no reaction? Don’t tell me…?” Yan Hao frowned slightly. His gaze stared intently at the dust filled region that Xiao Yan was at. Those eight bloody arcs that attacked were indeed extremely powerful. If Xiao Yan was careless, he might really be seriously injured.

The delicate hand which Han Yue used to hold the guardrail tightened. Her pretty eyes did not blink as they paused in the arena. Bai Cheng, who had used the ‘Bloody Ground Eight Split’ was already completely spent. If Xiao Yan could endure this attack, victory would definitely belong to him. If he was unable to…

Lin Xiuya narrowed his eyes. A moment later, he laughed suddenly as he spoke softly, “This fellow does indeed have quite a number of hidden cards…”

As Lin Xiuya’s voice sounded, the dust that had spread over the arena finally faded. Eventually, a human figure faintly appeared from within the dust under the focus of a countless number of gazes.

Bai Cheng’s hand held the long spear and stood on the same spot. His expression was as pale as sheet. His secret technique was much weaker than Xiao Yan’s ‘Skyfire Three Mysterious Change’ regardless of whether it was in terms of endurance, time, or other aspects. Therefore, after he had displayed his strongest Dou Skill, he had completely lost his fighting ability. At this moment, he could only pray that his attack was able to completely defeat Xiao Yan.

However, his hope finally came crashing down the moment a human figure faintly appeared within the dust. This was especially when that human figure was still emitting low and deep footstep sounds as he slowly walked out. Bai Cheng’s heart sank increasingly deeper as a hopelessness surfaced on his face.

Under the focus of countless gazes from the viewing gallery, the human figure slowly stepped out from the dust filled region. Immediately, the temperature of the entire stadium turned hot…

When everyone saw the strange appearance of that human figure who had appeared, shock surfaced with it…

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