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Chapter 562: Green Fire Armor

A human figure slowly walked out from the dust-filled area. The eye-catching green-colored flame was the first thing to appear as an unusual heat covered the stadium.

The human figure which had appeared was basically completely wrapped within a green-colored flame. Upon closer inspection, the face of the human figure within the flame was completely blurred. However, from the vague outline of the figure, one could still identify that the person within the flame was Xiao Yan.

The green-colored flame at this moment was much richer and more ferocious compared to when Xiao Yan had displayed it during any other instance. The flame writhed. If one had sharp eyes, then one would be able to discover that the green-colored flame appeared to have agglomerated into an extremely hard green fire armor on Xiao Yan’s body. Any attack would be turned into nothingness under this extremely hot temperature.

The large flame-armored person’s footsteps were low and deep as he slowly walked out of the dust-filled area. The air gradually distorted following the movement of his footsteps.

The entire stadium was silent as they eyed the enormous green flame-armored person that had appeared in their sight. Although they were uncertain about what had occurred, the aura of the current Xiao Yan was much stronger than what it had been earlier. Even though they were so far apart, the people in the viewing gallery still sensed a blazing hot wave sweep over. It was difficult to imagine just how high the temperature was that one would have to face if one were to collide head on with that flame.

“Is this the ‘Heavenly Flame’ of this little fellow…” The old eyes of Elder Su flickered as he sat in the judges’ section. It was a long while later before he muttered in surprise, “It is really unexpected that he is actually able to control the ‘Heavenly Flame’ so skillfully at such a young age. It really is incredible.”

Although a ‘Heavenly Flame’ was considered rare, Su Qian naturally understood it quite well given his experience and knowledge. Therefore, he also clearly understood just how overbearing and impertient a ‘Heavenly Flame’ behaved. Attempting to tame it was as difficult as ascending to the heavens. Moreover, even after one tamed it, it was another thing to control it as if it were one’s own arm. If one did not do it properly, a backlash might occur. Yet, the flame that Xiao Yan currently displayed was a flame condensed to its limit before finally being suppressed until it had turned into the shape of an armor. This kind of method had a harsh requirement toward one’s level of control. He really did not expect that Xiao Yan would be able to perform such a feat at this age.

Su Qian had once befriended many alchemists whose refining skills were extraordinary. Although all of the flames that they used had remarkable backgrounds, they were considerably inferior when compared to a true ‘Heavenly Flame’. Moreover, their degree of control over the flame did not exceed Xiao Yan by much. It should be known that the control of a ‘Heavenly Flame’ was at least ten times more difficult compared to other flames. Moreover, most of these people were renowned alchemist grandmasters on the continent. Xiao Yan, on the other hand, was still just an ordinary unknown little fellow at this moment, despite having quite a great talent.

Coagulating flame into armor. This could be considered quite a high level flame controlling method even within those special ‘Flame Controlling Techniques’ of the alchemist department. The harsh degree of flame control that this thing required was sufficient to cause most of the alchemists to be unable to catch up to him.

Of course, this coagulation of flame into armor was not something that Xiao Yan had just suddenly comprehended after an idea suddenly struck him. This was merely an extremely simple process that was similar to that of the Dou Qi Armor of a Da Dou Shi. It was just that the degree of hardness of this type of armor that was agglomerated from a flame was mostly determined by the flame control of the user and the strength of the flame essence. Due to Xiao Yan possessing a powerful Spiritual Strength that even caused Yao Lao to be astonished, there was naturally no problem with his control ability. As for the flame essence… what other flame was even more ferocious than a ‘Heavenly Flame’? Hence, the defensive strength of this flame armor, coagulated from the ‘Green Lotus Core Flame,’ would likely reach quite a frightening degree.

Lin Xiuya, Liu Qing, and the others on the tall platform revealed stunned faces as they eyed the enormous green flame-armored person in the arena. At this moment, they felt that it was a little difficult to handle even given the strength of both of them. The green flame that covered that armor was undoubtedly an extremely terrifying flame. Although they had never personally come into contact with it, they were still able to sense that it was likely that they would be in a big trouble should they touch it…

Since one could not touch it, one could merely use Dou Qi attacks. However, merely doing so would likely have difficulty obtaining much of any effect on this tortoise shell like armor. This could be seen from the powerful ‘Bloody Ground Eight Split’ that Bai Cheng had displayed earlier since it was unable to cause much damage to appear on the armor. This thing had a defensive strength that would leave one stunned.

One could unceremoniously say that now that Xiao Yan possessed this green flame armor, which one could not physically touch, yet it possessed a fighting defensive strength, his fighting ability had soared greatly. This was because even Liu Qing and the others could not think of any method to deal with it within a short time when faced with this kind of tough defense.

The large green flame-armored person in the arena gave a sudden slight tremble while the entire stadium descended into silence. The flame slowly withdrew, and the green-colored armor that hid under the flame also swiftly faded away. A moment later, it completely disappeared. Once again revealing Xiao Yan to everyone’s gazes.

Xiao Yan’s clothes appeared slightly tattered at this moment. His face was also pale. However, his dark-black eyes were filled with a pleasant surprise that was difficult to hide. He had merely acted at will earlier. It was unexpected that he was really able to suppress the ‘Green Lotus Core Flame’ until it turned into the shape of an armor. Moreover, the defensive strength of this green fire armor had far exceeded his expectations. This thing could basically be said to give him the power of an absolute defense…

However, the coagulation of the flame armor greatly exhausted his Dou Qi and Spiritual Strength. With Xiao Yan’s current ability, he could merely maintain it for less than five minutes. From this, one could tell that this flame armor was like a bottomless pit that swallowed Dou Qi and Spiritual Strength.

“However, it could be considered an unexpected delight. It should be able to have the unique effect of protecting my life at critical moments.” A satisfied smile surfaced on Xiao Yan’s pale-white face. He slowly raised his head and eyed the white-faced Bai Cheng, who was holding the long spear in his hand. Xiao Yan’s smile gradually became cold. His grip on the Heavy Xuan Ruler in his hand abruptly tightened. During that attack earlier, Xiao Yan was clearly able to sense that the other party had really intended to strike a killing blow. Although he would be able to display the ‘Three Thousand Lightning Movement’ at the last instant to dodge that attack even if he could not coagulate the flame armor, the killing intent of this fellow caused Xiao Yan’s expression to become completely cold.

The corner of Bai Cheng’s mouth twitched a little as he appeared to have sensed the dark coldness on Xiao Yan’s face. His pair of eyes were still vicious and ruthless as he mustered the little remaining Dou Qi in his body.

The Dou Qi within Xiao Yan’s body followed the route of his Qi Method as it circulated swiftly. After which, it unceasingly absorbed the surrounding natural energy. Currently, the ‘Flame Mantra’ was merely at the Middle Xuan level. However, its speed of absorbing energy and manufacturing Dou Qi was something that even a High Xuan Qi Method was inferior to. Moreover, by coordinating the refinement with the ‘Green Lotus Core Flame’, the rate of recovery of the Dou Qi within Xiao Yan’s body was likely something that no one could beat within the same class. Only if there was a big gap between their strengths, discrepancies might occur.

As the two of them faced each other once again, the atmosphere within the arena returned to becoming tense with the feeling of daggers drawn.


A low roar was emitted from Bai Cheng’s throat. His eyes contained remnants of the bloody-redness from before as his hand tightened its grip on the long spear. An instant later, his body leaned forward. His hand suddenly smashed violently on the handle of the spear. Immediately, the blood-colored long spear drew across the sky like a bloody glow similar to the color of the sunset, carrying a sharp sound of rushing wind as it shot explosively toward Xiao Yan’s head!

The blood-colored long spear was swiftly magnified in those dark-black eyes. Just as it was about to enter within a ten maeter radius of Xiao Yan, the latter abruptly stomped on the ground. Immediately, an extremely deep green-colored flame shot out explosively from his finger.

The speed of the green flame was not fast. However, its strength caused one’s face to be shocked. The blood-colored spear tip had just collided with it when the spear tip which was made of metal swiftly turned into a molten form in front of everyone’s eyes. It released a ‘chi chi’ sound as it fell to the ground, leaving behind a small impression on the ground.

The spear pole followed soon after the tip of the spear, turning into molten metal before eventually the rest of the spear handle… consequently, a long spear made from metal was incinerated by an unremarkable looking green-colored flame, and eventually turned into a pool of molten metal under everyone’s gazes. This scene caused quite a number of people to feel a chill over their bodies. Would it not result in them not even being able to leave behind their ashes if they were to touch this flame?

Bai Cheng was dull as he eyed the long spear that had completely turned into molten metal less than three meters from Xiao Yan’s face. His body immediately began to shake. He had already displayed all of his tactics, but ultimately the bastard opposite him still did not fall…

Bai Cheng’s eyes stared intently at Xiao Yan. When he suddenly realized that the latter’s eyes were dark, cold eyes filled with killing intent, goosebumps suddenly rose all over his body. A terror once again festered from deep within his heart.

“This bastard wants to kill me?” A shocking thought flashed in his heart. Bai Cheng hurriedly raised his hand to shout that he admitted defeat.

However, the instant that his hand moved, Xiao Yan’s feet gently stomped down. A low and deep thunderous roar sounded in the arena. Immediately, everyone could sense a silver glow flash across their eyes before a black-colored human figure appeared in front of Bai Cheng.

“Since you wish to kill me, naturally I should reciprocate the feeling too.” Xiao Yan parted his mouth and smiled as he eyed the terrified face that was within close proximity. A savageness shot into Bai Cheng’s eyes, much like that of a demon.

Xao Yan’s body suddenly paused. His entire body was half an inch from the ground as his body took on a whirling form in mid-air. His five fingers were tightly clenched together as he borrowed the rotating force of his body and struck out abruptly while carrying a low and deep sonic boom!

“Octane Blast!”

The dark, cold cry caused Bai Cheng’s body to stiffen instantly. A fist that was wrapped by an incomparably ferocious force was swiftly magnified in his eyes…


A low and deep muffled sound suddenly resounded. The entire audience eyed Bai Cheng, who was like a sandbag, as he was dragged against the ground. He formed a shallow scar that was a couple dozen meters long on the hard ground before he slid out of the arena and collided against a wall. No one knew if he was dead or alive. After which, everyone turned their heads and eyed the black-robed young man who had maintained his stance of having thrown a punch. A chill involuntarily seeped out from their bones…

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