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Chapter 524: Fierce Fighting

The black-robed, young man who had suddenly appeared caused the noisy fighting arena to descend into an extremely brief silence. Upon hearing the words that were emitted from his mouth, everyone immediately understood just who the person who had come was. Immediately, the members of ‘Pan’s Gate’ erupted into a thunder-like cheer. The remaining audience also carried some excitement as they weighed Xiao Yan. Their gazes had some anticipation. Xiao Yan’s alchemist skills were well known after his competition with Han Xian. However, having outstanding medicinal refining skills did not represent his fighting strength. In this place which was filled with violence, only the hardest fist could cause others to feel a deep respect in their hearts. All the other things like status were totally useless.

Therefore, upon Xiao Yan’s appearance, everyone wanted to see whether this young man, who had outstanding pill refining skills, would have a fighting ability that was sufficient enough to cause others to view him seriously.

The instant when Xun Er was shaken back, she had sensed a familiar strength. The powerful golden light agglomerated on her hands gradually disappeared as she allowed that gentle force to send her out of the battle circle. Her pretty eyes studied the tall figure in the battleground. Only then did she quietly calm down her raised heart.

“Xiao Yan ge-ge, the time that remains belongs to you.”

“Hei, Xiao Yan, you are finally willing to appear?” Bai Cheng shook his shoulders as his feet violently stepped on the ground before resolving that force. Finally, he raised his head and eyed the black-robed, young man, and involuntarily let out a cold laugh.

Xiao Yan glanced at him. As his hand rolled, the enormous Heavy Xuan Ruler appeared. His right hand tightly held the ruler’s hilt and waved it viciously. Immediately, a powerful wind that carried a humming sound appeared in the arena: “Looks like Senio Bai Cheng really missed me. Unfortunately, Senior Bai Cheng is not a female. Otherwise, I would be extremely happy.”

“Ha ha.”

The people in the surrounding viewing gallery could not help but erupt with laughter when they heard Xiao Yan’s joking voice.

The corner of Bai Cheng’s eyes twitched as he coldly said, “A razor sharp tongue. This time around, I want to see just what excuse you will find to extract yourself and flee.”

“There is no need to find any excuses. Wu Hao issued a challenge letter to you and I will accept it. I have waited for this day for a long time. Let’s settle all the scores from the past.” Xiao Yan let out a soft laugh. His heavy ruler landed heavily on the hard ground. The forceful weight caused some tiny crack lines to form on the ground. Finally, Xiao Yan raised his head and smiled as he replied to Bai Cheng.

“Ha ha, good. You got guts. However, since you are seeking to embarrass yourself today, don’t blame me for using all my strength.” A joy immediately surfaced on Bai Cheng’s face. He laughed out loud when he saw that Xiao Yan did not try to flee this time around, and instead took the initiative to accept the fight.

“Senior Bai Cheng, you still say as much nonsense as you usually do.” Xiao Yan laughed. His face may have appeared harmonious, but the words that he spat out caused Bai Cheng’s face to become increasingly gloomy.

“Hopefully, this mouth of yours will not end up begging for mercy later.” Bai Cheng finally ceased speaking after those dark and gloomy words. He held the dark-yellow long spear tightly in his hand. The body of the spear shook slightly and the rich yellow-colored Dou Qi surged out explosively from within his body. In an instant, it wrapped the body of the spear within it.

“Ground affinity Dou Qi huh…” Xiao Yan lifted his eyebrows when he saw the color of Bai Cheng’s Dou Qi. Dou Qi of this affinity specialized in being sturdy and long lasting. Compared to people of the same level, the time which one could fight would be much longer. Moreover, this kind of Dou Qi focused on defense. When fighting with others, one could rely on the richness of one’s long lasting Dou Qi to drag it out until the opponent would become too tired. When fighting with a person of this Dou Qi affinity, erupting a wild and violent strength within a short period of time to perform suppressing attacks was the most appropriate tactic.

Xiao Yan twisted his body slightly. Powerful green-colored Dou Qi surged out from his body. Following the surfacing of the Dou Qi, a powerful aura also began spreading out of his body. Quite a number of people were stunned as they sensed the degree of strength of this aura.

“Dou Ling?”

Xun Er, Hu Jia, and Wu Hao in the viewing gallery exchanged looks with one another. Their eyes revealed some surprise and joy. It was unexpected that Xiao Yan had actually broken through to the Dou Ling class after having not seen him for two months. One level per month. This training speed was something that undergoing a training retreat within the ‘Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower’ all day would not be able to catch up with.

“This fellow… he actually reached the Dou Ling class after less than half a month?” Lin Xiuya and the others displayed faces that were similarly filled with surprise. Back then, when they had met Xiao Yan in the deep mountains, the latter’s strength was at the very most around that of a eight or nine star Da Dou Shi. Although a person of this class was already not very far from the Dou Ling class, they, who had personally experienced this step, clearly knew just what kind of tough accumulation one must undertake in order to break through the barrier between a Da Dou Shi and a Dou Ling. Therefore, they could not help but feel stunned when they saw the degree of power of Xiao Yan’s Qi.

“No wonder he faced Bai Cheng this time around. It is because he has advanced his strength, but even if that is the case, there is still a six star gap between Bai Cheng and him. This is not something that one can easily make up for.” Yan Hao also smiled and spoke on top of being shocked.

“I believe that he can win.” A smile surfaced on the cold face of Han Yue by the side. Back then, when Xiao Yan was merely a five or six star Da Dou Shi, he was already able to cause even a three star Dou Ling to feel great fear. Now that his strength had soared and advanced into the Dou Ling class, Han Yue still possessed quite a great amount of confidence despite the fact that Bai Cheng was six levels stronger.
“I also have some confidence in him. I wonder what that fellow thinking?” Lin Xiuya lazily stretched his waist. His gaze was thrown toward the faint human figure in the dark area while he smiled and spoke.

The moment when the viewing gallery was boiling because of the Qi that Xiao Yan had displayed, Bai Cheng was also startled. An astonishment drew past his eyes. It was a long while later before an additional seriousness gradually appeared on his face. He coldly said, “No wonder you are even more arrogant this time around. It is actually because your strength has advanced.”

Xiao Yan’s body trembled slightly. The clear sound of his bones colliding reverberated unceasingly, just like firecrackers within his body. Xiao Yan exhaled a long breath after this continued for a while. He smiled slightly as he sensed the enormous strength that filled his muscles and bones. While raising his head to eye Bai Cheng, his hand suddenly tightened its grip on the ruler’s hilt. His feet slowly took a few steps forward as the heavy ruler in his hand was dragged on the ground, emitting a ‘sha sha’ sound. At the same time, it also brought about a white-colored trace on the hard ground.

Bai Cheng coldly watched Xiao Yan as the latter gradually approached. He sensed that increasingly strong Qi and his hand tightened his grip on the yellow-colored long spear slightly. His eyes stared intently at Xiao Yan’s steps. Just as Xiao Yan had stepped into a radius of around ten meters from Bai Cheng’s body, a low cry was emitted from the latter’s mouth. Powerful dark-yellow Dou Qi, that was like thick yellow water, surged out from his body.

Bai Cheng’s feet heavily stepped on the ground. His body transformed into a yellow shadow. Dou Qi swiftly agglomerated at the tip of his spear. Borrowing the charging force, his body was stacked with the body of the spear. Under the cover of the Dou Qi, his body and the long spear had basically merged together. The long spear cut through the air and the ‘chi chi’ sound it made was quite loud.

The charging strength of a strong six star Dou Ling would have a strength that could shatter an enormous rock on the spot. Xiao Yan did not meet Bai Cheng’s ferocious opening attack head-on. A faint silver-colored glow was partially visible on his feet. As his body swayed, it strangely disappeared from his original spot.

Bai Cheng’s expression changed slightly after having lost his target. This speed was such that he could only see a thread of a black line flashing past. Alarm immediately flashed across his heart. In the past, Xiao Yan definitely did not possess such speed. It was impossible for his speed to be raised to such a degree even if he had advanced his strength.

As this thought flashed across his heart in a lightning-like manner, the long spear in Bai Cheng’s hand suddenly changed directions and pierced explosively toward his back.


A clear sound that carried some sparks shot out from within the arena. The long spear which Bai Cheng used to pierce behind him blocked the enormous black ruler. The powerful force contained on the black ruler pressed the long spear until it bent slightly.

“The physical strength of this fellow has also soared greatly. Just what is happening? Even if he advanced his level, there should not be such a great increase. Now, regardless of whether it is in terms of strength, speed, or reaction speed, this fellow appears to have completely transformed from his previous self.” Bai Cheng’s face immediately revealed some changes as he sensed the strength that was being transmitted from the long spear. His heart also appeared to have monstrous wild waves rolling within it.

Xiao Yan was naturally not bothered by the shock in Bai Cheng’s heart. The heavy ruler in his hand carried an extremely suppressive rushing wind sound as it violently hacked down at Bai Cheng’s arm. The originally extremely heavy ruler danced even more lively and trickily in his hand than the long spear in Bai Cheng’s hand. Under this powerful and violent sweeping movement, even Bai Cheng had appeared a little hectic due to him being unable to react in time.

However, Bai Cheng was, after all, a strong six star Dou Ling, and had gradually become steady under Xiao Yan’s extremely heavy attacks. The powerful Dou Qi of a six star Dou Ling swarmed out in a mighty manner and received Xiao Yan’s attack that contained an extremely great weight. Following his familiarity, Bai Cheng also began to retaliate intensely. The long spear waved and danced. It was just like a poisonous snake that was hidden under the yellow sand. It was tricky and vicious and each time it pierced toward Xiao Yan, it would strike for some fatal spot.

Two human figures rushed and flashed in the battleground. Green and yellow Dou Qi rendered the entire battle circle into a two-colored world. Each time the heavy ruler and the long spear collided, they would shake and form a rippling force that was visible to the naked eye. This ripple would spread out and threads of crack lines began repeatedly spreading all over the hard ground.


The heavy ruler and the long spear were pressed on each other. Xiao Yan violently collided with Bai Cheng. As the wind spread, Bai Cheng hurriedly took a few steps back while Xiao Yan took four steps back. Clearly, Xiao Yan may have an advantage in his physical strength, but at the moment, when the other party used the powerful Dou Qi of a six star Dou Ling, he still ends up being weaker.

A ‘xu xi’ sound was involuntarily emitted from the viewing gallery upon the sight of Xiao Yan being in a disadvantaged situation. The members of the ‘White Gang’ borrowed the opportunity to let out ridicule and laughing curses.

“Humph, it is just brute force. It cannot even enter my eye.” Bai Cheng waved his long spear after having gained the advantage in the collision. He coldly laughed, “If you are still going to rely on this brute force after this, you should just roll down by yourself.”

The corner of Xiao Yan’s mouth lifted into a cold smile when he heard this. Under everyone’s gaze, he abruptly inserted the heavy ruler into the ground. His hands swiftly formed various strange hand seals. Following the formation of the hand seals, hot green-colored flame abruptly curled up from within his body. The green-colored flame wrapped him until he was ablaze. An instant later, however, the hot flame suddenly shrank back and finally entered Xiao Yan’s body in a lightning-like manner.

“Sky Fire Three Mysterious Change: Green Lotus Change!”

Xiao Yan cried out softly in his heart. His body immediately trembled. Wild and violent energy suddenly surged out explosively from the veins within his body. Finally, it became like a torrent of flood water that flowed to every corner of his entire body.

The corner of Xiao Yan’s mouth was lifted as he sensed the Dou Qi within his body soar abruptly. His hand once again grabbed the hilt of the Heavy Xuan Ruler as he eyed Bai Cheng. He smiled and said, “Let’s do this again!”

The moment Xiao Yan’s words sounded, a ‘bang’ appeared. His body turned into a black line that rushed explosively toward Bai Cheng. Each time his feet landed, they would leave a half an inch deep footprints in the ground. That strong charging momentum was just like a human-shaped Magical Beast which possessed a great amount of charging force!

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