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Chapter 523: Appearance

The Fighting Arena was the most popular area within the Inner Academy. Usually speaking, the somewhat bloody area of the fighting arena was an opposing existence to the atmosphere of the academy. However, this Inner Academy did not shun this kind of conflict. However, it must be said that the decisions of the Inner Academy was a wise one. The existence of the Fighting Arena resulted in the Inner Academy students being different from the students of other academies, who merely knew how to fight on the surface. Should the students from the latter group fall into a brutal life and death battle, their feet would tremble.

Due to them being surrounded by the most chaotic region in the continent, the kind of students that did not have any experience with bloody fights would likely have the odds against them should they fall into the ‘Black-Corner Region.’ This was something that Jia Nan Academy, who had quite a number of conflicts with the ‘Black-Corner Region’ every year, could not be more certain about.

Under the precondition of having rich rewards of ‘Fire Energy’ in the Fighting Arena, there would be a countless number of students fighting at that place. Although most people wanted to satisfy their desires and make a breakthrough from a fight, being able to obtain the additional reward on top of the increase in fighting experience was something that everyone was extremely happy to receive.

The Fighting Arena could be described as having as many people as the mountains and seas. The noise and the various roars from within were something that one could clearly hear even if one was a hundred meters away.

The Fighting Arena was crowded, and filled with a countless number of figures without exception. If one were to take a quick glance, one would be able to see black masses of human heads. An extremely noisy sound buzzed by their ears, much like the monstrous noise of a drill, causing the heads of some of the people who were not used to the sound to feel a swelling pain.

This enormous Fighting Arena had quite a number of fairly large platforms. However, over half of the human crowd today had swarmed toward one of the platforms. The forceful ripples that erupted from the violent collision caused numerous cries and mighty roars to occupy the entire arena.

“Chief, finish him off!”

“Let those bastard new students know just how strong our ‘White Gang’ is!”

Some students wearing a similar badge on the viewing gallery outside the battleground eyed their leader in the arena who was at a great advantage in the battle. Their faces were filled with wild joy as they cried out loud. On top of shouting out loud, some of them could not resist letting out a ridicule of laughter toward the large group of people on the other side of the viewing gallery.

Looking at the human crowd on the viewing gallery on the opposite side, one could see that the leader was a young lady wearing green clothes. The young lady was extremely beautiful, but the thing that really caused people’s heart to be moved was her unique lotus-like demeanor. The reason why this battleground could attract over half of the audience of the Fighting Arena was partly because of the appearance and demeanor of this young lady.

Although they had fallen into a great disadvantage in the battleground, the green-clothed lady’s quiet face was still calm. However, her delicate brows contained some anxiety.

Standing behind the green-clothed young lady was a large group of students wearing a similar badge on their chests. Some fury swarmed onto their faces when they heard the mockery and ridicule that was transmitted from the other side. However, due to the situation on their side being poor, they could only swallow the furious curses that had reached their mouths.

“Xun Er, it looks like Wu Hao is no match for Bai Cheng. This fellow is really too impulsive.” A beautiful lady who was wearing red clothes and possessed a hot figure was standing beside the green-clothed young lady. When she saw the human figure fall into a great disadvantage within the arena, a bitter smile could not help but surface on her somewhat pretty pale-white face while she spoke to the green-clothed lady by her side.

Xun Er nodded slightly. She slowly tightened her delicate hand. Those watery pupils were focused on the battleground for a long while before she softly spoke, “Although Wu Hao recently broke through to a nine star Da Dou Shi, the gap between both parties is after all too much… if it really cannot work, I will replace him.”

“You want to personally take action?” Hu Jia was startled when she heard this. There were very few people who could truly understand Xun Er’s strength. This was because the young lady in front always showed that calm and clear manner no matter what situation they were in. It was as though she had an unlimited number of hidden cards.

“I cannot allow Xiao Yan ge-ge to see ‘Pan’s Gate’ be ridiculed in such a manner when he returns.” Xun Er smiled slightly. Her gentle voice, however, carried some indifferent coldness, “I originally wanted to leave that Bai Cheng for Xiao Yan ge-ge. Now, however… I’m afraid that I have to be the first one to take care of him.”

These words of Xun Er made it seem as if taking care of Bai Cheng, whose strength had reached that of a six star Dou Ling, did not require too much strength. If it was an ordinary person who said this, Hu Jia would definitely laugh mockingly. However, when she saw Xun Er’s calm manner, not the slightest doubt formed in her mind. She nodded slightly, turned around and threw her gaze toward the battle below.

“‘Pan’s Gate?’ The faction which Xiao Yan had established?” A few human figures were leaning on a rail, within the Fighting Arena, that had a good view. They eyed the fight below. When they heard a voice, one of them was involuntarily a little stunned as he spoke.

“Yes. ‘Pan’s Gate’ was a faction that had been established by the new students initially. Now, after some absorption, there are also quite a number of older students in there. It is true that their leader is Xiao Yan.” Long silver-colored hair drifted gently, and its bright color caused a person’s eyes to feel a little piercing pain. Han Yue glanced at the somewhat startled Lin Xiuya and the others before speaking.

“Hee hee, this fellow is quite a talent. He has only been in the Inner Academy for half a year, but he already has such an achievement.” Lin Xiuya laughed, “However, from the looks of the situation below, ‘Pan’s Gate’ appears to have fallen into a disadvantage. That new student may have a sharp attack and carries a rare killing aura, but the gap between him and Bai Cheng is too big. In any case, he is already quite impressive for being able to force Bai Cheng into scrambling around by just relying on his strength at the peak of the Da Dou Shi class.”

“I have received some information yesterday. That fellow Liu Qing appears to have sent someone to make contact with that Bai Cheng. Originally, Bai Cheng had become a little afraid due to Xiao Yan’s victory in the pill refining competition with Han Xian. There was no problem during the earlier period of time. However, just after Liu Qing sent someone to make contact with Bai Cheng, the latter became this arrogant. One must say that there are some tricks involved.” At one side, Yan Hao eyes suddenly glanced to the other side of the Fighting Arena as he playfully spoke. Although he had a rough outer appearance, his heart was much more meticulous than other people.

“Xiao Yan also has some conflict with Liu Qing?” Lin Xiuya could not resist speaking in surprise when he heard this.

“Not exactly. However, there is some conflict between Xiao Yan and Liu Fei. It is not as though you don’t know about the narrow mindedness of that woman.” Yan Hao said faintly. His voice appeared to feel reveal some disdain for Liu Fei.

“Ke ke, there is going to be a good show to watch. Looking at Xiao Yan, he does not appear to be someone who likes to be bullied. Although his strength is only that of a Da Dou Shi, even I get a dangerous feeling when observing him. I think he hides his abilities deep.” Lin Xiuya laughed softly. His hands held the railing while his gaze randomly drifted to the spot where Yan Hao had looked at earlier. At that spot, there was a faint vague human figure standing in the shadows. The faint sharp domineering aura, however, allowed Lin Xiuya and the others to recognize who that person was.

Yan Hao also smiled. His smile appeared to possess some anticipation of the two colliding head on.

Han Yue at the side, however, knit her pretty brows slightly. Immediately, she let out a helpless sigh as she once again threw her gaze to the fiery hot fight.


A red and a white human figure rushed around within the battleground in a lightning-like manner. Finally, they appeared like two falling stars that suddenly collided in mid-air. Immediately, two powerful Dou Qis erupted abruptly. Under this powerful force, even the hard ground couldn’t take it and a crack line formed.


A clear metal sound that carried sparks sounded from the spot where the two collided. The blood-colored heavy sword and the dark-yellow long spear collided heavily with one another. A forceful ripple that was visible to the naked eye surged out explosively. It immediately collided against the bodies of the two people.

“Bang, bang!”

Amidst the deep sound, the footsteps of the two human figures withdrew. However, the white-colored human figure merely took two steps back before he steadied his feet. With a soft muffled sound and a shake of his shoulders, he resolved the force.

Compared to the white-colored human figure, the red-colored human figure was much more miserable looking. He not only took seven or eight steps back, but a bright-red blood trace also spilled from the corner of his mouth when his last footstep fell. His Qi fluctuated disorderly. Clearly, he had received quite a serious internal injury.

“Chief, great!” When they saw the red-colored human figure be forced back and spit out blood, the group of members from the ‘White Gang’ on the viewing gallery could not help but erupt into waves of cheers. Immediately, there was even more ridicule being given to ‘Pan’s Gate’ on the opposite side, infuriating all the members of ‘Pan’s Gate’ until their expressions were green.

“Wild and arrogant brat. You actually want to challenge me when you are just a nine star Da Dou Shi? You are really overconfident.” Bai Cheng swung his dark-yellow spear, and placed it such that it was tilted sideways toward the ground. The corner of Bai Cheng’s mouth was lifted when he heard the thunder-like cheers from the surroundings. He said with a cold smile, “In the eyes of a truly strong person, your ‘Pan’s Gate’ is but a clown who merely jumps around. So what if you can earn ‘Fire Energy?’ No matter how much ‘Fire Energy’ you have, you will merely be a big fat lamb in the eyes of others if you do not have any strength.”

“Pei!” A mouthful of fresh blood was spat out from Wu Hao’s mouth. He had a dark and solemn face as his eyes stared at the cold smile of Bai Cheng with a blood glint. That manner was just like a bloodthirsty, ferocious beast. Under the focus of this kind of expression, even Bai Cheng felt a little coldness in his body.

The blood glow flashed in Wu Hao’s eyes. A moment later, he appeared to have made a certain resolution. His hand rubbed the blood trace from the corner of his mouth. After which, he slowly drew a line with the fresh blood on the blood-colored heavy sword. Following the tainting with the blood, the blood-colored heavy sword had some dark-red color that faintly appeared. A strange purple-redness also gradually swarmed onto his face.

Bai Cheng frowned slightly when he saw Wu Hao’s strange action. He took the long spear in his hand and pointed it at Wu Hao from a distance.

Just as Wu Hao was prepared to activate his final trump card to the next level, a green-colored pretty figure suddenly flashed and appeared in the battleground in an agile manner. Her perfect white jade-like hand gently patted his shoulders. Immediately, the wild and violent energy rolling within Wu Hao’s body quieted down.

“Let me take over.” A soft voice caused Wu Hao to be startled. He eyed the willow-like delicate waist in front of him. However, he shook his head and said in a deep voice, “I can handle him!”

Xun Er threw a faint glance to Bai Cheng before immediately turning her head and knitting her pretty eyebrows as she eyed Wu Hao who was insistent. Under the calm gaze of the former, Wu Hao was instantly defeated. He let out a burst of laughter and could only softly say, “Be careful.”

“Why? Does the ‘Pan’s Gate’ not have anyone? They actually want to allow a lady come out? Where is Xiao Yan? Why is it that I don’t see the slightest trace of him at this moment? Don’t tell me that he is afraid?” Bai Cheng involuntarily mocked and laughed when he saw that Xun Er was the one who had flashed into the battleground.

“Xiao Yan ge-ge does not need to act in order to handle you.” Xun Er softly said. Her manner which acted as though there was no one else present caused quite a number of people on the viewing gallery to feel surprise. Just this leisurely aura in the face of a strong opponent caused some people to increase their adoration for this green-clothed lady in the battleground by multiple times. However, while they were exclaiming over this aura of Xun Er, they involuntarily felt some resentment toward Xiao Yan who had not shown himself. As a man, he actually let a girl step forward…

“Are all the members of ‘Pan’s Gate’ this arrogant? The batch of new students this year really has the worst attitude among all those that have come in these few years.” Bai Cheng could not help but become furious when he was looked down upon by a lady, especially such a beautiful one.

Xun Er was too lazy to even reply to his words this time around. A golden-colored glow gradually surged on her delicate hand. The powerful energy that was contained within it quietly caused quite a number of people to let out a surprised ‘huh.’

Surprise flashed across Bai Cheng’s face when he saw the golden-colored glow on Xun Er’s palm. Immediately, he let out a cold laugh. He swung his long spear, and a rich, powerful dark-yellow Dou Qi shrouded over it.

The golden glow and dark-yellow glow in the battleground grew brighter. A moment later, both lights flashed at the same time. Finally, they shot out explosively under the focus of a countless number of gazes. Instantly, they met in mid-air. However, just as everyone thought that a ferocious collision would once again erupt, the faint sound of rolling thunder reverberated faintly within the Fighting Arena.

The instant the thunderous sound appeared, a black-colored afterimage suddenly appeared between the two clusters of light that were about to make contact. Both hands extended out in a lightning-like manner before they pressed themselves on the shoulders of both parties. A gentle force was the first to swarm out, gently shaking Xun Er until she drifted back to the edge of the battle circle. Immediately after this, the other hand which made contact with Bai Cheng suddenly unleashed a ferocious force that shook the latter until his legs hurriedly withdrew.

The appearance of the black-colored afterimage as well as Xun Er and Bai Cheng being forcefully shaken back was something that happened in a mere fraction of a second. Most of the people merely sensed that their sight had become a little blurry. Immediately, they eyed the two human figures being forced back with a stunned look.

“Naturally, being wild and arrogant requires the capital to be wild and arrogant. If Leader Bai Cheng feels that you can no longer simply sit by and watch, then I, Xiao Yan, can play with you. Won’t fighting with a lady merely cause you to lose your status.” A faint laugh suddenly sounded within the arena. Everyone was startled. They hurriedly shifted their gazes and immediately eyed a black-robed human figure who had unknowingly appeared in the battleground. Their faces were filled with astonishment.

The black-colored afterimage in the battleground swiftly became real. The black-robed human figure raised his head slightly, revealing a delicate and handsome smiling face. However, anyone could see that there was ice-cold killing intent under this smile.

“Ha… Now the fun show is about to begin…”

The eyes of Lin Xiuya suddenly brightened as he leaned on the railing in the corner of the Fighting Arena. His gaze involuntarily turned toward where the shadows were. The human figure hidden at that place appeared to have straightened his body at this instant. The sharp overbearing aura had quietly become more intense.

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