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Chapter 500: Illusionary Golden Flame

The moment Elder Hao announced that the match had begun, the gazes of the entire stadium suddenly turned toward the two people behind the cauldrons. The noisiness had also gradually become much quieter.

Xiao Yan’s gaze slowly but carefully swept across the medicinal ingredients on the stone table. Upon realizing that there was nothing missing, he finally nodded slightly and waved his hand. A dark red medicinal cauldron appeared on the stone table in front of him.

The medicinal cauldron which Xiao Yan was using was not some high grade item. Moreover, he had used it too many times during this recent period of time. Hence, it resulted in the color on the surface of the medicinal cauldron appearing slightly dimmer. At a glance, it was seemed like a normal stove.

“Che…” Xiao Yan’s medicinal cauldron had just appeared when Han Xian who had been looking over from the side not far away could not resist laughing out loud. He quietly shook his head and said with a laugh in his heart, “Looks like I have overestimated this fellow a little…” In the Alchemist world, a good medicinal cauldron was like a sharp weapon in the hands of a warrior; it could enable one’s refining success to increase greatly. Now that Han Xian saw that the medicinal cauldron Xiao Yan was using was actually this worn-out, there was naturally some disdain in his heart.

After the words in Han Xian’s heart appeared, he also waved his hand. Immediately, a medicinal cauldron with a golden-yellow-colored surface flashed and appeared. When the sunlight shone on its body, it would reflect eye-piercing light, causing people to have no choice but to shift away their gazes.

From just looking at the external aura of these two medicinal cauldrons, there was undoubtedly an enormous difference between them. One of them was like a tattered dog in the fields while the other was completely covered with gold and silver, like an extremely bright and ostentatious pet dog.

Xiao Yan ignored those somewhat mocking gazes from everywhere. His gaze swept over the medicinal cauldron in front of him before his finger touched a superficial crack on the surface of the medicinal cauldron. He involuntarily furrowed his brows slightly as he helplessly said in his heart, “The strength of the ‘Heavenly Flame’ is really too great. This low grade medicinal cauldron has difficulty enduring such temperature. After this is over, I should think of a way to get a medicinal cauldron that can handle it. Now, hopefully this thing can still endure until I finish the refinement…

Xiao Yan quietly sighed in his heart. He suddenly sensed a hot undulation and lifted his eyebrows immediately. When he turned his head over, he saw that Han Xian was dragging a cluster of flame with his hand. The color of the flame was similar to that of his medicinal cauldron. It was a shiny golden color and was extremely attractive to the eye. Moreover, if one were to take a careful look at it, one could see that there was gold-colored lava flowing within the flame, appearing very strange.

“Huh?” Xiao Yan’s eyes stared at the cluster of golden-colored flame as his heart softly voiced out an exclamation. It was really unexpected that this fellow actually possessed such a flame treasure. When Xiao Yan used his Spiritual Strength to look at it, this golden-colored flame may be far incomparable to that of a ‘Heavenly Flame,’ but it could be considered a type of extremely unique flame. Moreover, from the looks of the heat that seeped out from the air, this flame might well be one level better than the Purple Flame he had just by comparing the degree of heat.

“This Han Xian is not someone without any ability…” Xiao Yan was somewhat startled as he swept over Han Xian’s face. However, he found a proudness within those eyes. Immediately, Xiao Yan helplessly smiled and quietly thought to himself that he should withdraw the words.

In the eyes of Xiao Yan who was an expert in this field, the flame in Han Xian’s hand may not appear to be overly surprisingly, but in the view of the students in the stadium, it was very exotic. An essence flame could also be materialized by just relying on Dou Qi, but that would at least require the strength of a Dou Wang. Moreover, no matter how Dou Qi materialize, it still lacked some authenticity when compared to a real flame. Moreover, this cluster of golden-colored flame possessed an extreme amount of entertainment value. The flowing gold-colored lava within it caused the people around to feel that it was inconceivable.

“This flame of mine is called the ‘Illusionary Golden Flame.’ It is named after the baby Magical Beast of the rank seven ‘Illusionary Fire Scorpion Dragon Beast’ that breaks out of its shell. However, this ‘Illusionary Golden Flame’ would remain within the shell and the shell would be incinerated by this additional flame within three days. If one wants to obtain this kind of ‘Illusionary Golden Flame,’ one can only help to find the shell of the baby ‘Illusionary Fire Scorpion Dragon Beast’ during these three days…” The numerous strange gazes from the stadium caused the vanity in Han Xian’s heart to actually be unable to control himself as he laughed in a clear voice.

“Rank seven ‘Illusionary Fire Scorpion Dragon Beast?’” The moment these words left Han Xian’s mouth, not only did the expressions of the students below change drastically, but even the faces of Elder Hao and the other Elders also moved slightly. Rank Seven. That was an ultimately strong being that could be comparable to the Dou Zong class. It is really unexpected that this extremely beautiful and coquettish golden-colored flame actually had such an origin.

“No wonder it is even fiercer than the Purple Flame on the body of the Amethyst Winged Lion. It is actually from an ‘Illusionary Fire Scorpion Dragon Beast’ that is one rank higher… this fellow is really lucky.” Surprise involuntarily flashed across Xiao Yan’s eyes when he heard Han Xian’s words. In this vast world, there were all sorts of strange things. The various kinds of flames could cause people to be dazzled and surprised. Just this kind of Magical Beast flame was so beautiful. One really did not know just what kind of elegant demeanor the flames on the ‘Heavenly Flame Ranking’ possessed.

As Xiao Yan recalled the so-called ‘Heavenly Flame Ranking,’ his heart quietly became a little fiery. He laughed softly. His finger shook slightly and a cluster of green-colored flame appeared in his palm. It flicked within the flame, and the flame drew an arc in mid-air. Finally, it rushed into the medicine cauldron. In an instant, the whirring flame began to rise and burn within the medicinal cauldron.

The ‘Green Lotus Core Flame’ naturally attracted the attention of Han Xan who had been paying attention to Xiao Yan’s side. Surprise immediately passed through Han Xian’s eyes. It was indeed just like what the information had stated. Xiao Yan was in control of a green-colored flame of unknown background which was extremely overbearing. Now that Han Xian had seen it, he may not have witnessed it being overbearing, but from the color of its outer appearance, he could at least tell that it was the flame from his information.

“The flame is merely just an aid. The most important thing is a person’s medicine refining skills.” Han Xian smiled faintly. He waved his hand and the golden-colored flame also flashed into the golden yellow medicinal cauldron. In an instant, the golden medicinal cauldron with the golden-colored flame deposited in it became the spot which attracted the most attention within the entire stadium. On the other hand, there was hardly anyone who was paying attention to Xiao Yan’s tranquil side.

Xiao Yan’s gaze stared intently at the interior of the medicinal cauldron. His finger slowly passed through the medicinal ingredients on the stone table. Occasionally, his finger would randomly tap once and there would be a medicinal ingredient with a strange outer appearance being clipped between his fingers.

While Xiao Yan’s eyes were staring intently, his mind was swiftly reading and flipping through the various information that was recorded on the medicinal formula. There were many medicinal ingredients needed to refine this ‘Dragon Strength Pill.’ If all of the many big and small ingredients were added, there would be over forty of them. The degree of fusion between the various medicinal ingredients were mixed with one another. It was really troublesome like dough that was kneaded together. If it were not for one being able to follow the medicinal formula and refine it step by step, the chances of success of one trying to refine it by stumbling randomly were extremely small…

However, even though Xiao Yan and Han Xian both looked at the medicinal formula and had remembered the information firmly in their heads, they still felt somewhat unfamiliar. After all, a tier five medicinal pill was not an ordinary object. A medicinal grade of this tier would also be able to be auctioned off for a sky high price. Hence, it would naturally be extremely difficult for one to refine it. This was especially even more difficult for Xiao Yan and Han Xian, both of whom were members of the younger generation who had yet to reach the level of a tier five alchemist.

Therefore, some of the Elders who knew a little about medicine refining, adopted a mentality of watching the fun. Han Xian’s alchemist skill was around that of a tier four alchemist. His failure rate when asked to refine a tier five medicinal pill was so high that it would leave one speechless. As for Xiao Yan, although these Elders knew that this little fellow possessed a type of green-colored ‘Heavenly Flame,’ possessing a ‘Heavenly Flame’ did not represent how outstanding his medicinal refining skill was. Therefore… asking these two little fellows to refine a tier five medicinal pill was an extremely terrible decision. Did one think that those rare medicinal ingredients were free?

Of course, Xiao Yan and Han Xian did not know just what these Elders were thinking in their hearts. Otherwise, they would naturally feel dispirited and speechless. At this moment, both of them had taken their first steps into the problem which was determining which process to proceed with first due to the complicated steps.

For a moment, everyone in the stadium could only watch the two fellows in the arena staring foolishly at the flame in the middle of the cauldron. Some of the students who did not understand the reason for it actually treated this as an initial step in refining pills…

They were in a daze for nearly two to three minutes before Xiao Yan became the first to recover. He frowned slightly and inhaled a breath of air. His fingers, which were full of medicinal ingredients between them, shook slightly. Two kinds of medicinal pills which were like withered leaves were thrown into the cauldron.

Xiao Yan right hand aimed at the medicinal cauldron with a gap between them as his

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