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Chapter 499: The Competition Topic : Dragon Strength Pill

Under the countless gazes in the audience, the two human figures in the arena stood and raised their heads proudly. They straightened their bodies as they set off different auras. It was clear that they both had an imposing presence. The eyes of quite a number of females of the Inner Academy in the audience flickered slightly.

Elder Hao was wearing plain clothes as he stood between Xiao Yan and Han Xian. Although his hair was white, his other aspects had a sturdiness that did not lose to a young person. He may possess a smile on his face due to the atmosphere today, on a face with some wrinkles, but from the looks of the faint sharpness in his eyes, this Elder Hao really did give off the impartial feeling that Lin Yan had mentioned.

As Elder Hao coughed softly once again, his voice which contained powerful Dou Qi suppressed the voices in the entire stadium. His gaze looked over the entire stadium before he took out a slightly yellowed ancient scroll from his storage ring in a slow but orderly manner. He smiled faintly and said, “The old me has always had great interest in the refining of pills. However, due to the harsh conditions of an alchemist, I could only quietly give it up. Today, I am extremely happy to come and be the judge of this extremely rare pill refining competition that has appeared in this Inner Academy. However, everyone also knows about the usual reputation of this old me. Therefore, you can throw away those doubts about the fairness of this competition.”

Everyone in the stadium immediately emitted waves of responding voices upon hearing Elder Hao’s voice. Clearly, the impartial reputation that he possessed in the Inner Academy was something that everyone knew about.

“The topic for today’s competition is personally chosen by this old me. Until this moment, Xiao Yan and Han Xian are still unclear what they need to refine.” The response from the stadium caused the smile on Elder Hao’s face to increase a little. His hand gently patted the scroll. After which, he turned his head and smiled as he said to Xiao Yan and Han Xian, “I will say this beforehand. This test question is a little difficult… I wonder if the both of you dare to accept it?”

Xiao Yan and Han Xian were slightly startled when they heard this. They exchanged glances with one another before Han Xian took the lead in cupping his heads. He smiled and said, “I will definitely do my best no matter what kind of test question Elder Hao has chosen.” He believed that he, as a tier four alchemist, could barely and forcefully refine a tier five medicinal pill when he was at peak condition. Of course, his chances of success were a little too low. Moreover, even if the test question that Elder Hao had chosen belonged to the kind of extremely difficult level, he believed that even if he lost, he would definitely be better than Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan to the side smiled slightly. He similarly nodded without any objections.

“Good. The both of you have quite a strong pride. As the manager of the Inner Academy’s medicinal formula storage, I also have the right to take out the medicinal formula. Today, in order to thank the both of you in displaying refining skills that will be an eye-opener for all of us, this medicinal formula will be given to the both of you as a gift.” Elder Hao stroked his beard and smiled. He waved the scroll at the two of them and smiled as he asked, “Who will be the first to read?”

“I will allow Senior Han Xian to be first.” Xiao Yan smiled and said.

“Since that is the case, thank you very much, Junior Xiao Yan.” Han Xian smiled faintly and did not reject the offer. He received the scroll from Elder Hao and slowly opened it. His eyes were gradually shut as his Spiritual Strength broke out of his body and invaded the scroll, obtaining the extremely complicated medicine refining information.

Under the gazes of everyone, the smile on Han Xian’s face was gradually withdrawn as the information on the medicinal formula was imprinted into his mind. At the end, there was even an ugly look within it.

Waves of private whispers immediately sounded within the stadium upon seeing the change in Han Xian’s expression. The many gazes were filled with doubts. Clearly, they were unclear just what had happened.

“It appears that there is something wrong…” Hu Jia, who was in the stadium, frowned as she spoke to Xun Er and the others by her side.

“Let’s watch first…” Some uncertainty also flashed in Xun Er’s heart. However, she still forcefully remained calm as she replied and smiled.

In the arena, Xiao Yan also knit his eyebrows together at the sight of Han Xian’s expression. Looking at the situation, it appeared that there was some problem with the medicinal formula… was the medicinal formula really extremely difficult as Elder Hao had said? Moreover, it was so difficult to the point that even Han Xian, this tier four alchemist, would reach the point where his expression became extremely ugly?

Under the countless numbers of doubtful gazes in the open ground, Han Xian finally withdrew his Spiritual Strength from the medicinal formula after a while. He returned the medicinal formula to Elder Hao as he forcefully smiled and said, “The test question that Elder has chosen is indeed difficult. Han Xian can only do his best.”

“Young people always need to challenge their limits.” Elder Hao smiled. There was a faint craftiness in his smile. He held the medicinal formula before turning around and handing it to Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan received the medicinal formula. He did not hesitate as he opened it. His Spiritual Strength swiftly encroached upon it.

Seeing Xiao Yan take the medicinal formula, an involuntary cold smile flashed across the eyes of Han Xian at the side. This medicinal formula was something that he could only helplessly smile at, much less just you, Xiao Yan.

Han Xian eyed Xiao Yan somewhat gloatingly. He anticipated the scene of his expression becoming ugly. However, after two minutes had passed, the ugly expression similar to his earlier did not appear on Xiao Yan’s face. There was merely an additional solemness and surprise.

“This fellow is extremely shrewd. He is actually able to hide so ingeniously under this kind of shocking situation. Humph. However, this kind of illusionary action will naturally break without any need for an attack when it comes to refining the pill.” The calmness that Xiao Yan displayed caused Han Xian to frown a little. He could only mock with a cold smile in his heart.

“Looks like the situation isn’t very terrible…” At the bottom of the stadium, Xun Er sighed in relief within her heart as she smiled and spoke when she saw the solemness that surfaced on Xiao Yan’s face.

To her side, Hu Jia, Wu Hao, and Lin Yan spread their hands. It was pointless to say anything more, since the pill refinement had yet to reach the end.

Under the focus of all the gazes in the stadium, Xiao Yan also withdrew his Spiritual Strength from the medicinal formula after a couple of minutes. He rubbed his somewhat swollen head from being stuffed with such a large amount of information before returning the medicinal formula to Elder Hao. He smiled and softly spoke, “Elder Hao really makes things difficult for us. This tier five medicinal pill is something that even an ordinary tier five alchemist would not have a high success rate with.”

“Tier five medicinal pill?”

All the audience in the stadium involuntarily let out a surprised ‘wow’ when they heard the words from Xiao Yan’s mouth. Only at this moment did they understand why Han Xian’s expression turned so ugly earlier. A tier five medicinal pill. It was a tier that only a tier five alchemist could encroach on. Although he was a tier four alchemist, he would undoubtedly have a failure rate of over seventy-to-eighty-percent when refining this kind of medicinal pill.

“Ke ke, since you are going to compete, it is natural that you want to compete with something bigger… This tier five medicinal pill is indeed a little difficult to refine. However, if it is really not possible, you would at the very most fail in your refinement.” Elder Hao smiled and replied.

Xiao Yan was speechless. The medicinal pill that was recorded in the medicinal formula was a tier five medicinal pill named ‘Dragon Strength Pill.’ This kind of medicinal pill could allow the person consuming it to possess an extremely great strength for a short period of time. This kind of strength had nothing to do with the increase in Dou Qi. Instead, it was an extremely pure physical strength. Therefore, this ‘Dragon Strength Pill’ belonged to the type of medicinal pill that could be used to increase one’s strength. Thus, it was a little more difficult to refine compared to an ordinary tier five medicinal pill. Forget about Hao Xian, even Xiao Yan felt that it was a little troublesome to refine this kind of medicinal pill. He did not expect that this Elder Hao would actually choose such a difficult test question. It was likely that the people who could refine a medicinal pill of this tier were as rare as a phoenix feather and unicorn horn even in the entire Alchemist Department.

Elder Hao smiled faintly. He ignored the expression of the two people and pulled open the scroll. After which, he read out some of the introduction on the tier of the ‘Dragon Strength Pill’ as well as some brief information on it.

The eyes of everyone in the stadium involuntarily glowed when they heard that this medicinal pill actually possessed the ability to increase one’s strength. They quietly spoke in their hearts. This was indeed worthy of being a tier five medicinal pill. It actually had such a unique effect.

“This old fellow, is he actually here to ensure fairness or here to create trouble? He is actually asking two people of the younger generation to refine a tier five medicinal pill…” Some of the Elders in the stadium, who had come to watch the competition, involuntarily muttered quietly when they heard the test question for the competition.

“Since the both of you already know of the test question for the competition, please go ahead.” Elder Hao stored the scroll properly and waved his hand. A wild wind swept past two black cloths within the arena, which were sent flying. They revealed two stone tables under them as well as various medicinal ingredients placed on them.

“Three sets of medicinal ingredients have been prepared for each of you. Hence, each of you has three chances. Within these three chances, whoever manages to successfully refine the pill first will be the victor.” Elder Hao slowly spoke. He pointed at the stone platform and said.

“What if the both of us fail? Don’t tell me we will end up in a draw?” Han Xian knit his brows slightly when he heard this. He also did not have much confidence in this so called ‘Dragon Strength Pill.’ However, if he failed in the refinement, would it not be the case where he and Xiao Yan would be at the same level? This was undoubtedly a little unfair toward him. Although that was merely his own assumption…

“If the both of you fails to successfully refine it, there would at least be the failed product right? From that, we can also discern some clues about both parties skills.” Elder Hao said. As he had great interest in refining skills, he was also extremely clear about the steps of refining medicine.

Han Xian only sighed in relief when he heard Elder Hao saying this. He believed that even if he was unable to refine a true pill, his failed product would definitely be more outstanding than that of Xiao Yan’s.

“Xiao Yan, do you have any objections?” Elder Hao asked Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan smiled and shook his head. He turned his head and glanced at Han Xian. He could see a faint cold smile from the latter’s eyes. Immediately, he lifted his eyebrows slightly, turned his body toward the stone table in the arena and walked over.

Behind him, Han Xian bowed slightly and handsomely toward the entire stadium before he turned around and walked to the other stone table. When he passed by Xiao Yan, he paused his footsteps and softly spoke with a smile, “Brat who is pretending to be calm. I await your failure.”

“Likewise.” Xiao Yan smiled and stepped behind a stone table.

Xiao Yan’s calmness caused the cold smile on Han Xian’s face to become a little denser. He curled his mouth and did not continue speaking. His body flashed behind a stone table.

Seeing that both parties were prepared, the smile on Elder Hao’s face also became much richer. He turned his body around, faced the black masses in the stadium as his clear voice reverberated throughout the stadium.

“The match will now begin!”

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