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Chapter 488: Liu Fei

Under Xiao Yan’s cold and indifferent words, Liu Fei’s expression gradually became ugly. Letting the Inner Academy construct a training room just for her? If these words were to be spread, it was likely that a large group of people would laugh to death. With the Jia Nan Academy’s position in the Dou Qi continent, forget about her being only a student that could be considered to have outstanding talent, even her older cousin brother Liu Qing, who could be considered to be quite renowned within the Inner Academy did not possess such a qualification. Therefore, these words that Xiao Yan had spoken were undoubtedly full of ridicule directed at her.

The entire area had become quiet under Xiao Yan’s words. There was a secretly surging pressure of a storm in the atmosphere, covering the area outside this training room.

Lei Na by the side had also recovered from Xiao Yan’s words. His expression immediately became so dark and solemn that it was frightening. His gaze stared intently at Xiao Yan while his somewhat hoarse voice containing suppressed anger shouted, “Brat, you’ve got guts!”

“Don’t you know the rules? Before you issue a challenge, you must press the challenge bell outside the training room. Are you trying to show that your strength is great by using your might to knock on the door like a barbarian?” Xiao Yan lifted his eyes. A faint coldness flashed across his dark-black pupils. His finger pointed at a black-colored button not far beside the door as he said in a dark and cold voce.

Although whoever had the harder fist within the ‘Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower’ would get to enjoy the best training conditions, if someone had entered the training room to train earlier and there was someone else who wanted to join after that, one must first press the challenge bell outside of the training room. In addition, one must insert one’s Fire Crystal Card into it before pressing this challenge bell and one day worth of ‘Fire Energy’ would be deducted.

As long as there was someone who pressed the challenge bell, the person training inside the training room would gradually sense the Heart Flame decrease. As the Heart Flame weakens, the person training would be able to exit from his training condition without encountering any trouble. This was a protective measure that the Inner Academy had in place for the person training. However, Lei Na had clearly ignored the so-called challenge bell earlier, and instead chose the method easiest to shock a person in his training condition awake: Forcefully banging the door!

Although the Inner Academy had used a special material to manufacture the door, if one used such large force to knock at it, the ear-piercing sound that would be created would still pose a disruption to the person training inside and even force him to exit his training condition.

This was the reason why Xiao Yan’s expression was dark and solemn when he came out earlier. It was also why his words were a little bristly.

Lei Na was dull as he was being reprimanded by Xiao Yan in this manner. The fury on his face became even denser. As he was used to being domineering normally, he had seldom bothered about these rules. Moreover, from the way he looked at it, how strong would a person that was training on the third level be? It was due to this that he directly ignored the challenge bell and used the most barbaric, yet the most effective method to wake the person training inside.

Lei Na pointed pointed at Xiao Yan. He ended up laughing due to his extreme anger, “Good, you do indeed have some ability… my hands have been itchy for a few days. I can relax my muscles and bones properly today.” As Lei Na’s voice fell, a powerful force surged out explosively from within his body. The intense pressuring force caused some of the students by the side to involuntarily take a couple of steps back.

“Around that of a four star Dou Ling. A little stronger than Fu Ao…” Xiao Yan was expressionless as he sensed the force from within Lei Na. His heart, however, had determined the other party’s strength.

The expression of Liu Fei at the side had finally recovered a little. She did not open her mouth to stop Lei Na when she saw that he had taken this step toward Xiao Yan. In all these years, she had not been bullied so much. Today, this soft nail known as Xiao Yan had actually pierced her until she felt pain. Hence, she was naturally happy to see someone teach him a lesson.

“Big Brother Lei Na, don’t strike too hard. Otherwise, elder cousin will blame me at that time.” Liu Fei glanced at Xiao Yan indifferently as she spoke to Lei Na.

“Hee hee, alright.” Lei Na smiled and nodded. Immediately, he turned his head and gave Xiao Yan a savage smile. The powerful Dou Qi on his fist swiftly agglomerated.

Seeing that a fight was about to break out at this spot, the surrounding people hurriedly stepped back as they feared being implicated.

Xiao Yan’s expression had once again become much gloomier as he coldly eyed the savage smile on Lei Na. He gently inhaled a breath of somewhat hot air and said coldly, “You really want to fight?”

“Are you afraid?” Lei Na smiled and continued, “Immediately get out of this training room and apologize to Fei-er. Moreover, you are not allowed to enter this high grade training area in the future. I can let you go if you agree to this.”

Xiao Yan lowered his eyes slightly after hearing this. He quietly nodded, shook his hand and a purple-colored medicinal pill was stuffed into his mouth. He slowly began to quietly and gently chew it.

“Hei, brat, you want to consume a medicinal pill to forcefully raise your strength?” Seeing Xiao Yan’s action, Lei Na involuntarily laughed coldly. There was some disdain in the smile on his face. He could sense that Xiao Yan’s aura was around that of a Da Dou Shi and would not be able to endure even ten exchanges with him.

Xiao Yan ignored him and widened his mouth. A purple flame was spat out and he held it in his palm.

“Hm?” Lei Na was startled when he saw the Purple Flame in Xiao Yan’s hand. He immediately frowned slightly and coldly laughed, “It seems that you have some strength. No wonder you are so arrogant. However, you are still lacking if you want to just rely on this thing to defeat me.”

Xiao Yan still ignored him. He slowly opened his right hand and a green-colored flame suddenly shot out.

Eyeing Xiao Yan who was holding the Purple Flame with one hand and the Green Flame with the other, some shock finally flashed across Lei Na’s eyes. Although he was an arrogant person, he was not a fool. The heat that was emitted from these two kinds of flame was sufficient to cause him to quietly begin to view them seriously.

“I cannot delay any longer…” A thought flashed across his heart. Lei Na’s body shook slightly. A deep-yellow-colored energy that was visible to the naked eye surged out. Finally, it wrapped completely around his entire body.

“Brat, today, I shall tell you that if you want to survive in the Inner Academy, it would be best that you keep a low profile!” Lei Na’s cold laughter was suddenly emitted from the yellow-colored energy cluster. His feet immediately stomped heavily on the ground as his body became like a huge Magical Beast on a rampage, carrying a fierce pressuring wind as he violently charged at Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan coldly watched Lei Na come charging over. The powerful wind that blew at him caused the black robe to press tightly on his body. Lei Na’s body was swiftly becoming enlarged in those dark-black eyes. Xiao Yan face became colder. The green and purple flame held on his hands abruptly collided together heavily.

The moment the flames collided, Xiao Yan’s footsteps slightly shifted one step to the left and coincidentally completely dodged Lei Na’s attack.

Lei Na’s feet heavily rubbed on the ground. He did not turn his head around. He flipped his body and a whipping leg that shook the air until it emitted a thunderclap noise was swung ruthlessly toward Xiao Yan’s head.

Xiao Yan’s hands were tightly pressed together. The green and purple flames in his hands were intertwining with each other swiftly. Fire seedlings were like sparks that repeatedly hissed and appeared. As he sensed the sharp wind that shot toward his head, Xiao Yan’s body abruptly vibrated. His slightly shaking leg stepped gently on the ground. In an energy explosion, Xiao Yan, who was slightly inclined from the ground, swiftly pulled back under this force.

Lei Na’s feet stomped on the ground and his body leaped into mid-air. After which, his hands turned into claws. Like a fierce eagle diving on its prey, they swiftly dove toward the retreating Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan used one leg to step on the rock wall behind him. Using the reverse force, he once again dodged this fierce attack of Lei Na. On top of dodging it, the corner of his eyes swept toward the flame in his hand. The green and purple flames had already gradually merged. As long as he had a moment for, the ‘Angry Buddha Lotus Flame’ would be formed. It would also be able to hurt the enemy!

The current him did not need any protracted fights. In order to avoid troubles in the future, he needed to use absolute strength to let himself possess a deterring reputation. Otherwise, there would be an endless stream of people who would interrupt his training in the future!

The deterrent that the ‘Angry Buddha Lotus Flame’ would create was more useful than any other thing!

Lei Na’s claws heavily landed on the ground. The sharp force on it directly caused threads of crack lines to form on the tough black rock surface.

In just a short period of less than two minutes, they had over ten exchanges with one attacking and one defending. The sharp force and the flashing human figures caused the surrounding observers to involuntarily exclaim in surprise. The first reason they had had exclaimed was because of the viciousness of Lei Na’s attack while the second was because Xiao Yan was actually able to endure for such a long time in Lei Na’s hand with just the strength of a Da Dou Shi. It should be known that this fellow was an elite four star Dou Ling. Even in the entire Inner Academy, there would not be more than a hundred people that could beat him.


Another fierce attack came once again. This time around, Xiao Yan, who was a little slower, had a corner of his black robes viciously torn by Lei Na. Fortunately, his body was not injured.

Seeing the attack which he had planned deliberately for a long while being dodged, the fury on Lei Na’s face became deeper. He raised his head and mocked Xiao Yan who was repeatedly dodging, “Don’t tell me you are a rabbit? If you have guts, fight me head on!”

Upon hearing Lei Na’s words, some of the students observing around them could not help but laugh quietly. You use the strength of a Dou Ling to bully a Da Dou Shi and still ask the other person not to dodge? Did he really think that other people are fools?

However, just as the observing students around them were quietly laughing, Xiao Yan, whose body had been moving swiftly, really came to a stop. A delicate and handsome face was filled with a coldness at this moment. Those dark-black pupils were coldly watching Lei Na opposite of him.

Lei Na immediately rejoiced upon seeing that Xiao Yan had actually listened to him and ceased dodging. His feet violently stomped on the ground and his body shot out in a sudden explosive manner.

Xiao Yan watched Lei Na shooting explosively toward him in an indifferent manner. His body did not make the slightest movement as his hand was slowly lifted. He flicked his palm and a green-purple fire lotus the size of one’s palm was suspended on it.

Following the appearance of the green-purple fire lotus, the space around Xiao Yan’s palm began to suddenly form waves of fluctuating motion. Everyone looked over, only to see that the space there had become distorted. Immediately, they were stunned.

Lei Na, who was shooting explosively toward Xiao Yan, similarly discovered the unusual phenomenon that the fire lotus in Xiao Yan’s palm brought. A shocked expression swiftly drew past his face. He could vaguely sense just what kind of frightening strength was contained in that fire lotus.

“This is bad… given his strength, how can he display this kind of terrifying Dou Technique?” A thought flashed across Lei Na’s heart. In his shock, his feet hurriedly rubbed on the ground. Both of his hands blasted out a force in front of him, using the reverse force from it to let his forward charging body finally come to a stop. After which, he used both of his legs to hurriedly pull back.


Xiao Yan’s gently stepped forward after indifferently eyeing Lei Na. As it fell, an energy explosion was emitted from under his feet. Immediately, Xiao Yan’s body turned into a vague black shadow. It was like black-colored lightning as he instantly appeared in front of Lei Na. His expression was cold as he used the fire lotus in his hand to ruthlessly smashed at the latter’s head.

The green-purple fire lotus was swiftly enlarged in Lei Na’s eyes, shining upon his distorted face where shock and horror were coexisting.

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