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Chapter 487: Trouble That Knocks On The Door

A half-naked young man within the spacious training room had his eyes tightly shut. Dark-red energy circled and flew by, finally violently crashing against his naked body. It immediately disappeared in a strange manner.

The green-colored Dou Qi that was within the spacious Qi Paths in his body was like a car whizzing past on an expressway. Under the focus of his mind, it carried a low humming sound that repeatedly reverberated and spread within his body.

After consuming the Swift Wind Spirit Pill, the circulating speed of the Dou Qi in Xiao Yan’s body was basically increased by nearly three to four times at this moment. Waves of green-colored powerful Dou Qi shot out from the Dou Crystal. They ran quickly through the Qi Paths with strange muffled sounds.

Due to the fast rate of circulation, the cycle within Xiao Yan’s body eventually achieved a stage where the start and the end were connected. Dou Qi had just left the Dou Crystal from one side when Dou Qi that had been refined by the Heart Flame poured turbulently back into it on the other side.

Moreover, other than the Dou Qi that the Dou Crystal emitted, the Green Ganoderma Fire Spirit Ointment that was spread on Xiao Yan’s body had also become a bottomless pit that was repeatedly emitting a suction force. Pale-red energy that was visible to the naked eyes seeped in endlessly from the pores of the skin. Finally, it once again gathered into an extremely impressive large amount of energy.

The fire affinity energy within the ‘Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower’ was clearly much purer than that of the outside world. However, it could not be directly incorporated into the Dou Crystal. Hence, Xiao Yan had to separate a large portion of his mind to carefully control the fire affinity energy that had barbarically charged in, and began circulating it through another Qi Path.

Of course, this Qi Path’s destination was near the heart flame which meant that after being purified by the Qi Path, the fire attribute energy with a bit of impurities would be plunged into the vibrant heart flame.

The Dou Qi within his body was just like two small rivers that were flowing independently. When the small rivers flowed to the place where the Heart Flame was at, they would undergo refinement. The two rivers would then converge and completely merge into pure powerful Dou Qi. The final river carried a low rolling thunder-like sound as it poured into the Dou Crystal within the vortex.

Under this kind of two prong absorption and refinement, Xiao Yan could clearly sense that the Dou Crystal was gradually filling up with Dou Qi…

Borrowing the aid of the Green Ganoderma Fire Spirit Ointment and the Swift Wind Spirit Pill, everything was progressing in the most perfect direction. According to this kind of speed, Xiao Yan had the confidence that within a month’s time, he would break through to an eight star Da Dou Shi.

Xiao Yan’s training continued for two days. No one would willing halt this kind of training where one could clearly sense their strength growing. This was because this kind of pleasure from growing caused people to feel a kind of thrilling comfort that was emitted from deep within the spirit.

Of course, Xiao Yan may not want to break from this kind of nearly perfect training condition, but due to various outside factors, his intention of quietly training fell apart.
The training continued until the afternoon of the second day when the originally somewhat noisy third level training area had suddenly become a little quiet due to a group of people charging in.

The leader of this group of unwelcomed guest was a lady wearing a snow-fox cashmere dress. The lady had a beautiful appearance. She had a melon face, small cherry mouth, drawing-like eyebrows and watery big eyes. The combination of all of these would cause people around to have a pleasant aesthetic feeling. Therefore, one also did not feel strange that there was always a group of people surrounding her. After all, females were the minority within the Inner Academy. Beautiful ladies were all the more sought after by everyone.
TL: Melon face – long face

No matter where one was, a beauty would always easily be sought after and favored.

Being surrounded by people, with her at the middle, like a moon being surrounded by stars, this fox cashmere-dressed lady may have a sweet and calm smile on her face for now but one could still see self-satisfaction and vanity within her eyes. This kind of self-satisfaction was the true evaluation that people had about her after going past the aura that the lady exerted from her body.

Vanity was always the thing that a woman could not resist. A woman’s heart would involuntarily feel quiet and self-satisfied when she watched so many men fighting because of her.

After she entered the high grade area, this lady’s pupils gently drifted toward the men whose footsteps had paused because of her. Under her gentle water ripple eyes, the faces of some of the mentally weak people involuntarily reddened. After which, their eyes hurriedly avoided her.

Seeing the gazes of these males students becoming evasive under her watch, the lady laughed softly. Her beautiful smile suddenly caused this sealed interior of the tower to become much brighter.

The lady led a group of people as they directly passed through the high grade area and finally stopped at the last area at the end. The spot where their footsteps were halted was the single training room that Xiao Yan had chosen to train in.

Seeing the female footsteps coming to a halt, the gazes that swept over from the surroundings were involuntarily startled when they saw that the door was tightly shut and on it hung a tag which stated that there was someone training in it. Immediately, a gloating look appeared in their eyes. Did the fellow inside not know that this training room was dedicated for snow fairy Liu Fei’s use?

The snow-fox cashmere-dressed lady’s footsteps came to a stop. She eyed the tightly shut training door and surprise similarly flashed across her face. Having her training room being occupied by others was something she had not encountered for a long time. The last time she encountered it seemed to be half a year ago? However, when that fellow who occupied her training room was eventually beaten by her suitors until he could not even get out of bed for half a month, there was seldom anyone in the Inner Academy who dared to come to this training room. It was really unexpected that she actually met this kind of thing that people yearned for.

“Ke ke, Fei-er, looks like we have to meet some people who did not open their eyes…” A large-sized man behind the lady had a smile on his face as he eyed the tightly shut door. This was undoubtedly a good chance for him to put in an appearance in front of the beauty.

Liu Fei smiled faintly as she shook her head slightly. In a soft voice, she said, “Lei Na, be a little courteous to other people…”

Hearing some hidden meaning within Liu Fei’s voice, the man called Lei Na parted his mouth and smiled with a nod. He said, “Be rest assured that I will only let him understand something. Big Brother Liu Qing said to let me protect you. You are her younger cousin sister. I will naturally not let you suffer even a small grievance.”

Hearing Lei Na speak that renowned name within the Inner Academy with some reverberance, Liu Fei could not help but smile. There were some emotions that others around her had difficulty sensing flashing across her eyes. That domineering and sharp man had left an extremely deep shadow in her since they were young. Although there was an endless stream of suitors flocking around her after she followed him to enter the Jia Nan Academy, all of these people could not help but appear to be eclipsed when compared to his shadow.

Lei Na slowly walked closer to the training room. He tightly clenched his metal fist and heavily smashed on the door. Immediately, a clear metal sound resounded across this area.

The sound lasted for nearly two minutes before it gradually disappeared. The tightly shut door, however, did not have any movement.

Seeing the lack of movement within the training room, Liu Fei’s eyebrows were slightly knit together. Lei Na’s expression also became slightly gloomy. He lifted his fist once again and was about to violently smashed it down when a cracking sound appeared in the tightly shut door as it slowly opened.

“Hmph.” Seeing that the room was finally opened, Lei Na let out a snort and withdrew his fist. He took a couple of steps back as his gaze stared into the training room with ill intentions.

As the room’s door was opened, all the gazes in this area were swiftly shot over.

Under those numerous gazes that contained various different emotions, the black-robed young man slowly walked out from the training room with a gloomy expression. No matter whose training was disrupted, that person would not have a good expression. He lifted his head and eyed Lei Na who had stepped back. He frowned slightly and coldly asked, “What are you intending to do?”

“Brat, are you new?” Lei Na smiled as he gave Xiao Yan an inclined glance. He said, “Don’t you know that other people are not allowed to use this training room?”

“I have looked at the rules of the ‘Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower’ before I came in. There was nothing on it that says that no one is allowed to touch this training room.” Xiao Yan shook his head and replied extremely seriously.

Lei Na choked and became dull at Xiao Yan’s reply. He said with a cold smile, “You have guts to actually treat me as amusement.”

“I am not so free…” Xiao Yan finger flicked his sleeves gently as he replied faintly, “If there’s nothing else, please give way. Don’t disrupt my training.” As he said this, he turned around, intending to enter and continue his training.

“Please wait.”

A lovely voice that suddenly sounded caused Xiao Yan to pause slightly. He lifted his gaze and looked at the snow-fox cashmere-dressed lady with eyes that were ordinary. From the moment he had come out earlier, he understood that this lady was perhaps the main source of trouble.

Liu Fei involuntarily became a little stunned as she was indifferently stared at by Xiao Yan. This was because the gaze the former used to look at her not only did not have a little of the evasiveness and adoration that other men had when they looked at her, but it also did not possess even the pure admiration of something beautiful. The expression in those eyes appeared to not have the slightest difference between looking at her and those surrounding men.

“Is something the matter?”

“This student, this training room is my personal training ground, I’m sorry…” Liu Fei recovered and knit her eyebrows slightly. There was some displeasure in her heart toward this attitude of Xiao Yan. However, her face still carried a smile as she said softly.

When he heard Liu Fei’s words, Xiao Yan knit his eyebrows tightly. A long while later, he pointed at the training room and said, “Is this a special treatment that the Inner Academy gives you? Do you have a proof that comes from the Inner Academy? If this training room is really built by the Inner Academy just for you, I will apologize to you for my usage earlier.”

Xiao Yan somewhat cold, faint laughing words slowly reverberated throughout this high grade training area. Under these words of his, some of the people who had come with the intention of seeing the show were involuntarily startled. They immediately sighed with some pity.

Liu Fei’s face, which was originally filled with a sweet smile, had also slowly become ugly at this moment.

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