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Chapter 365: Gate of Life and Death

In the distant sky, Yun Shan’s two afterimages waved their fists which contained a terrifying force that caused people to feel horrified, and smashed violently toward Xiao Yan’s head in front of a countless number of gazes.

Just as everyone thought that it would be difficult for Xiao Yan to escape this calamity, a ripple containing a majestic underlying force surged explosively outward in the sky with Xiao Yan as the epicenter. Wherever the force passed, one could see that the two clone afterimages, which even Hai Bodong had difficulty withstanding had, abruptly froze. Immediately, a muffled sound was emitted and they burst apart with a ‘bang’ in front of the many dull gazes below.

Everyone’s faces were completely dull as they watched the two afterimages which were blasted into nothingness in the sky. Even Jia Xing Tian and the others, who were not far away, also felt like they could not recover their focus. As people of the Dou Huang level, they were able to clearly sense the strength of the two afterimages. They were not a kind of illusionary shadows. Instead, they were real energy bodies that Yun Shan had used some Secret Technique to summon forth. Putting it bluntly, just these two afterimages might be on par with two strong Dou Huangs.

Of course, this was only speaking based on the degree of power contained within them. If a real Dou Huang were to face the two afterimages, it may be very troublesome, but it would also not be as difficult as really facing two Dou Huangs. After all, afterimages were in the end, afterimages. Their ability to withstand being struck was far inferior compared to a true Dou Huang.

If it were not for Hai Bodong being at a disadvantage for being caught unprepared earlier, he would not be forced back at the first encounter.

“This strength…” Hai Bodong, who was suspended in midair, stared at Xiao Yan who was floating in the sky in a stunned manner. He sensed the boundless energy that was suddenly surging out from Xiao Yan’s body. A long while later, a pleasant surprise abruptly surfaced within his eyes. “Is this fellow finally able to use that hidden strength?”

“What is happening? Xiao Yan’s strength appears to have suddenly soared over a couple of classes?” Jia Xing Tian turned his head and eyed Fa Ma as he said with shock.

“This… I don’t know either. The strength that is being emitted from his body is even stronger than mine.” Fa Ma bitterly smiled and shook his head. His face had an expression that was close to being numb.

On the top of some ruins, Yun Yun’s pretty eyes stared at the location where Xiao Yan was. Her eyes flickered. Her delicate hand could not help but quietly cover her widened red lips.

On the open ground which was in a complete mess, the disciples of the Misty Cloud Sect also stared at the sky foolishly. Although they were unclear how strong the two afterimages which Yun Shan had summoned were, given their ability, they were still able to piece some ideas together from the lightning-like collision between the two afterimages and Hai Bodong earlier. However, the strong afterimages that even a strong Dou Huang had difficulty withstanding were actually shattered into nothingness by Xiao Yan, who was merely a Da Dou Shi. This was really a blow toward these Misty Cloud Sect’s disciples, who had always viewed Yun Shan as a god within their hearts.

The entire Misty Cloud Sect had descended into dullness and shock because of the eruption from Xiao Yan at this instant!

When the afterimages disappeared, Yun Shan, who was the original body immediately sensed it. He swiftly shook off Queen Medusa’s entanglement and watched Xiao Yan, who was a short distance away, with a grave expression.

“It is really unexpected that this fellow is actually still hiding another trump card. Since you can handle it, I really am also too lazy to act. My current Spiritual Strength is unable to last for very long anyways.” Queen Medusa’s pupils were also shocked by the majestic force that was surging out. She turned and watched Xiao Yan as she said in a soft and surprised voice.

The majestic force that surged out of Xiao Yan’s body in the sky gradually disappeared. Finally, it was completely withdrawn into Xiao Yan’s body. He lowered his head and indifferently swept over Yun Shan with a pair of eyes that were shrouded by the green and white colored flames. His faint voice was like a stifled thunder that sounded from the skyline, “The Misty Cloud Sect Leader is but only so much. I want to leave today. Your Misty Cloud Sect does not have the strength to stop me.”

Yun Shan’s expression became slightly gloomy. A force that did not lose to that which erupted from Xiao Yan earlier slowly overflowed from Yun Shan’s body. His footsteps gently stepped on the empty air and immediately flashed and appeared in front of Xiao Yan. He frowned and said in a deep voice, “I have really underestimated you. It is really unexpected that you were actually hiding such terrifying strength within your body. No wonder you always have nothing to fear. However, I think that this strength does not be something that truly belongs to you, no?”

With Yun Shan’s experience, he naturally knew that no matter how great Xiao Yan’s talent or how high the tier of the medicinal pills he had consumed was, it would be impossible for Xiao Yan to be able to match a strong Dou Zong when he was not even twenty years old. Therefore, with the first words that left his mouth, he had said some clues with regards to Xiao Yan’s strength.

“Regardless of who this strength belongs to, at the very least, it allows me to control it like my arm.” ‘Xiao Yan’ lifted his hand slightly. The thick white flame surged out and immediately shuttled and leaped agilely onto his fingers, much like an elf’s magic.

“Humph. Using an external item to forcefully raise your strength is but transient. I don’t believe that you are able to maintain this strength for a long time.” Yun Shan coldly laughed, “Regardless of how strong you are, if I were to let you successfully leave after you killed an Elder of my sect, what face would my Misty Cloud Sect have to continue standing in the Jia Ma Empire?”

“You can try…” The face of ‘Xiao Yan’ was covered with indifference. There was not the slightest fluctuation because of Yun Shan’s words. He lifted his eyes and the white-colored flame in his hand abruptly surged forth.

“In so many years, there has not been a single person who has been able to leave, when I, Yun Shan, wanted to hold them back.”

Yun Shan’s eyes were ice cold. His hands swiftly formed a seal. Following the formation of the the seals of his hands, the air around him began to fluctuate. Waves of wild wind agglomerated around his body. As this pale-green colored wild wind gathered, an eye-piercing white-colored glow suddenly and strangely appeared at a spot around the tip of his finger.

“Hei, you have bullied my disciple. Today, I want to see how you will hold me back despite my strength being only around twenty to thirty percent of my peak.” ‘Xiao Yan’s’ eyebrows twitched and muttered to himself with a cold smile as he eyed the white-colored glow on Yun Shan’s finger which was partially visible.

Seemingly having sensed the terrifying big battle that was about to erupt in the sky, the Misty Cloud Sect’s disciples below hurriedly fled behind some huge rocks. Hai Bodong and the others in the sky had also swiftly retreated for some distance for safety reasons. In a fight at this level, even a residual energy wave was extremely terrifying. If they were to be dragged in, they would really be out of luck.

Yun Yun raised her head and watched the two people who were opposing one another. An anxiety involuntarily surfaced on her pretty face. The truth of Xiao Yan being Yao Yan had instantly shattered her usual calm. A muddled emotion shrouded her heart, causing her to forget to lead the Misty Cloud Sect’s disciples which were in disarray.

“Teacher, do you… you know Xiao Yan?” A soft voice suddenly sounded from beside Yun Yun. She was startled as she turned her head to see who it was, only to find Nalan Yanran biting her lip. Those broken and dark eyes of Nalan Yanran were staring directly at her.

When she saw the current Nalan Yanran, Yun Yun’s gaze suddenly and unknowingly began to drift and dodge. However, the latter was after all the leader of a sect. After her heart was in a mess for a while, she forcefully suppressed some of the emotions. With a smile, she patted Nalan Yanran’s shoulders and softly said, “I have met him a couple of times. However, the him then had used another name. Moreover, I had never met him before and thus, did not recognize him. This was why I felt extremely shocked when I saw him earlier.”

“He really does like to use a false identity to cheat others.” Nalan Yanran said bitterly. The man who was the first person to cause her to feel admiration from someone of the same age group as well as some man and woman feelings was actually this fellow in disguise. This kind of blow was even more painful than her losing the Three Year Agreement.

Hearing this, Yun Yun nodded her head while deeply feeling the same. She sighed. Suddenly, she saw Nalan Yanran’s gaze as the latter lifted her head and stared directly at Xiao Yan. She was slightly stunned, seemingly having sensed something. Her expression changed slightly as she softly said, “Yanran, don’t tell me that you have fallen for him?”

Nalan Yanran’s pretty face was startled. She hurriedly lowered her head in a panicked manner. Her gaze was evasive as she forcefully laughed, “Teacher, how can this be possible. He is the person I hate the most.”

Yun Yun merely stared at the pretty face which was laughing forcefully. She did not speak.

After Yun Yun stared for a while, a redness suddenly surfaced in Nalan Yanran’s pretty eyes. The latter suddenly pounced into Yun Yun’s chest. The grievances that were in her heart for a long time had finally turned into a moaning cry, “His revenge is really very ruthless. Teacher, I regret my actions deeply.”

“Ah.” Yun Yun sighed. She gently stroked Nalan Yanran’s smooth and long hair as she said with a bitter smile, “I am also in the wrong. I should not have given in to your pestering and agreed to let you cancel the engagement. Otherwise, these things would not have happened.”

“Teacher, what should I do now?” Nalan Yanran lifted her head. Her tearful manner appeared extremely moving.

Yun Yun was quiet. She immediately smiled bitterly once more. Her heart was now full of pins and needles over the issue of Xiao Yan. Moreover, with Xiao Yan’s current relationship with the Misty Cloud Sect, it was assured that they would become enemies. Moreover, she had lived with Xiao Yan for a short period of time. She knew this fellow’s character. Therefore, she clearly knew that Xiao Yan might only have pure dislike or even disgust toward Yanran. The cancellation of the engagement was like a god’s axe that could split the sky, creating a divide between the two of them that anyone would have difficulty crossing. It was much easier to ascend to the Heavens rather than Xiao Yan to develop feelings for Yanran.

As she eyed Yun Yun’s expression, Nalan Yanran also appeared to have understood a little. She mocked herself and shook her head before saying softly, “I have indeed reaped what I have sown.”

“Teacher, once the matter here is over, allow me to enter the ‘Gate of Life and Death’.” Nalan Yanran’s face had a faint darkness as she suddenly said.

“You want to enter the ‘Gate of Life and Death’? That is a place where one needs to be at the Dou Ling class before entering. Although you are the only person of this generation who could possibly resonate with the ‘Gate of Life and Death’, it is too dangerous to enter now.” Yun Yun said in a stunned manner when she heard this.

“That place is where the Misty Cloud Sect’s Sect Leaders over the generations rest. As a member of the Misty Cloud Sect, I think that I will receive their protection. Teacher, promise me. In my current condition, it is not suitable for me to continue training quietly.” Nalan Yanran shook her head and said.

“Ah.” Yun Yun eyed that stubborn Nalan Yanran and was quiet for a moment. She could only sigh and nod her head. As she stroked Nalan Yanran’s long hair, she softly said, “The ‘Gate of Life and Death’ was originally the last test that the successor of the Misty Cloud Sect’s Sect Leader had to undergo before becoming the Sect Leader. However, since you insist on entering, I will discuss this with your grand-teacher after this matter is over. There is indeed quite a lot of benefits for you to enter earlier and come into contact with the ‘Gate of Life and Death’.”

Seeing that Yun Yun had finally promised her, Nalan Yanran also sighed in relief. She lifted her head and watched the young man in the sky who was giving a tit for a tat against Yun Shan. The emotions in those pretty eyes were complicated.

During the time that the two of them were conversing, the battle in the sky had finally begun, the fiercest collision between the strong!

Two strong people who were at the Dou Zong level were about to begin a fight among that would shake the entire Jia Ma Empire!

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