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Chapter 364: Life and Death Situation!

The loud, thunderous explosion resounded throughout the sky. At this moment, the peak of the Misty Cloud Mountain had appeared to have turned into an erupting volcano in an instant. The hot green-white flame seedling turned into a wave of fire and began to expand in an arc-like shape. In an instant, the Misty Cloud Mountain began to tremble intensely. Numerous large crack lines crawled along the mountain wall, and had begun to spread like wildfire. Mountain rocks rolled down and trees were incinerated. The scene was similar to that of doomsday.

The turbulent flaming wave formed an enormous fire lotus shape at the peak of the Misty Cloud Mountain. One could even clearly see it within a fifty kilometer radius from the mountain.

Countless people within a radius of fifty kilometers raised their heads and watched the fire lotus bloom on the peak of the Misty Cloud Mountain with shocked expressions . Even though they were a great distance from the mountain, the people could still feel that the air had suddenly become much hotter.

A perfectly shaped ‘Angry Buddha Lotus Flame’ actually had such terrifying destructive power.

In the sky, a few hundred meters from the peak of the Misty Cloud Mountain, the figures of Hai Bodong and the others flashed and appeared. They eyed the huge fire lotus that stood horizontally between the sky and the ground, and felt the hot wave that was being emitted. They could not resist feeling their throats become dry. This kind of force was really a little overly frightening.

“This thing was actually created by Xiao Yan?” Jia Xing Tian swallowed a mouthful of saliva. The shock on his face was difficult to hide. Although he had always viewed Xiao Yan extremely highly, he did not expect that a Da Dou Shi was actually able to unleash such a terrifying attack that even he himself felt palpitations in his heart.

Not far away from Jia Xing Tian’s side, Fa Ma smiled bitterly and nodded. Each time they met, this young fellow called Xiao Yan, it appeared that he would cause them to be extremely shocked. The mysterious flame lotus which he had currently displayed had given them a severe shock. As he thought about this, Fa Ma suddenly felt pity and regret in his heart. According to the hidden potential that Xiao Yan had displayed, he was actually worth as much as this large being known as the Misty Cloud Sect. In other words, even if he offended the Misty Cloud Sect because of Xiao Yan, it was completely worth it.

“Ah, Old Hai, that old fellow really has sharp and precise vision.” Fa Ma sighed softly and glanced at Hai Bodong who was standing in the air not far away as he softly said in his heart.

“Today’s matter has really blown up big. What did the Misty Cloud Sect do? According to Xiao Yan’s character, unless he was really desperate, he would not do such a crazy thing.” Hai Bodong’s eyes stared intently at the spot where the fire lotus was blooming. His expression was somewhat ugly as he rubbed his hands and spoke with a bitter smile.

“The strength of the ‘Angry Buddha Lotus Flame’ is really terrifying. Moreover, it is not difficult to kill Yun Leng. The most important thing, however, is still Yun Shan, ah.” Hai Bodong clearly knew that Xiao Yan directly fainted after using the ‘Angry Buddha Lotus Flame’ last time. If he had not stepped in and rescued him, it was likely that even Xiao Yan himself would be convulsed to death by the remanent waves of the ‘Angry Buddha Lotus Flame’. With Yun Shan currently present, even if he wanted to take action, it would definitely be impossible for him to once again take Xiao Yan away and successfully leave . Moreover, Yun Yun was still present. The difficulty had risen by another few times.

“Ah, little fellow, this time around, you were really too reckless.” Hai Bodong sighed. He turned his gaze toward the spot where the fire lotus was gradually disappearing. The fire wave had already began to slowly withdraw from that spot.

Numerous gazes were agglomerated at the Misty Cloud Mountain’s peak where the mountain was shaking and the ground was trembling. That was where the fire lotus has bloomed. At such close proximity to the explosion, even a Dou Huang would have difficulty completely enduring such a terrifying destructive force.

Following the slow flow of time, the fire wave that covered the Misty Cloud Mountain finally began to dissipate. A complete mess appeared in one’s sight. Even though Hai Bodong and the others had expected this, they still could not resist smiling bitterly and shaking their heads.

The smoke dissipated and the enormous open ground appeared to have undergone an earthquake. Crack lines were spread out in all direction. Most of the originally towering large hall near the field has collapsed. The stone monument that stood in the middle of the open ground was also blasted until only a small piece was still inserted into the rock surface. The remaining portion was all broken into powder by the terrifying destructive power of the fire lotus. Numerous buildings and halls that were located around the open ground had been directly turned into ruins. There were still the groans from the Misty Cloud Sect’s disciples repeatedly ringing out from the open ground.

Of course, the destructive power created by an ‘Angry Buddha Lotus Flame’ that had bloomed perfectly naturally did not only destroy some buildings. The only reason that prevented the fire lotus from creating too much destruction was a huge inverted bowl shaped energy barrier that fell from midair.

The enormous energy barrier directly wrapped around the entire perimeter of the Misty Cloud Mountain Peak. From the water-like ripples that were circulating around it, it was likely that even a strong Dou Huang would have difficulty breaking it. Even if this were so, the remanent energy that penetrated through it when the fire lotus exploded was still able to destroy the Misty Cloud Sect until it was in a complete mess.

At the moment the fire wave disappeared, Xiao Yan, who was in the sky, also appeared. His current condition appeared to be quite bad. His expression was pale and his palms were charred black. Xiao Yan’s breathing was hurried as his crimson eyes swept over the huge energy barrier. Finally, his expression was dark as his gaze paused at Yun Shan, who was suspended in midair with one hand placed against the energy barrier. Looking at his manner, it appeared that this energy barrier which had blocked the ‘Angry Buddha Lotus Flame’ should be his doing.

Of course, Yun Shan may have successfully blocked the ‘Angry Buddha Lotus Flame’, but he had also exhausted quite a great amount of strength. His breathing, which was originally long and gentle, had suddenly become a little quicker. Compared to his breathing, Yun Shan’s expression had already completely become dark. A fury was swiftly being brewed within his eyes.

Xiao Yan’s dark and thick gaze swept over Yun Shan. Finally, it paused on the human figure which was held in Yun Shan’s left hand. He was startled and a cold smile immediately seeped out of the corner of his mouth. The person whom Yun Shan was carrying was clearly Yun Leng, who was the first to receive the attack of the fire lotus. Seeing the fresh blood currently covering his body and his increasingly weak breathing, it was clear that he did not have any chance of survival.

An intense giddiness suddenly surged in Xiao Yan’s head. His body swayed slightly as he clenched his teeth and endured it. He took out an ‘Energy Recovery Pill’ from within his storage ring and threw it into his mouth. After which, he flapped his wings and pulled his body swiftly back. Yun Leng had already died. Thus, he needed to swiftly leave this place.

“Alright, alright… Xiao Yan. You are the first person who has reduced my Misty Cloud Sect to such a state in so many years. I have really underestimated you.” Yun Shan’s gaze slowly swept across the decimated sect below as he suddenly laughed. The fury that was contained within the laughter let everyone know that under that calmness was a volcano that was about to erupt.

Yun Shan lowered his head and watched Yun Leng, who obviously could not be saved, in his hand. The fury in his eyes grew even greater. He was silent for a moment before throwing him over toward a few Elders on the open ground. In a faint voice, he said, “Go and get Elder Gu He to try and save him and see if he can survive.”

The two Elders agilely received Yun Leng who was thrown over before hurriedly bowing and retreating.

Yun Shan gently waved his hand. The huge bowl-shaped energy barrier slowly disappeared. He inhaled a deep breath of air. The calm voice of his contained a killing intent and fury as it reverberated unceasingly throughout the Misty Cloud Mountain.

“Xiao Yan has destroyed our sect, killed our elder. Using my position as the eighth generation’s Sect Leader of the Misty Cloud Sect, I announce that from now on, he will be placed on the Wanted list of the Misty Cloud Sect. We will not rest until his death! The humiliation that our sect has received must be washed away by his blood!”

The faint voice did not disappear for a long time. Everyone who heard these words were stunned for a very long while before recovering. They sighed softly. This matter had really escalated to the most rigid stage.

Yun Yun’s pretty face also gradually became pale while she stayed in midair.

Xiao Yan coldly watched the calm faced Yun Shan. His expression was similarly unmoved at this order to chase and kill him. The pair of wings behind his back flapped and he was only concerned about retreating quickly.

“Since you dared to come to the Misty Cloud Sect to forcefully kill Yun Leng, you should also be prepared to stay behind. Even if Queen Medusa is protecting you today, the old me will definitely get you to stay at the Misty Cloud Sect forever!” Yun Shan’s eyes abruptly widened as he cried out in a dark voice.

As the cry fell, Yun Shan’s body instantly disappeared from the spot.

The skin on Xiao Yan’s body felt a chill when Yun Shan disappeared. He forcefully stopped his swiftly retreating body. Immediately, he turned his body forcefully and with great strength, shifted his body a little to the left.


At the moment Xiao Yan’s body shifted, a shriveled hand appeared out of nowhere from the spot where he had moved from just moments before. It violently smashed at the space there. The enormous force contained on the palm actually shook the space until circular ripples of energy were created.

“Your senses are quite good, but not good enough!” A faint voice sounded in midair. Xiao Yan’s expression suddenly paled. Immediately, a mouthful of fresh blood was wildly vomited. He forcefully turned his head. Yun Shan had appeared behind him unknowingly. A moment ago, he had merely gently flicked his sleeves and caused Xiao Yan to convulse until he suffered an internal injury.

“Stay behind.” Yun Shan coldly looked at Xiao Yan. His palm was curled into a claw as he grabbed at Xiao Yan’s throat in a lightning-like manner.

“Bang!” At the moment before Yun Shan grabbed Xiao Yan, a shadow suddenly flashed passed. A snow white jade-like delicate hand gently grabbed onto that hand claw. The two came into contact and an incomparably ferocious energy was immediately erupted from the point of contact. Xiao Yan, who had received a strike by this force had his body swiftly pushed back.

“I have already said. It is useless even if Queen Medusa protects you today!” Yun Shan’s shoulders shook slightly. He shed off the force and eyed Queen Medusa who had appeared in front of Xiao Yan in a deeply cold manner. His body suddenly trembled swiftly. Following this tremble, two afterimages strangely appeared from within Yun Shan’s body.

After the afterimages left his body, they immediately spread out and shot in different directions. They dodged past Queen Medusa and struck explosively toward Xiao Yan who was not far behind.

“A clone that possesses the main body’s strength, huh.” Queen Medusa eyed the two afterimages that had appeared. Her eyes shrunk slightly. She could clearly sense that the two afterimages possessed a huge amount of energy.

Queen Medusa turned her body in an instant. She was just about to block the two afterimages when Yun Shan’s actual body strangely reappeared in front of her, firmly blocking her advance.

As the two of them clashed, the two afterimages had already caught up with Xiao Yan in a lightning-like manner. A terrifying force was being gathered in their hands as they immediately smashed violently at Xiao Yan’s chest.

“Icy Xuan Mirror!” A cry suddenly rang and an enormous ice mirror appeared in front of Xiao Yan.

“Bang!” The fists were violently smashed into the ice mirror. The latter merely endured the attacks for around a second before it exploded.

“Xiao Yan, leave quickly!” A white shadow flashed and appeared in front of Xiao Yan. Hai Bodong flipped his hand and struck Xiao Yan’s chest. A gentle force suddenly pushed Xiao Yan backward.

“Hai Bodong, since you want to do this, then don’t blame me for forgetting our old friendship!” The two afterimages appeared to possess Yun Shan’s intellect. When they saw Hai Bodong stepping forward to stop them, their expressions immediately became cold as they cried out sternly.

Hai Bodong laughed bitterly but did not speak. Cold air swiftly agglomerated between his hands, and immediately turned into two sharp icicles that were swiftly rotated. The wings on his back flapped and moved forward toward the two afterimages.

“Get lost!” One of the afterimages cried out angrily while having a dark and cold expression. A terrifying force surged outward from within his body. His two hands swiftly formed seals. His right hand waved and a huge energy palm tens of feet large appeared above Hai Bodong’s head before ruthlessly smashing downward.

“Large Wind Handprint!”

“Bang!” At the moment the energy handprint smashed downward, Hai Bodong quickly formed a couple of ice walls above his head. Unfortunately, the force contained within the energy palm was really too terrifying. Therefore, the ice wall burst apart with a ‘bang’ following a clear sound. The energy handprint firmly smashed against Hai Bodong’s body.

A soft muffled groan was emitted from Hai Bodong’s throat. His expression became slightly pale, and blood flowed out from the corner of his mouth. He did not expect that these two strange afterimages of Yun Shan’s would actually possess such frightening strengths.

Due to the force contained on the handprint, Hai Bodong’s body was violently slammed downward for some distance. Taking advantage of this, the two afterimages moved their bodies and once again caught up with the fleeing Xiao Yan in a lightning-like manner.

“Little fellow, I have tried my best. Next, you can only rely on yourself.” As he eyed the two afterimages which had once again caught up with Xiao Yan, Hai Bodong could only shake his head bitterly.

Under a countless number of gazes, one afterimage swiftly appeared in front of Xiao Yan, while the other appeared behind him. Between their hands, a terrifying force was being prepared. They immediately let out a loud cry and they ferociously smashed toward Xiao Yan from the front and back while carrying circular energy ripples. Seeing this situation, it was difficult for Xiao Yan to escape death should he be struck!

Being suppressed by the powerful force, Xiao Yan’s clothes was pressed until they were tightly stuck to his body. The fist in front of him was also being swiftly magnified in his eyes.

The two forces formed a cage of pressure that trapped Xiao Yan within. It was like the heavens and the earth coming to capture him, causing him to have no means to escape.

Xiao Yan sensed the powerful force that was about to descend upon his body. He gently sighed. The giddiness in his mind also became increasingly intense. He clearly knew in his heart that this was the aftermath of using the ‘Angry Buddha Lotus Flame’.

Xiao Yan’s eyelids gradually grew heavier. They blinked slowly and the darkness quietly struck before the frightening force reached him.

“Looks like I really have to stay here. Teacher, I’m really sorry.” Xiao Yan bitterly smiled as he softly muttered.

“Ke ke, little fellow, you have already done quite well. Being able to turn the Misty Cloud Sect into such a state has already far exceeded my expectations.” An old voice suddenly and faintly sounded in the darkness. The familiar and warm voice caused Xiao Yan’s icy cold and hopeless heart to be abruptly filled with life and vigor as though if it was something completely new.

“Let this old teacher of yours take over from here.”

A majestic energy gently leaped forth from within the darkness. After being silent for a moment, it suddenly surged out from somewhere bottomless.

In the sky, the eyes of Xiao Yan, which were tightly closed, trembled slightly. An instant later, they were abruptly opened. The originally dark, black pupils had been replaced by one green and one white one, appearing extremely strange…

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