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Chapter 361: Going Up To The Misty Cloud Sect Once Again

The blue sky was cloudless for tens of thousands of kilometers. Two small black spots stopped in the distant sky, overlooking Wu Tan City, which had been erected at the base of a mountain. From such a height, the Magical Beast Mountain Range beside Wu Tan City could also be seen within their eyesight. At a glance, the endless mountains appeared extremely majestic.

The Purple Cloud Wings on Xiao Yan’s back gently flapped. He lowered his head and looked over Wu Tan City below. A long while later, he sighed gently. After leaving this time around, it was likely that he would never return again in the future.

“Goodbye.” Xiao Yan softly muttered. He turned his head and eyed something not far beside him. At that spot, Queen Medusa seemed to be stepping on solid ground. Her body did not even have the slightest rising and falling movement of those who used wings.

“My motive of returning to the Misty Cloud Sect this time around is very straightforward. Kill Yun Leng and search for my father. Therefore, there is no room for reconciliation between either party this time around.” Xiao Yan said faintly.

“I have already said that I will rescue you in any life and death situation that occurs. At other times…” Queen Medusa glanced at him. Her brows furrowed abruptly, and a seven-colored glow flickered across her bewitching eyes. A moment later, she helplessly said to herself in a soft voice, “Be quiet. He is not your kin, why are you so concerned about him?”

The seven-colored glow flashed once again in her bewitching eyes. A long while later, Queen Medusa grit her teeth, lifted her head, and coldly said to Xiao Yan, “Rest assured, you will not die!”

“Thank you very much. It is already enough to hear that you would help me at the crucial moment of life and death.” Xiao Yan smiled faintly and replied. He naturally knew that the ‘Heaven Swallowing Python’s’ spirit had conversed with Queen Medusa earlier.

“You can continue to be conceited. With Yun Shan around, it won’t be easy to kill Yun Leng.” Queen Medusa laughed coldly. Although she was extremely shocked after finding out that Xiao Yan possessed two kinds of ‘Heavenly Flames’, the latter’s strength was still too weak. It was extremely difficult for him to display the true strength of the two different types of ‘Heavenly Flames’. Thus, it was undoubtedly impossible for him to use them in order to contend against a Dou Zong.


At this moment, Xiao Yan was not in the mood to argue with her. He knew that his trip to the Misty Cloud Sect this time would be extremely dangerous. The degree of danger far surpassed that of the previous trip. After all, both parties would really have an acrimonious falling out this time around. What Yun Leng did to the Xiao clan and his father was something that he could only compensate with his life. Therefore, this First Elder of the Misty Cloud Sect must die! This would happen even if Yun Shan were to protect him!

The ‘Angry Buddha’s Lotus Flame’ was Xiao Yan’s final trump card. Unfortunately, the strength it contained was exceedingly terrifying, but with its great power, the repercussions were also very frightening. This was the only thing that worried Xiao Yan.

“Let’s go.”

Xiao Yan once again lowered his head and looked at Wu Tan City one last time. He inhaled a deep breath of air and waved his hand. The wings on his back flapped abruptly, as he turned around and transformed into a ray of light which once again flew toward the distant capital.

As she eyed Xiao Yan who had travelled far away, Queen Medusa muttered, “Is he trying to let himself get caught? Or does he have confidence in his ability to fight against Yun Shan?”

She shook her head gently. Her feet pressed against the air, and waves of ripples pulsed in the empty sky. Immediately, her body disappeared in a strange manner.

Xiao Yan did not make any stops on his journey to the Misty Cloud Sect this time. He rushed all the way there while refusing to eat and sleep. Because of this, the original three days’ journey was forcefully reduced by half.

On the second day after leaving Wu Tan City, Xiao Yan, who was shuttling along, gradually entered the boundary of the capital. Of course, he did not make any stop within the capital. His body turned into a ray of light which directly flew through the sky above the city, immediately flying towards the majestic mountain near the horizon.

Although Xiao Yan did not make a stop in the capital, some of the strong people at the peak within the capital still sensed him when he swiftly flew through the sky above the city. Moreover, a commotion began to occur among these strong people who had sensed his familiar Qi.

In a remote bamboo forest deep within the imperial palace of at the capital, Jia Xing Tian, who was seated cross-legged and training suddenly opened his eyes. A surprise surfaced in his eyes as he watched the distant sky. A long while later, he said in a stunned manner, “Is this Qi Xiao Yan’s? Why has he returned? Looking at the path he is travelling, it looks like he is going back to the Misty Cloud Sect? What is this fellow doing?”

In the Primer clan’s headquarters in the eastern part of the capital, Hai Bodong had his eyes closed while in a noisy meeting of the Elder’s Council. His body gently swayed along with the chair. The elders within the clan around him were intensely debating over some matters within the clan. Additionally, Ya Fei was actually seated beside Hai Bodong. However, she did not interrupt the argument between everyone. Her quiet manner made it seem as though she could not hear the fretful noisiness.

“Old Hai.” Ya Fei tilted her head slightly. She smiled as she handed a cup of tea that had just been poured to Hai Bodong.

The latter’s eyes opened slightly and nodded his head as he received the tea. He took a shallow sip and said with a faint smile, “Ya Fei, by being able to enter the Elder’s Council, it means that you possess real power within the clan. You must take advantage of this opportunity. There has never been such a young Elder within the Primer clan.”

“Ya Fei will naturally remember Old Hai’s teaching.” Ya Fei suddenly smiled. Her gaze took one look around her. Suddenly, she said in a soft voice, “Old Hai, is Xiao Yan alright?”

“Ke ke, you have already openly and implicitly asked this question many times during these few days.” Hai Bodong smiled and shook his head. He glanced at Ya Fei’s face which was becoming slightly flushed before he said with a smile, “Rest assured. That little fellow’s ability is extremely great. Even a strong person of Queen Medusa’s class stands beside him. The Misty Cloud Sect cannot do anything to him.”

“Oh.” Ya Fei quietly sighed in relief within her heart. She was just planning to turn her gaze toward the noisy meeting when the expression on the lazy-faced Hai Bodong abruptly changed drastically. His body suddenly sat up in the chair as he lifted his gaze to stare intently at the ceiling.

Hai Bodong’s sudden action caused everyone in the hall to be startled. Immediately, the voices arguing became quiet. One by one, they cautiously looked at Hai Bodong.

“Old Hai, what’s the matter?” Primer Tengshan was also shocked by Hai Bodong’ss action and he asked carefully.

“Why has Xiao Yan returned? He is even going to the Misty Cloud Sect? What is he planning to do?” Hai Bodong had a stunned expression as he eyed a certain spot on the ceiling and muttered.

“Ah?” Fa Fei immediately let out a shocked gasp upon hearing this. Even the expression of Primer Tengshan off to the side also changed slightly.

“I will need to go and take a look. Tengshan, gather the ‘Shadow Guards’. There may be some trouble this time around. Seeing this manner of Xiao Yan, I’m afraid something big will happen.” Hai Bodong swiftly walked out of the door, giving the order as he walked.

“Uh? Gather the ‘Shadow Guards’?” Primer Tengshan was startled. He eyed Hai Bodong, who was about to exit the door and could not resist saying, “Old Hai, is it not a little inappropriate to expose the ‘Shadow Guards’ just for a Xiao Yan?”

Hai Bodong’s advancing footsteps suddenly paused. He turned around and coldly glanced at everyone in the hall. In a deep voice, he said “To be honest, Xiao Yan has an even greater deterrence strength compared to the Misty Cloud Sect within my eyes. In the future, all of you in the Primer clan will realize the benefits of the decision I have made today.”

Upon saying these words, Hai Bodong turned around and headed out the main door. He ignored the group of stunned Elders. None of them had ever thought that Xiao Yan actually had such shocking weight within Hai Bodong’s heart.

The Alchemist Association.

The Mu clan.

The Nalan clan.

Something similar to this was happening all over the large capital. With Xiao Yan’s return, undercurrents began to flow fiercely within the capital, which had originally and gradually descended into a calm following the end of the Alchemist Grand Meeting and the Three Year Agreement.

Over ten human figures were seated at the spacious table within the huge meeting hall of the Misty Cloud Sect. Most of these people were wearing white robes with a special badge on their chest, letting others know that they possessed quite a high position within the Misty Cloud Sect.

Additionally, Pill-King Gu He was carelessly seated on the other side of the table. Behind him, Liu Ling had his body slightly bent as he stood. However, his gaze would occasionally drift toward a moon-robed lady on the opposite side. If one were to carefully look, this lady was actually Nalan Yanran.

The face of the current Nalan Yanran appeared a little thinner compared to a few days ago. As she sat alone, her originally vivid pupils were a little absentminded. No one knew what she was thinking about. On a whole, however, the current her had less of the indifferent aura that rejected people. Instead there was more of a delicate and moving feeling.

“Yun Leng, why did you, Yun Lei, and Yun Cheng leave the clan a few days ago?” A clear and cold female’s voice that contained a faint majestic sound to it suddenly resonated within the quiet large hall.

“Sect Leader, we… we have only left because of some private matters.” Upon hearing the female’s voice, Yun Leng, who was seated on the seat of the leader of the Elders, tightened his fist slightly and hurriedly said with a smile.

ollowing Yun Leng’s gaze, one could see a lady wearing a moon-white-colored robe seated at the head of the table. There was a faint fury currently present on that graceful, pretty face which contained nobility. Hearing Yun Leng’s manner of address, this person was impressively the current Sect Leader of the Misty Cloud Sect, Yun Yun!

“The few of you went to Wu Tan City, right!?” Yun Yun coldly snorted.

Yun Leng was stunned. He lifted his head and eyed the other two people on the meeting table. Seeing their expressions, which contained a bitter smile, the him who had no hope of escaping could only helplessly nod his head.

“Sect Leader, Xiao Yan severely damaged our Misty Cloud Sect’s reputation. If we were to let him off this easily, won’t it cause others to think that anyone can step on our Misty Cloud Sect in the future? Moreover, he cannot escape being related to Mu Cheng’s death. Logically speaking, it is not overboard for him to be placed on the namelist for the Misty Cloud Sect to hunt down and kill.” Yun Leng tried to defend himself.

“Our dispute with Xiao Yan in the past has come to a complete end after the Three Year Agreement. By privately bringing people to the Xiao clan like this, it would undoubtedly cause others to say that our Misty Cloud Sect has little tolerance. Who would trust us in the future?” Yun Yun helplessly shook her head and immediately said in a deep voice after glancing at Nalan Yanran by her side whose expression had darkened slightly upon hearing this name, “Moreover, do you think that I am not aware that your actions this time around are mostly because of your personal grudge? I’m afraid that Mo Cheng’s death is merely an excuse. That Mo Cheng’s relationship with you was not even that good to begin with.”

Yun Leng’s old face alternated between green and white upon hearing Yun Yun chiding him. However, he did not dare to interrupt her. He immediately resorted to throwing a gaze toward Yun Shan, who had his eyes closed as though he was in a deep sleep, begging to be saved from this topic of Wu Tan City.

“You need not look at me. According to the rules of the sect, Yun Yun is the current Sect Leader. Even I can only obey her words.” Although he had his eyes closed, Yun Shan appeared to know what Yun Leng was thinking and opened his mouth, speaking in a bland tone.

Hearing this, Yun Leng could only become completely quiet.

“Sect Leader, the First Elder was also thinking for the sect. Moreover, he did not cause much damage to the Xiao clan in his trip to Wu Tan City this time around. He merely damaged some buildings. Ke ke, no matter how one puts it, he is also the First Elder of our Misty Cloud Sect. If we let him lower himself and apologize to a small clan, wouldn’t that weaken our sect’s reputation even more? In any case, since no one in the Xiao clan recognized the First Elder, who hid his identity, we should pretend that nothing happened and let this matter pass. At the most, we can give the Xiao clan some compensation in the future.” An Elder stood up and smiled as he smoothed things over.

“You have forgotten about Xiao Yan already, no? Haven’t all of you played enough during the farce of the Misty Cloud Sect a few days ago? That Xiao Yan is no fool. Sooner or later, he will suspect the Misty Cloud Sect. Given his character, do you think that he would swallow the humiliation? Ah, Queen Medusa. With such a strong person backing him, even teacher wouldn’t dare say that he can definitely beat her, no?” Yun Yun frowned, and coldly laughed.

“Uh.” Seeing Yun Yun’s slightly cold expression, that elder did not dare to say anything more. He could only shrink his neck as he sat back down.

“Then what does Sect Leader plan to do? Don’t tell me that you will hand me over to Xiao Yan to vent his anger?” Yun Leng was also a little angry after being scolded. Immediately, he could not resist speaking.

“We will not go so far as to hand you over. Even if we were to hand you over, that Xiao Yan or Xiao Clan won’t have the courage to accept. But you shouldn’t be relieved. The punishment from within the sect is unavoidable.” Yun Yun looked faintly at Yun Leng before continuing, “It is fortunate that you did not create too much trouble this time around. After a few days, I will send someone over to the Xiao clan to harmonize things. I think that Xiao Yan would not dare to offend the Misty Cloud Sect especially within the Jia Ma Empire, even if he has Queen Medusa supporting him.”

Yun Leng quietly sighed in relief upon hearing this. Although the punishment within the sect was quite severe, it was likely that those people in the punishment office would not dare to go overboard given his position and relationships within the Misty Cloud Sect.

“We will let the matter rest here.” Yun Yun waved her hand and stood up. Her gaze carried a sternness as it swept across the hall. She said, “I will repeat this one more time. That farce back then is already over. It is not worth offending Xiao Yan just because of Mo Cheng!”

“Yes.” All the elders nodded their heads and responded upon hearing this.

Yun Yun sighed gently. She was just about to dismiss everyone when she realized that Yun Shan’s expression beside her had suddenly changed. His closed eyes were abruptly opened. A powerful, terrifying Qi shocked the entire hall.

“Teacher? What happened?” Yun Yun was stunned as she hurriedly asked.

“We want to let this matter end like this. Unfortunately, he does not agree.” Yun Shan’s expression was slightly dark and solemn. His gaze looked afar toward the sky outside the large hall.

Not long after Yun Shan’s voice fell, an icy cold cry containing killing intent that was difficult to hide fell from the sky like angry thunder. It immediately and swiftly spread throughout the entire mountain.

“Old dog Yun Leng, get out here to die!”

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