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Chapter 360: Settling the Xiao Clan

The wild killing intent seeped out of Xiao Yan’s body within the large hall. Everyone was so nervous and frightened that they stopped what they were doing. They eyed that savage face and did not dare to emit the slightest sound.

“Junior Clan Leader, those three mysterious people were from the Misty Cloud Sect?” The expression of the first elder was slightly ugly as he softly asked.

Xiao Yan inhaled a breath of air and forcefully suppressed the killing intent that was rising from within his heart. He nodded slightly and said in a dark and cold voice, “Since she has said that your bodies have the remanent energy of Yun Leng within them, then it naturally cannot be false. Moreover, my clan had encountered this kind of surprise attack not long after I left the Misty Cloud Sect. How can the Misty Cloud Sect be unrelated to this matter?”

“What does Junior Clan Leader plan to do?” The first elder bitterly laughed. In front of such a strong faction like the Misty Cloud Sect, the first elder was a little at a loss on what to do.

“I have already said that he must die this time around!” Xiao Yan said in a thick voice.

“Ah.” The first elder let out a sigh. He eyed Xiao Yan, whose face was filled with killing intent, before musing for a while. He then said, “Junior Clan Leader, although I do not know the status of that mysterious person in the Misty Cloud Sect, I don’t think that it should be low from the looks of his strength, no?”

“Other than the Sect Leader and a few others, his position should be the highest in the Misty Cloud Sect.”

“As expected. Ah.” The first elder shook his head as he mused out loud, “Earlier, the reason that the Junior Clan Leader had gotten into a big fight with the Misty Cloud Sect was because of the Three Years Agreement. Moreover, you did not cause much harm to the upper echelons in the Misty Cloud Sect during that time. Therefore, the Misty Cloud Sect does not really hate you. If you were to kill this mysterious strong person this time around, the relationship between both parties would become completely unresolvable.”

“Then first elder, do you mean to have me to ignore my father’s life or death?” Xiao Yan frowned slightly. His voice was a little dark and solemn.

“Junior Clan Leader has misunderstood what I meant.” The first elder laughed bitterly before sighing, “I am just trying to tell Junior Clan Leader that if you were to really kill that mysterious person, the relationship between the Xiao clan and the Misty Cloud Sect would completely deteriorate.”

“The last time, due to the Three Years Agreement between Nalan Yanran and you, they were disadvantaged in that they were in the wrong. Therefore, they did not really dare to touch the Xiao clan. Of course, the turn of events regarding the three mysterious strong people from the Misty Cloud Sect is beyond everyone’s expectations. This time around, however, if you were to kill the person who holds quite a high position in the Misty Cloud Sect, I’m afraid that the Misty Cloud Sect will really send people to attack the Xiao clan.”

“My intention in saying all this is not to stop Junior Clan Leader from going to rescue the Clan Leader. It is just that I want to let Junior Clan Leader to assume the post of the temporary Clan Leader and think of a complete method in order to preserve the Xiao clan’s bloodline should an unavoidable conflict with the Misty Cloud Sect occur when rescuing the Clan Leader. This clan is something that the Clan Leader has spent a painstaking effort on. I think that Junior Clan Leader is also unwilling to see it decay like this.”

The dark solemness gradually disappeared from Xiao Yan’s face. He nodded his head. The words of the first elder were not completely without reason. The current Xiao clan was not a faction that was in the same league as the Misty Cloud Sect. It was extremely easy for the other party to destroy the Xiao clan if they wanted to. If he were to really kill Yun Leng, he would definitely raise the fury of the Misty Cloud Sect. When that time came, the Xiao clan would also have difficulty not getting involved. Therefore, if he wanted to go to the Misty Cloud Sect to search for his father, he must first think of a way for the Xiao clan to escape.

Xiao Yan quietly sat back down onto his chair. He closed his eyes slightly as his finger gently tapped on the table.

Everyone in the hall took the initiative to remain quiet as they watched Xiao Yan, who had become silent. One by one, numerous gazes focused intently on the black-robed young man. At this moment, his every action affected the entire clan’s safety.

Xiao Yan’s tapping finger abruptly paused. He opened his eyes and swept his gaze slowly across those clan members around him. Finally, he stopped on the faces of the three elders. His tone was resolute. “No matter what, we must definitely search for Father, even if the price is to completely infuriating the Misty Cloud Sect.”

The three elders exchanged glances before immediately facing Xiao Yan and slowly asking, “What about the Xiao clan?”

“The Xiao clan is the painstaking effort of father and grandfather. I will not watch it decay.” Xiao Yan eyes narrowed. He suddenly stood up and his eyes stared intently at the three elders. In a deep voice, he said, “May I know if my words have any authority within the current Xiao clan?”

“It does!” The faces of the three elders were startled. They hesitated for an instant before giving a united reply with grim faces. At this moment, only Xiao Yan, in front of them, had the ability to pull the Xiao clan, which was in a devastated state, up from the mire it was in.

“What about all of you?” Xiao Yan suddenly turned around and shouted as he eyed the clan members who were standing by the door.

“We will follow Junior Clan Leader’s order!”

Xiao Yan, who had just returned to the Xiao clan for a short while, had already built a position that was difficult to shake within the Xiao clan after the cold-blooded method which he had used to kill Jia Li Bi and the others. When they heard his cry, those clan members almost immediately roared out loud with flushed faces. They similarly knew that at this life and death moment, the young man in front of them, who was once the useless person of the Xiao clan, was their only savior!


Xiao Yan nodded his head and let out a deep cry. He turned around and walked toward the seat where his father had once sat in the past. He brushed his robe and sat down. His gaze looked around the entire place and said with a bang, “I plan to move the Xiao clan from Wu Tan City.”

A commotion immediately broke out in the hall the moment these words were said. The Xiao clan possessed no less than ten marketplaces within Wu Tan City. The value of these marketplaces was quite a large amount of money when added together. If they were to just leave like this, would they not suffer a great loss?

Xiao Yan gently waved his hand and the commotion in the hall slowly ceased. He said in a deep voice, “Everyone should know that the matter of the Clan Leader being missing is definitely related to the Misty Cloud Sect. Although the strength of the Misty Cloud Sect is very large, must the courageous and strong men in our Xiao clan allow them to bully us? If this matter were to spread, won’t others point at our noses and ridicule us for being spineless?”

“Tell me, rescue the Clan Leader and offend the Misty Cloud Sect, or hide in Wu Tan City like a tortoise, allowing others to point at us and say that we have cast aside our pride. What would you choose?” Xiao Yan’s eyes widened and he cried out sternly.

“Rescue the Clan Leader! Our Xiao clan doesn’t have any tortoises!” An astringent, tender voice suddenly sounded from outside the main door. Xiao Qing’s small head was squeezed out from behind. Her small face was so excited that it was flushed red while she waved her small fist and cried out loud.

“That’s right. Rescue the Clan Leader. We don’t want to be tortoises.” Another few tender voice sounded. Human heads surged around the main door as ten plus children, whose ages were but twelve to thirteen squeezed in and shouted loudly.

“So what if it’s the Misty Cloud Sect? Our Xiao clan has never offended them, but they damaged our Xiao clan in such a manner. They even almost caused us to be tragically exterminated. Junior Clan Leader, I will obey you!” A member of the Xiao clan with a sturdy build eyed the outraged younger generation and hot blood also surged wildly in his heart. He could not resist taking a step forward as he cried out with a flushed face.

“That’s right. Young Clan Leader, we will all listen you you!” After the first person, a chain reaction appeared to have spread at the back. One by one, the Xiao clan’s men waved their fists and shouted with faces that were flushed red with anger. Being humbled time and time again during this period of time had really caused them to have difficulty enduring. Now that the Xiao clan finally had a backbone, they did not want that kind of humiliation to repeat itself, even if the price was to anger the strongest faction within the Jia Ma Empire!

“Ke ke, Junior Clan Leader, since everyone is willing to obey you, why don’t you tell us your plan.” The first elder watched the clan members’ excited faces before turning toward Xiao Yan as he smiled and said in a gratified manner.

“I plan to send the clan members out of Wu Tan City out in batches. After which, I will let each of them head to the western region of the Jia Ma Empire. The strength of the Misty Cloud Sect there is a little weaker. Moreover, my two elder brothers, Xiao Ding and Xiao Li, are expanding and developing their own power at a rapid pace there. I want to secretly send the clan members there. In this way, we can eliminate the threat the Misty Cloud Sect poses to the Xiao clan.” Xiao Yan slowly said.

“Go to the western region of the empire?” The first elder was momentarily stunned upon hearing this. He said with hesitation, “So far?”

“The western region of the empire is near the Tager Desert. Only at that place is the strength of the Misty Cloud Sect a little weaker. It is also very easy to expose ourselves in other places. In the future, our relationship with the Misty Cloud Sect might become extremely terrible. Therefore, we must first make preparations for the worst.” Xiao Yan said.

“From now on, first elder, you will begin to sort out all the things in the Xiao clan. We will bring all the valuables that we can. As for the ten plus marketplace, I will let the Primer Auction house manage them. After that, all the profits from it will be shared with them. With my relationship with the Primer clan, we don’t need to worry if they will reveal our whereabouts.”

“Yes!” The first elder nodded his head to accept the order. He hesitated for a moment and asked, “When do we begin to leave?”

“It’s best not to drag this matter. We will begin leaving in batches tonight. The clan’s family members and those in the younger generation who cannot fight will leave first. There must be some clan members who are quite strong protecting them along the way. Remember, our rendezvous point is Rock Desert City located in the western region of the Jia Ma Empire. When you arrive there, find the ‘Desert Metal Mercenary Company’!” Xiao Yan said, making a prompt decision on the spot.

“Additionally, I will lead people to clear out the remnants of the Jia Li and Aoba clan during these two days to divert everyone’s attention within the city. I will need you three elders to settle those cumbersome matters regarding leaving in batches.”

“Yes!” The three elders replied in union.


Xiao Yan was seated on the leader’s seat in the hall. His expression was solemn as he methodically issued orders. That calmness that stood firm even as a storm approached caused some of the younger generation of the Xiao clan to be in a slight trance. Was this still the little fellow who had been quiet and kept a low profile back then?

Compared to those older clan members, Xiao Qing and the others of the younger generation were eyeing Xiao Yan with faces full of worship. Under his command, vigor and fighting spirit had once again burst out of the Xiao clan, which had originally fallen into a panic.

Queen Medusa quietly sat in the chair. Her delicate hand held a warm tea cup and carelessly sipped it. Her eyes would show some surprise when she occasionally glanced at Xiao Yan seated on the leader’s seat. In hardly any time, he had actually completely stabilized his clan in which the members’ hearts had been scattered. It must be said that such ability and mentality far exceeded an ordinary person. No wonder even Pill-King Gu He was also played by this fellow back in the desert.

After the final clan member accepted his order and stepped back, Xiao Yan let out a long sigh as he eyed the hall which had once again become empty. He lifted his teacup, and gulped the tea down, letting it soothe his dry throat.

“Yun Leng from the Misty Cloud Sect, just you wait. Once I have properly settled the Xiao clan, I will head there once again. This time around, I will no longer hold anything back!” Xiao Yan gently held the teacup. A ferociousness appeared on his face once again. His hand shook and the teacup abruptly burst apart!
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After Xiao Yan’s orders were issued, one after another, the entire Xiao clan began to move. When the sky was dark, ten lightly-armed groups appeared in the spacious open ground. Xiao Yan thoroughly examined them before dispatching some of the stronger clan members into the ten light-armed groups Finally, they took advantage of the dead of the night, and began to split up. One by one, they quietly slipped out of the Xiao clan. They would once again gather outside the city before beginning to split up and march toward the western region of the empire.

By the time the sky gradually brightened, over half the family members of the Xiao clan had already left.

In the morning, Xiao Yan stood on the top of a pavilion and looked around the entire courtyard. A long while later, he lifted his head and watched the morning glow which had spread over the horizon. A coldness flashed across his eyes before he suddenly turned his body and headed down a set of stairs.

While Xiao Yan was descending from a pavilion, there were already over a hundred Xiao clan men on the open ground. Their hands were already holding weapons as they stood in place. It appeared that they knew what they would be doing today. Therefore, the wild and fierce aura all over them was like a ferocious tiger which was descending a mountain.

“We will destroy all the remaining strength of the Jia Li clan and the Aoba clan today!” Xiao Yan slowly walked toward the exterior of the open ground while carrying the huge Heavy Xuan Ruler on his back. His cold voice, however, caused the blood of all the Xiao clan members on the open ground to boil. During these few days, there was an unknown number of clan members that had been secretly killed by the Jia Li clan and the Aoba clan. Now, it was time for revenge!

The quiet Wu Tan City was frightened by this killing aura which had suddenly appeared. The faces of those passersby who were walking on the street were completely stunned as they watched the mass of humans rushing out of the Xiao clan like a flood. The dark and cold killing intent that was emitted from their bodies caused everyone’s bodies to feel cold.

“What is the Xiao clan planning to do?” Some of the passersby could not resist muttering as they eyed the human flow that was surging past them on the street.

“That person leading them is really young. His appearance is also somewhat familiar.” Some of the people who had stayed at Wu Tan City for a number of years said a little uncertainly.

“That ruler is really large.” A tender voice suddenly sounded. After which, the entire street fell into a dead silence.

“That is Xiao Yan from the Xiao clan?” A shocked voice finally broke the silence which lasted for a moment. During this period of time, all the people in Wu Tan City had heard about the huge battle between Xiao Yan and the Misty Cloud Sect until calluses had almost appear in their ears. That special shaped huge ruler belonging to Xiao Yan had also become a symbol of his.

“This time around, the Jia Li and Aoba clans are going to be out of luck.” Some of the people who were clear about the situation of Wu Tan City appeared to have come to a sudden realization after being slightly shocked. Immediately, a look of pity appeared on their faces as they shook their heads.

Similar to what these people thought, this torrent of the Xiao clan directly surged toward the marketplaces of the Jia Li clan and the Aoba clan. All the defences within them were instantly destroyed. Shining sharp blades awaited anyone who dared to resist!

Under Xiao Yan’s leadership, the group from the Xiao clan was like a flood in transit. Any marketplace which they passed by was completely destroyed by them. Those guards of the Jia Li and Aoba clans were basically massacred until none were left. Wherever the flow passed, the marketplace was smashed, appearing in a dire shape. The Xiao clan had used the most ruthless method to pay back the suppression and humiliation the two clans had given them during this period of time.

Without the effective leadership of a Clan Leader, the two clans did not form an effective resistance. Therefore, in a mere morning, the marketplaces, underground gambling houses, etc. in Wu Tan City which belonged to the two clans had already been completely destroyed by the Xiao clan. This time around, the two clans were truly finished!

The gazes of everyone in Wu Tan City were attracted by the sudden eruption of the Xiao clan. The killing intent which had spread all over Wu Tan City let them know that the Xiao clan was indeed in a violent rage this time around.

However, when the gazes of the entire city were gathered on the fighting force of the Xiao clan, who were repeatedly moving around, the family members within the Xiao clan had completely left.

The operation to destroy continued from morning until evening. Since everyone was stunned by this operation of the Xiao clan, they did not realize that the original one hundred plus people who engaged in the destruction had unknowingly been reduced by a lot.

When the sun was about to set, the destruction, which had continued for a full day, was completely over. The huge force of the Xiao clan with bloodstains all over their bodies once again returned to the large courtyard while laughing unrestrainedly. The door to the courtyard was then shut tightly, blocking all those curious gazes.

Tens of clan members whose bodies contained a fierce and evil presence sat down on the floor. They laughed loudly and conversed with one another, using this opportunity to declare the free and untroubled feeling today. Today was likely the most carefree and delightful day during these two years. In the past, the strength of the Xiao clan may not have been weak, but the Clan Leader did not have such a boldness because he needed to consider the larger picture. However, Xiao Yan completely possessed such courage!

The sound of footsteps slowly sounded from outside the open ground. Xiao Yan, who had changed into a clean robe smiled as he walked toward the open ground.

“Junior Clan Leader!” The tens of large men belonging to the Xiao clan stood up orderly upon seeing Xiao Yan appear. A fanaticism appeared in their eyes as they cried out loudly. The wild methods of Xiao Yan today had subdued all the worried thoughts of the Xiao clan.

Xiao Yan smiled and nodded his head. He walked up a high platform before slowly sweeping his gaze over the well lit Xiao clan. No one outside knew that there were only these tens of people left within the Xiao clan.

“Junior Clan Leader, the clan’s Qi Methods, Dou Techniques, wealth, etc. have already been completely consolidated. Ke ke, on account of Junior Clan Leader’s face, the Primer Auction House actually lent storage rings to us. This has helped us settle quite a lot of problems.” The first elder smiled and said.

“Ah.” Xiao Yan nodded with satisfaction. His gaze overlooked the warriors of the Xiao Clan and laughed softly, “Everyone, all of you will also begin to disperse and leave Wu Tan City tonight and gathering at the stipulated spot. When that time comes, you will gather together and head toward Rock Desert City. Once you have arrived there, our Xiao clan will have a new beginning.”

“Junior Clan Leader, what about you?” The first elder suddenly asked.

Following the first elder’s words, everyone’s gazes shifted over to Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan laughed softly. His delicate and handsome face faintly contained a savageness. “Me? I will go and take the life of that old bastard!”

The face of the first elder became slightly sluggish as he stared at Xiao Yan’s face. A long while later, he slowly bent his body toward Xiao Yan. After that, the tough warriors of the Xiao clan who had just undergone a blood trail also bent their straight bodies.

“Young Clan Leader, we will be waiting for you in Rock Desert City!”

“It’s time, go!” Xiao Yan nodded his head slightly. He then lifted it and glanced at the moonlight before waving his hand as he spoke.

“Junior Clan Leader, take care!”

The tens of warriors of the Xiao clan shouted in unison. Immediately, they turned their bodies. One by one, they dispersed and sank into the shadows. Under the dark, black, night sky, human figures were creeping about, much like ants, which had scattered in all directions, as they quietly slipped away from Wu Tan City.

Xiao Yan stood on the high platform and watched the courtyard which had become quiet. He sighed gently and muttered softly, “Yun Leng, it is all your fault that my Xiao clan is like this. This time, even Yun Tian will be unable to protect you!”

Xiao Yan slowly brought his hands out of his sleeves. Green-colored flames rose on his long hand. A moment later, a thick white-colored flame quietly crept out.

The green and white-colored flames mingled with each other under the night sky, dancing enchantingly.

On the top of a pavilion, Queen Medusa’s pretty eyes stared at the two colored flames which were rising from each of Xiao Yan’s hands. Her red sleek small mouth parted slightly. For the first time, a seriousness flashed across her bewitching pupils.

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