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Chapter 358: Leave No One

Following the sunlit path that was extended from the gap of the door, the skinny figure of a young man slowly walked in. He passed by those large men whose hands were carrying weapons as though they weren’t present. Finally, he slowly passed by the side of Jia Bi Lie and Aoba Padun whose faces were filled with dullness.

The atmosphere was so quiet, that even the crows and sparrows dared not to create noise. Only the sound of slightly hurried breathing could be heard.

Under everyone’s gaze, the young man slowly came to the front of everyone of the Xiao clan. He lowered his head, eyed the old man, who was so excited that he was in tears, and bowed slightly.

“Xiao… Xiao Yan.” Under the support from the clan members behind him, the first elder excitedly looked at the young and handsome face in front of him, which had a little less immaturity and more rigid lines compared to two years ago. His voice trembled involuntarily as he said, “Is it really you?”

Xiao Yan lifted his head, and eyed the old face which he had always wanted to stomp violently on in the past. He smiled and nodded, feeling a lament within his heart. After two years of training, he had indeed become much more mature. The grudges that he had held back then had also paled with the flow of time. No matter how one wanted to put it, this clan of his had a blood relationship that was difficult to erase.

“First elder, it really is young master Xiao Yan!”

“Young master Xiao Yan is back! Our Xiao clan is saved!” The faces of the members of the Xiao clan who were supporting the first elder revealed a wild joy. They were so excited that their mouths could no longer say the words they wanted to speak.

As they inspected Xiao Yan’s face, they could still see some familiar outlines from two years ago, the members of the Xiao clan, whose spirits were extremely strained for the past two days, finally sighed as though they had been released from a heavy burden. Immediately, a joyful atmosphere replaced the earlier hopelessness. Some of those who had weaker mental strength could not resist emitting a joyful cry.

The second and third elder glanced at each other. Their hearts quietly sighed in relief. Their gazes stared at the indifferent, smiling, young, and handsome face and nodded their heads in a gratified manner. After two years of training, this eye piercing younger generation of the clan who failed to show any restraint had finally discovered how to weaken his vigor.

Something which was too stiff was easy to break. Overly revealing one’s power was not completely a good thing. Hiding a precious sword in its case and using the sword’s aura in secret was the right way.

Compared to the cheers of everyone in the Xiao clan, Jia Bi Lie’s group on the opposite side, which originally had an overbearing manner had their flame instantly extinguished. Everyone looked at each other. The hands of those who were tightly holding weapons could not resist trembling. During these few days, almost everyone in Wu Tan City had heard at least ten different versions of the shocking incident of Xiao Yan having a big fight with the Misty Cloud Sect. Everyone’s heart was filled with reverence for this person who was like a legendary figure. Now that the legendary person had appeared alive in front of them, it was little wonder why these people who were overflowing with killing intent would feel terror.

“Jia Bi Lie, you bastard. Didn’t you say that Xiao Yan had already been quietly killed by the Misty Cloud Sect? Why is he alive now?” Aoba Padun’s eyes stared at the skinny back which was facing him. A fear that was difficult to hide flashed across his eyes. His face was green as he turned his body around and grabbed Jia Bi Lie by the collar and let out a soft, angry roar. There was a slight tremble in his voice.

Jia Bi Lie’s sight was similarly pasted on the back in front of him. The corner of his mouth repeatedly trembled. His legs had also become a little numb at this moment. He swallowed his saliva with great difficulty. His originally dark and vicious face had began to sob a little. “How would I know. That person clearly told me that Xiao Yan had already been killed. With his strength, he doesn’t need to lie to me, a clan leader of a small clan, did he?”

“Don’t tell me that the person in front is Xiao Yan who had climbed out from the grave?” Aoba Padun clenched his teeth and said angrily. Although part of the reason he had agreed to deal with the Xiao clan, which was in a battered shape, after Jia Bi Lie pressured him was because of the fact that he had indeed been suppressed by the Xiao clan in an overly hard manner for two years. The greater part of the reason was because Jia Bi Lie had said that Xiao Yan was quietly killed by the strong people of the Misty Cloud Sect. It was this that caused him to nod his head and put up a fight against the Xiao Clan.

It should be known just how shocked his heart was when he first heard that little fellow of the Xiao clan had actually managed to leave in one piece after having a huge fight with the large being known as the Misty Cloud Sect.

It was due to this that he nodded and agreed half-believingly after Jia Bi Lie swore under the most vicious curse.

After agreeing, the delayed return of Xiao Yan caused Aoba Padun to increase his trust in Jia Bi Lie’s words. However, just as he thought that everything he needed was about to fall into his hands, that Xiao Yan who, according to what Jia Bi Lie had said, should have been killed, appeared in front of him. This kind of blow, and the terror that the human figure brought him, caused Aoba Padun to immediately descend into a furious and shocked state.

Jia Bi Lie’s expression was pale. The current him was now in a state where his entire body was ice cold.

The throat of the tier three alchemist rolled a little as his eyes stared intently at Xiao Yan. His face was volatile. The powerful force that had erupted before had also become much more sluggish.

“Three elders, are you all fine?” Xiao Yan’s back was facing those people whose expressions were different from one another as he eyed the three pale-faced elders and asked softly.

“I’m fine.” The first elder struggled to stand up. He shook his head and immediately bowed slowly toward Xiao Yan in a solemn manner. However, when he had bowed half way down, a hand supported him back up. When he lifted his head, he saw a young face that contained a gentle smile. Immediately, his old eyes involuntarily became tearful.

“First elder, you are a senior. You cannot treat Xiao Yan in this manner. Otherwise, if Father were to see this, I’m afraid that he is going to blame me.” Xiao Yan smiled as he softly said.

“The few of us old fellows were overboard in the past. In the future, I, using my status as the first elder, guarantee you that those things in the past will never repeat themselves again.” The first elder tilted his head, rubbed the corner of his eyes which was somewhat moist and sighed to Xiao Yan.

“Ke ke, the young me back then was also not very likable. Moreover, the matter is already over. I am a person who is quite forgetful.” Xiao Yan smiled and shrugged his shoulders. The moment when he had once again stepped into this clan, he knew that no matter what happened, his own blood belonged to this clan. At the very least, before he had become a useless person, this clan had given him a perfect childhood.

Xiao Yan’s gaze swept over the familiar faces of the clan members behind the three elders. He smiled and said, “But now, I think that we should first settle the trouble here before we reminisce the good times.”

“Child, be careful. Jia Bi Lie and Aoba Padun are already five stars Da Dou Shis while that old man is the teacher of Liu Ling back then. He is a tier three alchemist and possesses the strength of a six star Da Dou Shi.” The first elder nodded and warned softly.

Xiao Yan smiled slightly and slowly turned around. The smile on his face gradually turned dark and cold as he turned toward Jia Bi Lie and the others.

“I have not seen you for two years, but Clan Leader Jia Bi Lie’s infamy is not any less than back then.” Xiao Yan gaze slowly swept past the groups of people on both sides before finally setting his gaze on Jia Bi Lie’s body as he smiled and said.

Jia Bi Lie’s gaze stared intently at the face which still had the outline of the youth from two years ago. His body involuntarily shuddered. He swallowed his saliva as said in a trembling voice, “Ke ke, nephew Xiao Yan. It is really unexpected to be able to see you again.”

Xiao Yan smiled slightly. He carelessly pulled out a chair from behind him and sat down with a big posture in front of everyone. His hand grasped the ruler’s hilt and drew it fiercely. The heavy ruler carried a ferocious force as it slammed into the hard rock floor. Immediately, numerous tiny crack lines began to spread out from the point where the ruler landed.

“Clan Leader Ao Ba, I didn’t expect that you would also be here.” As Xiao Yan spoke his gaze turned toward Aoba Padun’s by the side, whose expression was changing continuously.

“Ah? Oh, ke ke ke, it has been two years since I have seen you. Nephew Xiao Yan’s bearing is becoming increasingly extraordinary. It is really true that a tiger father doesn’t have a dog son. If old brother Xiao were to see you, he would definitely be so happy that he cannot close his mouth.” Aoba Padun’s entire body trembled when he heard Xiao Yan’s voice. He hurriedly accompanied Xiao Yan in laughing.
TL: a tiger father doesn’t have a dog son – means that someone strong/great does not have a child who is a weakling/useless fellow

“You can swallow your nonsense.” Xiao Yan glanced faintly at him. His hand slowly rubbed the hilt of the Heavy Xuan Ruler in his hand. His voice had quietly become dense, “I only want to know exactly what the two of you want to do by bringing your people to my Xiao clan.”

“Ah? That… that… ha ha. Nephew Xiao Yan, the matter today is entirely a misunderstanding. We came over because we heard that the Xiao clan had met some trouble. Therefore, we took the time to come over to take a look. You should also know that we have quite a number of areas where we are cooperating with the Xiao clan. It is only natural that we have to come over and show concern now that something has happened to the Xiao clan.” Aoba Padun’s expression once again paled a little as he hurriedly spoke with a smile upon hearing the thick and cold killing intent hidden in Xiao Yan’s voice.

Beside him, Jia Bi Lie’s expression was alternating abruptly between white and green.

“Is that so?”

Xiao Yan lowered his head and laughed. His head was suddenly lifted. Those dark black pupils were like sharp knives, coldly staring at Aoba Padun and Jia Bi Lie. A soft, muffled sound suddenly appeared in the silent atmosphere. Immediately, a hot, green-colored flame surged out of Xiao Yan’s body without any warning. In seconds, the temperature in the hall suddenly rose. Those Xiao clan members who were a close distance to Xiao Yan hurriedly pulled back.

“If the two of you are plotting something against our Xiao clan, then the both of you need not leave today.” Xiao Yan’s voice was incomparably icy, as the green-colored flame shrouded his entire body.

As Aoba Padun, Jia Bi Lie, and the tier three alchemist watched the green-colored flame rising from within Xiao Yan’s body with dry mouths, terror appeared on their faces as they took two steps back.

“Nephew Xiao Yan, don’t misunderstand. I do not have even the least bit of bad thoughts toward the Xiao clan. Today’s matter is entirely a misunderstanding. I will now leave immediately!” Aoba Padun swallowed a mouthful of saliva. His voice had become a little sharp due to his fear.

After saying this, he hurriedly waved his hand. Ten plus large men carrying weapons hurriedly neared toward him. After which, the group of people carefully withdrew out of the large hall.

“Junior Clan Leader? You cannot let him leave. These two days, quite a number of our clan members were injured by them. Some of them even…” As he eyed Aoba Padun who was withdrawing, the third elder, who had an impatient character, could not resist saying. Before he could say all that he wanted to, however, he was stopped by a wave of Xiao Yan’s hand. Immediately, he could only swallow the words in his mouth and pulled back. Seeing this manner of his, it was clear that he had already truly treated Xiao Yan as the mainstay which was supporting this clan.

“You.” Seeing Aoba Padun who actually wanted to pull out in such a manner, Jia Bi Lie was startled. His face twitched slightly. His body was stiffened for an instant before he hurriedly turned his body around. He faced Xiao Yan who was seated on the chair and spoke to the calmed face Xiao Yan with a flattering smile, “Nephew Xiao Yan, today’s matter is entirely a misunderstanding. In the future, I will definitely personally pay a visit to apologize. There are still other matters in my clan today, goodbye.”

Once he finished speaking, he hurriedly waved his hand turned around and lead his subordinates away quickly.

The face of the tier three alchemist turned green as he eyed Jia Bi Lie and Aoba Padun who were both leading their subordinates and fleeing in an embarrassing manner. Although his heart was also a little afraid of Xiao Yan’s reputation, his haughtiness as an alchemist did not allow him to leave like a dog which had lost its home. Immediately, he clenched his teeth and cried out sternly, “All of you stop. The Xiao clan is currently in a battered shape. Are you all reduced to such a state just because of a little fellow? What face will you have to survive in Wu Tan City in the future?”

Upon hearing the alchemist’s cry, Jia Bi Lie and Aoba Padun paused their footsteps. After their thoughts had hesitated for an instant, however, a horrible shriek sounded in the large hall. The two of them could not resist turning their heads and taking a look, only to shockingly see the tier three alchemist being wrapped by a seven-colored energy film at the moment. Moreover, a seven-colored liquid was actually repeatedly being dripped from the energy film. The seven-colored liquid appeared to possess extremely strong corrosive properties. When each drop of liquid fell onto the alchemist body, it would bring about blood-curdling scream.

Under the numerous shocked gazes in the large hall, the body of the tier three alchemist was being corroded at a speed visible to the naked eye. After ten plus seconds, the seven-colored liquid had already filled half the energy film. Within it, the alchemist’s body and even his bones were completely corroded.

“Gulp.” The extremely miserable state in which the tier three alchemist died caused the throats of the people in the large hall to involuntarily roll.

“Clang,” The energy film abruptly burst apart. The seven-colored liquid gushed out and slowly began to merge into a graceful lovely body in front of everyone’s sight. A moment later, a bewitching beauty appeared in the large hall. She lifted her beautiful pupils lightly. The denseness within them would cause the body of anyone who had come into contact with them to shiver.

Jia Bi Lie’s and Aoba Padun’s teeth trembled as they watched that bewitching beauty. At this moment, a name which nearly caused one to be paralyzed surfaced in their hearts.

“Queen… Queen Medusa.”

“Nephew Xiao Yan, goodbye. Today’s matter was definitely a misunderstanding.”

Jia Bi Lie cupped his trembling hands toward Xiao Yan who was quietly seated in the chair like a wooden pillar. Jia Bi Lie and Aoba Padun finally could not resist the terror in their hearts. They lead their subordinates and swarmed out in an embarrassing manner. They had already made a decision. Once they left this place, they would immediately pack up their things and go to somewhere far from Wu Tan City!

As he watched Jia Bi Lie and the others who were swarming out of the large hall in a panicked manner, Xiao Yan, who had remained quiet, finally waved his hand gently. His calm voice caused everyone in the Xiao clan to feel an excitement extenuating from a great satisfaction.

“Leave no one!”

When Xiao Yan’s voice fell, the figure of Queen Medusa in the hall slowly became illusionary. That large doors to the hall let out a ‘bang’ and was tightly shut. Quickly following this, horrible cries repeatedly sounded outside the door.

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