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Chapter 357

Chapter 357: The Turn of Events in the Xiao Clan

The two of them landed at a spot not far from Wu Tan City. Xiao Yan ignored Queen Medusa by his side after landing. His expression was somewhat dark as he swiftly walked toward the city’s gate which was wide open.

Once he walked closer to the city’s gate, Xiao Yan lifted his head to glance at the enormous three words ‘Wu Tan City’ above the city’s gate. His footsteps halted involuntarily. As he eyed the crowded and noisy human voices which were transmitted faintly through the tunnel of the city gate, he sighed gently and muttered to himself, “Wu Tan City. I, Xiao Yan, have finally returned home.”

Xiao Yan lifted his feet and walked to the city’s gate and passed through the somewhat dark tunnel into the city. After which, the space in front of his eyes suddenly brightened under the sunlight. He lifted his head slightly and a dear and familiar intersection on the street appeared in his sight.

“It has been two years, but almost nothing has changed.” Xiao Yan laughed softly. The faint warm feeling of returning home caused the dark and solemn look on his face to weaken a little. He turned his head and glanced at Queen Medusa who was walking at a steady pace that was neither fast nor slow behind him. After which, he turned his head back, lifted his leg, and swiftly walked down the street which he had walked for over a decade.

As Xiao Yan was worried about the event that had happened to the clan in his heart, Xiao Yan did not stop along the way. He hurriedly and swiftly walked on the street from his memory. Along the way, when he passed by a few markets which had belonged to the Xiao clan, he halted his footsteps slightly. He frowned as he saw that the markets had few people. After which, his footsteps gradually became quicker.

Over ten minutes later, Xiao Yan who had passed through a few streets with great familiarity suddenly stopped his footsteps. He lifted his head and looked at a large courtyard located at the edge of the street. The door of the courtyard had two large words, ‘Xiao clan’. This caused him to slowly sigh in relief.

Xiao Yan stood in front of the door to his own clan, but he was much quieter. His gaze swept over the surroundings of the Xiao clan. When he had left home back then, this place had been extremely crowded. Currently, however, it was now very deserted. Not one domineering guard standing orderly by the main door could be seen now.

“Just what exactly happened?” Xiao Yan frowned slightly. He tilted his head and glanced at Queen Medusa behind her. After being quiet for a moment, he suddenly asked softly, “Can you promise me something?”

“No.” This woman appeared to still be bearing a grudge over Xiao Yan’s attitude earlier. Therefore, she had cleanly rejected him the moment she heard his words.

“The price is a medicinal ingredient that is needed to refine the ‘Thawing Spirit Pill’.” Xiao Yan said faintly.

“You have one?” Queen Medusa’s pupils immediately brightened upon hearing his words.

“I have a ‘Tomb Monster Needle Fruit’.” Xiao Yan had brought back quite a number of medicinal ingredients from that small valley in the Magical Beast Mountain Range before he left back then. The ‘Tomb Monster Needle Fruit’ that was required to refine the ‘Thawing Spirit Pill’ was coincidentally among them.

“What thing?”

“Today, you will obey me.”

“I can kill people.” Queen Medusa merely mused for less than two seconds before nodding. In her heart, killing people was far more affordable compared to other things.

Xiao Yan smiled, turned around and walked through the main door. However, just as his footstep stepped t

hrough the door, a somewhat tender, furious voice was emitted from behind the door, “Who are you? Do you really think that our Xiao clan is easy to bully?”

As he heard the voice, Xiao Yan’s footsteps could not help but pause. He turned his head and looked at the direction where the voice had sounded. Behind the main door, a tender and lovely little girl who was merely around twelve to thirteen years old was angrily looking at him with widened eyes.

“You…” Xiao Yan’s gaze slowly swept over the little girl’s body. The memories from a few years ago rose from deep within his mind. His face became a little softer as he softly said with a smile, “I recall that you are called Xiao Qing, no? Cousin Xiao Mei’s younger sister. You have actually grown so much since I last saw you two years ago.”

When she heard Xiao Yan readily call out her name, the little girl was clearly startled. Her intelligent pupils first stopped on Queen Medusa’s body for a moment. Although she was currently still young, she was still shocked at the beauty of this enchanting woman whose face was covered by a veil. She was shocked for an instant before her gaze paused on Xiao Yan’s face. The little girl eyed the faintly familiar outline while she knit her slim brows and pondered hard.

After knitting her brows and remaining deep in thought for a long while, Xiao Qing appeared to have suddenly recalled something. Her small face, which was facing Xiao Yan, turned red in an instant. Those intelligent eyes were pulsating with a pleasant surprise and excitement. A moment later, the little girl who could not control her excitement suddenly pounced on Xiao Yan.

“Xiao Yan biao-ge? It’s really you. You have finally returned!”
TL: biao-ge – to address an older male cousin

Xiao Yan took a step forward and caught the little girl who had pounced over. He smiled and rubbed Xiao Qing’s hair as he said in a gentle voice, “Little girl, after not having seen you for two years, you seem to be quickly catching up to your elder sister. You will definitely be a great beauty in the future.”

“Biao-ge, *cry* *cry*, you have finally returned. Something big has happened in the clan. Those bad fellows are taking advantage of us. They come to the Xiao clan daily. I heard from my mother that they want to snatch our market. Recently, we don’t even dare to leave our home.” Xiao Qing lifted her crying, small face, which was in a mess, from Xiao Yan’s chest. Her eyes were red as she weeped.

Xiao Yan nodded slightly. He smiled as patted Xiao Qing’s back and softly said, “Alright, little girl, you don’t need to be afraid. Hand all these matters to biao-ge, bring me to take a look.”

“Yes, yes.” Xiao Qing hurriedly nodded her small head. As Xiao Yan had helped the Xiao clan become the largest faction in the Wu Tan City in one fell swoop back then, Xiao Yan’s reputation was extremely great among Xiao Qing’s generation. Moreover, in these two years, the Xiao clan had also gradually expanded due to the healing medicine which Xiao Yan had left behind. Therefore, this Xiao Yan biao-ge, who had left the home to train, was pictured to have almost supernatural powers like that of a god within the hearts of these little fellows.

Xiao Yan stood up straight and watched Xiao Qing, who was bouncing around on the small path as she advanced due to her joyful mood. However, his face slowly darkened. His palm patted the Heavy Xuan Ruler on his back. The dark and cold killing intent that had suddenly risen within him caused Queen Medusa to twitch her eyebrows in surprised.

Following behind Xiao Qing, Xiao Yan’s footsteps gently stepped on the small path made of rock fragments. The familiar surroundings which he was absent from for two years caused his childhood memories to slowly seep out from his mind.

Xiao Yan followed Xiao Qing and passed through a few small paths. A somewhat spacious large hall gradually appeared at the edge of his vision.

“Those bad people are inside. First Elder and the others are also inside. However, all of them are injured. Otherwise, those fellows would not dare to act so presumptuously.” Xiao Qing waved her small fist toward the large hall and angrily said.

“Injured? Something has indeed happened to the clan.” Xiao Yan pursed his mouth up tightly. He stepped on the stone stairs and finally paused outside the main door which was tightly shut. As he heard the sound inside, a cold smile was gradually lifted from the corner of his mouth.

The large, spacious hall was somewhat dark and the atmosphere was somewhat gloomy. There were at least a hundred people who were packed into this large hall. These people were divided into two groups which faced each other. They were eyeing each other menacingly, appearing as though a riot was about to break out.

There were a few people seated in front of the two groups. In front of the Xiao clan’s group, the three elders of the Xiao clan were seated. However, the faces of the three were currently pale. From their exterior appearance where they could not hide some Dou Qi overflowing from their bodies, it was clear that they had suffered quite a few serious internal injuries.

On the opposite of side of the people of the Xiao clan, there was a group of large men with fierce looks. There were three people in the grandmaster seat, where the leaders of the group sat. One of them was clearly the clan head of the Jia Li clan, which was once turned into a battered shape by Xiao Yan, Jia Li Hua!

Xiao Yan also knew another person. He was Aoba Padun, the clan head of one of the three large clans which had stood side by side with the Xiao clan in Wu Tan City back then, the Ao Ba clan.

The third person was a someone unfamiliar. The person was wearing an alchemist’s long robe. His expression was cold and stern and his age was around fifty or more. Additionally, the most attracting thing was the cauldron badge that was drawn on the chest of this person’s long robe. There were three silver-colored ripples on the badge which was gently moving as though it was a living thing.

A tier three alchemist!

In Wu Tan City, which had never even possessed an alchemist association, a tier three alchemist was someone who could cause any faction to feel a great reverence. This unfamiliar tier three alchemist was also currently the person whom the three elders of the Xiao clan had the greatest fear of.

“These two clan leaders, our Xiao clan may have met some trouble recently, but do the both of you really think our Xiao clan is mud that can be kneaded? The marketplaces within Wu Tan City is something that our Xiao clan has worked hard to build. You want to purchase them with that low price of yours? Are you dreaming?” The second elder’s face was as dark and deep as water. His gaze swept across the group of people opposite him who were like tigers and wolves as he coldly spoke.

“Ha ha, second elder must be joking. During these two years, your Xiao clan has basically earned all the money in Wu Tan City. If this were to continue, it is likely that we wouldn’t have an alternative other than to leave this place. This place is where our roots are. If we leave, it would not be an easy matter to settle in another place. Ah, we also have no choice in order to survive. I hope you three elders can bear with us. As long as you agree with the conditions that we have put forth, our clan will not make things overly difficult for the Xiao clan in the future on the account of our past relationship. Isn’t it very good for all of us to make money together.” Aoba Padun smiled as said.

“Ten thousand gold coins for one marketplace, are you robbers?” The third elder, whose character had always been aggressive stared at Aoba Padun with red eyes. He involuntarily slammed the table as he pointed at Aoba Padun and scolded angrily.

“Third brother!” The first elder pulled the third elder who was about to stand up and softly cried, “Don’t mess up your priorities!”

The third elder sat down violently. The teacup he held in his hand was crushed until it exploded.

“Ke ke, third elder’s anger is as great as it has always been. Being angry will hurt your body.” Jia Li Hua, who has been silent suddenly laughed darkly as he said, “Unfortunately, all of you do not have any choice in the matter today. If you sell, the place will be sold. If you don’t sell, the place will also be sold!”

“Jia Li Hua, we really should not have been merciful back then. Letting you, a dog, live.” The first elder said darkly.

“I’m sorry, there is no medicine for regret that is sold in this world.” Jia Li Hua smiled. The dark viciousness on his face caused people to feel a coldness in the heart. “Today, I, Jia Li Hua will return all the injuries that our Jia Li clan had suffered two years ago.”

“If you all really want to use force, our Xiao clan will also fight until the both of us suffer great losses.” The first elder was silent for a moment as he watched that poisonous snake-like Jia Li Hua. He then spoke in a thick voice. Currently, he could only hope that the other party was reluctant to act forcefully and choose to delay time.

“Ha ha, old bastard, what qualifications do you currently possess to fight with us? If you have the ability, go and call Xiao Zhan out? With the condition that you three old fellows are in right now, I, myself can completely finish you all off!” Jia Li Hua coldly laughed.

The corner of the first elder’s eyes twitched slightly. The first elder waved his hand, and blocked the group of furious members of the Xiao clan behind him. His gaze stared at Jia Li Hua in a cold and dark manner as he coldly said, “If you dare to touch our Xiao clan, our Xiao clan’s descendants will definitely cause you to be unable to sleep or eat peacefully. You can all await his wild revenge once he returns.”

“His?” The corner of their eyes suddenly twitched. For some unknown reason, not only did Jia Li Hua and Aoba Padun become silent, but even the hand of alchemist stranger by the side which was placed on a chair, involuntarily jumped.

A young figure slowly surfaced within everyone’s mind. Two years ago, it was this young man who was merely fifteen years old that sent the Jia Li clan, who was flourishing by the day into a deep abyss.

Two years later, that young man back then had already directly picked on the Misty Cloud Sect and even managed to leave in one piece.

It should be known that in the eyes of Jia Li Bi and these factions, the Misty Cloud Sect was like a god. Anyone from within the Misty Cloud Sect would be sufficient to sweep away all of these factions in Wu Tan City.

When they heard the rumors of the little fellow from the Xiao clan fighting against the Misty Cloud Sect for the first time, almost all the people within the entire Wu Tan City were startled for a minute. Those factions, which were enemies with the Xiao clan, even felt a chill being emitted from within their bones.

If it were not for that mysterious strong person with a background unknown to even Jia Li Hua telling him the news of Xiao Yan being quietly murdered by the Misty Cloud Sect, it was likely that Jia Li Hua would not dare to come to the Xiao clan and loot them while they were in trouble even if he had ten guts and had found a tier three alchemist to back him.
TL: Ten guts – ten times the courage?

“Hei, then you can wait. When you wait until you die, you may once again see that little bastard called Xiao Yan.” Jia Li Hua coldly laughed, planning to use this to hide his fear toward a certain someone.

“Old brother Ao, we don’t need to continue delaying. Since they refuse to agree, then we should directly take action. The monopoly of the Xiao clan during these few years has nearly caused us to be bankrupt. We can no longer be courteous.” Jia Li Hua turned his head and spoke in a grave voice to Aoba Padun.

“Ah, since you three elders do not show any understanding of the situation you are in, don’t blame me for not showing any feelings.” Aoba Padun sighed regretfully. He waved his hand and ten plus large men behind him immediately drew their weapons from their waists with a ‘clang’ sound. They stared at the members of the Xiao clan on the opposite side with faces full of killing intent.

“Since you wish to finish all of us off, then our Xiao clan will cause you all to suffer even if we were to fight until there is one man left!” The first elder, who had been suppressing himself, suddenly smashed his hand heavily on the table as he finally erupted. He abruptly stood up and angrily shouted.

“First elder, the Xiao clan does not have any cowards who will flee! Let’s fight to the death with them!” Behind him, ten plus members of the Xiao clan had faces which were flushed red due to anger.

“As long as we can withstand it until the Young Clan Leader of the Xiao clan returns, we will be able to take back the grievances that we have endured today!” The first elder grasp out some coarse air as he clenched his teeth and cried out.

Young Clan Leader. This form of address represented the approval of the elders in the clan toward a certain future successor of the Xiao clan. The news that had be spread from the Misty Cloud Sect caused every member of the Xiao clan to feel proud of the clan member called Xiao Yan. This included the three elders who had looked down on him back then.

“I’m sorry, but you may not have that opportunity. Back then, Xiao Yan killed my student. Today, I will let your Xiao clan die with him.” That alchemist who had been silent suddenly stood up and said in a hoarse voice.

The alchemist slowly raised his head as his gaze slowly swept across everyone of the Xiao clan. He said faintly, “I forgot to inform you that my student is Liu Xi, who had helped the Jia Li clan create healing medicine back then.”

As the alchemist’s words slowly fell, a strong force that was at least a six star Da Dou Shi suddenly erupted from within his body. Under the pressure of this force, the first elder and the others who were already seriously injured hurriedly took a few steps back. Their expressions were a little pale.

“Kill them! Don’t let anyone live!” Jia Li Hua coldly smiled as he said in a dark, thick voice while watching the furious eyes of the members of the Xiao clan.

“It seems that the heavens want our Xiao clan to parish today.” A mouthful of fresh blood was spilled out of the corner of the first elder’s mouth as he watched that group of people who were grinning fiercely as they surrounded them. His expression was filled with hopelessness and gloominess.


Just as all the members of the Xiao clan decided to put up a desperate fight with their lives, the clear sound of a door being pushed open suddenly interrupted the massacre that was about to erupt.

The door was slowly pushed open and an eye-piercing sunlight followed the gap of the door as it creeped in until it finally reached the other side of the hall.

Everyone in the large hall turned their heads toward the main door. The figure of a skinny young man was slowly walking in from there.

“I’m sorry that I have returned late.”

The young man’s faint apologetic voice appeared.

Hearing this faintly familiar voice, the first elder was initially startled. Immediately, his tightened body completely relaxed. Two drops of turbid tears of excitement moved along his old face and rolled down.

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