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Chapter 1602: Dispatchment of the Army

“Young Miss, young master Xiao Yan, it is time.”

The elderly face of Ling Ying wore a smile as he stood in front of the bamboo house and looked at the tightly shut door. His voice was soft as he called out.


The door squeak and Xiao Yan slowly walked out from the room. The energy around the place seemed to have been vaguely disturbed after he stepped forward. Those deep dark black eyes appeared as though it was a divine being that ruled over the souls. Ling Ying involuntarily bowed lower under the scanning of those eyes. The pleased expression on the corner of his mouth became increasingly dense. In the distant past, the young man had still appeared a little tender. Yet, he had reached the peak within a short few decades. Even Ling Ying could only look up to him.

“Young miss’s eyesight is extremely good…” Ling Ying smiled warmly. He lifted his head and looked at the beauty quietly standing beside the young man. It was as though this brightest pearl of the Gu clan would hide her dazzling brilliance only beside Xiao Yan and appear like a obedient little woman.

She was just like the green clothed young lady who was smiling and following being that youth in the Wu Tang City decades ago.

“Let’s go. Old Ling, goodbye.”

Xiao Yan lifted his head. He looked at the mountain in front of him. It was possible for him to detect a large group of powerful auras swiftly gathering at that spot. Moreover, spatial fluctuation was also being emitted from two other directions. It seemed that the experts from the Lei and Yan clan had also been mobilized.

Xiao Yan did not wait after his words sounded. He held Xun Er’s hand and flew towards the sky in a flash.

“Young master Xiao Yan, I hope that you will return victorious!”

Ling Ying smiled and muttered as he watched the back of Xiao Yan duo.

By the time XIao Yan duo had arrived in the sky above the mountain, the area was already filled with many people. Numerous experts from the Gu clan rose into the sky and formed an orderly formation. Vast and mighty auras flowed acting like a single entity. That great mighty caused even Xiao Yan, who had stepped into the Di State soul, to involuntarily be surprised.

“Ha ha, have they arrived…”

Gu Yuan appeared beside the two of them after they appeared. His smiling eyes swept over them. An unknown feeling was present within his eyes. A moment later, he suddenly laughed, “It seems that the both of you are really planning on allowing me to be a grandfather as soon as possible.”

Gu Yuan’s sudden words caused Xiao Yan to be startled. It also led to Xun Er’s face to become like a red apple in an instant, which appeared quite cute.


Xiao Yan coughed dryly. It was unexpected that this Gu Yuan, who was filled with a mighty pressure, would actually utter such teasing words. All he could do was to helplessly shake his head. He quickly swept his eyes over the place and asked, “Is the Gu clan going out in force?”

“It has not reached the extent of going out in force. However, we must definitely show our true strength. Our opponent is the extremely mysterious and unfathomable Hun clan. We must not be careless.” Gu Yuan sighed and said.

Xiao Yan nodded slightly. His eyes swept over many experts and his heart was once again stunned by the Gu clan’s strength. Gu Yuan was the strongest within the Gu clan. Under him was likely that Black Submerged King, Gu Lie, whom Xiao Yan had hardly met. Base on Xiao Yan’s estimation, the strength of the Black Submerged King had likely reached the initial eight star Dou Sheng class. Although he was a little weaker than the clan heads of the Yan and Lei clans, he was also a relatively powerful existence.

Below the Black Submerged King, Gu Lie were the three immortals of the Gu clan. The three of them were at the seven star Dou Sheng class and were similar in strength to the four demon saints of the Hun clan. After the three immortals were the many Elders of the Gu clan. Xiao Yan had never seen most of these Elders. Clearly, they should be those who frequently undertook a retreat to train. His eyes had only briefly glanced passed them when he discovered no less than five of them having reached the four or five star Dou Sheng class.

If this lineup was placed within the Central Plains, it would really be able to clear any obstructions. It was not mere rumours that allowed the Gu clan to take over the Xiao clan and become the leader of the eight ancient clans in name. Their strength is worthy of this position. Of course this was the case if one excluded the usually mysterious Hun clan. Even Gu Yuan and the others did not dare to guarantee that they completely understand the true strength of this clan.

The gazes of the many Elders were also looking at Xiao Yan while the latter’s eyes were sweeping over them. They smiled at him in a courteous manner. Although Xiao Yan’s true ability was merely that of a six star Dou Sheng, his Di State soul had gave them an exceptional pressure. When those black eyes swept over them, it was as though their very souls had been penetrated. Naturally, they did not dare to underestimate Xiao Yan because of his age.


An intense rushing wind sound was suddenly transmitted from the distant sky as Xiao Yan withdrew his gaze. A large group of black figures flashed over the sky. Finally, they appeared in the sky one after another. Many powerful auras immediately spread, causing the surrounding to tremble slightly.

“Ha ha, clan head Gu Yuan, young friend Xiao Yan, all the elites from my Yan clan has been mobilized this time around.”

Yan Jin smilingly cupped his hands together and faced Gu Yuan. Dozens of people stood behind him. All of them possessed powerful auras. Clearly, they were true experts.

Xiao Yan merely randomly swept his eyes over them. After which, they were paused on a spot behind Yan Jin. There was an enchanting beautiful woman in red robes there. The beautiful woman had a tempting smile. Her middle-aged attractive appearance was filled with a matured allure. However, Xiao Yan could tell at a glance that this beautiful woman was the second strongest expert from the Yan clan other than Yan Jin. Her strength had actually also reached the seven star Dou Sheng class and was similar to the three immortals of the Gu clan.

The beautiful woman had also detected Xiao Yan’s eyes when they paused on her body. She lifted her pretty eyes and an enchanting smile was lifted on her face. There seemed to be a strange fluctuation being emitted from within her eyes. That fluctuation vaguely caused one to become a little absent minded.

“Soul Tempting Technique?”

Xiao Yan felt extremely surprised at this fluctuation. It was rumoured that this was a kind of spiritual skill from the ancient times. It was able to covertly control someone without anyone noticing it. This could be considered strange. However, this was usually effective against those with Spiritual Strength that were weaker than her. The spiritual level of this pretty woman was clearly only at the perfect Heavenly State. Using this so called Soul Tempting Technique in front of Xiao Yan while possessing a spiritual strength of this level was really a joke.

Xiao Yan involuntarily smiled and shook his head after having these thoughts. He smilingly looked at the pretty woman. An invisible mighty pressure quietly spread from his brow and gently made contact with the fluctuation that the latter emitted from her eyes.


That mysterious fluctuation from the pretty woman collapsed almost instantly upon this slight contact. Her delicate figure suddenly trembled. Shock appeared in her eyes as she looked at Xiao Yan. Her soul had actually trembled under the mighty pressure.

“Di State soul?”

The pretty woman was also an extremely experienced person. She quickly comprehended the situation after only a momentary shock. Her face immediately appeared as though she had seen a ghost and hurriedly stopped this little trick of hers.

“Ha ha, young friend Xiao Yan this is my Yan’s clan Elder Huo Ling…” Yan Jim at the side laughed after feeling the pressure. After which, he turned his head and laughed towards the pretty woman, “I have already told you not to play with your Spiritual Strength or you will only end up eating a bitter pill. Yet, you don’t believe me…”

“Chi, it’s Fairy Huo Ling not Elder Huo Ling.” The pretty woman curled her lips. Immediately, her eyes were watery as they looked at Xiao Yan and laughed, “It is unexpected that he has reached the legendary Di State soul despite being only this young. One can really not just a book by its cover. The Xiao clan had produced a Xiao Xuan back then. Now, it has produced another Xiao Yan. It seems the heavens has really blessed the Xiao clan…”

Those Elders from the Yan clan behind Huo Ling also looked towards Xiao Yan in a stunned manner. Di State soul… even clan head Yan Jin in the Yan clan had not reached this level.

“Fairy Huo Ling has really overly praised me. I was really lucky.”

Xiao Yan smiled. That ‘fairy’ manner of address caused the smile on Huo Ying’s face to become a lot more brilliant. Clearly, she really liked this form of address.

“Everyone should understand what we are going to do today. I shall not say anything more. Everyone should clearly understand the strength of the Hun clan in their hearts. If they were to fight, one must not underestimate the enemy!”

The members of the three clans became quiet after hearing Gu Yuan opened his mouth. They nodded in agreement. The former’s reputation amongst the ancient clans was quite great. Moreover, his peak advance nine star Dou Sheng strength caused one to feel some fear and respect.

“Since everyone understands, let’s get moving…”

Gu Yuan looked at Xiao Yan upon seeing this. The latter nodded slightly. He waved his hand and the many vast and powerful auras suddenly surged in this space.


Gu Yuan waved his sleeve after his voice sounded. The space in front of him cracked and formed a huge tunnel. He directly walked into it. The grave looking Xiao Yan and Xun Er quickly followed. The experts from the three clans swiftly swarmed in. The spatial tunnel finally began to gradually scatter after the last person entered.

Light figures swiftly rushed over the sky above the headquarters of the Sky Mansion Alliance on the Central Plains while the large army left the Gu Realm. After which, they flew towards the the north-western region of the Central Plains from all directions…

The entire Central Plains turned into an uproar when such a large number of experts left the Sky Mansion Alliance. Everyone understood that the only enemy faction which could cause the Sky Mansion Alliance to dispatch such a large number of experts was the extremely mysterious Hun clan…

The shadow of a battle enveloped the entire Central Plains.

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