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Chapter 1601: Eve of a Big War

“Di State soul… how is this possible…”

Everyone were stunned as they looked at the young figure, who had exited from the spatial tunnel. Even with Gu Yuan’s calmness, his face was still involuntarily filled with a disbelief. Although a Di State soul was not as shocking as a true elite Dou Di, but it was ultimately related to the latter. It should be known that even the souls of those experts like Yan Jin and Lei Ying, who had reached the eight star Dou Sheng class, had yet to reach this level. Moreover, all of them clearly remembered that half a month ago, Xiao Yan’s soul was still at the perfect Heavenly State.

Half a month. What could be done in half a month? A brief period of training could swiftly exhaust half a month’s time. Yet, Xiao Yan’s Spiritual Strength had undergone an overwhelming transformation within this half a month!

Xiao Yan, who had just returned from the Heavenly Tomb involuntarily shook his head as he looked at his surroundings, which had suddenly become completely silent. Although only half a month had passed in the outside world, two years had passed inside the tomb of the Heavenly Tomb. Hence, Xiao Yan was unsurprised the others would feel that it was inconceivable. It was not too difficult to imagine that two years of training and the seemingly endless vast and mighty Spiritual Strength of the Heavenly Tomb soul allowed him to reach this stage.

“How did you manage to do it?” Yan Jin licked his lips and finally could not help but ask. Although he did not focus on training his soul, he had still trained for so many years. However, his soul had currently remained at the perfect Heavenly State. There was still an unknown distance to the Di State soul.

“Ancestor Xiao Xuan had given me a gift.” Xiao Yan replied without giving a detailed explanation.

Yan Jin and Lei Ying were startled after hearing Xiao Yan’s words. They immediately smiled bitterly and shook their heads. The admiration they had for this person had reached the peak. This person was indeed worthy of once being the strongest person on the Dou Qi continent. Despite having been dead for so many years, he still possessed such a terrifying ability.

“Have you obtained the method to revive Xiao Xuan?” Gu Yuan also gradually calmed down. His eyes glanced at the space behind Xiao Yan and asked.

Xiao Yan became quiet after hearing this. He shook his head and softly replied, “Ancestor’s soul fragment has already vanished from within the Heavenly Tomb.”

Gu Yuan was startled. He looked at Xiao Yan before sighing softly. Although he was unaware of just what had happened within the Heavenly Tomb, it was likely that Xiao Yan’s soul advancement should be related to the vanishment of Xiao Yan’s soul. His expression became a little complicated as he thought of this. His relationship with Xiao Xuan was filled with both competition and the friendship between men. He knew that if Xiao Xuan was not the clan head of the Xiao clan, it was very likely that the both of them would have been the best of friends. Unfortunately, the status of the both of them caused them to be destined not to be able to do as they wished. The clan was always at the top spot in their hearts.

“Tomorrow is the half a month dateline that the Hun clan has mentioned…”

Gu Yuan crossed his fingers. He stared at Xiao Yan and asked, “What do you plan to do?”

“What else can I do? I do not have any choice for my father’s sake.” Xiao Yan shook his head. He also felt a little helpless. Regardless of what the case was, he must rescue his father. This was the promise he had made to his two brothers.

Lei Ying and Yan Jin exchanged glances after hearing these words. They could only sigh. They were aware that no one could be blamed for this. The ancient jade in Xiao Yan’s hands belonged to the Xiao clan. He had an absolute right to use it as he pleased. Moreover, the current Xiao Yan was also considered a powerful ally in their fight with the Hun clan. This was especially the case after he had exited from the Heavenly Tomb. Even with their strength, they did not dare to underestimate this member of the younger generation. This was because they understood that by relying on the great strength of a Di State soul, Xiao Yan might not be afraid of them in a fight.

Gu Yuan was not surprised at Xiao Yan’s reply. He mused for a moment before speaking, “In that case, let’s leave tomorrow. The experts from our three clans will follow you this time around. Once your father safely arrives in your hands, all of us will attack together. We must snatch back the ancient jade or destroy it regardless of what happen!”

Gu Yuan’s expression was strangely stern. This was because he understood that if the Hun clan managed to collect all the ancient jades and open the Tou She Ancient God Mansion, Hun Tiandi would be able to obtain the opportunity to advance into the Dou Di class. At that time, it was likely that no one in this world would be able to fight him. This so called alliance of theirs was undoubtedly like an insect trying to shake a large tree when it came to facing an elite Dou Di. It was not completely useless.

Xiao Yan nodded in the face of this. With the three clans following him, he would be bolder in confronting the Hun clan. Even though he had reached the Di State soul, it did not mean that Xiao Yan was able to fight with an ultimate expert like Hun Tiandi. Moreover, the Hun clan had many experts. Even if Hun Tiandi did not show himself, just the Nihility Devouring Flame and the four demon saints of the Hun clan would give him a headache.

“We have also dispatch the news to the Sky Mansion Alliance during this period of time. It is likely that your people will also reach the Burial Mountain Range tomorrow. At that time, our four parties will unite. There is no need to fear the Hun clan.” Gu Dao said.

Xiao Yan nodded again. Currently, the Sky Mansion Alliance had already began to reveal their strength Not only was there the ancestor of the Pill Tower and Xiao Chen but there was also Xiao Yan, who had stepped into the Di State soul. In terms of strength, it was no longer inferior to the Yan and Lei clans.

“I have already personally built a spatial tunnel linking the Yan, Lei and Gu clans while you were in the Heavenly Tomb. As long as any unexpected occurrence happens in any of the three realms, there would immediately be a feedback. The three clans has also entered into a state of high alert. All the Elders who were in a retreat had been forcefully called out. They will gather together once an order is given!”

The miserable fate of the Ling, Shi and Yao clans had gave the remaining three clans the greatest warning. Hence, the connection of the space this time around was completely done by Gu Yuan. There should be no one in this world who can break the spatial barrier he had placed without alerting him. Even Hun Tiandi was unable to do it. Of course, this was unless the latter truly reached the Dou Di class!”

“Since you have successfully exited your retreat, we are basically fully prepared. Now, we will just have to wait for tomorrow…”

Everyone’s faces became grave after hearing Gu Yuan’s words. All of them clearly understood that there will be an earthshaking big battle tomorrow. The scale of this big battle would likely be the biggest on in the Dou Qi continent in thousands of years!

Night covered the Gu Realm. Rays of cool moonlight poured down…

Xiao Yan stood within the quiet small courtyard within the bamboo forest. His hands were behind him as his eyes looked at the sky. His expression was a little regretful and complicated. Without realising it, it had been over a decade since he had arrived at the Central Plains from the Black-Corner Region. During this period of time, the youth from back then had lost all the tenderness on his face and slowly became the leader of the alliance, which dominated the entire Central Plains from someone who was unknown back then.

Of course, the thing that had supported him to slowly progress to this stage was a simple obsession. It was to rescue his father, whom he had not met for decades.

“Father… tomorrow, we will reunite again…”

Xiao Yan clenched his hand. An ancient jade piece appeared in his hand. There was a weak spiritual light being emitted from the ancient jade. Xiao Yan’s finger rubbed the spiritual light. After which, he lifted his head and inhaled a deep breath of air.

Even though the current Xiao Yan had become a peak level expert whom many on the continent looked up to, he was still unable to forget the doting and warm expression in his father’s eyes in that small Wu Tan City when the former genius who had turned into a useless fellow was being mocked by countless number of people. His father did not become even the least bit cold because of the evaluation from the outside world. Instead, he had reprimanded himself.

A key reason that Xiao Yan was able to continue enduring the mockery for three years and end up blossoming was because of Xiao Zhan.

“Yan-er has now reached a far higher level than you have anticipated back then…” Xiao Yan muttered to himself. He had trained hard and had finally reached the peak of this continent. However, he had not been able to meet the father whom he missed.

“Xiao Yan ge-ge.”

A gentle delicate figure gently leaned on Xiao Yan’s back while the latter was softly muttering. Soft hands hugged his waist while an extremely beautiful face was lifted under the moonlight, causing the moon itself to become a little dimmer.

“Uncle Xiao will be very pleased if he learns of your current achievement…”

Xiao Yan flipped his hand and grabbed Xun Er’s hand. A moment later, he withdrew the emotion within his heart and turned around. After which, he grabbed the beauty into his embrace. Suddenly, he smiled and said, “When I was young, I have told father that I want Xun Er to become my wife. At that time, father had sternly warned me not to have such wishful thought. However, I can tell that he is extremely pleased and happy with Xun Er. After recusing father, I will get him to preside over a wedding for us.”

Xun Er’s face gently leaned on Xiao Yan’s chest. Her face was a little embarrassed upon hearing these words. However, her pretty eyes were filled with happiness. She gently nodded in an obedient manner.

Xiao Yan’s heart felt slightly hot as he looked at the delicate and beautiful flower like alluring pretty face. He laughed and his arm grabbed Xun Er’s soft and seemingly boneless waist. He lowered his head in front of Xun Er’s embarrassed eyes and killed the beautiful full moist lips. With a wave of his sleeve, the door of the room was automatically opened. His body flashed and he rushed into the room. A ‘bang’ sounded and the door was tightly shut.

The night was quiet while the room was filled with love.

The originally quiet Gu clan was filled with the sound of rushing wind when the first ray of sunlight scattered down from the sky on the next day. Many powerful auras rose swiftly.

The big war was about to arrive!

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