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Chapter 1593: Losing the Jade


The bright light was just like a falling star as it swept through the sky with lightning like speed, attracting the eyes of everyone present!

Xiao Yan was the fastest to react. The wings behind him flapped suddenly the moment the red light tore through the energy barrier and escaped. Within a couple of flashes, he had appeared a short distance from the blood light. He curled his hand and a suction force was emitted. The speed at which the red light flew out was greatly diminished.


A somewhat cold snort suddenly descended from the sky while Xiao Yan was stopping the red light. At the same time, waves after waves of dangerous feeling quickly surged out from within his heart.


A feeling of danger had just appeared in his heart when the light above his head suddenly became dim. Soon after, the sky above Xiao Yan’s head suddenly exploded apart. A white jade like hand was extended from the sky. It grabbed at Xiao Yan and the destructive strength contained within the palm wind caused even Xiao Yan’s exterminating fire lotus to be unable to catch up.

“Hun Tiandi!”

Such a frightening pressure immediately caused this name to flash within Xiao Yan’s heart. Only Gu Yuan and this person could be able to use such a frightening energy as they pleased.


Xiao Yan did not pause even briefly in the face of the white jade like hand. His body directly pulled backwards. He understood that with his strength, it was impossible for him to fight with Hun Tiandi. It was likely even extremely difficult for him to stop this person for even a moment. The name of the ultimate expert on the Dou Qi continent was not simply an empty one!

Xiao Yan was not slow but that large hand was even faster. It directly tore through the space and grabbed downwards. However, the space around Xiao Yan fluctuated intensely just as the large hand was about to grab downwards. Immediately, another large palm tore through the space and collided violently with the clear white large hand.


The two collided ferociously. An extermination storm quickly swept apart. Xiao Yan’s expression changed drastically upon sensing the terrifying storm. His body hurriedly pulled back as he feared getting dragged into the fight.

“Hun Tiandi, since you wish to start a war, my Gu clan will accompany you till the end!” Gu Yuan’s stern cry, which seemed to vaguely contain a trace of fury, sounded in the sky after the large hands collided.

“Ha ha, you should have uttered these words back then when the Xiao clan had been destroyed by our Hun clan. Saying these words now… is a little too late!”

Hun Tiandi’s faint laughter sounded in the sky. After his voice sounded, many huge spatial cracks were suddenly rapidly formed in the empty space. Black fog surged out from within in all directions. Waves after waves of unusually powerful dark and cold auras spread from within the crack line.

“Has the Hun clan’s army been mobilized?”

Xiao Yan’s expression changed slightly after he sensed the number of powerful auras within the crack lines.


Black fog surged out from the cracks like floodwaters the moment they appeared. Finally, the swiftly turned into a hundred thousand feet large black seal. The black seal was suspended in the sky. The huge shadow completely covered this mountain range!

“Activate the formation!”

Seeing the huge black seal suspended in the sky, the expressions of all the experts within the Gu clan had become grave. The Hun clan had indeed come prepared. Fortunately, the experts from the Gu clan had already received their orders. Many loud cries immediately sounded.

“Boom boom!”

Light curtains suddenly surged from the mountains after the cries sounded. Waves after waves of powerful majestic energy, which caused one to shudder, turned into light pillar that whistled upwards. Finally, it flew into the sky and formed a gorgeous ancient mirror, which size was not inferior to the black seal. Light sparkled on the mirror, which was filled with a shocking energy fluctuation.

“Exterminating Seal!”

The black seals in the sky shook. Suddenly, a low and sharp voice that seemed to belong to tens of thousands of individuals, was emitted from within the crack lines. Immediately, the black seal directly descended from the sky. It was as though a disaster had fell onto this mountain range. The area within hundreds of thousands of feet would been destroyed in an instant if the black seal struck the ground.

“Gu Di’s Mirror!”

All the experts from the Gu clan maintaining the formation, had reddened faces at this moment. Their furious cry resounded over the sky. Immediately, an incomparably huge brilliant ancient mirror appeared and collided heavily with the black seal in front of many anxious pairs of eyes!


The entire world seemed to have collapsed at this moment. An indescribable destructive fluctuation raged crazily. Even though the ancient world is strong, many dark black cracks had been formed at this moment…

Two huge creatures had violently collided in the sky. Immediately, they collapsed under the raging storm.


Many experts from the Gu clan below ended up spitting out a mouthful of blood after the ancient mirror collapsed. The space cracks, which were filled with black fog, also emitted many sharp miserable wails. Clearly, the all out fight between the two clans this time around had resulted in quite a great loss.

The extermination storm raged within the sky. Even the battlegrounds had been suppressed by it. The three immortals of the Gu clan and the four demon saints of the Hun clan withdrew their bodies while wearing frightened expressions. Despite their strength, they would likely end up dying if they were to be struck by this extermination storm. The only people who could remain fine under this extermination storm were Hun Tiandi, Gu Yuan and the Nihility Devouring Flame.

Xiao Yan hid within the formation. He looked at the extermination fluctuation that was spreading wildly in the distant sky like a furious roaring dragon. His expression was grave. Was this an attack that was unleashed with the strength of the entire clan? That earlier attack was definitely comparable to a nine star Dou Sheng. After the numbers reached a certain level, it was indeed sufficient to create a significant change…

“Where is the ancient jade?”

The solemn expression on Xiao Yan’s face continued for an instant before he suddenly turned his eyes. Finally, they paused on the spot outside of the expertimation storm in the sky. A weak red light was vaguely visible at that spot…

While Xiao Yan saw the position of the ancient jade, the Nihility Devouring Flame, who was still entangled in a battle with the clan heads of the Lei and Yan clans, suddenly pulled back. The area behind him was the location of the ancient jade.

“Stop him. He intends to snatch the ancient jade!”

Xiao Yan hurriedly cried out with a change in expression upon seeing this scene.

Lei Ying and Yan Jin had a slight change in expression after hearing Xiao Yan’s cry. Their bodies immediately rushed forward.

“Lightning Calamity Palm!”

“Descending Flame Mysterious Finger!”

The two of them unleashed a sharp attack simultaneously while their bodies moved. A huge bright lightning palm and blinding fire glow flashed through the empty space at a speed undetectable to the naked eye and swiftly hurried towards the Nihility Devouring Flame!


The Nihility Devouring Flame had a slightly cold expression as he faced the sharp attacks from the two of them. However, he did not dodge. Instead, his body shook. Countless black spirals appeared in the space around him.

“Bang Bang Bang!”

A frightening attack suddenly arrived. Densely packed black hole ripples continued to explode continuously. Although the black hole had hindered the attacking speed, this was merely a way to delay time. Once the black holes completely collapsed, the lightning palm and the fire finger immediately landed on the back of the Nihility Devouring Flame. A frightening strength exploded on the Nihility Devouring Flame’s back. Black flame shot out in all directions.

Even with the great strength of the Nihility Devouring Flame, he involuntarily staggered after being struck heavily by Lei Ying and Yan Jin. His body also became paler. With the help of this force, his body appeared at the red light in a flash. His mouth widened and swallowed the ancient jade into his mouth.

The Nihility Devouring Flame laughed out loud after the ancient jade landed in his hands. The four demon saints from the Hun clan rushed forward and guarded him. Their eyes were cautiously looking at Lei Ying and Yan Jin, who were giving chase.

“Hee hee, have you beaten till your fill? Be rest assured this I will definitely make you repay this palm strike today many times over!” The expression of the Nihility Devouring Flame had become dark and cold as he looked at Lei Ying and Yan Jin and laughed in a strange voice.

Lei Ying’s and Yan Jin’s expressions were unusually ugly. It was unexpected that the two of them combined were unable to stop the Nihility Devouring Flame. Instead, they had allowed the latter to snatch his ancient jade…

“Let’s go!”

The Nihility Devouring Flame did not linger for long after getting hold of the ancient jade. His body moved and he hurried into the spatial crack.


The space fluctuated just as the Nihility Devouring Flame moved. Gu Yuan appeared. His expression seemed slightly gloomy. Before he could attack, the grayish white clothed Hun Tiandi appeared in front of him. He had received Gu Yuan’s attack with a flip of his hand. After which, his body drifted backwards. Black fog surged from the spatial crack behind him. A huge black seal was once again formed.

Gu Yuan’s body trembled as he looked at the black seal which was formed. The experts from the Gu clan below hurriedly formed the ancient mirror in an attempt to defend against the exterminating attack from the Gu clan upon seeing this.

“Gu Yuan, I have said that the Gu clan had lost the best opportunity to fight the Hun clan when the Xiao clan was destroyed…” Hun Tiandi laughed faintly as he looked at the gloomy Gu Yuan and slowly said.

“The Tou She Ancient God Mansion will ultimately land in the hands of my Hun clan… Gu Yuan, I will advance into that level, trust me…”

“The ancient jade is separated into eight pieces. You have only obtained five of them. There is no need to act in such a pleased manner!” Gu Ying cried out in a cold voice.

“Is that so?” A strange smile surfaced on Hun Tiandi’s face after he heard this. He immediately spoke softly, “The clan heads of the Lei and Yan clan has left their clans. Do you think that the Hun clan will not grasp such an opportunity?”

“What?” Lei Ying’s and Yan Jin’s body trembled upon hearing these words. Their expressions became extremely grave. Could it be that the Hun clan had also attacked the Yan and Lei clans while attacking the Gu clan?

Hun Tiandi merely smiled faintly in the face of the shock from the two of them. He slowly withdraw into the spatial crack line with the Nihility Devouring Flame and the others. Even Gu Yuan did not dare to simply attack under the deterrence from the huge black seal.

“That’s right…”

Hun Tiandi’s eyes suddenly turned towards Xiao Yan, who was in the formation, just as his body was about to disappear into the crack line.

“You are Xiao Yan, right? The ancient jade of the Xiao clan should be in your hands. Ugh… half a month later, at the Burial Sky Mountain Range… Bring the ancient jade over if you wish to rescue your father…”

Hun Tiandi completely disappeared into the spatial crack after his voice slowly sounded. The huge black seal in the sky trembled before slowly vanishing.

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