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Chapter 1568: Alchemy Contest

The other three individuals withdrew some distance away while Xiao Yan’s fire cauldron expanded. They separated this wide sky into four areas.

Hun Huzi’s body flashed and appeared above the black fire cauldron. After which, he sat down. With a wave of his sleeve, tons of medicinal ingredients flew out in all directions. In an instant, a rich medicinal fragrance immediately spread through the sky.

While he began to refine a medicinal pill, Elder Wanhuo in the distance had used the Nine Serene Wind Flame to form a fire cauldron. At their level, they could do without medicinal cauldrons because they could randomly use their Heavenly Flames to form high quality medicinal cauldrons.

The person who had created the biggest commotion was Old Man Shen Long. The liquid-like green flame sea swiftly spread before he sat down within the sea of fire. He waved his sleeve and many medicinal ingredient seeds containing a strange fragrance swiftly scattered. Finally, they fell into the sea of fire. After which, the seeds swiftly sprouted in front of many stunned eyes. After which, they rapidly grew within the fiercely burning flame…

Old Man Shen Long smiled as he looked at the rapidly growing medicinal ingredients. He flicked his finger and ripples formed in the sea of flames. They swiftly agglomerated into droplets of a pure green liquid. It was vaguely possible to see traces of fire seedlings rising from the liquid. A rich lifeforce seeped out it.

The green liquid stopped above many medicinal ingredients. After which, a drop quietly dripped down After this fire liquid entered these medicinal ingredients, the medicinal ingredients appeared to have consumed a catalyst. Their rate of growth soared. Within a dozen minutes, the many seeds turned into various rare medicinal ingredients before they grew some more. They moved joyously within the green sea of flames.

“It is indeed worthy of being the Life Spirit Flame…”

Xiao Yan in the distance involuntarily praised after seeing this mysterious scene. Other than possessing a weak combat ability, this Life Spirit Flame was really the Heavenly Flame that was the dream of all alchemists. It would truly be a divine object in the hands of the Pill Tower or the Yao clan. Although Xiao Yan understood that spurring the growth of the medicinal ingredients would greatly exhaust the user, many of these medicinal ingredients required at least a hundred years to grow. This exhaustion was not worth mentioning compared to such a long period of time.

Xiao Yan withdrew his attention after praising the flame. He looked at his huge pink cauldron, and with a wave of his hand, densely-packed medicinal ingredients flew out of his Storage Ring. Finally, they stopped around the fire cauldron. The number of various medicinal ingredients were terrifying, causing many alchemists to feel somewhat speechless. Compared to the way these four individuals refined pills, the pill refinements earlier, including the nine-colored Pill Lightning Yao Tian had attracted, felt small and insignificant.


Xiao Yan’s shoulder shook after summoning the medicinal ingredients. Little Yi flew out and entered the fire cauldron. Then, a crack was formed in the fire cauldron. A suction force surged and swallowed the thousands of medicinal ingredients floating in the sky. After which, a flame suddenly grew within the fire cauldron…

“He actually wishes to refine so many medicinal ingredients together?”

Even the faces of those Elders from the Yao clan involuntarily twitched upon seeing these ingredients fly into the cauldron. The required composition of the thousands of medicinal ingredients that needed to be refined were all different. Could it really be possible to simply throw them all into the fire cauldron together?

Yao Lao in a VIP seat merely grinned as he watched Xiao Yan. He had a relatively confident in Xiao Yan since Xiao Yan’s skills as an alchemist had long since surpassed his teacher…

“Just how on earth did this fellow train?”

“He is about our age, yet this fellow possesses the qualification to compete with Elder Wanhuo… ugh.”

Many of the members from the younger generation from the Yao clan below the stage had clustered together, but the extremely proud youths from the Yao clan were currently suffering a great blow as they looked at the sky. Even Yao Tian, who had obtained the best result during the earlier part of the Medicine Ceremony, displayed a gloomy expression. Although he was very dissatisfaction in his heart, the enormous gap between Xiao Yan and him could not be ignored.

Besides Yao Tian, the icy-cold Yao Ling, who had been doted by everyone, was also watching the calm young figure in the sky with pretty eyes. This was the first time in so many years that she had seen someone similar to her age compete in terms of pill refinement with the elders of the alchemist world like Elder Wanhuo. Such an achievement was something that caused even a blessed genius like her in the Yao clan to involuntarily feel an admiration within her heart.

“Yao Xing Ji, he did not appear this strong when we met him in the Gu clan[a][b] back then, did he?” Yao Ling turned her head to look at one of her suitors beside her. At that spot was another person from the Yao clan, the one who had given Xiao Yan the invitation to the Medicinal Ceremony, Yao Xing Ji.

“At that time he was merely an ordinary Dou Zun. Although his Spiritual Strength was powerful, it had not reached such a frightening level… unexpectedly, he has already reached such a level within a short few years.”

Yao Xing Ji bitterly laughed. There was an unknown feeling in his voice. When he had met Xiao Yan back then, Xiao Yan boasted a similar strength. If the both of them were to engage in an alchemist match at that time, it would have been difficult to predict the victor. However, who could have imagined that there would be so a vast gap between the two of them when they next met.

“His Spiritual Strength already belongs to the same level as Elder Wanhuo… Perfect Heavenly State.”

Yao Ling’s pretty eyes looked at the figure in the sky. An unusual glint flickered in them. Her soul was different from an ordinary person since she had been born. The clan head had once said that if she was sufficiently lucky, she might even be able to step into that legendary “Di State” soul. She had always been proud of her Spiritual Strength. Even her extremely talented older brother was weaker than her in terms of Spiritual Strength. Xiao Yan was the only person in the same generation to surpass her in terms of Spiritual Strength.

The thousands of medicinal ingredients in the sky were all swallowed by the fire cauldron before Xiao Yan sat down. Being in possession of the Heavenly Flame spirit, his control while refining pills was a lot more relaxing than the others. With Little Yi helping to perfectly control his Heavenly Flame, refining medicinal ingredients was a simple and ordinary task.

A fierce pink flame wrapped around the fire cauldron like a huge fireball. Every couple of minutes, many small fireballs would rush out of the fire cauldron. Finally, they would rotate around the fire cauldron. These fire clusters were encasing different medicinal liquids and powders. All of them were necessary medicinal ingredients refined until they were very pure.

The three others in the sky were also refining a large number of medicinal ingredients while the number of fire clusters floating around Xiao Yan’s fire cauldron was increasing. Although they did not possess a Heavenly Flame spirit and were unable to catch up to Xiao Yan when it came to the effectiveness of their refinement, they were still gurus. Refining medicinal ingredients was a basic task. It was clearly not a problem to them.

Many alchemists in the stadium watched the extremely smooth medicinal refinement methods in the sky. Their faces were completely immersed while a wild heat glowed in their eyes.

This medicinal ingredient refinement continued for around a day before Xiao Yan finally took the lead to open his eyes. He looked at the densely-packed fire clusters floating around the fire cauldron before he let out a deep breath and gently waved his hand. Many fire clusters rushed back into the fire cauldron. Soon after, a shocking energy fluctuation wildly spread from the medicinal cauldron. Even the fire cauldron had shook until it emitted a buzzing sound.

Soon after Xiao Yan had completely refined the medicinal ingredients, Hun Huzi opened both of his eyes. He threw the many medicinal liquids that he had refined into his fire cauldron. After which, his hand seal changed. A loud cry sounded, “The world’s strength, listen to my order!”

After Hun Huzi’s cry sounded, a wild wind suddenly swept through the sky. An endless naturally energy gathered around the fire cauldron from all directions. Finally, it was devoured by the suction force being emitted. This terrifying devouring made the energy form a mottled energy storm, which crazily howled in the sky before it was completely devoured by the fire cauldron…

This terrifying pill refinement aura caused many people to quietly swallow a mouthful of saliva. They had not heard that they needed to absorb natural energy when refining pills because extra energy would at times break the equilibrium of the medicinal properties, resulting in failure…

However, this thinking clearly belonged to an ordinary person. The Yao clan Elders and some alchemist gurus, revealed shock on their faces at this moment. Even Yao Dan in the leader’s seat showed an extremely grave expression.

“Gathering natural energy to refine pills, this method… he is actually planning to refine a tier 9 Mysterious Pill!”

The activity caused by Hun Huzi was detected by Xiao Yan and the other two. Elder Wanhuo knit his eyebrows. He let out a cold snort and changed his hand seal. A stern cry also sounded, “Natural energy, gather!”

Many members of the Yao clan were excited to hear Elder Wanhuo’s cry. He was also planning to refine a tier 9 Mysterious Pill!”

“Ha ha, since the both of you have acted in such a grand fashion, this elderly self must naturally not fall behind…” Elder Shen Nong laughed upon seeing the energy gather. He waved his sleeve and the surrounding natural energy once again became chaotic. Waves of majestic energy were dragged into the fire cauldron in front of him.

“Since the three of you are in such a mood, Xiao Yan can only join all of you…”

Xiao Yan faintly smiled as he watched the natural energy get dragged around in a chaotic fashion. The seal formed by his hands changed. A frightening suction force was emitted from his fire cauldron that forcefully dragged energy in, fearlessly snatching natural energy.

The many alchemists present watched as waves of thunder roared and energy storms erupted in the sky. Their hearts were startled. The four of them were actually refining legendary tier 9 Mysterious Pills!

Such a scene was indeed an extremely rare occurrence!

[a]Gu clan?

[b]yes. Mistake by author, I think

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