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Chapter 1566: Challenge

The Yao clan specialized in alchemy, possessing the largest alchemist organisation in the world. Although the Yao clan would feel some pride in their hearts when dealing with the alchemists from the Central Plains, it must be said that they did indeed have the ability to back up this pride.

Perhaps it was due to their bloodline, but it was extremely easy for those in the Yao clan to learn how to refine medicinal pills. Moreover, the clan did not lack individuals with outstanding training talent. Hence, it might be true that the Yao clan did not have a large number of alchemists with skills equivalent to those alchemist grandmasters quite famous in the Central Plains, but [a][b]it was not hard to find outstanding individuals within their clan either. Since they were in possession of such capital, they would inevitably feel pride when compared to other alchemists.

Of course, this was merely describing the middle level among the alchemist tier. The Yao clan did not hold much of an advantage in terms of the true alchemists that stood at the top of all alchemists. After all, their bloodline strength might allow them to have an easy time learning alchemist skills, but it was impossible to rely on to reach the peak of the alchemist world. At times, such talent might even become an obstruction to reaching the peak level.

This could perhaps be considered a slight disadvantage of the bloodline strength.

All alchemists were divided from tier 1 to tier 9. Tier 1 was the lowest level while tier 9 was the highest. Those tier 9 alchemist gurus were further divided into three levels, the Treasure Pill Guru, Mysterious Pill Guru, and Golden Pill Guru!

The current Xiao Yan had already reached the Treasure Pill Guru level after having refined a tier 9 Treasure Pill back then. Of course, this had not been verified by any organizations. At this level, a faction could no longer help him verify his tier because those of his tier were already at the peak of the alchemist world.

A Mysterious Pill Guru was considered the peak of the alchemist world on this continent. There was hardly any of them. It had been nearly a thousand years since someone had become a Golden Pill Guru, so no one was able to refine a tier 9 Golden Pill…

Above the Golden Pill Guru was the legendary Di class. Di was the ultimate and no one could surpass it…

For most of those present, the first part of the Medicinal Ceremony was entertaining to watch. The younger generation of the Yao clan did indeed possess a talent that would cause an ordinary alchemist to envy. Those who had stepped onto the stage were tier 6 or even higher tiered alchemists. Many cauldrons rose, giving the square an extremely spectacular appearance.

Of course, from the perspective of those like Xiao Yan, a pill refinement of this level was just like a group of adults watching some small children fight. There was nothing for them to observe. Hence, they merely shut their eyes and recuperated while there was an uproar over the appearances of many medicinal pills.

The first part of the Medicinal Ceremony lasted for a couple of days. Only then did it come to an end. Fortunately, those present were not ordinary individuals. Many did not even shift their bodies during these few days.

Xiao Yan’s eyelids slowly opened just before the first portion of the Medicinal Ceremony came to an end. He glanced over the young individuals from the Yao clan and slightly nodded. After a few days of observation, he had seen just how strong the Yao clan was. Many of their young possessed extremely great talent. If they were lucky, they would be able to gain a seat within the alchemist world in the future. Moreover, by possessing such outstanding new blood, the Yao clan would continuously prosper. Of course, there was naturally a limit to this. If the Yao clan did not produce an elite Dou Di following the flow of time, their bloodline strength would gradually be exhausted like the Xiao clan. At that time, the Yao clan would likely be no different than an ordinary clan.

Even though that time would come, it was still in the distant future. Thinking of such things now would be worrying for no reason.

While observing event over the last few days, Xiao Yan had also seen some familiar figures. That Yao Xing Ji, who had given Xiao Yan the invitation for the Medicinal Ceremony, had been discovered by Xiao Yan. Currently, Yao Xing Ji’s alchemist skills had grown after the last few years of training. He had squeezed into the top five during this Medicinal Ceremony, which was quite a good result. That champion position had been obtained by that man called Yao Tian, whom Xiao Yan had met outside the demonic flame realm back then. He should be the most outstanding person among the younger generation of the Yao clan. The medicinal pill he had refined had actually attracted a nine-colored Pill Lightning, which surpassed everyone else. Even some of the Elders within the Yao clan smiled upon seeing the colors.

However, when their eyes unintentionally landed on Xiao Yan, who was recuperating with his eyes shut beside Yao Lao, the smile on their faces would quickly disappear before turning into melancholy. They had long since heard that Xiao Yan was already able to refine a tier 9 medicinal pill. The Pill Lightning he had attracted was the Black Demon Lightning. Yao Tian’s nine-colored Pill Lightning paled in comparison to him.

The atmosphere of this stadium did not quiet down after the competition between the younger generation of the Yao clan was completed. Instead, it suddenly overflowed with excitement. Those many boiling eyes leaped over the stadium and finally landed on those stone chairs. They understood that the main event of the Medicinal Ceremony was these important individuals standing at the peak of the alchemist world…

“Ha ha, it is finally about to begin…” Yao Lao slowly opened his eyes at this moment. He sensed the temperature of the stadium suddenly rise before laughing.

Xiao Yan also grinned. His hand gently touched the jade cup. After observing things for a couple of days, he had unknowingly felt a little itch in his hands.

“Other than you, those participating in the main event will likely be Hun Huzi, Old Man Shen Nong, and Elder Wanhuo… These three individuals are all extraordinary people. In terms of experience, even I am greatly lacking compared to them.” Yao Lao said.

“Yao Dan is not participating?” Xiao Yan glanced at Yao Dan in the leader’s seat and asked.

“Being the head of a clan, he must naturally wear a pride that belongs with his title…” Yao Lao laughed. He immediately spoke in a grave manner, “However, his alchemist skills are not any weaker than the four of you…”

“The clan head of the Yao clan is the leader of the biggest organization in the alchemist world. It would be impossible for him to convince others if he did not have some ability.” Xiao Yan laughed. He naturally understood Yao Lao’s meaning. Moreover, regardless of how arrogant he was, he would not carelessly underestimate a frightening expert whose strength had reached that of a seven star Dou Sheng.

While Xiao Yan and Yao Lao were softly chatting, Yao Dan, who sat in the leader’s seat, slowly stood up. At this moment, all the eyes present gathered onto him.

“Ha ha, the appetizer is over. It is finally time for the main event. This elderly self understands what everyone is thinking…” Yao Dan smiled faintly and continued as everyone focused on him. “There will be four people competing in this Medicinal Ceremony. I will not talk anymore about these four individuals. I’m sure that everyone here knows them. The final victor among them will gain the title of the top alchemist of the continent. I think that no one will object to the victor taking that title…”

“The four of you, please take the stage.”

“Ha ha, clan head Yao Dan is really forthright. I have long heard that the Medicinal Ceremony is the top alchemist gathering across the Dou Qi continent. The reason I have come here today is to challenge everyone! My Hun clan is a little interested in this title as the top alchemist of the continent. Therefore, I wish to come here and take it!” Hun Huzi’s figure took the lead as he appeared in the air after Yao Dan’s voice sounded. His calm laughter was provoking.

“Hmph, the Yao clan is a clan which refines medicine. It is perhaps better for this title to remain in the Yao clan.” Elder Wanhuo coldly snorted. His body flashed and appeared in the air. He did not give in as he faced Hun Huzi.

Cheers rose from the surroundings the moment Elder Wanhuo appeared. This was the home ground of the Yao clan. Naturally, they were unwilling to see someone from the Hun clan snatch away this unusually grand title.

“Although this elderly self does not have much interest in such vanity, allowing the title of the top alchemist on the continent to land on you is a great insult to the alchemists from my generation.” Old Man Shen Nong stepped into the air. The walking stick formed by medicinal grass shook in his hand, causing the jade bottles to collide and emit a clear sound. He floated in the air. His tone was calm, but it was obvious that he greatly disliked Hun Huzi. After all, the Hun clan had an extremely terrible reputation among alchemists.

“Elder Wanhuo, Hun Huzi, Old Man Shen Nong… these three are definitely giants within the current alchemist world. This is really going to be an exciting show during this face-off!”

The stadium immediately turned into an uproar as everyone looked at the three individuals in the sky. Countless pairs of alchemist eyes were filled with excitement. The level that the three people above them had reached was something that they had been pursuing all their life!”

Hun Huzi glanced at Elder Wanhuo and Elder Shen Nong before smiling. He placed both of his hands behind him. The demeanor of a guru was displayed without a doubt. If one did not discuss character, the attainment of Hun Huzi in terms of alchemist skills was indeed something that others would look up to.

“Three of them have already appeared. Who is the last person?”

Countless pairs of eyes rotated over the three figures, but they quickly slid away. After which, they paused on a black-clothed young man in a stone chair.

Xiao Yan smiled as he stood up in front of those many pairs of eyes. His body shook as an after-image appeared. His body also appeared in the sky as a clear laugh spread.

“I have long since heard that elder Hun Huzi has stolen skills from the Pill Tower. Now the Pill Tower is also a member of the Sky Mansion. Being someone from the Sky Mansion, Xiao Yan wishes to represent the Pill Tower in challenging elder Hun Huzi! Please try your best to teach me a lesson!”

[a]Not sure what this sentence is trying to say?


Means that the Yao clan was not full of skilled individuals but they are still quite common

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