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Chapter 1558: Change

A bright light shot over from the lightning pool in the empty realm. It escaped the lightning pool within a couple of flashes. After which, a figure turned around and looked back. He only quietly sighed in relief after verifying no unusual changes had occured behind him.

This human figure was naturally Xiao Yan, who had quickly left after obtaining the strength of the Nine Mysterious Golden Lightning. The process of obtaining the energy had been unexpectedly smooth, so the burden weighing on his heart was only removed now that he had successfully left the lightning pool. A joy that could not be hidden surged within his eyes. He had obtained a rich reward during this trip to the lightning pool.

Not only had he successfully strengthened the Northern King until it was comparable to a six star Dou Sheng, he had even leaped from the initial level of the fifth star of the Dou Sheng class to the advanced level of the fifth star of the Dou Sheng class. Of course, the greatest reward was the destructive force that he had removed from the Nine Mysterious Golden Lightning.

Xiao Yan lifted his hand. The pink flame churned and Little Yi appeared in a flash. At this moment, it’s small flabby hands had gained a golden dragon symbol. A destructive force, which caused one’s skin to turn numb, rippled and spread from this symbol.

“Yi Wa…” Little Yi’s bright large eyes furiously galred at Xiao Yan. His mouth emitted a tender cry. He was a little upset that Xiao Yan had actually sealed such a dangerous thing within his body. It should be known that the strength of the Nine Mysterious Golden Lightning was something that even the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame had difficulty refining. Additionally, this strength was arrogant and untamable. It would explode if one were careless. At that time, one would really end up suffering.

“Hee hee, relax, everything is fine…” Xiao Yan laughed. He rubbed Little Yi’s head and comforted him. After which, he examined the golden dragon symbol with an expression of contemplation. Even though he knew that this symbol contained an extremely vast and mighty energy, he felt as though he did not know what to do with it. The energy within it was filled with an extremely rich extermination force. Even an elite seven star Dou Sheng would not dare to absorb it. Even less needed to be said for him.

“It is extremely difficult to refine this thing even by relying on Little Yi’s Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame. It seems that I can only temporarily place it in Little Yi’s body and use the demonic flame to constantly refine it. I do not believe that I cannot do anything to it…” Xiao Yan made up his mind after musing for a moment. He quickly swung his hand and returned Little Yi to his body. Temporarily keeping this thing might not be a bad decision. It would help out if he were to suddenly find himself in a lot of trouble.

“I have been away for so long. I should return to the dragon island first…”

A thought passed through Xiao Yan’s mind. The green-red bone wings on his back spread. His wings were flapped and his body rushed into the horizon of the nothingness like a falling star with lightning-like speed.

By the time Xiao Yan had returned to the dragon island, the completely new island had caused him to feel a little shocked and startled. Numerous mountains stood on the vast island. Occasionally, some enormous Ancient Void Dragons would fly next to the lingering clouds. Deep dragon roars continuously reverberated around the dragon island.

The current dragon island was the combination of the four great dragon islands. Not only was it huge, it was also the first time that such a large number of tribe members had gathered together within the last few thousand years. These tribe members had been segregated to the four islands in the past and seldom had the opportunity to appear in the same place.

Xiao Yan’s figure was suspended high in the air. His Spiritual Perception swept across the island and a brow was involuntarily lifted. From his senses, there were nearly ten elite Dou Shengs on the dragon islands, not any weaker than the Sky Mansion Alliance.

“It is indeed worthy of being the Ancient Void Dragon tribe. Even though it has yet to recover its peak strength, it still cannot be underestimated by others. It seems that the claim that the ancient dragon tribe could contend against an ancient clan like the Gu clan or the Hun clan at its peak was not empty words.” Xiao Yan praised and nodded. The four great dragon islands had many experts to begin with. Although many had died undergoing the great unification, there were not many losses in terms of the peak Dou Sheng. Now that the four great dragon islands had reunited, all of these experts naturally submitted to Zi Yan. This lineup was naturally quite impressive.

By just relying on this lineup, it was likely that no one could challenge the Ancient Void Dragon’s position in the Magical Beast world. Even the current Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe would have some difficulty challenging them…

Xiao Yan naturally felt a great joy in his heart since the Ancient Void Dragon tribe was able to retain such strength. Given his relationship with Zi Yan, the relationship between the Sky Mansion Alliance and the Ancient Void Dragon tribe would also be quite tight. With the secret aid of the Ancient Void Dragon tribe, the position of the Sky Mansion Alliance would become extremely steady and unshakable!

The guards in the air above the dragon island patrolled the sky more frequently than before. Section after section of ancient dragon guards flapped the dragon wings on their backs, overlapping as they patrolled the island. Xiao Yan, who was floating in the sky and feeling amazed at the change of the dragon island, was also detected by them. Immediately, a dozen plus figures swiftly flew toward him, but the caution on their faces quickly became respectful after discovering Xiao Yan’s identity. They bowed to Xiao Yan from some distance away before withdrawing.

Their respectful actions caused Xiao Yan to smile. His body moved and rushed down to the dragon island. Within a couple of flashes, he had appeared in a quiet courtyard.

“Xiao Yan.”

The human figure that had suddenly appeared startled Cai Lin and Zi Yan in the courtyard. They quickly recovered and cried out in pleasant surprise.

“Within less than two months, the dragon island has actually experienced such a drastic change. It seems that you, the Dragon Emperor, have some skill…” Xiao Yan looked at Zi Yan and laughed.

“Chi, you have been missing for nearly two months. If you had still not come back, we would have ended up dispatching people to the lightning pool in the empty realm to look for you.” Zi Yan curled her mouth. She did not display the prestige of the Dragon Emperor in front of Xiao Yan. Her tone was no different than a little girl.

“Your strength has increased again?” Cai Lin by the side was extremely perceptive. She sensed Xiao Yan’s change the moment he appeared, causing her to cry out in surprise.

“Advanced five star Dou Sheng, I had a lucky encounter within the lightning pool in the empty realm.” Xiao Yan smiled but did not explain the encounter in detail. There was a countless number of Black Demon Lightning beings deep within the lighting pool. An ordinary four or five star Dou Sheng would not be able to easily charge into it. He did not wish the ancient dragon tribe members to meet a mishap in that place if news of his growth spread. Moreover, the Nine Mysterious Golden Lightning was still there. Although its strength had diminished, it was only a matter of time before it would recover its strength given its mysteriousness.

A Nine Mysterious Golden Lightning with intelligence and a strength at the seventh star of the Dou Sheng class was something Xiao Yan would have to flee from as quick as possible.

Cai Lin and Zi Yan could only bitterly laugh after Xiao Yan confirmed that his strength ha increased. Within less than two months, Xiao Yan had leaped from the initial stage of the fifth star of the Dou Sheng class to the advanced level of the fifth star of the Dou Sheng class. This speed was a little too terrifying.

Xiao Yan naturally understood their thoughts, but he did not explain anything to them. He had been lucky enough to met such a large number of Black Demon Lightning beings and had been able to rely on Little Yi’s fire spirit body as a medium to refine and absorb the energy within them, enabling him to significantly strengthen. In other words, this was an opportunity that had been formed from his accumulated luck.

“Currently, the Ancient Void Dragon is proceeding on the right track. I think that there is nothing for me to do. Hence, I think that it is time for us to return to the alliance.” Xiao Yan glanced at Zi Yan and informed her of his thoughts.

“Are you leaving…” Zi Yan frowned upon hearing his words. She nodded a little unwilling and said, “It’s just as well. The Sky Mansion Alliance has just defeated the Hall of Souls and is in the limelight. It is true that you cannot stay away for long. Additionally, the matter of the tribe joining the alliance has more or less been settled. You should inform the upper echelons of the alliance when you return this time around…”

Xiao Yan hesitated for a moment after hearing these words. He stared at Zi Yan and said, “The ancient dragon tribe has just completed its unification. You should be recuperating during this period of time. There is no need for you to get involved in the mess that is the Central Plains.”

Xiao Yan clearly understood that forming an alliance with the Ancient Void Dragon tribe would be a good thing for the Sky Mansion Alliance. However, if he thought about the alliance from Zi Yan’s perspective, this was not a good decision. The internal conflict within the Ancient Void Dragon tribe had just been resolved. If they chose to recuperate, they would be able to recover much faster. The Sky Mansion Alliance possessed many enemies, including an ultimate faction like the Hun clan. Choosing to form an alliance with the Sky Mansion at this moment would undoubtedly drag the tribe into various messes.

“The Ancient Void Dragon tribe will always repay all favors. You have saved our ancient dragon tribe from danger twice. Every member of the tribe will never forget your favors. Regardless of what kind of trouble you get into, the Ancient Void Dragon tribe will always be your friend.” Zi Yan’s pretty eyes looked up to Xiao Yan. The words that came out of her mouth caused Xiao Yan to feel a little stunned and speechless.

“Hee hee, this was what the Elders said. I was merely borrowing their words.” The grave expression on Zi Yan’s face remained for a moment before it was broken by her saucy smile. Xiao Yan only bitterly laughed after seeing her smile. This girl.

“Relax, this is a decision the entire tribe has made. Even though I am the Dragon Emperor, I cannot block their decision. This is a reward the Ancient Void Dragon tribe will give to you as a friend…” Zi Yan continued to sweetly smile

Xiao Yan could only nod his head since Zi Yan had put it this way. Saying anything more would be putting up an act. At this moment, the Sky Mansion Alliance did indeed need such a powerful ally.

“Help me thank the various Elders. I will definitely return to the dragon island in the future if I have the time!”

Xiao Yan waved his sleeve and a spatial crack appeared beside his body.

“You can send someone to the dragon island if there is anything you need. The ancient dragon tribe will do its best to help you.” Zi Yan slightly smiled as she replied.

Xiao Yan loudly laughed and nodded. Without adding anything, he stepped forward into the crack. Cai Lin’s delicate figure flashed behind him and followed. The spatial crack slowly disappeared after she entered it, leaving behind Zi Yan, who was staring at the disappeared crack at a loss…

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