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Chapter 1559: Calm

Xiao Yan felt a different emotion once he returned to the Sky Mansion Alliance. During the few months Xiao Yan had been away, the reputation of the alliance had continued to rise. The alliance had remained humble and patient even after defeating the Hall of Souls, causing many factions to quietly nod in approval. Whether a faction was powerful not only depended on the strength they rebelled against an adversity, it also depended on if they would erode because of success. Fortunately, the alliance had endured their success. Hence, no one doubted their great strength.

There had been no news relating to the Hall of Souls during these past few months. The intense friction from the past had suddenly dwindled, as though the faction that had once stood as the overlord of the Central Plains intended to fade away from the everyone’s sight.

The upper echelons of the alliance remained extremely cautious of the Hall of Souls even though the faction remained quiet. After having exchanged blows with the Hall of Souls for so many years, the upper echelons of the alliance were well aware of their nature. Hence, no one believed that this mysterious faction would give up so easily after suffering such a loss. However, the thing that caused them to feel some doubt was that they were unable to obtain any useful information despite sending out large numbers of spies to observe the actions of the Hall of Souls.

Thus, the alliance became more cautious while feeling doubtful. The silence from the Hall of Souls vaguely caused them to feel the pressure of a brewing storm.

The Little Fairy Doctor and Qing Lin, who had originally followed Xiao Yan to the Beast Region, had also returned by the time Xiao Yan had came back to the alliance. From what the two ladies knew, he learned that the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe had withdrawn after he left that day. After which, the Nine Serene Deep Ground Python tribe decided to form an alliance with the Sky Mansion after a month of discussion. The Sky Mansion Alliance had gladly agreed to this suggestion after another discussion. Although the strength of the Nine Serene Deep Ground Python tribe could not compare with the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe, it was still one of the three large tribes of the Magical Beast world. Additionally, their numbers far exceeded the people from the tribes like the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe. This kind of powerful ally was what the current alliance needed the most.

The alliance between both parties had undoubtedly stirred quite a commotion across the Central Plains and the Beast Region. Some of the other tribes within the Magical Beast world, which had gained some ill thoughts toward the Nine Serene Deep Ground Python tribe, had no choice but to suppress their intentions after the alliance was formed. They had heard about the strength of the Sky Mansion Alliance. The only tribe within the Beast Region that could compare with the alliance was likely the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe. If the Nine Serene Deep Ground Python tribe possessed such an ally, its position would become unmovable. At that time, even the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe would likely not dare to launch a campaign and attack like it had last time…

The Nine Serene Deep Ground Python tribe benefited from the alliance while the alliance’s strength once again increased. It was the first time that a faction within the Central Plains had been able to pull one of the three great Magical Beast tribes into an alliance. The reach of the Sky Mansion Alliance had extended to the Magical Beasts within the Beast Region.

After returning to the alliance, Xiao Yan had also mentioned to a small number of top individuals that the Ancient Void Dragon tribe had agreed to an alliance, causing every expert to rejoice. The Ancient Void Dragon tribe was still a relatively mysterious and powerful existence even in the eyes of many people within the Central Plains. The might of the Ancient Void Dragon at its peak was still etched deep within some people’s memories. This alliance was indeed shocking news to the Sky Mansion.

This alliance, which would help the Sky Mansion, did not require much of a discussion. It was almost agreed to on the spot. However, this shocking news was ultimately not announced. Keeping such a powerful ally hidden would allow the Sky Mansion Alliance to surprise others. Moreover, this would also allow them to provide the Ancient Void Dragon tribe some time to recuperate.

Without the provocation of the Hall of Souls, Xiao Yan’s life had once again become unusually free after he had returned to the alliance. Cai Lin had been in a retreat for many years. Now that she had returned to Xiao Xiao, both mother and daughter remained sweetly pressed together. Xiao Yan felt helpless upon seeing them. He was also unable to interfere in the matters of the alliance. Hence, his days were quite relaxed. During these free days, he spent all of his attention on training and on the Nine Mysterious Golden Lightning energy within Little Yi’s body.

Xiao Yan coveted this strength, but he did not dare to easily absorb it. Hence, he studied this thing day and night during this period of time, but the Nine Mysterious Golden Lightning did not become any gentler despite tirelessly studying it. Instead, it gradually agglomerated into a fist-sized golden lightning bead as Little Yi refined it with the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame.

This golden lightning bead floated above Little Yi’s right hand after it was formed. Regardless of what methods Xiao Yan or Little Yi used, they were unable to refine it. Using the Purifying Demon Lotus Flame to fiercely burn it basically did nothing. Xiao Yan felt extremely helpless in the face of such a situation. All he could do was give up on such thoughts before allowing the golden lightning bead to return to Little Yi’s arm.

After Xiao Yan had failed to resolve the issue of the golden lightning bead, he had ended up with even more free time. During this period, he had accepted a mission from Yao Lao and led a section of experts from the alliance to reaffirm the locations of the Hall of Souls branch halls that had been found. However, during the month of searching, he had discovered that these branch halls had become empty. The souls and all the soul essence that had been inside was no longer there. The Hall of Souls had probably expected the alliance to act like this and had decisively abandoned all the branch halls that had been been discovered.

Xiao Yan could not do anything more with this situation. After having experienced the matter of the Man Hall being destroyed back then, it seemed like the Hall of Souls had become wiser.

After a series of pointless searches, Xiao Yan destroyed these branch halls before returning with everyone empty-handed. However, Yao Lao faintly smiled because of this result. He was not overly surprised.

“Based on the information we have obtained, the Hall of Souls has given up any branch halls that we have discovered. The things inside have also been removed. However, the thing that confuses me is why the Hall of Souls has clearly withdrawn even if they are just worried about the alliance destroying these branch hall.” Within a stone pavilion in the star realm, Yao Lao looked at Xiao Yan, who had just lead a group back, and slowly explained his reasoning.

Xiao Yan slightly nodded. Some of the branch halls were extremely small. It was impossible to arouse one’s interest and campaign to destroy it, but even these small branch halls had been cleared until only dust remained. They had been cleared a little too much.

“I have already sent someone to the Beast Region to request the Nine Serene Deep Ground Python tribe’s help in investigating this matter. They are large in numbers and will have a much easier time investigating things compared to us. There must be a hidden motive for the Hall of Souls…” Yao Lao informed Xiao Yan in a deep voice.

“There is definitely a reason for anything abnormal. This Hall of Souls… I wonder just what they are planning to do.” Xiao Yan frowned. He could vaguely sensed that the motive of the Hall of Souls this time around was quite important.

“It is pointless to engage in random guesswork. We should wait for the final results of the investigation.” Yao Lao shook his head. The feeling of only being able to wait was indeed terrible.

Xiao Yan nodded. He suddenly glanced at Yao Lao as he softly inquired, “Teacher, the Medicinal Ceremony of the Yao clan is about to begin, right?”

Yao Lao’s hand, which had just lifted a teacup, suddenly trembled upon hearing these words. He was quiet for a moment before nodding. “In one month.”

Yao Lao’s expression became complicated after his he replied. He had never returned after he had left the clan back then. Now, he needed to return again. Before both his parents had died, he had promised to train with great effort and carve both of their names onto the clan tablet.

The clan tablet was for meritorious service within the Yao clan. Only those within the clan who possessed great achievements could leave their names on it. All the members of the Yao clan viewed this as their life’s goal. This was no different for Yao Lao back then.

Yao Lao had been roaming the continent alone for many years. Although he had obtained some achievements, he understood that it would not be easy for him to fulfill the the promise he made to both of his parents after returning to the Yao clan. Some of those fellows within the Yao clan would definitely do their best to stop him.

Yao Lao’s hands, which were holding the teacup, slowly clenched after thinking about them stopping him.

Xiao Yan smiled when he saw Yao Lao’s complicated expression. He said, “Teacher, you can do as you like with the clan tablet. Leave everything else to this disciple…”

Xiao Yan’s voice slowly became calm, but it contained an intense confidence and his determination.

When he had been a youth back then, Yao Lao had spread his wings to carefully protect the baby-eagle-like youth. The tender eagle had gradually grown during on it journey and had had soared to the sky. Beneath this tender eagle’s wings, no one would be able to hurt his teacher, who was in his twilight years…

Yao Lao’s eyes felt moist as he looked at the smiling young man. The pleased expression on his face became even denser. He widened his mouth before finally sighing a soft, helpless sigh, “You stubborn little fellow…”

Xiao Yan smiled. He lifted his head and looked at the southern sky. The Yao clan was rumored to have the best alchemist within the continent. He really wanted to personally experience…



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