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Chapter 1552: Refining A Puppet

Zi Yan hurried over in a flash while Xiao Yan was holding the corpse of the northern dragon king. Her eyes were complicated as she glanced at the northern dragon king, whose face still contained a dark, ruthless, and ferocious appearance. She softly sighed. The Ancient Void Dragon had been battered after so many years of internal strife. The disappearance of the Dragon Emperor back then had left the tribe in turmoil, a harrowing problem.

“Fifty to sixty percent of those from the northern dragon island have already been killed by the northern dragon king. This adds to the serious damage our ancient dragon tribe has already suffered. Fortunately, the western and southern islands have not suffered as many loses. This time around, the three great dragon kings have all been killed. No one will be able to stop the tribe from being united.” Zi Yan glanced at the dragon island below, which was still covered in a bloody aura, as she softly analyzed the situation.

Xiao Yan slowly nodded. Although the Eastern Dragon Island had been victorious, the price of this victory cost Zi Yan far too much. As the Dragon Emperor, she put the needs of the tribe first. Regardless of whether it was the Eastern Dragon Island or the other three dragon islands, every person belonged to the Ancient Void Dragon tribe.

“It is ultimately a good beginning. With you, a Dragon Emperor uniting the ancient dragon clan, it is not impossible for the tribe to regain its glory.” Xiao Yan was quiet for a moment. All he could do was attempt to comfort her. He knew that the strength of the ancient void dragon tribe was no longer what it had been in the past after experiencing the chaos from the three great dragon kings, but he could not damage Zi Yan’s confidence at this moment.

Zi Yan softly sighed. She was aware of the differences between the current ancient void dragon tribe and the one in the past. It should be known that the ancient dragon tribe at its peak was comparable to a super faction like the Gu clan, but the experts of her tribe had either died or had scattered. It would be difficult for her to hold it together alone. There was just no telling how long it would take to recover to its peak.

“Ha ha, you should not remain depressed. You possess the legendary Dragon Phoenix constitution. As long as you are given sufficient time, you will be able to surpass the previous Dragon Emperors. At that time, recovering the ancient dragon tribe to its peak will no longer be empty words.” Xiao Yan patted Zi Yan’s head and laughed.

Zi Yan smiled upon hearing these words. She braced her attention since Xiao Yan was right. Although the present situation of the ancient dragon tribe was not very good, she still possessed the legendary Dragon Phoenix bloodline. If she unleashed this bloodline to its limit, she would not be inferior to any Dragon Emperors. This included her missing father, whom she had never met, the previous Dragon Emperor…

“Thank you very much. If the both of you had not hurried over…” A smile rose onto Zi Yan’s face as she replied with words of thanks.

“There is no need to say such courteous words to me.” Xiao Yan shook his head. Suddenly, he waved the northern dragon king’s corpse in his hand at Zi Yan and asked, “Can you give this to me?”

“Huh?” Zi Yan was startled upon hearing this question. She was confused and asked, “What do you need his corpse for?”

“This fellow has an unbelievable constitution. He has even been tempered by the Transforming Dragon Demon Formation and is now frighteningly strong. If he can be refined into a puppet, it would be an extremely strong one…” Xiao Yan hesitated and explained. The Sky Demon Puppets he owned had been left in the star realm as guards. The ingredients that were used to refine them limited the growth of the Sky Demon Puppet to the Dou Zun class. It was impossible for them to advance any further. A helper of that strength was completely useless to the current Xiao Yan. Hence, he had come up with the idea of refining the northern dragon king’s corpse into a puppet. After all, the northern dragon king had already died and could only be used as trash…

“According to the rules, strong ancient dragons are normally buried within the Dragon Tomb…” Zi Yan knit her brows and glanced at Xiao Yan’s helpless face. “However, you have lent a hand to our tribe this time around and it is only right for you to ask for a reward. Currently, those from the tribe hate this person. If I were to really bring him back, I don’t think he would be allowed to be buried in the Dragon Tomb. You can take his body if you have a need for it.”

“Ha ha, in that case, I will thank your majesty, the Dragon Emperor.” Xiao Yan smiled and replied after listening to this girl’s official response.

Zi Yan laughed in a delicate voice, “The both of you should rest on the Eastern Dragon Island for now. The three great dragon kings have already been killed. I will need to start the preparations for reorganizing the four great dragon islands.”

Xiao Yan smiled and nodded. There was still something he needed to do within this Empty Realm. In any case, he had no pressing matters at this moment. He would refine this puppet before leaving. In the future, the puppet would be a good helper when he fought against others…

Zi Yan chatted with Xiao Yan for a moment after he nodded. After which, she organized the experts within the tribe and then entered the Northern Dragon Island after the bloody Dou Qi scattered. They were going to find the tribe members who had luckily survived.

After the three great dragon kings were killed, the Ancient Void Dragon tribe, which had been dealing with serious internal strife, finally cleared all obstacles. The four great dragon islands ceased voicing any objections because of Zi Yan’s title as the Dragon Emperor. The northern dragon king had slaughtered the members of the tribe and had chilled the hearts of all the Ancient Void Dragons. Naturally, no one was furious over his death. The western and southern dragon kings had both perished to the hands of the northern dragon king. This news would undoubtedly make the northern dragon king more hated.

With the urging from so many factors, the unification of the four great dragon islands was unexpectedly smooth. The four great dragon islands that floated in the Empty Realm were merged together with the help of the combined might of many of the tribe experts. From this moment on, the Ancient Void Dragon tribe could finally be considered reunified. In the future, there would no longer be four great dragon islands. There would only be one Ancient Dragon Island!

While the Ancient Void Dragon tribe was extremely busy with the unification process, Xiao Yan and Cai Lin chose to remain on the dragon island. Xiao Yan rested for a couple of days and returned to his peak condition. This time around, the aim of his retreat was to refine a puppet using the body of the northern dragon king. The strength of the northern dragon king when he was alive had almost reached the sixth star of the Dou Sheng class. Xiao Yan had become excited because the physical body of this king was many times stronger than an ordinary six star Dou Sheng. This body was the best material to refine a puppet with.

If it could be successfully refined, it would undoubtedly be a great help to Xiao Yan. This puppet would be extremely important to both him and the Sky Mansion Alliance.

Xiao Yan’s expression was solemn as he stood in a chamber. The air in front of him contained hundreds of objects that were flickering with mysterious glows. These glowing objects were the ingredients needed to refine a puppet. A top quality body like the northern dragon king was extremely rare, so Xiao Yan naturally needed to use the best ingredients in order to refine this body.

Xiao Yan’s eyes carefully swept over those ingredients in front of him. He verified that everything was present before nodding with satisfaction. He had rummaged through the stores of the dragon island in order to collect these ingredients. Just thinking of the pained eyes of the warehouse-guarding Elder caused Xiao Yan to involuntarily laugh out loud.

Xiao Yan only waved his hand after completing his check. A figure, which was many times stronger than an ordinary person, floated in front of him. This was the main ingredient required to refine the puppet, the body of the northern dragon king.

The current northern dragon king’s eyes were both tightly shut. His expression was pale and void of life. However, his body was still tense. It was impossible to leave behind a scar even if one hacked at it with a knife. The physical body of this dragon king had already been strengthened to a frightening level. At the very least, Xiao Yan admitted he was no match for it. The Ancient Void Dragon tribe was indeed blessed by a strong physical body.

Xiao Yan swept his eyes over the northern dragon king’s head. Those three faces still appeared a little ferocious at this moment. He involuntarily shook his head. The reason this person’s physical body was so strong was because he had devoured the western and southern dragon king’s blood and flesh.


Xiao Yan widened his mouth after withdrawing his gaze. A cluster of pink flames was spat out of his mouth. After which, they swelled with the wind and turned into a huge furnace in the air. Subsequently, he waved his hand and threw the body of the northern dragon king into the furnace.

“Sizzle sizzle!”

The skin of the northern dragon king erupted with a sizzling sound the moment the northern dragon king’s body entered the fire cauldron. Strands of blood continued to flow out before vanishing into nothing because of the high temperature.

Xiao Yan was expressionless as this blood disappeared. He had refined a puppet in the past and naturally understood that this was a tempering process. After being refined by his Heavenly Flame, the body of the northern dragon king would become even more terrifying.

This tempering process might appear simple, but it lasted for a total of ten days. Xiao Yan did not rest during this period as he continued to use the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame to grill the northern dragon king’s body. After ten days of grilling, the originally strong body of the northern dragon king seemed to have shrunk by three layers. Even though his body had shrank, it still appeared a little stronger than an ordinary person.

Xiao Yan calmly studied the northern dragon king’s body, which seemed like black metal, from outside of the cauldron. Even though no Dou Qi surrounded it, the body’s glaring appearance was still incomparable.

“The blood within the body had been grilled until it has entered all the muscles and bones. This body will really be a perfect killing machine…” Xiao Yan smiled as he examined the black body, which radiated a pressure. He smiled and even his black eyes contained a strange smile. He immediately waved his hand and the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame that had been wrapped around the body slowly paled.


The moment that the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame completely vanished, the northern dragon king suddenly opened his tightly shut eyes within the fire cauldron. A familiar pair of scarlet eyes belonging to the northern dragon king appeared and a strange sinister laugh followed.

“Xiao Yan, thank you for helping this king complete this temperament. In order to thank you, I shall show you just how frightening this body is. Tsk tsk, if you need someone to blame, blame it on your arrogance in merely scattering this king’s soul! Our Ancient Void Dragon’s body is our soul and our soul is our body!”

The strong body that was covered in a black-metal-like luster within the fire cauldron wildly laughed at the sky. A punch was thrown forward and caused the fire cauldron to collapse. His large hand reached for Xiao Yan.

The dead northern dragon king was revived?

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