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Chapter 1551: Kill

The blood bead whistled through the empty space. Finally, it smashed into Xiao Yan in front of many pairs of eyes. At that moment, everyone’s hearts suddenly tightened…

“No one can hinder this king!”

The scarlet eyes of the northern dragon king stared intently at the point of collision. A wild laugh escaped his mouth, but this laughter had barely started when it was suddenly halted. He was just like a duck who throat had been broken…

“Ch chi…”

Xiao Yan displayed a calm expression that the shocked northern dragon king took in with his eyes. A circular life-like pink fire wave spread from his palm. At the middle of the fire wave was the blood bead, which contained an endless bloody scent, but at this moment, the bloody aura contained in the blood bead swiftly paled as Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame purified it.

“How is this possible? Just which Heavenly Flame is this?”

The northern dragon king immediately roared out when he saw the blood bead slowly rotating over Xiao Yan’s palm. It had not exploded. After the blood bead had landed in Xiao Yan’s hands, the northern dragon king had sensed that his connection with it had been cut.

“The Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame can purify all things. Even souls can be purified by it…” Xiao Yan’s pink crystal-like hand slowly rose. A pink flame whistled from it and surrounded the blood bead. The bloody aura in the bead was swiftly being purified.

“Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame? How can this this brat actually possess the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame?”

The northern dragon king suddenly narrowed his eyes. Even though he felt extremely furious in his heart, a chill still surged from it. The reputation of the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame was something that the Ancient Void Dragon tribe was familiar with even though they had not traveled to the Central Plains in many years…

Xiao Yan ignored the shock of the northern dragon king. A flame danced in his hand as he slowly lifted up. A pale-pink light ball the size of a human head appeared in his hand. It was the blood ball from earlier. However, the blood aura within it had been completely purified, and Xiao Yan could sense the lingering souls within it. They were the souls of the members of the ancient dragon tribe the northern dragon king had devoured…

“The people inside are begging me to return this to you…” Xiao Yan glanced at the northern dragon king and smiled. He flicked his finger. The human-head-sized pink bead suddenly shot out. This time around, its target was the northern dragon king!


Shock immediately surged onto the northern dragon king’s face after seeing this bead target him. He turned around and withdrew without uttering anything else. He was too aware of just how terrifying the energy within the dragon bead was. If he was struck by it, he would really be finished this time around!


Although the northern dragon king pulled back quickly, the pink bead was even faster. Many human faces surfaced on the pink bead as it rapidly flew. They looked at the northern dragon king with all the fury they felt. A light flashed and swiftly flew toward the northern dragon king. After which, it caught up with the northern dragon king in front of many pairs of eyes before exploding in front of his stunned shrunken eyes…


A frightening energy storm wildly swept apart from the point of explosion. Wave after wave of the energy storm scattered over half of the bloody Dou Qi that had filled the dragon island below.

“Has he won?” The members of the Ancient Void Dragon tribe widened their mouths as they stared at the terrifying energy storm. They faced each other. A moment later, a wild joy quickly surged in their eyes. Cheers rebounded across the sky like thunder.

“Mister Xiao Yan is extraordinarily strong. He is even able to purify the bloody Dou Qi in the Dragon Soul Bead…” Those Elders from the Eastern Dragon Island revealed joyous faces from having escaped a calamity. It seemed that the heavens did not intend to eliminate their tribe.

“The Dragon Emperor’s good friend is really a blessing to our ancient dragon tribe. Mister Xiao Yan has repeatedly rescued our tribe. We will never be able to repay this grand favor.” Elder Zhu Li fondled his beard. He immediately glanced at the First Elder of the Eastern Dragon Island and the others.

“Mister Xiao Yan has indeed blessed our ancient dragon tribe us with a grand favor.” The First Elder hesitated and nodded after noticing Elder Zhu Li’s eyes. He continued in a low voice, “I understand your meaning. Once our ancient dragon tribe reunites, our tribe will ally with the Sky Mansion Alliance.”

Elder Zhu Li only smiled and nodded after hearing this reply. Zi Yan had mentioned forming an alliance with the Sky Mansion Alliance two years ago, but there had been many different opinions expressed back then. Hence, a decision had not been reached, but Xiao Yan had once again intervened and rescued them. Given this favor, no one could afford to object again…

Zi Yan sighed in relief within her heart after hearing the conversation between Elder Zhu Li and the First Elder. These stubborn old fellows were finally willing to abandon their old pride and agree to the alliance, which would significantly benefit both parties.

The energy storm, which had originated from the explosion, raged for a moment while everyone’s faces were filled with joy. Only then did it slowly disappear. An unusually miserable figure appeared in front of everyone after the storm scattered.

“The northern dragon king is still alive?”

Many people felt somewhat startled in their hearts when they noticed that the northern dragon king was still hanging onto his life by a breath despite appearing extremely miserable with a relatively sluggish aura. Even such a frightening attack could not kill this fellow. This person’s life was indeed incomparably strong.

“The body of an Ancient Void Dragon is indeed strong…”

Xiao Yan studied this scene. His brow was slightly lifted. He naturally understood that the northern dragon king would have already been turned into dust if he had not relied on the strength of his physical body.

“Hu hu…”

The northern dragon king heavily panted as his dim and scarlet eyes cut at Xiao Yan in an extremely vicious manner. He had never expected to end up being seriously injured by Xiao Yan’s hands.

“Xiao Yan, you better remember this. This king will definitely return and have his revenge!”

Although he had managed to retain his life, the northern dragon king was also extremely weak. He ferociously glared at Xiao Yan as he let out a furious roar. After which, his body suddenly shot backwards. It seemed like he was planning to escape.

“Do not allow him to escape!” Zi Yan immediately became anxious upon realizing he was attempting to flee. She hurriedly cried out. Last time around this fellow had managed to escape and had caused the trouble they were dealing with now. If he were allowed to flee again, the ancient dragon clan would never be at peace.

Of course, her reminder was unnecessary. Given Xiao Yan’s character, he would naturally not allow a threat to escape. Hence, the fire wings on his back were flapped as soon as the northern dragon king moved. He immediately began to chase down the northern dragon king with lightning-like speed.

“You wish to kill this king? In your dreams!”

The eyes of the northern dragon king turned cold after Xiao Yan closed in from behind. He waved his hand and ten figures flew from the northern dragon island. After which, they thrown toward Xiao Yan like cannonballs.

Xiao Yan frowned when he noticed that this dragon king was attempting to use flesh bombs. The speed he was progressing at slowed. He was preparing to rescue those human figures when ten seven-colored lights suddenly shot from behind hum. They whistled and wrapped around the ten figures before moving them out of the blood formation.

“Quickly capture that fellow!”

Cai Lin’s voice echoed beside Xiao Yan’s ear as she resolved the problem refarding those flesh bombs.


Xiao Yan sighed in relief once these obstructions were eliminated. He did not have time to say anything more as the fire wings on his back were flapped. His speed suddenly soared. Within a couple of flashes, he had appeared above the northern dragon king’s head. A cold laugh appeared as his crystal hand reached for the northern dragon king’s head at a lightning-like speed in front of the northern dragon king’s panicked eyes.

“This king will fight it out with all of you!”

A ruthlessness filled the northern dragon king’s heart along with a panic when Xiao Yan was hot on his heels. A seal was formed with both hands before his body began to rapidly rapidly. From the looks of it, he was actually planning on self-destructing!


It was naturally impossible for Xiao Yan to allow the fight to end by receiving a serious injury at this moment, so an enormous spiritual illusory figure quickly appeared on the surface of his body. The Yellow Spring Divine Anger ruthlessly smashed into the northern dragon king’s body. The powerful spiritual attack caused the northern dragon king’s soul to feel an intense pain as his swelling body also shrank. The northern dragon king’s head felt a chill after he forcefully suppressed the intense pain emitted from his soul. Xiao Yan’s hand had gently landed on the top of his head.

“Don’t kill me! You win, you win! I will not bother about the matters of the three great dragon island. In the future, I will no longer be the northern dragon king!”

The body of the northern dragon king stiffened when Xiao Yan’s hand landed on his head. A hurried cry was emitted from his mouth.

“Ha ha, you really change your stance too quickly…” Xiao Yan smiled and spoke as he scanned the northern dragon king in front of him.

“Let me go. I will never appear in front of any of you in the future…” The northern dragon king raised his hands. His scarlet eyes were flickering.

“Not a bad idea. However… killing you will be easier.”

Xiao Yan grinned. The next instant, his smile was withdrawn before it turned into a chill that shook one’s heart. A hot hidden force swiftly invaded the northern dragon king’s head, turning the interior into a complete mess. Even the the northern dragon king’s soul was swiftly vaporized into nothing by the terrifyingly high temperature of the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame…

Xiao Yan withdrew his hand while he stood in the emptiness. The body of the northern dragon king in front of him slowly collapsed like a pile of mud. Xiao Yan’s tightly clenched fist was slowly relaxed, revealing two beads containing a bloody stench. They were both filled with a violent energy.

The surroundings were completely quiet. Many pairs of eyes stared at the northern dragon king, who eyes were still wide open and filled with a ruthlessness. All of them sighed. This northern dragon king might have been extremely ruthless, but he was still a dignified expert. However, this dignified expert would not be left with a good reputation within the ancestral books of the ancient dragon tribe…

Xiao Yan’s crystal clear body gradually paled. He returned to his original form. An ashen expression appeared on his face. After which, he glanced at the northern dragon king’s body in his hand and lifted his brows with a great interest. This body was not a bad treasure…

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