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Chapter 1549: Extermination Fire Bod

The furious cry of the northern dragon king resounded within this blood formation in a rumbling fashion. Finally, it spread into the distance…


The pink flame, which appeared above Zi Yan’s head, swiftly spread after the northern dragon king’s cry sounded. It transformed into a fire barrier that firmly wrapped around Zi Yan. The blood fog spreading around her would emit a hissing sound and disappear upon contact with the fire barrier.

“Northern dragon king, you are indeed the person causing trouble…”

The space beside Zi Yan fluctuated after the fire barrier materialized. Immediately, two figures slowly appeared. These figures were Xiao Yan and Cai Lin, who had hurried over at full speed.

“It’s Xiao Yan!”

Xiao Yan’s and Cai Lin’s sudden appearance caught the attention of those members from the Eastern Dragon Island outside of the formation. Many joyous cries quickly sounded. Soon after, some Elders once again became grave. Although they were aware that Xiao Yan was also an elite Dou Sheng after their last meeting, the current situation was such that even an ordinary Dou Sheng would end up dying…

The hearts of many sank slightly upon thinking of death.

“Tsk tsk, that fellow Huang Tian is really useless. He has only managed to delay you for such a short amount of time…” The scarlet eyes of the northern dragon king glared at Xiao Yan while everyone was quiet. He licked the blood off the corner of his mouth as he continued with a dense smile, “However, it is fine. The situation has already been decided. You coming here is merely offering me a sacrifice…”

Xiao Yan’s expression was calm. He glanced at the northern dragon king and paused on the three strange faces. Given his spiritual perception, he could guess why this person’s strength had increased with just a glance. He slightly frowned. This person was actually this vicious.


Zi Yan by the side suddenly coughed out a mouthful of fresh blood while Xiao Yan knit his brows. Her face was as pale as sheet. Blood swiftly spread from his shoulder and eroded her body. Although the Dragon Phoenix constitution was doing its best to endure, the waves of intense pain still cause Zi Yan’s expression grow paler.

“Tsk tsk, even though you possess the Dragon Phoenix constitution, even you will feel terrible after being struck by the Transforming Dragon Demon Formation…” The northern dragon king let out a wild laugh at the sky after seeing the Zi Yan’s weakened state. He had almost transformed the entire population of the Northern Dragon Island into blood. It was only possible to turn the tables by paying such a frightening price. His heart was naturally incomparably happy after forcing Zi Yan into such a miserable state.

“Why are the both of you here…”

Zi Yan wiped the trace of blood off the corner of her mouth. Her pale face gave one a heartache. Her somewhat dim eyes glanced at Xiao Yan and Cai Lim as she bitterly said, “The matter this time around will not be as easily resolved as last time. This fellow has devoured the western and southern king as well as the flesh of many tribe members. He has vaguely reached the sixth star of the Dou Sheng class…”

A six star Dou Sheng. Although Zi Yan’s strength had risen quickly during these two years, she had yet to break through to the fifth star of the Dou Sheng class. With her strength, she was unable to defeat the northern dragon king even with her Dragon Phoenix constitution. The gap between the two stars was really far too great.

Xiao Yan smiled at her but did not reply. His hand was gently placed on Zi Yan’s shoulder. The one that radiated a bloody air from it. A faint pink flame was partially visible.

“Hee, attempting to expel the Transforming Dragon Blood Qi. Do you think…” The northern dragon king coldly laughed upon seeing Xiao Yan’s actions. However, his laughter had barely sounded when he was stunned to find tendrils of the blood Qi swiftly rising from Zi Yan’s shoulder. Finally, they vanished into nothing.

“Heavenly Flame?”

A shocked expression immediately flashed across the northern dragon king’s eyes upon seeing these tendrils disappear. Only at this moment did he discover that the Heavenly Flame in Xiao Yan’s hand appeared a little different from what he had seen back then.

Xiao Yan ignored the northern dragon king. He controlled the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame and circulated it once around Zi Yan’s body. All of the Transforming Dragon Blood Qi within her body was swallowed and vaporized. Only then did he slowly withdraw his palm.

Zi Yan’s face recovered a little color after the Transforming Dragon Blood Qi within her body was scattered, but she still appeared extremely weak. Moreover, her body had slowly shrank in front of Xiao Yan’s and Cai Lin’s stunned eyes. Within a short moment, she had returned to that little girl appearance from back then.

“I’m too weak. I can only recover in a form that saves the most amount of energy.” Zi Yan bitterly laughed and softly explained.

“Ha ha, this appearance is much cuter.” Xiao Yan rubbed Zi Yan’s small head and laughed, “Both Cai Lin and you should return. Leave this to me.”

Zi Yan was slightly startled after hearing his words. She gently clenched her teeth and said, “He is very powerful…”

“I have never tried biting off more than I can chew.” Xiao Yan laughed and replied.

Zi Yan suddenly sensed that Xiao Yan’s strength had once again surpassed her after taking in his smiling face. A joy quickly rose on her small face.

“Do you need any help?” Cai Lin softly asked by the side. If that transformed northern dragon king really possessed a strength similar to a six star Dou Sheng, just Xiao Yan alone… worry flashed through her eyes while she thought to herself.

“He has yet to truly reach the sixth star of the Dou Sheng class. It is not impossible to beat him. Currently, there are still many members of the Ancient Void Dragon tribe within this formation. You should intervene and rescue them while I hold him back. Otherwise, he will be able to devour the blood and Dou Qi of these people as he wishes. Then, his fighting strength will maintain its peak.” Xiao Yan shook his head slightly while appearing quite calm.


Cai Lin was unable to say anything after hearing Xiao Yan’s words. She immediately nodded, grabbed Zi Yan, and moved her body, flying out of the range of the blood formation in the process. They appeared in front of those Elders from the Eastern Dragon Island. The Elders hurriedly swarmed over upon seeing them leave the formation. Their faces were extremely anxious. If anything happened to Zi Yan, the Ancient Void Dragon tribe would never unite again.

The northern dragon king did not intervene to stop Cai Lin and Zi Yan from departing. From the way he saw it, the lives of those two had merely been extended. Once he finished Xiao Yan off, he would devour everyone present. A savage smile rose on the face of the northern dragon king after he thought about the joy from the soaring of his strength.

“Your blood and flesh has a strange scent to it. It is similar to that of the Dragon Phoenix, but it appears even more delicious…” The northern dragon king’s scarlet tongue was extended. He licked the blood on his face. A special excitement quickly rose within his eyes. He made a strange statement as he stared at Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan shifted his eyes. He was naturally aware of what the northern dragon king was saying. There were a total of three types of bloodline strengths within his body. This delicious taste should originate from them.

However, Xiao Yan did not reply to the perverted desire of the northern dragon king. He lifted his hand, and a pink flame slowly spread from his body. The frighteningly high temperature vaporized the surrounding bloody Dou Qi that was eroding him.

The scarlet eyes of the northern dragon king focused when the extremely troublesome Transforming Dragon Blood Dou Qi was unable to even approach Xiao Yan’s body. Although his murderous desire had surged after devouring many people, he possessed a ruthless and cautious nature to begin with. Hence, he remained alert even at this moment.

“Your body possesses the Dragon Phoenix bloodline. Coincidentally, you can have a taste of the dragon slaying sword!”

The eyes of the northern dragon king flickered as he took a step forward. His body appeared a short distance in front of Xiao Yan with lightning-like speed. The huge blood-red sword in the northern dragon king’s hand released a bloody stench that pounced into Xiao Yan’s nose as it ruthlessly hacked toward his head.

“Yellow Spring Palm!”

Xiao Yan’s body withdrew. He randomly threw out a Yellow Spring Palm in the process, and the huge energy palm whistled forward.

“Chi, this is nothing!” The northern dragon king laughed upon seeing this attack. The huge sword containing a bloody Dou Qi in his hand slashed down and hacked the energy palm into two. After which, the body of the sword was swung. It unleashed three huge sword glows with lightning-like speed. They struck Xiao Yan like thunderbolts.

The green-red bone wings on Xiao Yan’s back were flapped to deal with the northern dragon king’s sharp attack, narrowly dodging them. Before he could stabilize his body, the northern dragon king had once again ferociously pounced over. The attacks arrived one after another without giving him any time to catch his breath.

The Elders from the Eastern Dragon Island outside of the formation felt a little anxious in their hearts after seeing Xiao Yan fall into a disadvantage. If Xiao Yan were to be defeated, the Eastern Dragon Island would really suffer a great defeat. At that time, the crazy northern dragon king would attack again. The entire Ancient Void Dragon tribe would likely be finished…


Xiao Yan violently collided head-on with the northern dragon king amid these many anxious pairs of eyes. The blood within his body churned as he staggered dozens of steps back.

“He is indeed barely able to reach the sixth star of the Dou Sheng class…”

A grave expression flashed across Xiao Yan’s eyes as he suppressed the somewhat churning blood within his body. He was unable to obtain a great result with ordinary Dou Qi while fighting opponent with such strength.

“I can try that technique…”

Xiao Yan’s eyes slightly flickered. He quickly withdrew the aura all around his body. Both of his hands rapidly formed many extremely foreign seals. Little Yi within his body suddenly opened his eyes after Xiao Yan’s hands began to move. His body quickly rose and paused between Xiao Yan’s brows. The small hands of Little Yi formed the same seals as Xiao Yan at this moment…

“Xiao Yan, it is really wishful thinking by attempting to defeat this king with your strength!”

The northern dragon king coldly laughed as he watched Xiao Yan form the hand seals. He did not give Xiao Yan any time as the huge sword in his hand mercilessly slashed toward Xiao Yan’s head while being accompanied by a sharp wind.

“Man and flame merger, Extermination Fire Body!”

The tiny fire lotus in Xiao Yan’s eyes had begun to wildly rotate after Xiao Yan and Little Yi’s hand seals stilled at the same time. A extermination-like monstrous aura, which caused everyone’s expression to pale, suddenly swept from Xiao Yan’s body like a storm!

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