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Chapter 1548: Transforming Dragon Demon Formation

Yao Ming’s group watched Xiao Yan and Cai Lin suddenly disappear through torn space from the underground network. Their faces were all stunned. They did not understand why the two of them would leave in such a hurry.

“The Empty Realm is the territory of the Ancient Void Dragon tribe. From brother Xiao Yan’s anxiousness, can it be that some trouble has once again appeared with the ancient dragon tribe?”

Yao Ming was not a fool. He made a guess after thinking about it. However, he currently had a mess to deal with and was unable to leave. All he could do was pray that Xiao Yan and Cai Lin would be able to resolve the trouble this time around with their strength.

“Hmph, the both of you will fight until you end up seriously injured, which will end up benefitting my Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe in the future.” Huang Tian in the sky looked at the spot where Xiao Yan and Cai Lin had disappeared. He coldly laughed in his heart. He quickly ceased remaining any longer. With a cold cry, he turned around and rushed into the distance. The other experts from the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe hurriedly followed upon seeing him leave. They appeared a little dispirited. All of them were clearly aware that if Xiao Yan and Cai Lin had not suddenly left, it would likely not have been easy for them to withdraw without suffering any losses.

The Nine Serene Deep Ground Python tribe did not stop the Heaven Demon Phoenix from withdrawing. They began to tidy up the mess of the battle while sighing in relief.

The chaotic spatial flow within the Empty Realm was just like the large mouths of demons hidden in the darkness. They quietly appeared and forcefully shattered all the things they touched.


Two bright lights flashed by with great speed within the extremely quiet emptiness. The wild and violent airflow that the light stirred caused the interior of the Empty Realm to continuously rumble

Xiao Yan’s expression was gloomy as he unleashed his speed to the limit. Every since they had defeated the three great dragon kings the last time around, the situation of the Ancient Void Dragon clan favored the Eastern Dragon Island. It had not been impossible for them to complete the unification. Of course, the three great dragon kings, who had fled, might pose an obstruction to the tribe, but they were clearly unable to cause much trouble with their strengths.

This line of reasoning had always been present within Xiao Yan’s heart. However, the situation that had occurred today made him realize that he had underestimated the complexity of the matter.

“The dragon seal is becoming weaker. Zi Yan seems to be in an extremely dire situation. Dammit, just what has happened to the Ancient Void Dragon tribe?

“The direction the dragon seal is indicating is not the Eastern Dragon Island. It seems that Zi Yan is not on the Eastern Dragon Island.”

Xiao Yan tightly clenched his fist. He quickly suppressed the fury in his heart. The green-red bone wings on his back were flapped. His speed was increased once again as he wildly rushed in the direction indicated by the dragon seal.

Cai Lin could only helplessly shake her head after seeing Xiao Yan speed off from behind. She did not say anything as she hurriedly followed.

A blood light surged from a certain spot in the Empty Realm. The scent of blood could be clearly sniffed even ten thousand feet away.

The source of the blood light was a large island floating in the Empty Realm. The island was filled with a scarlet color, as though the island had been dyed in blood, giving it a sinister appearance.

Many figures were clustered together in the distant sky of the huge island, encircling this island and allowing nothing to pass. These people revealex frightened and gloomy expressions. A fury surged within their eyes as they looked at the dragon island.

“Dragon Transforming Demon Formation! This bastard northern dragon king. The Dragon Transforming Demon Formation is a forbidden technique of our ancient dragon which had been destroyed thousands of years ago. How is it possible for him to use it?” A white-haired elder in the sky above the island angrily roared.

Those Elders from the Eastern Dragon Island by the side became quiet after hearing this. They had only heard rumors about this forbidden technique.

“The person who had managed this secret technique of the ancient dragon tribe was the northern dragon king’s great-grandfather. The Dragon Transforming Demon Formation was also destroyed by him. However, no one can be certain if he had privately kept it…” Elder Zhu Li hesitated and replied.

The Dragon Transforming Demon Formation was a forbidden technique of the Ancient Void Dragon tribe. This formation was created by an extraordinarily powerful expert from the tribe back then. Once this formation was formed, everyone inside, other than the person at the center of the formation, would be shattered into pools of blood. Finally, they would be devoured and absorbed by the center of the formation. Thus, the strength of that person would soar greatly, but this formation was far too bloody and cruel. Hence, it was classified as a forbidden technique and subsequently destroyed. No one had expected that this northern dragon king knew how to use it.

Moreover, the thing that caused one’s scalp to turn numb was that this lunatic had actually activated the formation across the entire the Northern Dragon Island. It should be known that many experts from the three dragon islands had gathered here because of their alliance. Other than a small number of experts on the island, the majority had been turned into pools of blood and devoured by the northern dragon king at the center of the formation.

After devouring so many tribe members, the strength of the northern dragon king had already reached a relatively frightening level…

“Ha ha, you naive and inexperienced girl, this king was originally planning on allowing you to live longer. Unexpectedly, you actually dared to lead an army and attack. It’s just as well. This king has an insufficient number of sacrifices. If I devour you, my bloodline will definitely surpass all the ancestors of the Ancient Void Dragon tribe. Ha ha. At that time, this king will be the strongest person in the history of the Ancient Void Dragon tribe!”

The dense blood light contained a bloody scent as it surrounded the huge island. While Zhu Li and the rest did not dare step forward, that bloody light suddenly emitted a crazy laughter. A frightening energy ripple swept apart. The two human figures in an intense battle scattered the blood fog and appeared in front of many pairs of eyes.

One of the two figures was Zi Yan, but the was not in a good state. Her face was pale and her aura was a little weary. The liquid-like dragon slaying sword in her hand had once again been summoned, but the dragon slaying sword did not appear to be as powerful as last time.

A half-human-like figure was present in front of Zi Yan. His body was extremely strong. The muscles all over his body appeared as though they were alive as they continued to wiggle across his skin. Waves of blood flowed out of his pores while the flesh on his body wiggled. This caused him to appear like a blood person that looked ferocious and terrifying. There was a strangely large head on the blood person’s shoulders. Three faces were present on this head. Those three faces were the western dragon king, the southern dragon king, and the northern dragon king.

Three faces on a single head made one’s stomach to churn.

“Clang clang!”

Those monster-like three faces parted their mouths. Blood continuously flowed out of the corner of their mouths. Those six scarlet eyes were filled with a wild beast like violence. Additionally, the hand of the monster held a huge sword formed by golden liquid. However, the golden color was mixed with a dense blood color. Waves of metallic sounds erupted when it collided with the dragon slaying sword in Zi Yan’s hand, but the monster did not fall into a disadvantage. Instead, the occasional stench forced Zi Yan into a dangerous situation.

“Northern dragon king, you bastard. The western and southern dragon kings are your allies, yet you did not even let them off. You actually devoured their physical bodies and souls and have become such a monster!” Zi Yan’s eyes contained a flame as they stared at the monster. Blood shoot from its body as she furiously cursed the northern dragon king.

“Tsk tsk, those two pieces of trash had been seriously injured by you. They would have difficulty becoming great even if they fully recovered. It is better if they help me. Although I have eaten their flesh, this king has promised to help take revenge!” The face of the northern dragon king on the monster’s head strangely laughed The huge sword in his hand furiously hacked at Zi Yan with lightning-like speed. The frightening wind forced Zi Yan to pull back in defeat. After swallowing the western and southern dragon king, he had relied on the Transforming Dragon Demon Formation to absorb many experts on the island. The strength of the northern dragon king had already far surpassed Zi Yan. If he was not a little afraid of the genuine dragon slaying sword, Zi Yan would have already died by the northern dragon king’s hands.

Zi Yan clenched her silver teeth as she faced the crazy attack of the northern dragon king. She firmly endured. Due to the Transforming Dragon Demon Formation, the experts from the Eastern Dragon Island did not dare to step inside. Otherwise, they would turn into a pool of blood if they entered and end up continuously strengthening the northern dragon king.

“Northern dragon king, sooner or later your reasoning will be eroded by the bloodlust and you will become a wild beast which only knows how to kill!”

“Tsk tsk, it’s fine if I become a wild beast. The Ancient Void Dragon tribe can only be reunified by this king. The dragon emperor can only be me!” The strange laughter of the northern dragon king suddenly halted. His palm suddenly grabbed at the ground below him. The three ancient dragon tribe members on the ground with miserable expression were grabbed and lifted across space. After which, they were treated as weapons as they were ruthlessly thrown at Zi Yan.

“Dragon Emperor, aren’t you planning on rescuing people? Tsk tsk, this king shall let you rescue your fill!”

Zi Yan clenched her silver teeth. She glanced at the people wrapped in the blood light as they were thrown over. She quickly flew up and her hand slammed into the trio with lightning-like speed. A golden light surged and the strange blood light scattered. Subsequently, a wave of hidden force delivered the three of them out of the Transforming Dragon Demon Formation.

“Tsk tsk, what a good dragon emperor. Even this king is a little unwilling…”

Zi Yan had just delivered the three of them away when the blood glow flashed. The northern dragon king appeared in front of her in a ghost-like fashion. A savage expression surged onto his dense face. His large hands, which were covered in blood, were smashed toward Zi Yan’s shoulder with lightning-like speed.


A terrifying force surged into her body from her shoulder. The bloody vapor, which was filled with a rotting stench, immediately caused an intense pain throb from Zi Yan’s body. A mouthful of fresh blood was spat out as her delicate figure flew backwards in front of many anxious eyes.

“Everything is over. The ancient void dragon tribe belongs to me!”

The northern dragon king revealed a mad expression when he saw Zi Yan’s aura become completely sluggish. He let out a ferocious laugh as he strode forward. After which, he appeared in front of Zi Yan. His large hand subsequently grabbed her head!

The experts from the Eastern Dragon Island outside the blood formation were extremely shocked after seeing Zi Yan be picked up by her head. Their eyes reddened.

“Ha ha…”

The northern dragon king let out a strange laugh. However, the speed of his hand was not reduced. A pink flame suddenly rose from Zi Yan’s head just as his hand was about to land on her head. The terrifyingly high temperature caused the hand of the northern dragon king to halt. It froze in the air as his expression slowly turned gloomy. He slowly lifted his head and stared at the empty realm in front of him. His dense voice reverberated into the empty realm.

“Xiao Yan, show yourself!”

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