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Chapter 1536: Nihility Devouring Flame

Xiao Yan gave the chief of the Hall of Souls, who was floating in the sky above, a deep look. Both of his hands appeared like blooming lotuses as they danced and formed many after-images. Following these hand seals, the cluster of pink flames above his head emitted a swoosh sound as it shot into the sky. Finally, it rapidly wiggled in front of countless pairs of eyes.

A frightening temperature was gradually emitted while the pink flame wiggled. This caused the entire world to feel like a steamer. The mountains of the Fallen Mountain Range would occasionally combust, causing a dense smoke to rise into the sky.

The Dou Qi of some weaker individuals showed signs of boiling. Moreover, some of those experiencing intense emotional fluctuations were startled to discover that their bodies were gradually becoming warmer. The Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame possessed the unusual ability to use one’s emotions as a source to burn one’s body. This discovery frightened many people into withdrawing. Only after they had exited the bounds of the mountain range did they feel the searing pain in their hearts weaken. All of their faces were filled with horror…

“It is indeed worthy of being the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame by being this terrifying…” The Grand Elders of some sects around the mountain revealed solemn and envious faces. If one were to fight someone who possessed this kind of Heavenly Flame, one would have to split one’s attention on resisting the high temperature of the flame before the fight even started. This terrifying temperature could even easily incinerate Dou Qi.

“Xiao Yan is finally planning on using the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame…”

Old Man Hun Mo watched this scene and frowned. Even he would find it a little troublesome to deal with the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame. Although the chief of the Hall of Souls was a level higher than Xiao Yan, it was not impossible for him to lose if he was careless.

“This little fellow is really a person blessed with great luck. I once made an attempt to get this Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame back then, but I ended up returning in failure. Unexpectedly, he was able to subdue the flame with his strength…” Hun Qian Mo sighed before he immediately laughed, “However, even if this brat really uses the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame, he will still not find it easy to defeat Hun Mie Sheng…”

The chief of the Hall of Souls focused his eyes on the cluster of churning pink flames as he stood in the sky. His eyes filled with a grave expression. On top of this solemness, there was also an unusual heat surging within them.

The pink flame gradually formed a pink fire plate in front of countless pairs of eyes. The edges of the fire plate consisted of strange flame symbols. If one were to examine these symbols, one would be able to tell that these symbols were the six types of Heavenly Flames Xiao Yan had refined. In the middle of these six types of Heavenly Flame, which was the middle of the fire plate, a crystal-like pink flame was swaying with the wind.

“Angry Buddha Reincarnation!”

Xiao Yan’s eyes hardened after the fire plate formed. A low cry was suddenly emitted.

“Buzz buzz!”

The pink fire plate in the sky emitted waves of buzzing sounds after Xiao Yan’s cry sounded. The fire plate then emitted a cracking sound as it slowly rotated. While it was rotating, the pink fire crystal positioned at the center of the fire plate emitted a ‘puff’ sound as it suddenly shot out an arm-thick fire pillar!

The pink flame was merely as thick as an arm, but it swelled with the wind the moment it rushed forward before growing hundreds of feet in size within the wind.


The pink flame had just been formed when it shot toward a mountain below with terrifying speed. Upon contact, the mountain strangely vanished in front of countless pairs of eyes as though it had been made of ice. Only a thousand-foot-large pit was left behind. The large pit appeared bottomless. At a glance, one was unable to see an end to it.


Xiao Yan’s hand seal changed. A finger suddenly pointed towards the chief of the Hall of Souls in the sky, and the fire plate swiftly rose. That pink fire pillar cut through the ground, forming a ten-thousand-foot-wide deep gully in front of many stunned eyes. It appeared as though all the objects the fire beam touched seemed to have been turned into nothing…


The fire beam moved at a speed that could only be described as lightning quick. An ordinary person was only able to detect a bright flashing light before that strange pink fire beam locked onto the chief of the Hall of Souls, who was just about to pull back,

“Chi chi!”

After being surrounded by the pink fire beam, the majestic Dou Qi around the chief of the Hall of Souls began to swiftly melt at a speed visible to the naked eye. Although Dou Qi continued to surge out of the chief of the Hall of Souls’ body, it was not able to catch up to the speed at which Dou Qi was melting. The strength of the current Angry Buddha Reincarnation had become overwhelming with the strengthening of the newly formed flame. If an ordinary elite Dou Sheng was surrounded by this light ray, that ordinary expert would likely be able to endure for half a minute or so before their Dou Qi would completely melt. At that time, even one’s soul would be annihilated by the fire beam.

The expressions of those experts in the sky changed when they saw the chief of the Hall of Souls’ Dou Qi rapidly disappear. Their eyes were a little horrified when they glanced back at the rotating fire plate in the sky. They could detect an extremely dense and dangerous aura emanating from the fire beam…

“The chief of the Hall of Souls will not be able to endure for long if this continues…”

Everyone looked at each other as this thought flashed across their hearts. Once the Dou Qi within the chief of the Hall of Souls was completely exhausted, he would be defeated.

“Reincarnation Restrain!”

Xiao Yan looked at the chief of the Hall of Souls in the sky, who was forcefully enduring the fire beam. His eyes turned slightly cold as his hands once again formed different seals. Following the change of these seals, the reincarnation fire flame suddenly began to rotate in the reverse direction at a rapid speed.

“Buzz buzz!”

The hundred-foot-large fire beam suddenly began to rapidly shrink after the Reincarnation Fire plate began to rotate in the reverse direction. Within the blink of an eye, it had shrunk to dozens of feet in size, but it did not stop there. It continued to wildly shrink. Following this rapid shrinking of the fire beam, everyone could sense an extermination energy being gathered.

“This is bad!”

Old Man Hun Mo’s expression immediately changed after sensing this energy. Even his heart had begun to palpitate as the fire beam shrank to the size of a thumb.

“Reincarnation Restrain, Falling Reincarnation!”

A cold glint suddenly surged within Xiao Yan’s eyes after the fire beam became the size of a thumb. The beam locked onto the chief of the Hall of Souls’ forehead as Xiao Yan suddenly cried out.


The Reincarnation Fire Plate in the sky trembled after this cry was made. It gradually collapsed as a red light flashed over the sky. That thumb-sized fire beam ruthlessly struck the chief of the Hall of Souls with a destructive force!


A loud explosion reverberated across the sky. The frightening fire waves that were created by the beam caused some elite Dou Shengs to hurriedly pull back with different expressions. They were afraid to even risk the chance of coming into contact with it.

“It has struck…”

Yao Lao and the others revealed a slight joy upon seeing the beam land. Even the chief of the Hall of Souls would likely suffer after being struck by such a powerful attack.

The ancestor of the Pill Tower also locked his eyes on the spot where the pink flame had exploded, but his brows were slightly knit.

“Has the victor been determined…” Those eyes from all over the mountain looked to the sky. Some conversations appeared in waves. Xiao Yan’s attack earlier was far too powerful. If nothing unexpected happened, it was not impossible for it to determine the victor.

The Hall of Souls was completely silent. They had not expected the chief of the Hall of Souls to not possess the ability to even retaliate in this fight.

“Chi…” Hun Qian Mo inserted his hands into his sleeves. He merely laughed after hearing the conversations from others.

Xiao Yan floated in the sky. A mouthful of extremely hot air was spat out of his mouth. His eyes had focused on the spot where the pink flame was scattering. Although he was quite confident in his attack, he sensed that the chief of the Hall of Souls would not be so easily defeated for some unknown reason…


A slight sound was suddenly emitted from the area where the pink flame was spreading.

“He is indeed not dead…” Xiao Yan’s expression was displeased upon hearing this slight sound. The caution in his heart rose.

“Wu wu.”

Soon after Xiao Yan’s voiced his thoughts, a black figure vaguely took shape in the middle of the spreading pink flame. An extremely strange suction force suddenly swept out in all directions when it appeared. The pink flame, which had been spreading out, had been sucked back in. Finally, the pink flame charged into the body of the person slowly walking out of the flame in front of many eyes. These eyes were all filled with disbelief.

“He has actually absorbed the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame into his body? Is he trying to commit suicide?”

The actions of the black figure immediately stirred an uproar. Clearly, everyone felt disbelief because of what he was doing.

“He is actually unhurt?”

Xiao Yan’s eyes were a little stunned as they scanned the chief of the Hall of Souls as he slowly walked out of the flame. Xiao Yan felt some disbelief.

“The taste of the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame… is indeed delicious. However, it is unfortunately not the essence flame. I really wish to taste the essence of the Purifying Demonic Flame.” The chief of the Hall of Souls stood in the sky. He smacked his mouth and an unusual smile hung on his face. He looked at the frowning Xiao Yan. A strange black flame with an unusual devouring power was present within his eyes. Traces of it seeped out and the energy that surrounded him was continuously sucked into his body. After which, it was completely devoured by an unusual strength.

“Are you feeling confused?”

The chief of the Hall of Souls softly laughed. His face was overflowing with a strange expression.

“You possess the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame while this chief has a Heavenly Flame that is even stronger than it…” The chief of the Hall of Souls slowly extended his hand. A cluster of unusual black flames suddenly appeared. The black flames churned and vaguely formed a human face. Waves of a devouring power erupted from the mouth of that human face.

Xiao Yan’s eyes suddenly narrowed to the size of a pinhole when the black flame with a human face appeared.

“The second on the Heavenly Flame Ranking… Nihility Devouring Flame?”

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