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Chapter 1535: Xiao Yan VS Hall of Soul Chief

The many pairs of eyes around the mountain range emitted a swoosh sound as they caught the chief of the Hall of Souls stepping forward. The ferocious name that the chief of the Hall of Souls once obtained within the Central Plains had reached a stage where one trembled in fear from hearing it. Although he had gradually faded from one’s sight because of his prolonged retreat, his fierce reputation had not disappeared even after a long period of time…

If one wished to rank the top individuals within the Central Plains, the chief of the Hall of Souls, Hun Mie Sheng, would take the top seat!

“Two draws in three battles. This has somewhat surprised this chief, but this will not be able to change the final result.” The chief of the Hall of Souls was a thousand feet from Xiao Yan when he finally came to a slow stop. He lifted his head and looked at Xiao Yan. A faint smile appeared on his face. His aura was calm as he spoke. His expression did not change because of the current situation.

Xiao Yan’s exchanged a glance with the chief of the Hall of Souls. A hidden flow surged and the temperature of the air seemed to have risen at this moment.

“We should leave room to retreat when doing anything. At times, we should not be overconfident when speaking. Hall chief should take care of himself.” Xiao Yan softly replied.

“Ha ha, the Hall of Souls does not leave anyone alive when doing things. This way of speaking is only for mediocre individuals. If one worries about all this when trying to achieve big things, one would be a little petty…” The chief of the Hall of Souls loudly laughed as he quipped.

Everyone felt a little excited in their hearts after hearing this verbal sparring. This fight was the most important one today. One party was the chief of the Hall of Souls, and from a certain point of view, Xiao Yan could be considered the leader of the Sky Mansion Alliance. The battle between the two of them determine the victor and the loser of this battle!

“The clan has criticized me because of you. Back then, I gave the order to dispatch people to the Jia Ma Empire to capture Xiao Zhan. My thought was that we should eliminate everyone when making an attack, but this chief had undertaken a retreat to train when the order was issued. Some of my subordinates were a little lazy and only captured Xiao Zhan since i wasn’t around. You managed to escape the many attempts to kill you after that first incident because they all underestimated you. Within a short decade or so, you have reached this level a step at a time…” The eyes of the chief of the Hall of Souls were somewhat complicated as he stared at Xiao Yan. This threat to the Hun clan was someone that they could have eliminated long ago, but due to many unforeseen reasons, they had ended up allowing this threat to grow at a terrifying speed. Now, this threat had reached a level where he could fight on even ground with the Hall of Souls!

If one were to toss aside this person’s status as an enemy, the chief of the Hall of Souls felt an admiration for this person in his heart. He had to admit that if it had been him, he would have found it difficult to overcome this strenuous journey and reach the peak of this continent.

“This chief has an undeniable responsibility in allowing you to grow to this extent. Hence, this time around… I hope to remove that responsibility.” The chief of the Hall of Souls smiled. His eyes roamed Xiao Yan, who had an impassive expression, as he slowly stated.

“I also hope to help end the blood feud of the members of the Xiao clan today…”

Xiao Yan’s voice was soft, but everyone could hear the dense murderous intent contained within his words. He could not forget those many scattered incidents from back then even now. The Xiao clan had ended up breaking apart because of the Hun clan. His father had been captured and members of the clan had been killed. In the end, they were forced to leave their home and flee to spots around the Jia Ma Empire. At that time, he did not possess the strength to protect his clan. All he could do was set off with the burden of the blood feud. That journey had undertaken had honed his will. At the same time, his hatred for the Hall of Souls had grown.

The chief of the Hall of Souls faintly smiled upon hearing this reply. A dark-black Dou Qi slowly surged from his body. He said, “Just attack. This chief also wishes to see just how strong you, who has experienced a lucky encounter within the demonic flame realm, has become…”


Before the chief of the Hall of Souls could utter all that he wanted to say, a low sonic boom was swiftly picked up by his ear. Moreover, the space in front of him shook the moment the sonic boom sounded, A figure appeared in front of him in a ghost-like fashion. Both of his fingers were curled, and a pink fire seedling happily danced in an arc. The temperature of the world rose the moment the pink fire appeared.

The attack had arrived extremely quick. Even the calm chief of the Hall of Souls had a stunned expression flash across his eyes. In the next instant, the dark-black Dou Qi on the surface of his body had agglomerated like a conditional reflex. It swiftly turned into a black shield.


Both of Xiao Yan’s fingers did not pause. They pressed against the shield, melting it with the dancing pink flame in an instant. After which, his fingers were like lightning as they headed toward the hall chief’s eyes.


The chief of the Hall of Souls let out a cold snort when faced with Xiao Yan’s vicious strike. His body did not move. He did not act to defend against Xiao Yan’s finger. Instead, he slammed his palm toward Xiao Yan’s chest. He was clearly intent on exchanging his eyes for the other party’s eyes.

“Chi, the chief of the Hall of Souls has really schemed well…”

Xiao Yan laughed upon noticing the strike, but his hand did not halt. Instead, he lowered it and accurately pressed his fingers against the palm of the chief of the Hall of Souls. A pink flame flashed and the dense-black Dou Qi on the chief’s palm quickly melted away.

The chief of the Hall of Souls frowned when he felt how overbearing the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame was. His body trembled slightly and many after-images appeared. His body reappeared in the air above. His expression was a little dark and solemn as he glanced at his palm. There was a half-an-inch-long mark there. No blood seeped out of the wound because the surrounding blood vessels had been incinerated by the heat radiating from the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame…

“It is indeed worthy of being the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame!”

The chief of the Hall of Souls had been injured the moment the fight began. Although it was not serious, it still appeared quite ugly.

The fight between the two seemed to be a close quarters fight. Moreover, both parties were as fast as ghosts. Within a split second, they had clashed and separated. Other than a few sharp-eyed individuals, most people were a little dazzled by the clash. Their hearts involuntarily felt some yearning while feeling shocked…

Xiao Yan lifted his head. He glanced at the chief of the Hall of Souls, but he did not say anything. His hand seals began to change with lightning-like speed. After the hand seals had changed, a ten-thousand-foot-large spiritual illusory figure wrapped around the surface of his body.

“Yellow Spring Divine Anger!”

Xiao Yan did not dare to underestimate such an opponent. He immediately unleashed his extremely powerful soul sonic wave attack the moment after his first strike.


The enormous illusory figure widened its mouth, and a terrifying spiritual wave smashed toward the chief of the Hall of Souls at a speed that exceeded the speed of light.

“Xiao Yan, other people might be afraid of your Yellow Spring Divine Anger, but this chief isn’t afraid of it!” The chief of the Hall of Souls pulled back as black Dou Qi erupted from his body. The Dou Qi turned into an uncountable number of spiritual illusory figures in front of many stunned pairs of eyes. These illusory figures created a strange formation as they wrapped around him. Their faces were filled with devoted expressions as they knelt down. At the same time, their mouths emitted many spiritual sonic waves.

“Ten Thousand Worshiping Souls!”

Countless of spiritual sonic waves gathered in front of the chief of the Hall of Souls before they transformed into a sharp arrow that shot out and violently collided with the Yellow Spiring Divine Anger’s spiritual assault.

“Wu wu wu wu!”

The two spiritual sonic waves collided, and in an instant, the mountain range hummed. Many experts paled because of this spiritual fluctuation. A mouthful of fresh blood was spat out, and they pulled back with shocked faces. Just the strength of the sonic wave made them completely vulnerable…

The sonic waves clashed and spread through the sky. The illusory spirits surrounding the chief of the Hall of Souls exploded one after another. Finally, all of them exploded until nothing remained, his body did not appear to suffer much damage since it had been protected.

Xiao Yan ended up frowning upon seeing his attack not do much. It was the first time he had witnessed a spiritual wave attack that could match the Yellow Spring Divine Anger. This chief of the Hall of Souls was indeed knowledgeable. Moreover, the hall chief’s soul was also at the Perfect Heavenly State, equal to Xiao Yan’s soul state. After this exchange, Xiao Yan had discovered that the strength of the chief of the Hall of Souls had actually reached the intermediate level of the five of the star Dou Sheng class. In other words, his strength had improved during these two years.

“Although your Spiritual Strength is powerful, I’m afraid that it is nothing but whimsical thinking of you wish to use it to defeat this chief…”

The chief of the Hall of Souls randomly broke the final sonic wave attack before he spoke.

Xiao Yan glanced at the Hall of Souls’ chief but did not reply. He opened his mouth and a pink flame was spat out. Following the appearance of this pink flame, the trees around the mountain emitted ‘puffs’ and self-ignited in front of many startled eyes. After which, they turned into ashes as fierce flames raged.

The chief of the Hall of Souls’ eyes narrowed when he saw the pink flame float above Xiao Yan’s head. His face finally revealed an extremely grave expression. If a frightening Heavenly Flame like this Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame were to invade his body, even he would immediately receive a serious injury. The Heavenly Flame ranked third on the Heavenly Flame Ranking was not just a flame others could just talk about…

“This is my first time using the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame to fight an opponent. Hopefully, you will not disappoint me.” Xiao Yan lifted his head, looked at the grave-looking chief of the Hall of Souls, and spoke with a smile.

“Although the demonic flame is powerful, one only needs to look at who is controlling it…”

The chief of the Hall of Souls spoke in a faint voice. He observed Xiao Yan and the cluster of pink flames. The wisp of an extremely faint black flame suddenly flashed deep within his eyes. It clearly appeared extremely unusual.

“Moreover… the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame might be powerful, but… hee…”

Xiao Yan narrowed his eyes. He was vaguely able to detect a strange fluctuation being emitted from within Little Yi’s body.

“Inside this chief’s body… there seems to be something present…”

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