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Chapter 1533: Draw

A low and deep roar was emitted from Xiao Chen’s mouth, causing Xiao Yan’s heart to tremble at this moment. A strange feeling that originated from deep within his bloodline gradually spread to every part of his body. That feeling caused his soul to tremble…

That feeling was an old pride. It was a pride that originated from a clan that had once stood at the peak of the continent!

Even though the clan had already declined, that pride was still deeply buried within his bloodline.

No one dared to challenge the might of the Xiao clan at its peak!

Even the Hun clan could only quietly hide like a poisonous snake. They waited for their opponent to weaken before launching a fatal attack!

“The current Xiao clan does not have the qualification to utter these words!” Old Man Hun Mo lowered his head. His eyes were like poisonous snakes as they stared at Xiao Chen, who was holding a large blood-colored axe. Old Man Hun Mo mocked him.

“Even though the Xiao clan has declined, you do not have the qualification to give such an evaluation!”

Xiao Chen’s eyes were frighteningly cold. His foot slammed on the ground, and with a flash, he appeared above Old Man Hun Mo’s head. His enormous blood-colored axe was just like a divine axe that could split the world as it ruthlessly hacked toward Old Man Hun Mo.

“Won’t you know whether this elderly self is qualified after you try him personally?” Old Man Hun Mo coldly laughed as Xiao Chen’s extremely mighty attack came. He shook his sleeve and over a dozen white bones shot out. Black fog spluttered and swiftly formed a white spiderweb in front of him. He allowed the huge axe to continue down unperturbed.

“Ji ji!”

The powerful strength contained in the enormous axe was quickly removed as it struck the web. The speed at which the large axe landed slowed. It seemed as though it had fallen into a quiremare. In the end, it halted just half-a-foot from Old Man Hun Mo.

“Blood Axe Xiao Chen is but only so great!”

“Is that so?”

A red glow flashed across Xiao Chen’s eyes upon hearing this. A trace of blood suddenly appeared as that huge axe was once again swung down. That silk-like bone web was easily cut apart, and the axe continued toward Old Man Hun Mo’s throat.

This sudden unexpected change caused Old Man Hun Mo to feel slightly startled, but he did not panic. His bone-like hand made a strange arc before gently pressing against the axe. After which, he randomly slammed against it with his hand. One could hear a loud sound. That enormous blood-colored axe was actually sent off course. The axe cut away and only removed a lock of Old Man Hun Mo’s hair.


Old Man Hun Mo had suffered a loss during this initial exchange due to being arrogant. His expression became a little dark and cold. The seals formed by his hands suddenly change as the dark cloud above him, which blotted out the sun, suddenly emitted countless of sharp miserable screeches. One could even vaguely see an unimaginable number of figures struggling within the dark cloud.

“Sky Demon Blood Insect, bite!”

That black cloud in the sky suddenly churned after Old Demon Hun Mo’s dark and cold cry sounded. A moment later, a fierce aura that did not belong to a human suddenly surged from the dark cloud. A piercing bloody light tore through the dark cloud like lightning in front of tons of pairs of shocked eyes. It wildly charged toward Xiao Chen at speed one could not react to.

“Ground Splitting Hack!”

The enormous blood-soaked axe in Xiao Chen’s hand wildly danced like a windmill as he watched the bloody light rapidly magnify in front of him. The axe paused and a ten-thousand-foot-large bloody glow erupted from the axe. It was accompanied by waves deep sonic booms as it violently collided with the blood glow with lightning-like speed.


That bloody light flew tens of thousands of feet back after being ruthlessly struck by that ten-thousand-foot-large bloody glow. A sharp strange cry appeared as A couple of mountains were turned into dust.

Although it had suffered a serious blow, the lifeforce of the blood light was extremely strong. It once again rushed over after just stabilizing its body. This time around its speed much slower. Many people could clearly make out its appearance. The sound from the inhalation of cold air continued to appear.

That blood light was a toad-like object. However, it was completely dark red in color. There was a countless number of protruding clusters of flesh on its body. If one were to examine it carefully, one would notice that the clusters of flesh possessed many ferocious human faces!

“It is actually the Soul Curse Toad. This Old Man Hun Mo is really ruthless…” Yao Lao scanned this ferocious and frightening blood toad from a short distance away and spoke with a somewhat ugly expression.

Xiao Yan knit his brows. He had heard of this Soul Curse Toad. It was rumored to be formed by gathering many souls together before forcing all the souls to kill each other. Ater which, some other ingredients would be gathered and the Soul Curse Toad would be refined. This thing was similar to a puppet, but due to it being forcefully formed by gathering many souls together, it also ended up gaining an intelligence. However, this intelligence was accompanied by a violent nature. Once this thing was released, it would go on a wild killing spree. In the end, it would even attack its owner. Normally, only an extremely ruthless person would refine it.

Countless pairs of eyes stard at the blood toad from around the mountain range. Hatred and fear, which could not be hidden, involuntarily appeared in their eyes. Clearly, many people had heard about the Soul Curse Toad’s fierce reputation.


Old Man Hun Mo ignored these gazes. A stern expression surfaced on his face. His finger pointed towards Xiao Chen, who was a short distance away. That Soul Curse Toad once again shot forth after obtaining its orders. Old Man Hun Mo, on the other hand, continued to launch sneak attacks while the Soul Curse Toad held back Xiao Chen. Each of sneak attack was ruthless and targeted Xiao Chen’s fatal spots. Old Man Hun Mo was intending on killing the Xiao Chen.

Faced with the combined attack of man and toad, Xiao Chen had no choice but to switch from offense to defense. He even vaguely appeared to be at a disadvantage.

“It seems that the situation is quite bad…” Yao Lao and the others frowned and softly made some comments after seeing this scene. On the other hand, those from the Hall of Souls revealed some joyous faces.

Xiao Yan’s eyes focused on Xiao Chen. Xiao Chen might be restrained in every way, but his expression had not changed much. Xiao Yan quietly sighed in relief upon noticing this. Although ancestor Xiao Chen seemed to be a little weaker than Old Man Hun Mo, he was still a top tier person. The many experiences he had accumulated were not things that Old Man Hun Mo could match.

“I wonder what the situation is like in that realm…”

Xiao Yan’s head turned to the realm, which had been built earlier. The battle inside had gradually become extremely heated. Even though they were in another realm, Xiao Yan was still able to sense the destructive force erupting within it, but it was currently impossible to clearly observe the battle situation inside with just one’s naked eyes. Hence, he could not make out the situation inside.

“Two of the three battles are currently proceeding, yet the chief of the Hall of Souls has not attacked. It is likely that he intends to wait for the two battles to end before deciding…”

This thought lingered in Xiao Yan’s heart. If both Old Man Hun Mo and Hun Qian Mo were victorious, the Hall of Souls would have won two out of the three rounds. Then, there would be no need to proceed with the final fight.

The battle in the sky became more intense while Xiao Yan was thinking to himself. The sharp exchanges caused one’s eyes to be dazzled. Only some of the sharp-eyed individuals were able to barely follow that flickering human figure…


While Xiao Chen and Old Man Hun Mo were engaging in an ferocious and intense battle, a shocking thunder-like explosion suddenly sounded. Everyone’s eyes were immediately attracted by this explosion. One could see the spatial tunnel from earlier suddenly exploding apart as two figures flew out of it. Both of them withdrew by a hundred steps before they slowly stabilized their bodies.

“They have come out!”

Many exclamations rang around the mountain range after seeing the two figures shooting out of the spatial tunnel.

“Hee, old ghost, you do have some skill…” Hun Qian Mo stabilized his body in the sky. He did not appear miserable. Even his clothes did not appear to have been touched, but an expert like Xiao Yan was able to tell that the Dou Qi within this old fellow’s body had been exhausted to a relatively miserable extent. From this exhaustion, it was possible to infer just how intense the fight was within that realm.

The ancestor from the Pill Tower in the distance merely smiled but did not speak.

“Elder Qian Mo, what is the result?”

“Elder, what is the result?”

Both the chief of the Hall of Souls and Xiao Yan below opened their mouths at the same time. The result of the fight between these two individuals was critical at this moment.

Hun Qian Mo and the ancestor from the Pill Tower hesitated for a moment upon hearing these questions. They exchanged glances before both saying, “Consider it a draw…”

The strength of the two was quite similar. It was possible to determine a victor if they were to fight an all out battle to the death, but it was impossible for the both of them to fight it out to such a stage…

The chief of the Hall of Souls and Xiao Yan were startled upon hearing these words. Xiao Yan’s reaction was still alright, but the chief of the Hall of Souls ended up frowning. Clearly, he was a little dissatisfied with this result.

“You should not be dissatisfied. With this old demon intervening, it was quite good to end up in a draw…” Hun Qian Mo landed beside the chief of the Hall of Souls and informed him in a faint voice. He was quiet for a moment while his expression became a little darker. Finally, he lifted his head to look at the youthful figure in the distance. He muttered, “It is unexpected… he has actually reached that level. Perhaps the clan head will be interested.”

The chief of the Hall of Souls did not hear Hun Qian Mo’s muttering voice. He bitterly laughed before raising his head to look at the fiery hot battle between Old Man Hun Mo and Xiao Chen. He softly sighed, “As long as Old Man Hun Mo is victorious, the situation will more or less be decided…”

Hun Qian Mo lifted his head after hearing these words. He scanned the battleground and suddenly frowned. He shook his head and replied in a deep voice, “It will be a little difficult…”

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