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Chapter 1532: Confrontation


The First Elder from the Pill Tower by the side revealed a joyous expression after noticing the green-clothed youth beside Xiao Yan. He respectfully cried out.

“Greetings to ancestor.”

Xiao Yan did not dare slight this shockingly old existence. He immediately cupped his hands together and politely gave a greeting.

“Why are you so courteous…” The ancestor of the Pill Tower waved his hand. His clear eyes contained some surprise as they swept over Xiao Yan. He laughed, “How unexpected. The Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame even I could not subdue has actually fallen into your hands. Such a lucky opportunity is really a source of envy.”

A divine object like the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame was something that even the ancestor of the Pill Tower coveted despite his strength. However, no one had ever successfully subdued it after all these years.

Xiao Yan merely grinned when he heard the Pill Tower’s ancestor laughter. He had subdued the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame by luck. If the remnant image of the Purifying Demonic Lotus Saint hadn’t activated the formation and committed suicide with the demonic flame, he would not have been able to subdue and refine the demon flame that this ancestor of the Pill Tower could not fight even if he was many times luckier.

“The Pill Tower is also a member of the Sky Mansion Alliance and all of you will be sharing glory or destruction together. Being the Pill Tower’s guardian, I cannot keep myself away from this matter.” The ancestor of the Pill Tower’s somewhat tender face looked at Xiao Yan. There was an unknown feeling within his eyes. He had lived for so many years and had become extremely sharp. He naturally understood the reason Xiao Yan had established the Sky Mansion.

Xiao Yan remained relatively calm in the face of the look the ancestor of the Pill Tower gave him. He did not intend to scheme against the Pill Tower. The matter of the alliance was beneficial to him and also benefited the Pill Tower. The Pill Tower had been fighting against the Hall of Souls for quite some time and an increasing number of alchemists, who had been threatened by the Hall of Souls, jumped to a new side. A sharp-eyed person would easily be able to notice such a development. It was likely that the extremely wise ancestor of the Pill Tower also understood what was happening. Therefore, Xiao Yan was not worried that the ancestor would find trouble with him.

“Leave that old fellow who will not die, Hun Qian Mo, to me. I do not dare to say that I can defeat him, but a draw is not the worse outcome.” The ancestor of the Pill Tower laughed as he softly spoke.

“Elder, thank you very much.” Xiao Yan sighed in relief. With these words as a guarantee, a factor of uncertainty would be missing from this decisive battle.

“The ancestor of the Pill Tower… unexpectedly we have seen this legendary being this time around…”

“It is rumored that this ancestor’s actual form is a tier 9 Xuan Pill. It is likely that he is the only medicinal pill of this tier in this world. If he is refined…”

“Shut up. Are you seeking death? The strength of this Pill Tower’s ancestor has already reached an overwhelming level. Although there are some in the world who can defeat him, it is likely really difficult to find someone who can steadily refine him…”

“Hee, however, whoever really experiences that blessing would likely…”

The appearance of the ancestor from the Pill Tower had undoubtedly stirred a big commotion within the surrounding mountains. Some of the experts from the older generation revealed startled faces. Their eyes contained some respect and fear as they looked at the ancestor. At the same time, there were some strange thoughts surging deep within their hearts. After putting aside the strength of the ancestor from the Pill Tower, his actual body as a tier 9 Xuan Pill was enough to cause an elite Dou Sheng to go crazy with red eyes.

“Old ghost, it seems that you are intending on going against my Hun clan…” Hun Mo Qian’s shriveled face slightly shook the moment the ancestor from the Pill Tower appeared. His voice was hoarse as he said, “In the past, our Hun clan has not attacked the Pill Tower on account of you. This action of yours is not wise.”

“Ha ha, you undying old thing. Don’t you think that speaking these superficial words in front of me is a little comical…” The ancestor of the Pill Tower smiled faintly upon hearing this threat. He laughed, “If the Hall of Souls had experienced the right opportunity, it would have already attacked long ago. Do you think I do not understand you people? Alright, there is no need to say such unnecessary words. It has been many years since I have fought with you. I wonder just how much your strength has risen compared to back then?”

“I will let you know!”

The strange glow within Hun Qian Mo’s eyes became brighter. The distance of his voice had also gradually become indistinguishable as his body became a little illusory.

“All of you should be careful.”

The ancestor from the Pill Tower faintly smiled faintly upon seeing Hun Qian Mo’s actions. He turned his head and informed Xiao Yan’s group. After which, his body quietly disappeared. The next time it reappeared, he was already in the air. He gently waved his hand and the surrounding space rippled. Immediately, a chaotic space was created by him.

“Hun Qian Mo, the outside area is far too small. Let’s enter and fight.”

The ancestor of the Pill Tower stood in front of the entrance to the spatial tunnel. He laughed in the direction of Hun Qian Mo below. After which, he turned around and entered that spatial tunnel. After reaching their level, they were able to randomly create a realm to fight in, but this hurriedly formed space was unstable. It would usually disappear after the battle came to an end.

“Hmph, do you think I am afraid of you?” Hun Qian Mo coldly laughed upon seeing the ancestor leave. His body moved and everyone saw the space in the air fluctuate. A figure charged into that spatial tunnel with lightning-like speed.

Soon after the both of them entered the realm, the space rippled and became transparent. Everyone’s eyesight was able to penetrate this transparent space and see the two figures floating within the chaotic space. One of these figures was the ancestor of the Pill Tower and the other was Hun Qian Mo.

“These two are elite six star Dou Shengs. Ha ha, it looks like this trip was not made in vain. A fight at this level is extremely rare across the entire continent…”

The entire mountain range quickly broke into an uproar as the two individuals charged into the realm one after another. This would be the first time most of the people present would be witnessing a faceoff between experts of this level…

“Buzz buzz!”

The ancestor from the Pill Tower and Hun Qian Mo did not utter anything unnecessary after entering the realm. They immediately began an extremely heated battle in front of many excited eyes. Even though they were in a different realm, some monstrous energy ripples still spread. The muffled sound of a chiming bell caused many to feel their chests constrict.

The battle erupted with lightning-like speed. The frightening energy assault, which could easily destroy the world, caused the hearts of many people to tremble. A strength at that level was really far too attractive…

Xiao Chen’s eyes glanced at that realm after the battle erupted within that space. After which, he slowly stepped forward without expression. His eyes glanced between the chief of the Hall of Souls and Old Man Hun Mo. His voice cracked slightly as he asked, “Who will step forward next?”

Xiao Chen’s voice was not loud. However, it appeared to possess a mysterious strength that could cause one’s soul to tremble. Many pairs of eyes that had been watching the fight in the created realm shot over.

The chief of the Hall of Souls and Old Man Hun Mo exchanged glances after looking at Xiao Chen. Old Man Hun Mo revealed a dark expression on his elderly face. He took two steps forward in front of everyone and said, “Blood Axe Xiao Chen, you were extremely renowned back then. However, you are currently a little outdated…”

“We will know whether I am outdated after exchanging blows.”

Xiao Chen’s expression was still extremely rigid, but his heart became a little more solemn. Regardless of how awful Old Man Hun Mo’s words were, there was indeed a reason behind the. If he had been able to train normally until now, he would not even need to worry about Hun Qian Mi, much less Old Man Hun Mo. Being a genius of the Xiao clan, he had been filled with pride and confidence. Unfortunately, the truth was ultimately harsh. It had not been easy for him to retain his life after being trapped within the illusion for thousands of years. The increase in his strength had also extremely slow, allowing even Old Man Hun Mo, who was from the younger generation of the Hun clan, to surpass him.

Old Man Hun Mo strangely laughed after hearing this reply. His robe fluttered in the absence of wind before he paused in the sky. A vast and mighty Dou Qi erupted from his body in all directions. In an instant, a black fog blotted out the distant sky. The light over the entire mountain range became a lot dimmer.


Such a frightening Dou Qi pressure from Old Man Hun Mo, caused saliva to be swallowed around the mountain range. Many startled eyes landed on Old Man Hun Mo. Although the fight within the created realm was even more terrifying, it was isolated from everyone present. The shock from that other battle could not compare to directly witnessing such Dou Qi.

“Advanced five star Dou Sheng… there are really many experts within the Hun clan.”

Some of the Grand Elders within the sect quietly sighed at this moment. They were envious of the Hun clans mighty foundation.

“That Xiao Chen is rumored to be someone from the Xiao clan, but from the looks of it, it will be a little difficult for him to beat Old Man Hun Mo…”

“Ugh. It will indeed be an intense battle.”

The conversations that spread in all directions did not cause even the slightest fluctuation to appear in Xiao Chen’s eyes. At this moment, his eyes were only focused on that figure below the vast black cloud in the sky. He stared at Old Man Hun Mo as a gradual heat filled his eyes.

“Those who challenge the might of the Xiao clan shall die!”

Xiao Chen slowly clenched his hand and a hundred-foot-large blood-soaked axe suddenly appeared. A bright-red color also gradually consumed his eyes at this moment. A low roar that belonged to the Xiao clan from the previous era penetrated through buried history and echoed across thousands of years in a blood boiling fashion!

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