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Chapter 1530: Fallen Mountain

The Fallen Mountain Range was located on the border between the Hall of Souls and the Sky Mansion Alliance. Both parties had fought many battles in this mountain range in the past. The battles moved back and forth and could be considered unusually intense.

The name of the Fallen Mountain Range could be traced back to ancient times. It was rumored that quite a number of elite Dou Shengs had ended up dying in these mountains in ancient times. Although this legend had caused many treasure seekers to roam the mountain range many times, they were unable to find any Dou Sheng remains, but the lack of treasures did not tarnish the reputation of the Fallen Mountain Range within the Central Plains, especially when this mountain range was chosen as the spot where the decisive battle between the Hall of Souls and the Sky Mansion Alliance would be held. The Fallen Mountain Range’s reputation had suddenly soared again.

It was unavoidable that news would spread, but it seemed like both parties had underestimated the shock that the news had generated. Within three days, the somewhat deserted Fallen Mountain Range had filled with a vast number of people at a shocking speed. Those factions and experts from all over had swarmed toward the Fallen Mountain Range. This fight for the position of overlord of all factions within the Central Plains was an eye-grabbing event.

It seemed that these factions and experts from the Central Plains were all extremely curious to learn who would emerge as the strongest in this clash, the old powerhouse, the Hall of Souls, or the new Sky Mansion Alliance.

Within three short days, the human traffic within the Fallen Mountain Range had reached a terrifying extent, forcing the Magical Beasts living in the mountain range to endure a hardship. Some of the Magical Beast tribes living in those mountains hurriedly moved their tribe in fear of being implicated, which could result in the destruction of their tribe.

While the number of people flooding into the Fallen Mountain Range reached a saturation point, the hearts of the countless individuals present suddenly surged. None of them expected this trip to be in vain. Such a decisive battle would definitely be earth-shaking!

Three days quickly passed in front of everyone’s eyes. When morning sunlight tore through the clouds and scattered across the ground on the fourth day, the atmosphere of the mountain range became extremely heated. The rushing sound of wind continuously echoed across the sky as many figures flew together like locusts. Their destination was the same. They were headed to the Fallen Mountain in the middle of the Fallen Mountain Range!

The Fallen Mountain was the most majestic and precipitous mountain in the Fallen Mountain Range. It was extremely tall. Some of the mountain roads were so steep that they were almost vertical. Hence, there was no way to climb this mountain.

The peak of the Fallen Mountain was so smooth it seemed as though a huge mirror had been built on it. The sunlight that landed on it was reflected into glaring light rays. From a distance, a pillar of those rays seemed to rise from the mountain and penetrate the clouds, giving it an unusually majestic and grand appearance, which caused one to feel prideful. Adding to the ambiance was the countless number of people floating all around it, causing the blood of many to feel like boiling. If one were to engage in an all out fight in front of these many pairs of eyes in one’s lifetime, one would regret nothing even in death…

The sky around the mountain was crowded with people. Any expert who possess the ability to fly either spread their Dou Qi wings or directly stepped through the air. One could even see some old demons who had concealed themselves from the world and the Grand Elders of some sects present in areas near the peak of the mountain. It seemed that all these elders from the older generation wanted to witness the outcome of this earth-shaking battle.

Although the entire mountain range was unbelievably crowded, not a single person dared to land on the Fallen Mountain. Even those old demons, who could crumble space with the lift of a hand, remained ten thousand feet away from the mountain.

The sun in the sky became hotter with the flow of time. When the bright round sun reached the highest point in the sky, the light pillar that shot from the top of the Fallen Mountain into the air above had also reached its most glaring state. The light pillar that reached toward the sky appeared like it had connected with the bright sun above. When viewed from far away, it was an extremely spectacular sight.

The space around the Fallen Mountain rapidly distorted when the light pillar had reached a peak state. A spatial tunnel slowly formed in front of the countless pairs of eyes present.

“Chi chi!”

A cold, black fog surged in all directions after the spatial tunnel was formed. There was a sharp sound being vaguely emitted. This sound caused the expressions of many viewers to change. Their eyes were filled with disgust and fear as they stard at the black fog.

“The members of the Hall of Souls are here…”

Everyone clearly understood just who these people were from the prelude of their entrance. Everyone hurriedly braced their attention.

The black fog churned after it appeared. Seven figures slowly appeared in front of everyone’s eyes. Those seven figures all had vast and mighty auras. Many people felt extremely terrified from just looking at them. This Hall of Soul was indeed worthy of being the overlord on the Central Plains. They had taken out seven Dou Sheng together. This grand manner really caused only to have little choice but to sigh in admiration.

The two leaders among the seven were the chief of the Hall of Souls and that Old Man Hun Mo. The deputy hall chief was the only familiar face behind them. The remaining individuals were likely experts from the Hun clan.

This entire area quickly became dark and chilly after these seven individuals appeared. Even the sunlight that scattered down from the sky felt chilly on one’s body.

“The strength of this Hall of Souls is actually so frightening…”

The expressions of the Grand Elders from some of the large sects revealed the graveness they felt as they witnessed this scene. Only after personally witnessing the lineup of the Hall of Souls did they finally understand that there was a vast unbridgeable gap between their factions and the Hall of Souls.

“The members of the Sky Mansion Alliance should reveal themselves since you have arrived…”

The chief of the Hall of Souls swept his eyes indifferently over the surrounding densely-packed crowd after appearing. He immediately lifted his head and looked at a mountain far away. His faint voice was like thunder as it reverberated across the Fallen Mountain Range.

“You are indeed worthy of being the chief of the Hall of Souls. Your sight is really good…”

A laugh steadily followed after the voice from the chief of the Hall of Souls reverberated. After which, everyone watched as the space on the other side of the Fallen Mountain swiftly became distorted. After the appearance of these ten figures, the surroundings, which had become dark and cold because of the monstrous Dou Qi that radiated from the group from the Hall of Souls, gradually recovered some heat. Everyone quietly sighed in relief at this moment. Such a fight was too terrifying. Just the auras that seeped out alone could influence the temperature.

“The Sky Mansion Alliance actually has ten Dou Shengs!”

Everyone carefully swept their eyes over the figures from the Sky Mansion that had appeared after getting over their initial shock. The sound of cold air being inhaled could be heard. Some of the old demons’ expressions had drastically changed.

Ten Dou Shengs!

The Sky Mansion Alliance seemed to have brought all the experts in their hands. Adding Ancestor Huo Yun, the Qing Hua fairies, and a one star Dou Sheng, who had joined the alliance in the last two years after being invited by Yao Lao, the number of Dou Shengs that the Alliance possessed had reached the frightening number of ten. This lineup was comparable to some ancient clans!

The surroundings became much quieter. Clearly, everyone was stunned by the great strength of the Sky Mansion Alliance. The eyes of some old demons and those Grand Elders from certain sects were filled with shock. No one had expected the strength of the Sky Mansion Alliance to soar to such an extent.

“You are indeed still alive…”

The chief of the Hall of Souls did not appear to lose himself when the lineup that the Sky Mansion Alliance had brought was displayed. With their information gathering abilities, they were already clearly aware of most of the Sky Mansion Alliance’s strength. Hence, he merely shifted his eyes and stared at the black-clothed young man standing at the leader’s position. His heart felt disbelief when he first learned of the new information related to this young man. After having personally witnessed the might of the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame, it was difficult for him to believe that Xiao Yan had been escape the hands of the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame with his life.

“Thank you for remembering me. Otherwise, I would not have been able to endure…” Xiao Yan slightly smiled. His eyes scanned the chief of the Hall of Souls in front of him. A person like this chief was no different than a legend in his heart back then. At that time, he was not even an ant in front of such a person. Now, however, he was able to speak as an equal to this overlord, who had once stirred a bloody storm across the Central Plains in front of these many pairs of eyes.

This indicated that he was growing at a shocking speed…

The chief of the Hall of Souls was noncommittal when he heard Xiao Yan’s soft piercing words.

“The demonic flame is in your hands.” The chief of the Hall of Souls mused before he suddenly made a statement.

Xiao Yan smiled but did not reply.

The chief of the Hall of Souls slowly nodded in the face of Xiao Yan’s noncommittal manner. A grave expression finally rose in his eyes as he said, “The defeated Xiao clan has been able to produce a person like you. If one were to discuss your achievements, you can be compared to Xiao Xuan. However… since my Hun clan killed the first Xiao Xuan, we can also kill the second Xiao Xuan.”

Xiao Yan’s eyes were narrowed. Those dark-black eyes had a chill flowing within them..

“Your Sky Mansion Alliance only has one opportunity in this battle. You will end up in a terrible state if you lose. Xiao Yan, do you dare to accept these stakes?” The chief of the Hall of Souls quietly stareded at Xiao Yan. His voice were like the chime of tens of thousands of bells. It was also accompanied by an extremely terrifying spiritual assault as it swept toward Xiao Yan from all directions.

Xiao Yan stepped forward. His aura was smooth. That fierce tide-like spiritual assault from the chief of the Hall of Souls was not able to force him to take a step back. He lifted his head and answered in a faint voice.


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