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Chapter 1529: Challenge Letter!

News of Xiao Yan’s return to the Sky Mansion Alliance spread with lightning-like speed. Within less than a day, this news had mades its way across all the territories the Sky Mansion Alliance owned. In an instant, the Sky Mansion had become unusually heated. No one could doubt the reputation Xiao Yan wielded within the alliance…

Although the alliance had engaged in fiery hot battles with the Hall of Souls during these last two years, Xiao Yan’s absence had caused the morale of the alliance to fall, especially for some disciples from the Falling Star Pavilion. That figure had descended like a divine being when all hope had been lost at their most desperate hour. He subsequently reversed the bleak situation with his own strength. The shock that was created from being rescued time and time again had gradually burrowed deep into everyone’s hearts with the flow of time, causing them to feel a heartfelt respect and fear for that person.

Although Yao Lao was still present while Xiao Yan was absent and nothing chaotic had happened, the upper echelons of the Sky Mansion were still able to sense the problems that Xiao Yan’s unknown fate had generated. Fortunately, the matters that had given them a headache automatically disappeared following Xiao Yan’s return. The current alliance could finally release its frightening fighting strength under the leadership of this spiritual leader…

While news of Xiao Yan’s return wildly spread within the Sky Mansion Alliance, the Hall of Souls sank into silence. Even the matter of Xiao Yan destroying a branch hall in passing was not mentioned. It appeared as though the Hall of Souls had quietly swallowed this incident.

This situation was relatively exciting from the way the ordinary members of the Sky Mansion Alliance saw it. They naturally related this matter to Xiao Yan, who had just returned. In an instant, Xiao Yan’s reputation in the alliance soared once again. Relying on one’s own strength to suppress the domineering Hall of Souls could only be described as terrifying.

Of course, these thoughts were naturally limited to the ordinary members of the Sky Mansion. Those from the upper echelons understood that this was merely the calm before the storm. The Hall of Souls was definitely gathering experts and preparing to deliver a fatal blow to the Sky Mansion Alliance…

The pressure bred by the calm before the storm prompted Yao Lao to raise the defences of the alliance their highest level. Countless spies swarmed out like locusts. Any minor occurrences within the Central Plains would be transmitted back to the Sky Mansion Alliance as fast as possible.

The somewhat pressuring silence continued for five full days. The number of conflicts between the alliance and the Hall of Souls had strangely diminished during these five days. It appeared as though both parties were holding back and not taking the initiative to attack. They both guarded their own territories and maintained extreme caution.

While both parties were facing off, some other factions sensed that something was wrong. Hence, countless pairs of eyes were roaming between the Sky Mansion Alliance and the Hall of Souls. Some of the sensitive individuals quietly detected a hidden flow. The Hall of Souls and the Sky Mansion Alliance had fought for many years. Although the fighting was extremely intense, they had not dispatched their true peak experts yet. Everyone knew that the final battle between the two large factions would begin the moment the peak experts clashed. A defeat would mean that the fight between the Sky Mansion Alliance and the Hall of Soul had ended with a victor.

If the Sky Mansion Alliance was victorious, the overlord of the Central Plains would likely change. If the Sky Mansion Alliance lost, they would ultimately be weaker when facing the Hall of Souls in the future. This might not appear like much of a problem on the surface, but it would destroy the alliance.

The members of the Sky Mansion Alliance all felt proud that the alliance could contend with the Hall of Souls. After all, only the Sky Mansion Alliance could fight the Hall of Souls even after all these years. If a day came and caused this pride to disappear, they would lose their spiritual belief. This was a relatively serious matter for such a huge faction.

Hence, some people were able to detect the oncoming storm amid this strange atmosphere. The fight between both parties this time around would really be earth-shaking…

While the outside world was anticipating the actions of the Sky Mansion and Hall of Souls, Xiao Yan had shut himself away. He guarded a quiet courtyard and listened to Xiao Xiao’s clear laughter. His heart was filled with a warmth. Without realizing it, he had been away from his daughter for two years. If one were to talk about it, he was really an irresponsible father. He was many times worse compared to how Xiao Zhan had raised him.

Xiao Xiao had grown a lot during these two years. She had gradually changed from a noisy little toddler into a youth. Despite being young, she had inherited her mother’s bewitching appearance. Her entire being radiated a perfect beauty. Once she grew up, she would definitely be the kind of girl whose beauty could spawn a disaster.

Growing older allowed Xiao Xiao’s strength to grow by leaps and bounds. Her soul had been incomparably strong since birth. Moreover, there was also the Seven-Colored Heaven Swallowing Python within her body. It was impossible to use ordinary speed to measure her training. Moreover, the thing that surprised Xiao Yan was that the usually quiet and expressionless ancestor Xiao Chen, who was old-fashioned and strange, was extremely warm toward Xiao Xiao. From what the Little Fairy Doctor had told him, Xiao Chen had passed on everything that he knew to Xiao Xiao during the two years that Xiao Yan had been missing. It seemed as though he was only one step short of passing all of his Dou Qi to her…

Xiao Yan bitterly smiled because of Xiao Xiao. She had been blessed with a great amount of love. It was really quite depressing to compare oneself with another. His training during these years had been incomparably tough. The young man from back then had carried a heavy ruler, walked out of Wu Tan City, and roamed most of the Jia Ma Empire. He continued on his path and finally arrived here. He had put in an unspeakable amount of effort in the process. However, the achievements he had achieved through hard work were easily obtained by Xiao Xiao. She was treated completely different…

While Xiao Yan was accompanying Xiao Xiao and being a father for these few days, Xiao Yan had come across Qing Lin and Tian Huo Zun-zhe. The current Qing Lin had also reach the first star of the Dou Sheng class. She had attained an extremely high position with the alliance, but she did not really bother with the day to day matters of the alliance. On the other hand, when he met Tian Huo zun-zhe, the both of them ended up sighing a little. At this moment, Tian Huo zun-zhe’s strength had recovered to his previous peak and then some. He had reached the peak of the Dou Zun class with the help of the medicinal pills Yao Lao had refined. Although there was only a step to the Ban Sheng class, he did not know whether or not he would be able to take this step within his lifetime.

However, Tian-Hou zun-zhe was not affected by this dilemma. He was supposed to be dead already. If Xiao Yan had not rescued him from the magma world beneath Jia Nan Academy back then, he would have already vanished, but he had not only managed to gain a physical body again, even his strength had far surpassed his previous peak. He was already very pleased and did not feel the drive to challenge Qing Lin, the Little Fairy Doctor, and the others from the younger generation.

Xiao Yan could only quietly nod his head as Tian Huo zun-zhe expressed his free and easy thoughts. He quietly remembered this matter in his heart. Ever since he had rescued Tian Hou zun-zhe back then, Tian Huo zun-zhe had been a good teacher and friend. His rich experience had guided Xiao Yan away from many detours. Although he had subsequently helped Tian Hou zun-zhe refine a body, he was someone who would repay a favor many times over. He would naturally try to find a way to allow Tian Huo zun-zhe to breakthrough to the Ban Sheng class. Although this would be difficult, it was not a completely impossible task with his alchemy skills.

The few days of peace quietly flowed by in this manner. Xiao Yan felt extremely relaxed during these few days. Due to some unknown reason, his present self was enjoying spending time with his kin. He somewhat mockingly thought that the reason he was enjoying it was because he was aging.

However, these warm and peaceful days would ultimately come to an end. After silence had reigned between the Sky Mansion and the Hall of Souls for seven days, a blood-red challenge letter that was delivered to the alliance, breaking the silence. The challenge letter was delivered by the Hall of Souls…

Xiao Yan stood with his hands behind him under a stone pavilion within the courtyard. The blood-red challenge letter was quietly lying on the stone table in front of him. There was a dense bloody scent vaguely being emitted from it.

“The Hall of Souls is finally unable to endure any longer…” Yao Lao’s hand gently rubbed the stone table as he stood beside Xiao Yan. His expression was a little strange as he said, “However… this challenge letter is targeting you.”

“Xiao Yan boasts an extremely great reputation within the Sky Mansion Alliance. The morale of the alliance will collapse if he is defeated.” Xiao Chen responded in a faint voice.

Xiao Yan slightly smiled. He gently flicked his finger and the blood-colored challenge letter on the stone table opened. A bloody vapor spluttered out before turning into some blood-colored words. These words were filled with a stern aura as they floated in the air in front of him.

“Sky Mansion, Xiao Yan, we will fight to the death on the Fallen Mountain in three days’ time!”

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