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Chapter 1463: Nine Serene Profound Scepter

Xiao Yan slowly withdrew his fist after hearing the furious roar that resounded from above, but both of his feet continued to ruthlessly step on Yao Xiaotian’s body. Heavenly Flame spread over his feet as they were coincidentally pressed on a spot around seven inches from the middle of the snake’s body. This was the fatal spot of the snake clan. If it was struck, even an elite Dou Sheng would end up suffering.

Xiao Yan lifted his head. He looked at the sky, only to find that the sky was currently filled with many experts from the Nine Serene Deep Ground Python tribe. These people were glaring at him with furious eyes. Regardless of how one put it, the Nine Serene Deep Ground Python tribe was one of the three largest tribes in the Magical Beast world. At this moment, this person had not only snuck into their territory, he had even beaten up their chief. No one would be able to endure this humiliation.

“Brat, who are you? You actually dare to act wildly within the territory of my Nine Serene Deep Ground Python tribe!”

An old man with a completely bright-red poisonous snake on his shoulder stood in the sky. His eyes were ruthlessly staring at Xiao Yan as he cried out.

He glanced at the giant black snake under the golden giant, Xiao Yan, after letting out a cold cry. His heart shook slightly. It was unexpected that Yao Xiaotian would be suppressed to such an extent by this unknown person despite his strength.

“We must restrain him today, regardless of who he is. Otherwise, how will our Nine Serene Deep Ground Python tribe survive in the Magical Beast world if this matter spreads!” A gray-haired old man beside the elder furiously cried out.

“Serene Snake Guards, listen up. Capture this person!” The gray-haired old man angrily ordered them to act.


An orderly response was emitted after the old man’s furious cry was heard. The sound of wind splitting could be heard. Numerous figures with snake shape armor rushed out of the various mountains. They appeared around Xiao Yan within a couples of flashes. The many auras all locked onto him.

“The foundation of this Nine Serene Deep Ground Python is indeed quite strong. These Serene Snake Guards all possess an extremely powerful aura. Moreover, their movement seems to suggest a perfect cooperation.” Xiao Yan’s eyes swept over the hundred Serene Snake Guards and a surprise flashed across his heart. This elite army was something that the ‘Sky Mansion Alliance’ did not possess.


A force suddenly erupted from Yao Xiaotian’s body under Xiao Yan’s feet while Xiao Yan’s heart was feeling surprised. Yao Xiaotian forcefully escaped Xiao Yan’s restraints and hurried to the sky in a somewhat miserable manner. Both of his eyes were blood-red as he looked at Xiao Yan and roared, “All Elders, listen up, create the Ten Thousand Snake Grand Formation. Kill this fellow!”

The many Elders in the sky were slightly startled after hearing Yao Xiaotian’s roar, but they quickly voiced their acknowledgement in respectful tones. The sound of rushing wind appeared. These Elders with great strength spread apart in the sky. They formed a mysterious formation that trapped Xiao Yan inside.

Xiao Yan frowned slightly after seeing these Elders intervene. Even a hero would not be able to fight against so many alone. This was the headquarters of the Nine Serene Deep Ground Python tribe. It would be a little difficult for him to block these continuous attacks. After all, that Yao Xiaotian and the elder with a bright-red snake on his shoulder were all genuine Dou Shengs.

“The leaders from the various tribes, please head back. Allow me to resolve this matter personally!”

Yao Xiaotian’s eyes flickered after trapping Xiao Yan. He suddenly turned his head and spoke in a deep voice to the leaders of the various tribes a short distance away.

The leaders from the various tribes hesitated for a moment after hearing these words, but they slowly nodded, not daring to disobey the orders of the tribal chief.

“Hee hee, Yao Xiaotian, are you planning to get rid of me without anyone knowing after chasing these leaders of the various tribes away?” However, a cold laugh suddenly sounded after Yao Xiaotain cried out. A figure rushed out and appeared in the air.

The figure that had appeared was naturally Yao Ming, who had been rescued from the Nine Serene Spring by Xiao Yan. However, his body was no longer shriveled. Instead, it had become much larger. His face was a little dark as a sinister aura spread while his eyes flickered.

The many members of the Nine Serene Deep Ground Python tribe were stunned after seeing Yao Ming’s face, which was a little similar to Yao Xiaotian’s face. Some of the Elders finally cried out in disbelief a moment later. “Tribal chief Yao Ming? How is it possible? Didn’t you die after your training went wrong?”

“Tribal chief Yao Ming?”

“It seems like he is tribal chief Xiaotian’s brother, the previous tribal chief, but tribal chief Xiaotian had said that he had died after something went wrong with his training. He has already been missing for hundreds of years. How can he appear again?”

Yao Xiaotian’s face twitched after hearing the many conversations that popped up all over. His eyes shifted to that elder with a bright-red snake on his shoulder. Suddenly, he cried out in a cold voice, “Be quiet. Do not be deceived by this person. This person is definitely that other fellow’s accomplice. He has purposefully disguised himself as my big brother in order to cause unrest in our tribe. All Elders, why aren’t you activating the formation? Kill him!”

Those Elders were startled after hearing Yao Xiaotian’s command, but they were a little hesitant to attack.

“Ha ha, Yao Xiaotian, are you so anxious to silence me?” Yao Ming laughed at the sky. After which, his eyes swept over a couple of Elders, “Elder Xian, Elder Ming, Elder Liu, the three of you were closest to me back then. Don’t tell me that even you cannot recognize me?”

Those three white-haired Elders swept their eyes over Yao Ming after hearing his laugh. Some excitement rose on their faces as they said, “He really seems to be tribal chief Yao Ming. The three of us are quite familiar with his aura.”

“Ming Cang, the three of you should not cause confusion within the tribe. Currently, the tribal chief of the Nine Serene Deep Ground Python tribe is Yao Xiaotian. Are you attempting to betray the tribe?” The elder with a bright-red snake on his shoulder glared at the three of them with sinister eyes as he coldly questioned them.

“First Elder, this is really tribal chief Yao Ming. Is there some misunderstanding here?” The three Elders hurriedly replied.

“There is no misunderstanding. Back then, the reason I disappeared was precisely because of this good brother of mine and the First Elder. They had joined hands to poison and injure me. They even sealed me at the bottom of the Nine Serene Spring. If I had not been rescued this time around, I would have spent my entire life sealed under the Nine Serene Spring. They found out that I escaped today and naturally need to quickly silence me…” Yao Ming faintly laughed.


Yao Ming’s words were undoubtedly like thunder as they exploded in everyone’s ears. All pairs of eyes gathered on Yao Xiaotian and the First Elder.

“First Elder, is what tribal chief Yao Ming said true?” Some of the Elders immediately cried out.

“This person is a fake. Can you trust his words?” The gray-robed first Elder replied in a sinister voice. He quickly waved his sleeve and continued in a dense voice, “In that case, this elderly-self shall personally capture him. I will get him to speak the truth and hold him accountable to everyone!”

The First Elder’s body suddenly disappeared after his words rang out. He was already in front of Yao Ming when he appeared. His shriveled hands had become incomparably black as an intense stench spread from them.

“Withered Leaf Great Poison Palm!”

“First Elder, you are really quick in your attempt to silence him.”

Wind had just risen from the First Elder’s palm when a loud laugh sounded from below and a golden light surged. The enormous golden human figure appeared in between Yao Ming and the First Elder. The golden light surged and violently collided with the First Elder.


An energy hurricane swept out as the two collided. The energy shook the large mountains below until they began to crack apart.

The First Elder took two steps back after this collision. His eyes were gloomy as he glared at the golden human figure in front of Yao Ming. A ferocious expression appeared on his face, “Brat, you are seeking death!”

“Hmph, First Elder, you seem to be even more anxious…”

Yao Ming took a step forward. His eyes were dark and cold as he glared at the First Elder. He suddenly widened his mouth. A black light shot out and turned into a five-foot-long scepter. This scepter was completely black with two lifelike poisonous snakes twisting at the top. A fist-sized black bead was present between the two snakes. It emitted a faint cold glow.

“All Elders, do you still recognize this thing?”

“The Nine Serene Profound Scepter? It is actually the Nine Serene Profound Scepter that has been lost for hundreds of years!”

“It is the keepsake of the tribal chief!”

The expressions of all the Elders in the sky drastically changed after seeing that black scepter appear. A wild heat surged within their eyes. They could feel a pressure from within their blood that originated from the scepter. It was rumored that the snake bead on the Nine Serene Profound Scepter possessed an extremely pure Nine Serene King tribe bloodline. If the current Nine Serene Deep Ground Serpent tribe could obtain this bloodline, it would undoubtedly allow them to greatly extend the rate at which their blood was thinning.

“No wonder I was unable to find the Nine Serene Profound Scepter no matter where I searched. It had had been swallowed into your stomach.” Yao Xiaotian’s expression was extremely gloomy as he looked at Yao Ming. His fists were tightly clenched.

“All Elders, we must not only hear one side of the story. Everyone is aware of how the the Nine Serene Deep Ground Python tribe is under the leadership of tribal chief Xiaotian. Even though Yao Ming is the previous tribal chief, he was appointed in the past. If he is willing to hand over the Nine Serene Profound Scepter, he will have a place in this Nine Serene Deep Ground Python tribe in the future…” The First Elder ruhlessly glared at Xiao Yan as he opened his mouth and cried out.

“That’s right, tribal chief Yao Ming, you should hand over the Nine Serene Profound Scepter to tribal chief Xiaotian.” Some of the Elders also opened their mouths and spoke at this moment. They were Yao Xiaotian’s cronies. Naturally, they understood who they should help at this moment.

Yao Ming coldly smiled upon hearing these Elders’ words.

“First Elder is wrong. Whoever possesses the Nine Serene Profound Scepter is the tribal chief of our Nine Serene Deep Ground Python tribe. This has been the rule of our tribe across every generations. When we allowed Yao Xiaotian to be the tribal chief back then, we agreed that it was only temporarily. Moreover, all of you also agreed that you would return the position of the tribal chief to tribal chief Yao Ming if he returns.” Those three Elders, who had been named by Yao Ming earlier, faced each other before speaking at the same time. None of them were ordinary people. They could guess the truth of the matter.

“The three Elders are right…”

There were clearly many people supporting Yao Ming among these Elders. Hence, some voices of agreement appeared.

“Bastard, go and die!”

Yao Xiaotian’s and the First Elder’s expression turned slightly cold after hearing these words. They exchanged glances and the two of them rushed out at the same time. They appeared in front of Xiao Yan in a flash. A frightening wind swept apart as they ruthlessly attacked Xiao Yan. It seemed that they wished to use a blitzkrieg tactic to finish off Xiao Yan and Yao Ming. Only then would they be able to stabilize the situation.

The two Dou Shengs attacked at the same time. That momentum could be called earth-shaking!

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