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Chapter 1464: All Had Been Decided

A solemn-feeling flashed across Xiao Yan’s heart when he saw Yao Xiaotian and the First Elder attack at the same time. One of these people was an intermediate one star Dou Sheng while the other was an advanced one star Dou Sheng. They were terrifyingly strong after joining hands. Xiao Yan would end up finding himself facing a life threatening danger if he underestimated their strengths.

“You two are really anxious. It is likely that everyone present knows just what the both of you are planning to do!”

Xiao Yan’s body shook. He unleashed the King Kong Glass Body to its limit. His originally large body once again swelled until it reached a ninety-nine-foot peak. A bright golden light lingered over the surface of his body before gradually turning into a dark-golden color. His golden skin shook as a faint thunderous roar shot out of his pores.

“Clan tattoo appear!”

Xiao Yan was dissatisfied despite having unleashed the King Kong Glass Body to its peak. His hands formed a seal and a mysterious clan tattoo swiftly appeared on his forehead. The moment the clan tattoo formed, Xiao Yan’s aura wildly soared in front of the astounded eyes of Yao Xiaotian and the First Elder. In the blink of an eye, he had become an advanced one star Dou Sheng. His aura was even a little stronger than that First Elder!

“What kind of Secret Technique has this fellow used? He is actually able to strengthen himself by two levels. Even some ordinary Tian class Secret Techniques are unable to do this!”

The hearts of those two were like a stormy sea. There was an enormous gap between each level within the Dou Sheng class, yet Xiao Yan was able to instantly leap from the initial level to the advanced level. Such a powerful Secret Technique was extremely rare.

“Ha ha, allow me to test just how powerful two Dou Sheng are when combined!”

Xiao Yan laughed at the sky after sensing this vast and mighty strength that could control the world. His laughter was like thunder that reverberated across the sky. The blood within some of the weaker individuals churned after hearing this laughter. They quickly stepped back. There blood was already churning despite the fact that Xiao Yan did not want to attack them. If Xiao Yan felt a murderous desire, just his laughter alone would be able to shatter the meridians of any Dou Zong class expert.

This might was truly something that only belonged to elite Dou Shengs!

Just a laugh alone could shatter one’s soul!


The First Elder furiously laughed. His hand turned completely black as a rich stench pounced over. Just a touch from the lethal poison on his hands would cause even an elite Ban Sheng to suffer.


Xiao Yan did not withdraw. He faced the combined attacks of the First Elder and Yao Xiaotian. Both of his hands were waved and a frightening wind was formed like a storm. His fists collided violently with the two individuals—two fists against four palms. Space itself collapsed each time they made contact. A frightening ripple shook the mountains within a fifty kilometer radius until they collapsed. Many ten-thousand-foot-wide pits also appeared on the ground. The destructive force from a fight between elite Dou Shengs was mind-numbing.

The Elders and members from the Nine Serene Deep Ground Python tribe hurriedly pulled back after seeing the terrifying battle in the sky.

“Should we intervene? From the looks of it, that golden light person seems to be extremely powerful. Even the First Elder and tribal chief Xiaotian combined cannot gain an advantage against him.”

“Do not be anxious. That person seems to be helping tribal chief Yao Ming. During these years, Yao Xiaotian has basically turned the tribe into a dictatorship. He is far too forceful and cannot compare with tribal chief Yao Ming. It might be good for us if tribal chief Yao Ming returns to being the tribal chief.”

“However, tribal chief Yao Xiaotian has groomed many close aides during these years. Look at those fellows. They are already planning on secretly attacking tribal chief Yao Ming.”

“Hmph, stop them!”

A group of extremely old Elders gathered together and engaged in a private conversation. A moment later, many pairs of eyes were suddenly thrown toward a group that appeared slightly younger. Immediately, Dou Qi surged out of their bodies. They whizzed forward in a flash and blocked that group that was ready to create trouble.

“Elder Ming, what are you planning to do? The tribal chief is in trouble. It is fine if you do not go and rescue him, yet you dare to stop us. What is your motive!”

“Hmph, a group of individuals from the younger generation actually dares to scream in front of this elderly-self. Capture them!”

“Yellow Spring Finger!”

“Quiet Ghost Poison Claw!”

A huge energy finger once again descended from the sky. It was accompanied by an extremely dark and cold energy as it ruthlessly pressed toward Xiao Yan. At the same time, that First Elder also swiftly approached. His hand claw had formed a black viscous liquid. Even the air itself had been corroded into nothing as the liquid fell…

“Great Heaven Creation Palm!”

“God Seal Skill, five seals combined!”

Xiao Yan’s expression was unusually grave as these two wild attacks approached. His right hand was curled as an enormous black light sphere was formed above it. His left hand also formed numerous seals with lightning-like speed before five energy palms were swiftly formed. They merged together and turned into a crystallized palm.

God Seal Skill, five seals combined, was the first time Xiao Yan had merged all five seals together. Its strength was not weaker than the Great Heaven Creation Palm.

“Bang bang!”

Xiao Yan’s right hand created the Great Heaven Creation Palm while his left hand created the five seals combined. The both of them were unleashed together and collided with the enormous energy finger and the First Elder’s ghost claw.

The entire area was silent as the collision occurred. An energy storm was suddenly formed all from the collision. The space within a ten-thousand-foot-radius completely collapsed at this moment. All the mountain peaks were shattered into dust…

“Bam bam!”

Xiao Yan, the golden light figure, staggered back in the sky while Yao Xiaotian and the First Elder were both pushed back. The blood within their bodies churned as they looked at Xiao Yan with some shock in their eyes. They were really unable to believe that Xiao Yan was able to fight equally in a head-on collision with the two of them using just his initial one star Dou Sheng strength.

“Dammit, just where did Yao Ming find such a helper. He is ridiculously powerful!”

Yao Xiaotian’s expression was extremely gloomy. His heart felt a vague unease. Xiao Yan’s powerful strength had finally caused him to feel that the situation had become a little troublesome. The matter today would likely not be resolved as easily as he had imagined.

“Elder Ming, you bastards dare to attack the members of the tribe?”

Yao Xiaotian shifted his eyes. Suddenly he saw Elder Ming’s group, which had stopped all of his close aides. He immediately became extremely furious.

“Tribal chief Xiaotian, this matter has not been fully investigated. Naturally, we cannot allow others to capture tribal chief Yao Ming!” Elder Ming cried out.


Yao Xiaotain was so furious that his body began to tremble. He had not expected these old fellows to turn against him. Not only did they not lend him a hand, they had also become a hindrance.

“First Elder, what should we do now?” Yao Xiaotian returned his eyes to the First Elder as he asked in a dark voice.

“Back then, I had told you to get rid of all those old fellows, yet you insisted on keeping them. Now, you have allowed an enemy to grow!” The First Elder chided Yao Xiaotian. He also realized that saying this would not help the situation. He clenched his teeth and said, “I will block this brat. You should find an opportunity to attack Yao Ming. These old fellows will not dare to do anything as long as we kill him.”

Yao Xiaotian had just nodded after hearing this when a dangerous laugh suddenly echoed.

“There is no need to find an opportunity. You can do it now!”

Yao Ming’s clothes fluttered as he stood behind Xiao Yan. His eyes were like sharp blades as they shot at Yao Xiaotian and the First Elder. He ceased hiding at this moment. He lifted his foot and slowly walked forward. As he stepped forward, an aura that was even more powerful and frightening than anyone present surged out.

“Two star Dou Sheng?”

Yao Xiaotian and the First Elder’s expression immediately turned pale after sensing the strength of this aura. Neither of them had expected Yao Ming to stronger instead of deteriorating since he had been suppressed for so many years. He had actually soared from the Ban Sheng class back then to a two star Dou Sheng!

“He is indeed worthy of being tribal chief Yao Ming. This talent is many times greater than Yao Xiaotian!” Elder Ming’s group also revealed a wild joy in their eyes. They were Magical Beasts. Their training speed might not be comparable to a human, but they possessed extremely long lifespans. Within the Magical Beast world, spending a couple of hundred years to advance from the Ban Sheng class to a two star Dou Sheng was already quite fast.

“Brother Xiao Yan, Yao Ming will remember this favor of yours. Once I finish off this bastard, I will even be willing to share the Nine Serene Deep Ground Python tribe with you in the future!”

Yao Ming’s eyes landed on Xiao Yan before he suddenly bowed to him. His deep voice contained a great amount of gratitude. If Xiao Yan had not rescued him from the spring, provided him with medicinal pills, and blocked these two for such a long time, he would likely have ended up dying with hatred today!

“How much of your strength have you recovered?” Xiao Yan smiled and inquired.

“Sixty percent. However, it is more than enough to finish off Yao Xiaotian.” Yao Ming loudly laughed.

“In that case, leave the First Elder to me. You should properly settle the debt between the both of you…” Xiao Yan faintly laughed.


Yao Ming nodded. He did not say anything unnecessary as he turned around. His dark and vicious eyes locked onto the pale-looking Yao Xiaotian. He stepped through the air and slowly walked toward Yao Xiaotian.

“My good brother, today, allow me to return all the bitterness I have felt these hundreds of years to you!” Yao Ming appeared in front of Yao Xiaotian within a couple of flashes. A ferocious expression slowly rose onto his face.

Xiao Yan’s body moved, and he appeared in front of that First Elder after Yao Ming acted. He grinned at the First Elder, but the First Elder felt his entire body turn cold when he noticed that smile. He understood that everything had already been decided…

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