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Chapter 1438: Leaving the Retreat, Dou Sheng!


Three figures crossed each other in the sky with lightning-like speed. Frightening Dou Qi ripples formed a ring shape that spread in all directions. No experts dared to step within a ten thousand meter radius. This frightening ripple could grind an elite Dou Zun into a pool of blood.


The human figures crossed each other and stumbled back a couple of steps. Even space itself had shaken until it collapsed and formed a large dark region wherever their feet landed.

“Tsk tsk, Yao Chen, so what if your Spiritual Strength is powerful? Do you really think that you can fight against the two of us alone?” Old demon Tian Ming stabilized his body and suppressed his somewhat churning blood. He looked at the gloomy-faced Yao Lao a short distance away and coldly laughed.

Gu You by the side also coldly laughed. He could not help but clench his hand while feeling a little shaken in his heart. He understood that if he was alone, he would not be a match for Yao Lao. The other party’s Spiritual Strength far surpassed his.

“It is rumored that the fighting ability of alchemists during the ancient times was extremely great. It is likely due to their strong Spiritual Strength. It is likely this this Yao Chen is already in the Heavenly State among the four great Spiritual States: Man, Soul, Heavenly, and Di. One would not be able to find many who have reached this stage even if they searched over the Central Plains.” Gu You’s eyes flickered. The murderous intent in his heart also became denser. He needed to finish off this old fellow today no matter what. Otherwise, this person would likely bring disaster in the future.

“Old demon Tian Ming, don’t give him any time to catch his breath. Kill him! He won’t be able to hold out for long!” Gu You’s eyes were dark and cold as he cried out in a chilly voice.


Old demon Tian Ming nodded upon hearing this. He strangely laughed, “Tsk tsk, My heart is feeling very excited the moment I think of being able to kill a high level Ban Sheng…”

The seal formed by old demon Tian Ming’s hands changed after his laughter sounded. A vast gray Dou Qi surged out from his body in all directions. Finally, it agglomerated into a thousand-foot-large illusory figure. This illusory figure did not have an actual face, but it emitted an extremely frightening aura.

“Profound Sky palm!”

Old demon Tian Ming’s hand suddenly slammed towards Yao Lao. The huge illusory figure behind him also moved at the same time. The enormous palm was accompanied by a frightening wind that chilled one’s soul and carried waves of sonic booms that ruthlessly shot toward Yao Lao.

Yao Lao did not dare to slight the illusory hand after sensing the frightening energy contained within it. Dou Qi quickly surged out of his body. His Dou Qi finally turned into a thousand-foot-tall fire palm that collided with the illusory palm.


Both palms collided and a rumbling thunder-like explosion immediately resonated across the sky. A terrifying Dou Qi storm swept apart from the point of contact. It shattered a mountain by the side into dust that scattered apart.

This Dou Qi storm erupted and spread. Old demon Tian Ming in the sky was also struck by it. He rapidly staggered back and his aura became slightly sluggish. His originally pale face had become even paler.

Although old demon Tian Ming suffered a little, Yao Lao did not have an easy time. The blood and Qi within his body churned from the impact, but he had just suppressed it with much difficulty when a black figure was suddenly magnified in his eyes. A sharp, dark, and cold palm wind once again surged over, forcing him to have no choice but to receive it again.


Even with Yao Lao’s great strength, experiencing another head-on clash with Gu You caused him to feel a sweetness in his throat, but he forcefully managed to swallow the blood. The three of them were at the same level, and it was obvious that Yao Lao was no match against these two together.


While Yao Lao suppressed some injuries that had appeared within his body, a snake’s cry that contained an immense pain suddenly erupted from the distant sky. He hurriedly turned his head, only to see Cai Lin’s Seven-Colored Heaven Swallowing Python body was sent flying by a palm from the third Tianzun. The frightening force of an elite Ban Sheng had shattered the tough scales on the body of the Seven-Colored Heaven Swallowing Python. Blood scattered down from the sky like a storm.

“Cai Lin!”

The Little Fairy Doctor’s expression altered slightly after seeing Cai Lin be injured by the third Tianzun. Her bright eyes furiously glared at the dark and dense face of the third Tianzun. Her delicate body moved and rushed behind him. She moved her palm and a fist-sized grayish-brown bead appeared in her hand.

“Woeful Poison Calamity!

A cold glint flashed across the Little Fairy Doctor’s bright eyes. A thumb-sized grayish-brown liquid suddenly seeped out of the Poison Pill in her hand. Waves of white fog erupted from that space the moment the liquid appeared, and it shot toward the third Tianzun.


With the Little Fairy Doctor’s speed, she was unable to escape the third Tianzun’s detection. A black figure flashed in front of her when the grayish-brown liquid shot out. He turned around and waved his sleeve. It swung into the Little Fairy Doctor’s delicate body. This weak sleeve appeared as hard as metal. It caused the Little Fairy Doctor to spit out a mouthful of blood as her delicate body flew backwards.

“Chi chi!”

Although she was blasted backwards, the grayish-brown liquid still landed on the third Tianzun’s robes. His robes immediately turned into ashes, and some poison liquid landed on his arm like maggots in one’s bones. That portion of his flesh was quickly corroded.

The third Tianzun’s expression changed when he saw that the poisonous liquid was so lethal that even his Dou Qi could not block it, but he was a ruthless individual. His hand was like a blade as it swiftly cut his arm. The large portion of his flesh with poison adhering to it was cut away, revealing some dense-white bones.

“You can be considered to have some ability to be able to cause me to cut off my own flesh. However, you will have to compensate me with your life!”

The third Tianzun endured the intense pain on his arm. He glanced at the Little Fairy Doctor, who was flying backwards, with a ruthless expression. His body moved, and he was just about to give chase when a green figure swiftly rushed over. A powerful Dou Qi surged and blocked him.

“An insignificant and futile effort!”

The third Tianzun coldly laughed after seeing Qing Lin blocking him. He was not afraid even when the three of them attacked together. Even less needed to be said with Qing Lin alone. Although the Triple Jade-Green Snake Flower Pupils were powerful, these things were simply unorthodox methods in the face of absolute strength!

“Bang bang bang bang!”

Qing Lin could only bitterly endure the third Tianzun’s incomparably ferocious attack, but it was clear that she had fallen to a disadvantage. If not for the help from the Triple Jade-Green Snake Flower Pupils, she would have already been seriously injured by the third Tianzun. Even though she hadn’t been seriously injured yet, she would likely be defeated soon…

The entire star realm had all fallen into chaotic and intense battles. However, the main stages was still Yao Lao’s battle and the third Tianzun’s fight. Everyone understood that if these elite Ban Sheng were to be freed from their fights, it would be a fatal blow for the other party’s expert. Moreover… from the looks of the present situation, Yao Lao, Cai Lin, and the others had clearly fallen into a disadvantage…

“Ha ha, Yao Chen, are you still going to continue to bitterly struggle?”

Gu You and old demon Tian Ming continued to press Yao Lao in the sky. After being entangled in a battle with these two, Yao Lao had gradually entered a tired state. His attacks and defenses were inferior to what they had been before. Yao Lao was at a disadvantage in a prolonged battle with these two.

Faced with the strange laughter of old demon Tian Ming, Yao Lao’s expression became dark and solemn. However, he did not dare to split his attention to retort.


Just when Yao Lao had focused his attention to deal with the battle, muffled sound suddenly exploded in the distant sky. From the corner of his eyes, Yao Lao saw that Qing Lin was finally no match for the third Tianzun. Her enemy had targeted her opening. A fist flew and even the Heaven Serpent illusory figure behind her was forcefully scattered.

“Tsk tsk, getting distracted in battle is not good!”

This scene caused Yao Lao’s heart to feel chilled. His actions slowed for an instant. Immediately, a ghost-like figure appeared behind him and a palm was violently thrown. It firmly landed on Yao Lao’s back.


This sudden sneak attack caused half of Yao Lao’s body to become numb. A mouthful of fresh blood was spat out. His body descended and finally smashed into the square. Many large crack lines spread and finally covered half of the mountain.

The hearts of many Falling Star Pavilion experts sank upon seeing Yao Lao fall. Yao Lao was the strongest person in the Falling Star Pavilion. If he was defeated, the morale of the Falling Star Pavilion would definitely take a beating.

“Members of the Falling Star Pavilion, Yao Chen has already been defeated. If you still insist on this stubborn resistance, this elderly-self does not mind killing you all!”

After defeating Yao Lao, old demon Tian Ming stepped through empty air and swept his sinister gaze over the star realm. A cold cry that was filled with a murderous aura resounded beside everyone’s ear.

Everyone in the Falling Star Pavilion was stunned after hearing this cold cry from old demon Tian Ming. Most of the experts in the Falling Star Pavilion revealed gloomy and hopeless faces…

Those experts, who had come to watch the battle, felt some sadness in their hearts. It seemed that this Falling Star Pavilion, which had been grand for a short while, was about to be destroyed by the hands of the Profound River Alliance and the Hall of Souls…

Old demon Tian Ming smiled in a pleased manner after sensing that the star realm had become much quieter. After which, he waved his hand. He looked at the pale-faced Yao Lao struggling to stand and coldly said, “Yao Chen, remember, your fate today is entirely your own fault. You chose to swallow a bitter pill instead of taking the easy road!”

Yao Lao wiped the trace of blood from the corner of his mouth. His eyes were ferocious as they stared at old demon Tian Ming. A madness gradually appeared within his eyes

“Kill him! Otherwise, the situation might change if we tarry!”

Old demon Tian Ming knit his brows as he observed the expression in Yao Lao’s eyes. He looked at Gu You before suggesting in a deep voice.

“Alright.” Gu You also nodded.


While old demon Tian Ming and Gu You were preparing to launch a killing attack to completely finish Yao Lao off, the entire Star Realm suddenly began to tremble. Then, all the mountains began to wildly shake, appearing as though an earthquake had struck.

“What is happening?”

This sudden unexpected change caused old demon Tian Ming and Gu You’s expression to change as they asked a question.


A green mountain deep within the star realm suddenly exploded after their questions sounded. The enormous mountain turned into rock fragments in front of many stunned eyes. At the same time, a monstrous flame, which appeared like a flame that could destroy the world, swept out of the deep mountains. Finally, it turned into a rolling fire wave that swiftly surged toward this part of the sky.

The sea of flames surged over and a familiar cold cry suddenly reverberated over the star realm!

“Today, anyone in the star realm who does not belong to my pavilion—will die!”

A dense pressurizing aura spread with lightning-like speed as this dangerous cry roared across the land!

Upon sensing this monstrous aura that contained a great pressure, old demon Tian Ming and Gu You, who were suspended in the sky, instantly stilled. A rich shock surged onto their faces. Their sharp cries of disbelief appeared in the sky.

“Dou Sheng? How is that possible?”

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