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Chapter 1437: Big Battle in the Star Realm

Old demon Tian Ming was monitoring Yao Lao’s expression. After seeing a ruthlessness surface on Yao Lao’s face, he understood that the Falling Star Pavilion would not submit. The dense smile on his face quickly intensified as he said, “It seems that this Falling Star Pavilion will not be able to avoid bloodshed today…”

“It’s just as well. There are many experts present. We will be able to collect some souls at the same time.” Gu You laughed in a strange fashion. His tone clearly indicated that he thought little of the Falling Star Pavilion. They had two high level Ban Shengs on their side and one initial level Ban Sheng. This strength was clearly not something the Falling Star Pavilion could compare with. Today, they had arrived with the intention of killing. The Falling Star Pavilion would definitely be eliminated from the Central Plains forever.

Yao Lao’s expression was gloomy as he stared at Gu You’s group. He spoke in a deep voice, “Leave Gu You and old demon Tian Ming for me to deal with. Cai Lin, Qing Lin, the Little Fairy Doctor, the three of you will block that other initial level Ban Sheng!”

The Ban Sheng class was divided into the initial, intermediate, and high level. Each sub level possessed a great gap between them. The initial Ban Sheng class expert from the Hall of Souls should have just reached that level. He had yet to fully gain control his strength. Even though Cai Lin and the other two would find it difficult to defeat him, it was still possible to delay him a little.

“Yao Lao…”

The expressions of Cai Lin’s group changed when they heard that Yao Lao was planning to fight two people by himself. Although Yao Lao was a high level Ban Sheng, neither old demon Tian Ming nor Gu You was weaker than him. Yao Lao would be at a disadvantage if those two were to join hands.

Yao Lao waved his hand. He was clearly aware of the risk, but he did not have any other choices right now. An elite Ban Sheng was an extremely great pressure in this kind of fight. If these two Ban Shengs from the Hall of Souls were allowed to attack the other experts from the Falling Star Pavilion, it would undoubtedly be a one-sided massacre. If a massacre occurred, the Falling Star Pavilion would completely collapse. Hence, he needed to fight the other party’s Ban Sheng at any cost.

“Let’s just do it this way. All of you should be careful.”

Yao Lao did not say anything more after that. His body moved. He appeared a short distance in front of old demon Tian Ming and Gu You. Monstrous Dou Qi spread out of his body and locked onto those two.

“Tsk tsk. Yao Chen, you are really arrogant to think that you can block the both of us by yourself?” Old demon Tian Ming and Gu You immediately laughed after sensing that they had been locked onto by Yao Lao’s aura.

Yao Lao ignored their ridicule. His expression was dark and gloomy as a terrifying and pressurizing Dou Qi lingered around his body. This Dou Qi caused space itself to continuously distort.

“Attack. Don’t kill those who surrender. Kill all those who stubbornly resist!”

Old demon Tian Ming coldly laughed as he sensed the pressure from Yao Lao. He stepped forward and a sudden cold cry, which was filled with murderous intent, rang out.


Hearing this cold cry from old demon Tian Ming, the many experts from the Profound River Alliance immediately revealed their murderous desires. Many majestic Dou Qis erupted from all directions. At the same time, many experts on the Falling Star Pavilion’s side began to circulate their Dou Qi. Their expressions were unfriendly as they stared at those from the Profound River Alliance.


This face-off continued for a moment before a ferocious cry suddenly sounded. The many experts from the Profound River Alliance flashed and turned into many rays of light that charged toward the square with lightning-like speed. The experts from the Falling Star Pavilion were unwilling to stay behind as they also charged forward. They clashed with the experts from the Profound River Alliance in the air and an earth-shaking explosion erupted across the star realm.

The surrounding individuals hurriedly withdrew into the distance as they watched this big war swiftly erupt. They were afraid of being implicated.

“Hee hee, brother Gu You, let’s also act to finish off this old fellow Yao Chen!” Old demon Tian Ming loudly laughed after watching the big battle erupt in an instant.


Gu You nodded in a dark manner upon hearing Tian Ming’s words. He had been planning to flatten the Falling Star Pavilion two years ago, but due to some schemes in the clan, he had no choice but to put the matters aside. Now that some of those schemes had progressed, he was finally able to find an opportunity to inform the clan and lead third Tianzun, who had only just broken through, to find old demon Tian Ming. Gu You promised to help Tian Ming eliminate the Falling Star Pavilion.

The Profound River Alliance, which had been fighting with the Falling Star Pavilion for two years, was extremely happy upon hearing that a super faction like the Hall of Souls was willing to aid them. They immediately gathered their forces and subsequently caused this scene today.

“Ha ha, it has been many years since I have fought. Even my bones are a little rusty. However, being able to use a high level Ban Sheng as a congratulatory gift for the exit of my retreat makes it really worth while.” Old demon Tian Ming laughed in a strange fashion. His foot suddenly stepped through the air as a monstrous Dou Qi swept out. His body flashed and appeared in front of Yao Lao. His white hand was like an eagle claw as it penetrated empty space and grabbed at Yao Lao’s throat.


Yao Lao let out a cold snort when he sensed old demon Tian Ming’s swift and ruthless attack. He did not dodge the attack. Instead, his fist, which contained a frightening force, mercilessly attacked old demon Tian Ming’s head. From the looks of it, he was planning to exchange one life for another.

“Tsk tsk, my life is much more valuable than yours…”

Old demon Tian Ming’s expression changed when he saw this attack, causing him to coldly laugh. They completely had the upper hand. It was naturally impossible for him to engage in an all out fight with others. He quickly withdrew his claw and pulled back with lightning-like speed, dodging Yao Lao’s punch in the process.

Yao Lao was about to give chase after his punch missed when a black fog suddenly pounced over. A miserable screech was emitted from the black fog. A black chain broke through the fog and cut the surrounding space, forming many black crack lines.

“Get lost!”

Yao Lao’s expression was dark and cold. His large hand grabbed at the empty space in front of him. The space itself abruptly stilled, repelling those black chains. At the same time, his body flashed and he charged into the black fog. His fist furiously smashed toward a certain spot in the black fog.


A muffled sound was immediately emitted as his punch landed. Soon after, the body of Gu You stumbled and shot out of the black fog.

Although the three of them were all high level Ban Sheng, Yao Lao possessed an advantage that an ordinary Ban Sheng did not possess since his Spiritual Strength far exceeded theirs. The benefits of one’s Spiritual Strength when fighting against those of the same level would enable one to gain an advantage.

“Attack together!”

Surprise flashed across old demon Tian Ming’s eyes when he saw Gu You was forced back by Yao Lao. He immediately cried out in a deep voice.


Gu You’s expression was dark as he nodded. The two of them shot out at the same time. Monstrous Dou Qi appeared like a ferocious dragon sweeping over the sky as they rushed toward Yao Lao. The large space collapsed during this frightening exchange…

While Yao Lao was holding off old demon Tian Ming and Gu You, the third Tianzun from the Hall of Souls had looked at the chaotic battles below. He was about to intervene when a seven-colored lightning suddenly struck from the sky.


This sudden attack caused the eyes of the third Tianzun to turn cold. He waved his sleeve and forcefully shattered that thunderbolt. His eyes followed the attack back to its point of origin where he saw a ten-thousand-foot-long seven-colored python. It lingered in the air as a strange pressure quietly descended.

“Seven Coloured Heaven Swallowing Python?”

A surprised expression flashed across the third Tianzun’s eyes after he saw this large python. He was just about to attack when a ten-foot-wide grayish-brown pillar explosively shot over. The scent of the lethal poison in that pillar caused him to frown. He clenched his hand and space itself was solidified, solidifying the Dou Qi pillar at the same time. He immediately flicked his finger and shattered it.


Soon after shattering the Dou Qi pillar that contained a lethal poison, a mysterious voice was suddenly transmitted from in front of him. The third Tianzun’s eyes swept over. His eyes immediately hardened when he saw a green-clothed lady floating in the air. A ten-thousand-foot-large nine-headed snake illusory figure was vaguely visible.

“Ancient Heaven Serpent?”

Seeing that enormous snake-shaped illusory figure, a solemn expression finally surged onto third Tianzun’s face. Although these three women were all peak Dou Zuns, one of them was a Seven-Colored Heaven Swallowing Python, another possessed a lethal Dou Qi filled with poison that even gave him a sense of danger, and the last had the Ancient Heaven Serpent. This combination caused even him to feel some pressure since he had just broken through to the Ban Sheng class…

The third Tianzun’s eyes quickly turned icy-cold as a glint flashed in them. Regardless of how long it had been since he had broken through to the Ban Sheng class, he was still a genuine Ban Sheng. Even though these three women possessed extraordinary abilities, it was impossible for them to truly fight against him!

“Today, the Falling Star Pavilion will definitely be exterminated!”

The third Tianzun coldly laughed. His body flashed and he appeared in front of Qing Lin in a ghost-like fashion. Frightening Dou Qi gathered into a layer of unusual crystals. After which, a palm was slammed toward Qing Lin.

Qing Lin was startled as she sensed the speed of the third Tianzun that caught her off-guard. Light flickered in her eyes as a figure appeared in front of her.


The third Tianzun’s hand slammed down and crushed the expert Dou Zun under Qing Lin’s control into a pile of mincemeat.

“She has the legendary Triple Jade-Green Snake Flower Pupils. No wonder she is able to control the Ancient Heaven Serpent’s soul!”

The third Tianzun was a person with vast experience. He managed to identify Qing Lin’s secret at a glance. He was about to attack once again when a seven-colored thunderbolt once again struck, and the Little Fairy Doctor, whose black hair had turned white, rushed over from behind. Her ferocious attack targeted the third Tianzun!

The third Tianzun coldly laughed after sensing that he had been surrounded. The Dou Qi within his body erupted like a volcano and swept apart in front of many shocked eyes.

While an incomparably intense battle had erupted within the star realm, the mountain at the back remained as quiet as ever. The huge rock door stood quietly.


This silence continued for awhile before many tiny crack lines began to spread over the mountain around the rock door. These cracks might have been tiny, but they were extremely deep. It was as though they had spread from the center of the mountain…

Following the appearance of these crack lines, there seemed to be something slowly awakening deep within the mountain.

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