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Chapter 1427: Absolute Suppression

Xiao Yan turned his head slowly after hearing Jiu Feng’s furious cry that was filled with murderous intent. His cold eyes were just like a ferocious beast as they stared at Jiu Feng.

Jiu Feng suddenly felt a chill on his skin as Xiao Yan looked at him. Only then did he recover some of his coolness. His expression continued to remain quite gloomy and cold. His eyes did not give in and stared continuously at Xiao Yan while he spoke in a dense voice, “We have entered the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree together and experience so many obstacles. Yet, you are now planning to take all the Bodhisattva Seeds away. Aren’t you a little too unreasonable?”

Xiao Yan burst out in laughter after hearing this. He said, “Unreasonable? I’m afraid that this is not what you are thinking. You should be thinking of talking with your fist right?”

Xiao Yan clearly understood in his heart that if it was not because his strength deterred Jiu Feng, it was likely that the latter would have attacked and forcefully snatched those Bodhisattva Seeds. Being reasonable? This was a kind of protection that the weak sought in the face of great strength.

The corner of Jiu Feng’s eyes twitched a couple of times. A murderous desire that could not be suppressed surged within his heart, but it was fortunate that he retained some rational thoughts and did not immediately attack. Instead, he turned his head and looked at Hun Yu. His voice was gloomy as he said, “Brother Hun Yu, don’t tell me that you are happy that he took all the Bodhisattva Seeds away, making our effort during this period of time to be worthless, right?”

Hun Yu’s expression was calm. He did not reply. Instead, both of his eyes were flickering with a sinister expression and displayed the dissatisfaction in his heart. Regardless of how calculating he was, he still had difficulty suppressing his fury and desire to kill at this moment.

“Xiao Yan, distribute eight Bodhisattva Seeds to my Hun clan and the Heaven Demon Phoenix side to end this matter.” Hun Yu was quiet for a moment before his icy-cold voice was finally emitted.

Xiao Yan smiled. He opened his hand and eleven Bodhisattva Seeds sat in his palm. If he was to give eight Bodhisattva Seeds to them, he would only have three left. This was not something that Xiao Yan would do. Moreover, these Bodhisattva Seeds possessed the mysterious effect of raising one’s chances of successfully advancing to the Dou Sheng class, and a seed could be used to refine a Bodhisattva Pill. This tier 8 medicinal pill, which could summon a nine-colored Pill Lightning, could cause many nine change peak Dou Zun experts to go crazy. If he were to give these Bodhisattva Seeds to them, these two factions might have more people break through to the Dou Sheng class. Would Xiao Yan not end up creating powerful enemies for no reason?

With Xiao Yan’s character, he would naturally not do something so foolish. Hence, he gently shook his head and slowly replied, “I refuse.”

The atmosphere of this place became tense after Xiao Yan’s two words slowly sounded. A pressure pressed down on everyone’s hearts. They knew that the matter today would not end peacefully.

Hun Yu’s expression became volatile after Xiao Yan uttered those two words. Hun Yu glared at Xiao Yan. A moment later, he slowly nodded and said, “In that case… I can only kill you first…”


After Hun Yu’s last word sounded, the many experts from the Hun clan and the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe simultaneously unleashed their Dou Qi without any restraint. Their bodies flashed as they surrounded Xiao Yan’s group.

The expressions of Xun Er’s group gradually turned cold when the Hun clan and the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe attacked at the same time. They stepped forward and the Dou Qi within their bodies began to circulate.

“Hun Yu, are you really planning on starting a big war between the Gu clan and the Hun clan?” Gu Qing Yang coldly cried out.

“Hee, big war? My Hun clan has never been afraid of your Gu clan. We have left you in peace for so long to give you all a little more time. Do you really think that my Hun clan doesn’t dare touch you?” A shady smile was lifted on Hun Yu’s face when he heard Gu Qing Yang’s cry. His dense eyes shifted back to Xiao Yan as he said, “Your name has recently been circulating around my Hun clan. Even fourth Tianzun failed. Back then, I told them we should act decisively if we were going to act at all, but those old fellows were clearly unconcerned. You have only managed to survive now because they didn’t care… however, I think that we should end this uncaring stance!”

A dense black Dou Qi suddenly surged out of Hun Yu’s body in all directions after his words sounded. Wave after wave of chilly ripples continued to spread from his body.

A solemn expression surged onto the faces of Xun Er’s group when they sensed the majestic ripple that spread from Hun Yu’s body. This Hun Yu could be ranked within the top three among the younger generation of the Hun clan. Such a person was relatively troublesome to deal with…

“Leave Xiao Yan to me. Brother Jiu Feng, the others will be blocked by your Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe and the other experts from the Hun clan…”

Jiu Feng nodded after hearing Hun Yu’s words. He glanced at Xiao Yan and said, “I wish to face this brat in battle, but since brother Hun Yu has already spoken, I will leave him to you.”



Murderous desire surged within the eyes of the many experts surrounding Xun Er’s group after Jiu Feng cold cry sounded. Powerful Dou Qi pillars whistled toward Xun Er’s group without mercy.


Faced with the attacks of the many experts from the Hun clan and the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe, Xun Er’s group let out a cold snort. Their sleeves were swung and those Dou Qi pillars were annihilated when they were still ten feet away from their bodies. Although their group was smaller than the Hun clan and the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe, their quality was a little better…

“Xiao Yan ge-ge, why don’t you leave Hun Yu for me to handle?”

Xun Er turned to Xiao Yan as she shattered a Dou Qi pillar that was rushing over.

“There’s no need for that…”

Xiao Yan faintly smiled. Before he had entered the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree, he would only have been able to obtain victory against Hun Yu, who was a six change peak Dou Zun, if he used a fire lotus. Now… Xiao Yan’s level and fighting strength completely surpassed Hun Yu. What did Hun Yu have that allowed him to fight with Xiao Yan?

“All of you only need to deal with Jiu Feng and the rest. The remaining neutral experts will likely not get involved in this matter after receiving the Bodhisattva Seeds. Hence, we should be able to deal with these people despite their large numbers.” Xiao Yan glanced at some of the neutral experts who had withdrawn into the distance. These people were quite strong. If they were to aid Hun Yu’s group, the pressure they would face would increase. If Xiao Yan had not been worried about them joining his enemies, he would have been happy to retain a couple more Bodhisattva Seeds.

“You should be careful…” Xun Er did not insist after hearing his words. She merely nodded.

Xiao Yan smiled. He stepped forward and slowly walked out of the circle that the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe and the Hun clan had formed. Those people gave way when he walked out. Only after Xiao Yan exited the circle did they reform the shape around Xun Er’s group.

“The Tou She Ancient God Jade should be in your hands, right?” A black glint flashed within Hun Yu’s eyes. He questioned as he watched Xiao Yan slowly walk forward and stop a short distance away.

“You want it? Come take it.” Xiao Yan laughed.

Hun Yu narrowed his eyes. A dark and cold expression suddenly surfaced on his pale jade-like face. Xiao Yan’s smiling face caused a desire to kill to surge within his heart.

“Razor tongue brat!” Hun Yu coldly laughed.

Xiao Yan smiled as he looked at Hun Yu in front of him. He said, “Stop playing these games… they are useless in front of me.”

Xiao Yan suddenly swung his fist toward the empty space to his left after his words sounded. A hot wind formed on his fist as an intense fluctuation immediately formed in that space. After which, a figure staggered out of thin air and miserably flew back. That person was surprisingly Hun Yu.

Hun Yu’s face turned gloomy after being forced back by Xiao Yan’s punch. He glanced at the after-image that gradually paled. It was unexpected that Xiao Yan’s senses were so sharp.

Xiao Yan glanced at Hun Yu’s gloomy face. He glanced at the chaotic battle a short distance away before shaking his head. Without delaying any longer, he took a step forward, and an incomparably vast and mighty aura suddenly surged out of his body in all directions!

This aura swept over the entire space the moment it appeared. Some of the weaker individuals vaguely felt a pressure.

“Nine change peak Dou Zun?”

The expressions of those neutral experts in the distance suddenly changed when they sensed the great strength of this aura. Their faces revealed their shock as they looked at Xiao Yan. All of them were certain that Xiao Yan had not possessed this strength one month ago!

Hun Yu’s face twitched at this moment. His expression had become extremely ugly. Only at this moment did he understand why Xiao Yan was unafraid of him. The answer was because Xiao Yan’s strength had already far surpassed his…

“So what if your strength is at the ninth change of a peak Dou Zun? Do you think that I am afraid of you?”

Hun Yu inhaled a deep breath of air. He suppressed the shock in his heart as the seal formed by his hands changed. A clan tattoo slowly appeared on his brow. His aura suddenly soared when this clan tattoo appeared. His aura approached Xiao Yan’s level in the blink of an eye…

“Eight change, huh. Unfortunately, this is still insufficient…”

Xiao Yan smiled and shook his head upon sensing Hun Yu’s aura.

“We will know whether it is enough after exchanging blows!”

Hun Yu coldly laughed. His hand seal changed, and he formed many complicated seals. The cold Dou Qi within his body formed a frightening black palm in front of him with lightning-like speed. Sharp miserable cries continued to be emitted from the palm. There was a savage-looking face vaguely visible on it.

“Soul destruction palm!”

Hun Yu let out a furious shout after the miserable cries from the palm became intense. That dark-black palm quickly rushed toward Xiao Yan with lightning-like speed.

The dark-black palm was not very large, but it contained an extremely dark, cold, and powerful Dou Qi. Hun Yu understood that he would end up losing if he did not use all his strength against the much stronger Xiao Yan.

“I have said… it is insufficient.”

Xiao Yan continued to slowly shake his head even as Hun Yu’s powerful palm continued toward him. After which, he took two gentle steps forward and appeared in front of Hun Yu’s palm. Hun Yu looked on with shocked eyes as a hot flame suddenly surged out of Xiao Yan’s right hand. Finally, it gently slammed into the dark-black palm.


A stalemate lasted for an instant as the two collided. After which, everyone watching was stunned to see that the dark-black palm, which had gathered most of Hun Yu’s Dou Qi, was easily burst apart by a random strike of Xiao Yan’s hand…

This strength absolutely suppressed the attack since it came from a completely different level.

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