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Chapter 1426: Hundred Lives Reincarnation, Nine Change Peak!

This space, which was filled with life force, suddenly fluctuated after the person inside the Bodhisattva Ancient tree slowly opened his eyes.

Everyone looked at the pair of dark-black eyes inside the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree. At that instant, everyone seemed to see an old experienced expression that seemed to have seen through everything in the world. This kind of feeling originated from deep within that person’s soul and it was impossible to replicate.

“Xiao Yan ge-ge…”

Xun Er looked at Xiao Yan, who had opened his eyes. Her pretty pupils were filled with joy.

“This person’s eyes really penetrate others…” Hun Yu’s group exchanged glances with each other. They had felt a different feeling from the rest. From their senses, they felt as though their souls had been exposed to Xiao Yan when he had looked at them. This feeling was full of discomfort.

The entire place was completely quiet. Everyone’s eyes gathered on Xiao Yan, who was still embraced by the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree. They had only read about those who could train under the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree in some ancient texts. Hence, they did not know what kind of change one would experience after this training.

Xiao Yan, who was under the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree, had an expression of complete loss in front of the many pairs of eyes. His eyes slowly swept over all of them. Finally, they paused on Xun Er’s group. Those eyes, which were filled with experience and age, began to reveal a familiar glint…

“Xun… Xun Er…”

Xiao Yan slowly opened his mouth. A moment later, a somewhat hoarse voice that contained an aged tone was slowly transmitted from the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree. The expressions of anyone who heard this voice involuntarily changed. This tone was completely different from Xiao Yan’s tone in the past.

However, the old and experienced expression that permeated Xiao Yan’s eyes, was slowly withdrawn after this aged voice sounded. Finally, it completely vanished. The old and experienced expression had totally disappeared, as though it had entered deep into Xiao Yan’s soul. No one was able to detect it.


Xiao Yan lifted his head after this old and experienced expression vanished. He slowly exhaled a mouthful of an emerald-green vapor. Soon after, he stood up from the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree and slowly stepped forward in front of the eyes of many.

A ripple formed on the surface of the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree when Xiao Yan’s body touched it. His body appeared like liquid as it slowly slid through the incomparably hard Bodhisattva Ancient Tree.

“I have finally returned…”

Xiao Yan stretched his lazy waist after walking away from the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree. His clear laughter caused Xun Er’s group to sigh in relief. Fortunately, this was Xiao Yan’s old voice.

“Xiao Yan ge-ge, are you alright?”

Xun Er quickly stepped forward. Her pretty eyes continued to sweep over Xiao Yan as she asked a question.

“I’m fine.”

Xiao Yan shook his head. His hand involuntarily touched Xun Er’s smooth black hair as deep feelings flashed across his eyes. In the eyes of others, he seemed to have only spent one month within the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree. However, he understood that his soul had already experienced a hundred reincarnations within the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree. If his mind wasn’t strong, he would have gotten lost within those reincarnations. Fortunately, he had gone through the experiences with a firm heart and finally returned.

Within a short month, he had experienced too many lives and too many deaths. The danger level was clearly no different than battling with a genuine Dou Sheng…

Xun Er did not dodge as she looked at Xiao Yan’s eyes. Although she was unaware of what Xiao Yan had experienced, she was certain of one thing—this one month of training was not as easy as what he showed. Since Xiao Yan was unwilling to say more, she would naturally not ask.

“Thank you.”

Xiao Yan turned his head. His eyes shifted to the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree. He cupped his hands together and laughed.

“Rustle rustle…”

The Bodhisattva Ancient Tree, which did not show any activity for a month, suddenly swayed its body when it heard Xiao Yan’s thanks. It emitted a rustling sound, causing everyone to feel amazed. This thing actually possessed an intelligence, but it had been unwilling to bother with them.

“Your aura, it seems that even I cannot quite see through it? Could you have broken through to the Ban Sheng class?” Gu Qing Yang walked forward and softly asked. His tone contained some disbelief because he realized that he was unable to sense Xiao Yan’s aura. This kind of feeling was something that even some elite Ban Sheng in the clan had never given him.

“How can it be this easy…”

Xiao Yan shook his head. He was not lying to Gu Qing Yang. The current him had yet to breakthrough to the Ban Sheng class. He was only a ninth change peak Dou Zun. Of course, in one month’s time he had achieved a level that others could not achieve even with a decade of training. This speed was very shocking, but Xiao Yan understood that the one month in the eyes of others had been a century to him…

He used a hundred years to refine his Dou Qi and repeatedly compress it. Only then did the Dou Qi in his body complete the ninth change and reach the true peak of the Dou Zun class.

This kind of speed could not be considered fast. Instead, it was relatively slow. However, Xiao Yan was also very cautious of strength that he had obtained from nothing. Even this strength obtained from the reincarnation training had been repeatedly suppressed by him. He did not dare to allow his strength to soar too much. His ambition was extremely great, and he did not wish to sacrifice his future gains for some little benefits.

Gu Qing Yang was startled when he saw Xiao Yan shake his head. He could only helplessly smile. The current Gu Qing Yang was unable to see through Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan withdrew his eyes. He suddenly turned to Hun Yu, Jiu Feng, and the rest. They all quickly circulated the Dou Qi within their bodies when they saw Xiao Yan look over. Their eyes were cold as they cautiously stared at him. All of them would attack should Xiao Yan display any unusual actions.

A ridicule was lifted on the corner of Xiao Yan’s mouth when he saw the reactions of those two. If he were to have met these two before entering the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree, he would have definitely been very afraid of them, but now this fear had completely vanished because the current him was absolutely confident that he could easily control those two in his palm. The surging mighty strength within his body gave Xiao Yan this simple feeling.

Hun Yu and Jiu Feng involuntarily clenched their fists when they saw the smile on Xiao Yan’s face, especially Hun Yu. The warm smile that had always been present on his face had paled. A dark expression filled his eyes. He could sense a real danger from the current Xiao Yan. Other than the lunatic within the Hun clan, Xiao Yan in front of him was now the second person from the same generation to give him this vague feeling of danger.

“This brat seems to have turned into a different person after training under the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree…”

Jiu Feng’s expression was gloomy. If he had known that Xiao Yan would experience such a lucky opportunity, he would not have restrained himself the first time they had met. He would have intervened and killed him, and then the problems now would not have occurred.

However, Jiu Feng was unaware that everyone present would still be trapped in an illusion if Xiao Yan had not given his aid to eliminate the negative emotions of the elite Dou Di from the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree. In the future, they would have all ended up with a fate similar to the Ban Sheng puppets they had met earlier.

“Buzz buzz!”

An emerald-green glow was suddenly emitted from the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree while everyone’s emotions were churning because of Xiao Yan’s transformation. Something seemed to be spat out.

Hun Yu’s group hurriedly withdrew when they saw the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree move. They had already experienced just how frightening it was. Naturally, they did not dare to slight it.

However, a soft muffled sound appeared time and time again from within the Bodhisattva Ancient tree while they withdrew as many emerald-green light spots were spat out of it. Finally, these light spots remained suspended in the air like flowers scattered by a fairy…

“Bodhisattva Seeds!”

Everyone was startled when they saw these light spots. Many exclamations were suddenly unleashed from their mouths.

“They are actually all Bodhisattva Seeds!”

Hun Yu’s group also looked at the emerald light spots with shock. They never would have imagined that the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree would spit out over twenty of these Bodhisattva Seeds that were incomparably rare in the outside world.


Most people’s eyes reddened after feeling shocked. Many majestic Dou Qis suddenly surged. After which, they turned into rays of light that wildly grabbed at these green light spots.


Xiao Yan merely laughed after seeing the reddened eyes of Hun Yu’s group. He beckoned with his hand and those green light spots seemed to have been summoned. They emitted a swoosh sound as they dodged the hands of those trying to grab them. All of them gathered into Xiao Yan’s hand after a couple of flashes.

“Thank you for your gift, brother Bodhisattva!”

Xiao Yan turned his head and smiled to the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree after grabbing these Bodhisattva Seeds. After which, he flicked his finger. A couple of Bodhisattva Ancient Seeds in his hands shot out and appeared in front of Xun Er, Cai Lin, Gu Qing Yang, and the rest of the members of his group.

“Brother Xiao, thanks.”

Gu Qing Yang, Gu Xing, and the few others looked at the Bodhisattva Seeds in front of them with heated eyes. They unceremoniously grabbed them before cupping their hands to thank Xiao Yan.

“Ha ha, it’s nothing…”

Xiao Yan smiled and shook his head. He looked at the group of red-eyed people before flicking his finger once again. A couple of Bodhisattva Seed flew out and stopped in front of a few neutral experts.

Xiao Yan’s sudden actions caused the few experts to be startled. They hurriedly grabbed the Bodhisattva Seed in front of them as a grateful expression surfaced in their eyes. They swiftly moved aside. They were well aware that Xiao Yan did not wish for them to get involved in the subsequent matters…

Hun Yu’s and Jiu Feng’s groups were looking at Xiao Yan, who was distributing the Bodhisattva Seeds, with a gloomy expression. A red glow flickered in their eyes.

“Bastard, you are asking to die!”

Jiu Feng was finally unable to control the fury in his heart as the red light in his eyes became denser. A furious cry that was filled with murderous intent echoed around this space.

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