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Chapter 1413: Ancient Region Stage

A thunder-like roar turned into a sound wave and spread into the distance…

After this roar gradually disappeared, that golden figure in the sky swiftly began to shrink. The figure recovered his original form. His body moved as he turned into a golden light that rushed toward everyone while he laughed.

“Junior pavilion chief, congratulations.”

Elder Qing Cheng congratulated him with a smile when he saw the laughing Xiao Yan head over.

“It was a lucky breakthrough.”

Xiao Yan grinned and replied. He twisted his body. A feeling of being full of strength was emitted. He was much stronger compared to three days earlier. The peak of an eight star Dou Zun and the ninth star were merely a step away, but there was an enormous difference between them. Based on Xiao Yan’s estimation, if he were to completely unleash the King Kong Glass Body and the clan tattoo’s strength at the same time, his strength would be comparable to a four or five change peak Dou Zun. Moreover, if he were to include the Great Heaven Creation Palm and his other powerful Dou Skills, he would be able to fight against a six change peak Dou Zun expert

“Has anything happened during these few days?”

Xiao Yan randomly asked. He only smiled after seeing everyone shake their heads. His eyes shifted to the deepest parts of the Ancient Wasteland Region. They were narrowed slightly as he said, “We have delayed another few days. Looks like we must quicken our pace and hurry to the Ancient Region Stage. It would not be good for us to arrive late…”


Cai Lin and the rest nodded. Nearly a dozen groups of people, if not more, passed by this mountain during these three days. Based on the direction they were heading, they were clearly charging toward the Ancient Region Stage. It was likely that many experts had already gathered there.

“Let’s go. We should not delay any longer. It is best for us to leave now…” Xiao Yan also understood that they were pressed for time. He immediately waved his hand as he gave a command.

“Should we use this big fellow as a ride and hurry over? The strength of the Ancient Heaven Demon Python is considered to be one of the strongest in this Ancient Wasteland Region. We will be able to use its fierceness to charge through if we meet any other ferocious beasts along the way. It will save us some trouble.” Qing Lin pointed at the enormous Heaven Demon Python lingering in the air and laughed.

“Ha ha, this is naturally the best…”

Xiao Yan was startled. He immediately smiled and nodded. His body was the first to move as he rushed onto the large body of the Heaven Demon Python. The rushing sound of wind appeared behind him as Cai Lin, the Little Fairy Doctor, and Yun Yun quickly followed.

That incomparably violent Heaven Demon Python had become extremely gentle under Qing Lin’s control. It did not resist even a little. When Qing Lin emitted a whistle, a dense black fog was quickly emitted from the Heaven Demon Python’s body. After which, it formed a black cloud that was driven by the Heaven Demon Python. It moved its body and rushed toward the deepest parts of the Ancient Wasteland Region like a thunderbolt.

The mountain where Xiao Yan’s group had been was quite far from the Ancient Region Stage. If they were to travel normally, they would require at least three days. Fortunately, they had the Heaven Demon Python as their stead this time around. This saved them a lot of trouble.

The fierceness of this big fellow was quite infamous in this Ancient Wasteland Region. An ordinary ferocious beast would not dare to appear and stop it after sensing it. Xiao Yan’s group was able to take the initiative and detour around those ferocious beasts that were comparable to the Heaven Demon Python in terms of strength. Even if these beasts were able to detect the Heaven Demon Python, they would not purposefully pursue it because of their fear. In this way, Xiao Yan’s speed had significantly increased.

Xiao Yan also came across some factions along the way, but most of them were factions that Xiao Yan had never met before. They were likely factions that usually kept a low profile. These factions usually did not show themselves, but they did possess a strong foundation. They were like the Cloud Wind Sect, which Xiao Yan had never even heard off—much less even seen. However, that faction possessed three experts at the peak of the Dou Zun class. One of them even had half a foot in the Ban Sheng class. This strength was comparable to the Elders or even grand Elders in renowned factions like the Profound Sky Sect.

Although these factions were quite strong, Xiao Yan did not intend to stop and befriend them. Currently, all of them had come with the same aim. Unless they possessed an extremely special relationship, they would ultimately end up fighting each other. That fragile relationship could easily be broken by the temptation of the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree.

Even though there were many factions who wished to step forward and express their good will because of the stead that Xiao Yan’s group rode, Xiao Yan did not give them the opportunity to do so. He asked Qing Lin to increase their speed, causing those fellows to be rebuked.

Xiao Yan’s group spent two days traveling without any obstructions before they gradually approached the area of the Ancient Region Stage.

The Ancient Region Stage was rumored to be the site of a battle that happened during ancient times. Many extremely powerful experts had once died during this battle, causing the land to vaguely create a strange pressure. It was this pressure that caused this place to be they only location within the Ancient Wasteland Region where ferocious beasts did not dare to tread.

Additionally, this Ancient Region Stage was located at an intersection between the middle and deepest part of the Ancient Wasteland Region. One could enter the deepest part of this ancient region from this stage. Therefore, many factions had chosen to come to this safe resting spot in this Ancient Wasteland Region.

The Heaven Demon Python was withdrawn when Xiao Yan’s group was around five kilometers away from the Ancient Region Stage. The beast was too big and attracted too much attention. It must naturally be stored away in order to avoid some unnecessary trouble.

Xiao Yan’s group flew for another ten minutes or so after approaching the Ancient Region Stage. An enormous square suddenly appeared in their line of sight.

Xiao Yan’s group was stunned when they saw this square appear in the wilderness. Only after seeing the dense crowd of humans standing on the square did their hearts finally came to a sudden understanding. This place was likely the so-called Ancient Region Stage…

“Everyone, be careful.”

Xiao Yan sighed in relief after seeing that so many people had gathered together. There were ferocious beasts all over this Ancient Wasteland Region. It was the first time he had seen so many people since entering the wasteland. It caused him to relax a little, but Xiao Yan understood that this feeling could not be relied on. Hence, he softly uttered words of warning.


Everyone nodded when they heard Xiao Yan’s reminder.

They had covered the thousand plus meter distance within the blink of an eye. They slowly landed after approaching the enormous square. Their arrival also attracted some eyes, but these eyes quickly shifted away. Some groups and experts hurried to this place during this period of time. It was nothing surprising.

“The bloody scent on these people is really dense…”

Xiao Yan’s eyes swept over the crowd, which had separated into small circular groups of varying sizes. There was a similar scent radiating from all these people. All of them boasted a bloody scent. This scent was not the blood of humans. Instead, it was that of ferocious beasts.

“Don’t tell me that these fellows have formed groups to hunt those ferocious beasts?”

Xiao Yan felt some doubt in his heart, but he did not open his mouth to ask. Instead, he slowly led Cai Lin’s group to the square before heading to the middle.

Under normal circumstances, the Gu clan would likely not give up such an opportunity. The Bodhisattva Heart and Bodhisattva Seed possessed a miraculous effect on the younger generations. The people who were at the peak of the Dou Zun class. Some new elite Dou Shengs might even appear as a result…

Xiao Yan naturally did not wish to search for the Gu clan. The one he wanted to find was Xun Er… with her status in the Gu clan, she would definitely be given the chance to come and attempt to find this Bodhisattva Ancient Tree.

Due to the beautiful Cai Lin, the pristine Yun Yun, and the gorgeous Little Fairy Doctor, their group attracted a number of unusual gazes when they walked into the square. The group that could reach this place possessed a great strength. Moreover, there were all sorts of people present. If these people still possessed some sense of reasoning, they would not have been able to resist stepping forward to strike up a conversation. Even though this was the case, some impudent gazes still caused the faces of Cai Lin’s group to turn icy-cold.

Xiao Yan did not meet anyone he was familiar with as he walked, causing him to feel a little surprised. Upon approaching the middle of the square, he began to discover a problem. It seemed that the groups or people that were closer to the middle of the square were stronger. Those at the outer edges were the weakest. He wondered if this kind of positioning occurred naturally or it was the result of someone’s actions.

Xiao Yan knit his brows. His footsteps did not slow as he gradually arrived at the middle of the square in front of everyone’s eyes.

Only after arriving at that spot did Xiao Yan discover that there was a thousand-foot-large two-meter-tall stone stage present at the middle. There were some people on the stone stage, but their numbers were a lot less than those below. Nevertheless, the people on the stage all expressed a common trait. Their auras were all extremely powerful…

Xiao Yan was startled when he came across the stage. However, he did not give it any additional thought. His eyes swept over the stone stage as a smile immediately surfaced on his face. He finally found some familiar figures, especially when it came to a green-clothed beautiful lady seated with her eyes shut in the crowd. A gentleness flashed across his eyes…

“Let’s go and meet some familiar people…” Xiao Yan turned his head and informed everyone. After which, he stepped onto the stone stage and walked to the Gu clan area.

However, the moment Xiao Yan stepped onto the stone stage, he suddenly sensed ice-cold eyes thrown at him. At the same time, a faint icy-cold voice slowly sounded from the stone stage.

“This place is not where you should come. Get lost!”

Xiao Yan’s footsteps paused when he heard this icy-cold voice. He turned his head. As his eyes glanced over, the corner of his mouth was lifted into an arc.

“Feng Qing Er?”

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