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Chapter 1414: Show of Strength

The icy-cold voice that suddenly sounded on the stone stage attracted some surprised gazes. The eyes of some people began to gloat when these eyes swept over Xiao Yan and Feng Qing Er…

“Xiao Yan ge-ge?”

The group from the Gu clan sitting in a corner of the stone stage also shifted their eyes over because of Feng Qing Er’s voice. That green-clothed young lady, who had been resting with her eyes shut, had opened them at this moment. Her pretty eyes locked onto the skinny young man who had stepped onto the stone stage. She was momentarily startled before some joy began to surge into her eyes.

“Ha ha, it looks like Xiao Yan has met with some trouble? It is unexpected that he has also formed a grudge with the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe.” A silver-robed man by the side smiled as spoke. This person was not unfamiliar. He was one of the four great generals of the Gu clan and had entered the Heavenly Tomb to train with Xiao Yan back then, Gu Hua.

Xun Er bunched her eyebrows together when she heard his words. Her bright eyes landed on the colorfully-clothed woman as she softly said, “This Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe is going overboard.”

“Don’t be anxious to intervene. Xiao Yan will be able to resolve it.” Gu Qing Yang faintly laughed. With his senses, he was naturally able to tell that Xiao Yan had already become a nine star Dou Zun. Although Feng Qing Er’s aura was a little strange, Xiao Yan was able to defeat Gu Yao, who had reached the peak of an eight star Dou Zun, when he was a five star Dou Zun. Even less needed to be said now.

Xun Er nodded. Her bright eyes suddenly slide to a spot behind Xiao Yan and finally paused on Cai Lin. An unknown fluctuation rose within her eyes.

The stone stage, where many discussions had been occurring, became a lot quieter as a result. Numerous eyes gathered on Xiao Yan.

“A noisy girl, there is no need to bother.”

However, Xiao Yan merely smiled under the focus of these many pairs of eyes. He did not even turn his head to Feng Qing Er. All he did was turn his head to the group behind him and randomly utter some harsh words. After which, he lifted his foot and climbed onto the stone stage.

A furious green surged onto Feng Qing Er’s face when she heard Xiao Yan’s words. Both of her eyes became unusually cold. She waved her hand and a colorful pillar tore through space like lightning. It ruthlessly shot toward Xiao Yan’s head.


Xiao Yan’s feet paused when he sensed Feng Qin Er’s sudden attack. His left hand was extended and grabbed that colorful pillar. At the same time, a frightening flame quickly appeared. It transformed into a ferocious string of flames that rushed toward Feng Qing Er through the pillar.


Feng Qing Er’s eyes turned cold upon seeing this flame. She was aware of the great strength of Xiao Yan’s Heavenly Flame. She pulled her finger across the line and the pillar was cut apart. At the same time, a vast and mighty aura that was ancient and experienced suddenly surged out of her body in all directions. An earth-shaking phoenix cry vaguely appeared.

“This feeling… it is indeed that of an Ancient Heaven Phoenix…”

Xiao Yan’s heart shook when he sensed Feng Qing Er’s aura. This aura and feeling was somewhat similar to the Ancient Heaven Phoenix avatar that had died a countless number of years ago back in the ancient forest of the Dou Sheng remains. Although Xiao Yan was not certain why this aura had appeared, he was certain that the reason Feng Qing Er’s strength had soared was definitely related to that dead Heaven Demon Phoenix.

“Xiao Yan, today, you will use your life to compensate me for the pain that I have received!”

Feng Qing Er’s face was icy-cold as she glared at Xiao Yan with a great hatred. If Xiao Yan’s group had not snatched the Dragon Phoenix Origin Fruit, they would not have suffered punishment after returning. Fortunately, they were able to find a trace of Heaven Phoenix essence blood from within the Heaven Phoenix corpse that they had brought back from the ancient forest, but that essence blood was quite weak. Hence, the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe experts decided to forcefully transplant the bones in order to obtain the pure Heaven Phoenix essence blood. They placed the bones with hidden Heaven Phoenix essence blood into the body of a clan member. However, this transplant would undoubtedly result in one enduring an endless amount of pain. There were a total of ten young clan members who had undergone the bone transplantation in the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe, but it only succeeded for two people. One of them was Feng Qing Er.

Those eight others, who had failed, all died!


The eyes of Cai Lin and the others behind Xiao Yan turned cold when they saw Feng Qing Er attacking as she pleased. Dou Qi surged out of their bodies. After which, many pairs of eyes coldly looked at Feng Qing Er as Dou Qi gathered in their palms.

“You are Xiao Yan? Since Qing Er wishes to spar with you, you should fight with her alone. The others need not intervene Otherwise, you will end up suffering a loss.” A faint voice was suddenly transmitted from behind Feng Qing Er when Dou Qi surged from Cai Lin’s group. Everyone looked over, only to find a white-robed man. Surprisingly, this man had rare-colored pupils, appearing extremely strange.

Over a dozen experts from the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe were staring at Xiao Yan’s group in an unfriendly manner when man with colored-pupils spoke. Clearly, they would all attack at the first disagreement.

“The ones who will suffer a loss will perhaps be your group, right?”

A similarly calm voice was suddenly transmitted from another direction after man with the colored-eyes spoke, causing the man to be startled. His eyes glanced toward the source of the voice before frowning and demanding, “Gu Qing Yang? Is your group also planning to interfere?”

“Ha ha, if it is a one-on-one fight, we naturally not need to intervene. However, I cannot really endure watching people bully others with numbers.” Gu Qing Yang faintly laughed. After which, his eyes slide to Xiao Yan as he nodded.

Xiao Yan returned a smile when he saw Gu Qing Yang nod, but his eyes remained on the green-clothed girl from the Gu clan. The Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe was not an ordinary faction. Even a faction like the Gu clan would not easily clash with them. The reason that they were willing to intervene was likely because of Xun Er.

That green-clothed lady in the crowd sweetly smiled at Xiao Yan when she felt his gaze. That short-lived flower-like smile caused many experts to give her a sideward glance.

“Ha ha, alright. Since this is the case, we’ll let you give it a try…” The colorful-eyed man stared at Gu Qing Yang for a moment. He did not expect Xiao Yan to possess such a relationship with the Gu clan, but he was extremely cunning. He smiled as he turned his head to speak to Feng Qing Er.

Feng Qing Er nodded after hearing the words of the man with colorful pupils. Her eyes coldly looked at Xiao Yan as she cried out, “Xiao Yan, do you dare to step forward and accept this challenge?”

Xiao Yan smiled. He extended his hand and stopped the group behind him. Most of the people here were unfamiliar, so Xiao Yan saw a gloating expression in their eyes. He had come to this place for the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree, but this place was chaotic with all sorts of people. Many experts were also present. One needed to deter others if one wished to survive in this wasteland. Naturally, he could not step back now.

“As you wish.”

Xiao Yan slowly stepped forward. His face still contained a smile, but both of his eyes flickered with a dangerous chill. Although he was uncertain why Feng Qing Er’s strength had soared, she still lagged far behind him. Even though her strength had soared, she was only a three change peak Dou Zun. Other nine star Dou Zuns might not be able to defeat such an expert, but this strength was nothing to Xiao Yan…


A cold smile surfaced on Feng Qing Er’s face when she saw Xiao Yan step forward. Her foot stomped on the ground as colorful silk shot out in all directions. The silk appeared like incomparably sharp blades since they were accompanied by an extremely sharp wind that covered the area within a hundred feet around Xiao Yan. He had nowhere to retreat!

“It is still the same old tricks. Your strength has soared, but you are unable to control it. You are just like a beggar who has picked up a treasure.”

Xiao Yan slowly shook his head when he saw the colorful silks cover his sight. He took one step after another forward. A dense flame suddenly surged out of his body and wrapped around him. Any silk that charged into the flame would only be able to charge five feet forward before they were turned into ashes that scattered.

Xiao Yan took one step after another toward Feng Qing Er as many people watched. His strolling steps appeared quite relaxed.

Compared to Xiao Yan’s comfortable manner, Feng Qing Er’s face was a furious green. She had not expected that she would not be able to pose a threat to Xiao Yan after her strength had soared. How could her prideful-self endure this?

“Heaven Phoenix Shadow!”

A furious cry was emitted from Feng Qing Er’s mouth. Dou Qi quickly surged out of her body and formed a thousand-foot-large Heaven Phoenix illusory figure in the sky. Wave after wave of an ancient pressure spread.


The enormous Heaven Phoenix illusory figure let out a clear cry as both of its wings were flapped. It carried a frightening might that ruthlessly shot toward Xiao Yan below. That momentum caused the expressions of many experts to change.

Xiao Yan finally halted because of the enormous Heaven Phoenix illusory figure. He lifted his head and looked at the Heaven Phoenix that was swiftly being magnified. He was certain in his heart that the great increase in Feng Qing Er’s strength was definitely related to that Heaven Phoenix skeleton in the ancient forest.

“Xiao Yan, die!”

The hatred on Feng Qing Er’s face became even denser as she stared at the Heaven Phoenix illusory figure, which was less than a thousand feet from Xiao Yan. An icy-cold cry echoed across the square. At this moment, Xiao Yan was unable to dodge even if he wished!

“It is still the same little tricks…”

However, Xiao Yan merely grinned when he heard Feng Qing Er’s cold cry. He did not show any sign of dodging. All he did was slowly shake his head. At the same time, a golden light surged from his dark-black eyes…

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