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Chapter 1409: Ancient Heaven Demon Python

Yun Yun was stunned as she stared at that familiar face. A long while later, she finally recovered and bitterly laughed, “It is really you…”

Xiao Yan grinned. He took out a jade bottle from his Storage Ring and handed it to Yun Yun. Yun Yun understood his intention and took a pill from within it to consume. After which, she handed the jade bottle to Nalan Yanran and got her to distribute the medicinal pills inside to the other elders.

“Why are all of you here?” Yun Yun’s expression was a little better after consuming the medicinal pill. Her pretty eyes swept over Cai Lin and Xiao Yan. She shifted her eyes away while asking in a seemingly random manner.

“We are coincidentally entering the Ancient Wasteland Region when we met the members of the Profound Sky Sect. After that, we sensed your group…” Xiao Yan smiled and replied.


Yun Yun slightly nodded. Her pretty eyes roamed for awhile before they finally paused on Cai Lin. She said, “It is unexpected that I am able to meet you here…”

When Yun Yun was still in the Jia Ma Empire back then, she had received Gu He’s invitation to head to the Vast Tager Desert to snatch the Green Lotus Core Flame from Medusa. Subsequently, Cai Lin had appeared at the Misty Cloud Sect because of Xiao Yan. On the whole, their meetings were not pleasant ones. These two women had formed a grudge. Nevertheless, it was clear that neither of them had expected their next meeting to be in such a place.


Cai Lin faintly nodded. Being cold and indifferent, she did not add anything, nor did she intend on talking with Yun Yun. When Cai Lin didn’t say anything more, Yun Yun, who was somewhat proud in her bones, naturally did not offer any warm feelings because of Cai Lin’s coldness. Hence, she also became quiet.

Xiao Yan was a little embarrassed when he saw this atmosphere form between the two women. He threw a glance at the Little Fairy Doctor in order to seek her help, but she only glanced at him before turning her head away. This caused him to feel a little depressed. It was unexpected that the gentle and obedient Little Fairy Doctor would abandon him at such a moment.

“Junior pavilion chief, thank you for your help this time around.”

At this moment, an Elder from the Flower Sect, who had consumed a medicinal pill given by Nalan Yanran, walked forward and thanked Xiao Yan.

“Ha ha, Elder is too polite. The Falling Star Pavilion has a good relationship with the Flower Sect in the first place. Moreover, Yun Yun and I are old acquaintances. It is only right for me to intervene and help.” Xiao Yan laughed. He mused for a moment and said, “Elder, may I know how long it has been since you entered this ancient region?”

“It has been nearly five days, but we have not followed an exact route. Hence, our speed is quite slow. Along the way, we even attracted a group of extremely ferocious beasts. Then, the Profound Sky Sect launched a sneak attack. Their attack resulted in Elder Qing Hua’s death. Ugh…” That Elder spoke in a somewhat grieved manner.

Xiao Yan bitterly smiled and shook his head. He asked, “In that case, does Elder know about the situation regarding the other factions?”

“They should be fast approaching the Ancient Region Stage of the Ancient Wasteland Region. That is a place that has been left behind since the ancient times. A normal ferocious beast would not approach that place. Hence, it could be considered a safe region in the Ancient Wasteland Region.” Yun Yun by the side suddenly replied. “However, there is still a two day’s journey from our location to that place.”

“Ancient Region Stage, huh…”

Xiao Yan’s eyes revealed an expression of contemplation. He wished to successfully obtain the Bodhisattva Heart, but it was clearly impossible for them to reach that place with just their strengths. Any mysterious treasures would be protected by a unique beast. Even less needed to be said about this extremely rare and unique treasure known as the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree. The unique beast guarding it would naturally be extremely frightening. Hence, he needed to borrow the strength of the other factions in order to benefit from the chaos. Otherwise, he would not have the slightest chance.

However, the factions able to resolve these many obstructions and eventually reach the Ancient Region Stage were definitely extremely strong. Moreover, there might be some of Xiao Yan’s enemies there. An example was the Hall of Souls…

Xiao Yan narrowed his eyes slightly and softly said, “Why don’t we travel together during the subsequent journey? Our strength will ultimately be a little stronger if our parties unite. We will be able to help each other if we meet any trouble.” Regardless of how strong some of the factions in the Ancient Region Stage were, Xiao Yan needed to reach that place first. Otherwise, it would be useless to simply rely on their strength.


Yun Yun hesitated for a moment after hearing Xiao Yan’s suggestion. The atmosphere of Xiao Yan’s group caused her find it difficult to get used to. However, she could only nod her head after seeing her group of injured members. They had already met a great deal of danger in this Ancient Wasteland Region over these few days. Just their strength alone would likely find it difficult to reach the Ancient Region Stage.

“We will take the path to the east first. Although the route towards the west is a little closer, the main road at that place is occupied by an ‘Ancient Heaven Demon Python,’ which strength is comparable to a five change peak Dou Zun expert. We will definitely disturb it if we wish to pass…” Yun Yun said.

“Ancient Heaven Demon Python?”

Xiao Yan was startled upon hearing this. This was an extremely rare mutated-snake beast. It only surpassed the Nine Serene Deep Ground Python in terms of ferocity, but this creature was too rare. It was almost extinct in the outside world, yet it still existed in this wasteland. However, the rarity of this Ancient Heaven Demon Python was not the reason that caused Xiao Yan to be startled. Instead, it was because he recalled that the blood of an Ancient Heaven Demon Python had the effect of refining and strengthening one’s physical body. The current him needed to raise his physical strength. Only by doing this would he be able to practice the King Kong Glass Body until the ninety-nine-foot peak.

He was in the Ancient Wasteland Region, and he would still have to interact with those powerful factions soon. It would not be easy to do anything if he did not possess sufficient strength as a trump card.

Moreover, Xiao Yan had remembered that he had once read from an ancient book that the Ancient Heaven Demon Python liked to build a blood pool because the blood pool would be the location where its offspring would be born. In order to enable its offspring to absorb enough energy, it would spend hundreds of years gathering natural treasures with rich energy to throw them into the blood pool. Finally, this energy is absorbed by the blood and merges with the bodies of the offspring being born.

“Did you see the Ancient Heaven Demon Python with your own eyes?” A flash appeared in Xiao Yan’s eyes as he asked.

“Yes… we even exchanged blows and were nearly unable to escape.” Yun Yun solemnly replied.

“So it’s like this…” Xiao Yan muttered to himself. He immediately lifted his head, looked at Yun Yun, and said, “I plan to make a trip over. The Ancient Heaven Demon Python is very useful to me…”

“What?” Yun Yun’s group was immediately startled when they heard that Xiao Yan was planning to head over to search for that incomparable fierce and brutal Ancient Heaven Demon Python.

“I have my own plans and will not do things without care for their consequences…” Xiao Yan smiled and replied. “Relax, although the Ancient Heaven Demon Python is powerful, it might not be able to defeat all of us…”

Yun Yun could only helplessly shake her head when she heard Xiao Yan’s insistence. She mused for a moment before sighing, “Since you insist on it, let’s travel together. My group has so many injured members. We will be in greater danger if we separate. Coincidentally, we also know the route to take to help you quickly find the Ancient Heaven Demon Python.”

“Ha ha, in that case, I will be troubling you. Relax, I will not allow any accidents to befall your group.” Xiao Yan sighed in relief and laughed upon hearing her words.

“I really regret telling you about this.”

Yun Yun bitterly smiled and shook her head. She had originally wanted to use the incident to warn Xiao Yan. Unexpectedly, it had ended up attracting him over.

“Everyone should rest first. We will head out in half an hour.” Xiao Yan smiled. He waved his hand and informed everyone.

Everyone nodded when they heard his words. After which they sat down. Xiao Yan also sat cross-legged on a large rock. He shut his eyes and entered a resting state…

Half an hour of rest quickly passed. Xiao Yan opened his eyes and saw the faces of members of the Flower Sect were much better. Only then did he nod his head and stand up. He was just about to speak when he abruptly sensed something. His eyes looked to the sky behind him. A moment later, he waved his hand and quickly said, “Everyone, hide your auras. Someone is coming…”

The entire group was startled upon hearing Xiao Yan’s words. They hurriedly withdrew into the forest, suppressing their auras and breaths to their the weakest levels in the process.

“Swoosh swoosh!”

Soon after Xiao Yan’s group withdrew into the forest, wave after wave of rushing wind suddenly resounded in the sky. Many figures flew through the sky with extremely fast speed.

“These people are really bold. Aren’t they afraid of attracting the attacks from those ferocious beasts…” The Little Fairy Doctor slightly frowned and softly commented when she saw these people dared to recklessly fly.

Xiao Yan knit his brow. His eyes stared at the light figures in the sky. With his outstanding eyesight, he clearly made out a lady in colorful clothes, leading section of this large group. This lady gave Xiao Yan a familiar feeling.

“It is Feng Qing Er from the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe!”

The moment this thought appeared in his heart, Xiao Yan suddenly recalled something as some shock appeared in his eyes. He recalled that when he saw Feng Qing Er at the Dou Sheng remains back then, she merely had the strength of a Dou Zong. However, the feeling that she gave him now definitely surpassed that of an ordinary peak Dou Zun expert. Moreover, he vaguely sensed that the current Feng Qing Er gave him a somewhat different feeling than before.

This difference did not originate from her outer appearance. Instead, it came from her soul!

The Feng Qing Er of the past was unable to make Xiao Yan feel any pressure by relying on the bloodline of the Demon Phoenix tribe. However, he was able to sense a faint pressure emanating from Feng Qing Er. He had once sensed this kind of pressure from Zi Yan…

“It is the pressure from an Ancient Heaven Phoenix…”

Xiao Yan’s eyes flickered. A moment later, he finally recovered as he gently inhaled a breath of cool air. The Ancient Heaven Phoenix had disappeared from this world. Why did this kind of pressure appear on Feng Qing Er?

“This woman has definitely met some great opportunity that has allowed her strength to soar… looks like I cannot delay any longer. This time around, I must head to where the Ancient Heaven Demon Python is and rely on its blood pool to train the King Kong Glass Body to its peak. Moreover, I must breakthrough to the ninth star of a Dou Zun!”

Xiao Yan clenched his fist. These enemies, whose strength had soared, caused him to be filled with a kind of pressure!

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