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Chapter 1397: Ancient Wasteland Region

“Bodhisattva Ancient Tree?”

Old man Bao Shan’s words were like a bomb that caused the entire hall to abruptly turn into an uproar. Some experts were unable to control the shock in their hearts as they suddenly stood up.

The Bodhisattva Ancient Tree would enter the top three if every natural treasure across the entire Dou Qi continent were to be ranked!

The Bodhisattva Ancient Tree was also known as the Knowledge Reincarnation Tree. This tree would grow one cycle every one thousand years. It would only mature after a hundred cycles. Most things would be eroded after such a long period of time. However, the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree existed outside of time. It could be considered one of the extremely ancient species of the continent…

It was rumored that the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree appeared once every thousand years and would cause a huge commotion across the continent each time it appeared. Looking back at the long history of the continent, even elite Dou Shengs had died while fighting over the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree!

According to the records of some ancient books, only one Bodhisattva Ancient Tree grew in this world. It possessed its own intelligence and would hide deep underground after it appeared. No one would be able to find it, and it would only appear in the world when it was ready.

Bodhisattva Ancient Tree, becoming a Sheng(Saint) immediately!

These were not empty words. The interior of the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree was the Bodhisattva Heart. Those who obtained it would have their heart transformed into a Bodhisattva Heart and becoming a saint would be a simple task. This was not mere rumor because an old expert had possessed such good luck. After swallowing the Bodhisattva Heart, this untalented two star Dou Zun broke through all the obstacles in his advancement in a simple fashion, and within a short five years, he reached the Dou Sheng class, shaking the entire continent in the process.

This kind of divine effect caused everyone to go crazy. Whoever managed to obtain the Bodhisattva Heart meant that they possessed a direct passage to advance to the Dou Sheng class, the current peak level of this world!

Moreover, even if the Bodhisattva Heart was eliminated from the picture, the slightly inferior Bodhisattva Seed would also increase the chances of successfully advancing to the Dou Sheng class. Although it was not as terrifying as the Bodhisattva Heart, it still possessed an irresistible allure to those at the peak of the Dou Zun class since the breakthrough to the Ban Sheng class was too difficult and dangerous. Some of the experts at the peak of the Dou Zun class might not be able to reach that level even after a lifetime. At this moment, a Bodhisattva Seed would make them go insane.

In summary, the temptation of the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree to peak experts had reached a crazy stage. One could imagine just what kind of a great uproar this news would stir in the Central Plains.


Yao Lao by the side let out a long sigh while Xiao Yan’s eyes revealed a stunned expression. One could sense the slight disbelief in his voice. This so-called information caused even someone with his mental fortitude to not remain completely calm.

“It is actually the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree…”

Yao Lao muttered after letting out a heavy sigh.

Xiao Yan slightly nodded. His finger rubbed his Storage Ring. There was a Bodhisattva Seed inside it. It was rumored that the Bodhisattva Seed was able to sense the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree. However, why had he not discovered anything? Could it be he was too far away?

Standing at the middle of the large hall, old man Bao Shan smiled as he heard everyone inhale a breath of cold air after being shaken by this news. Even he greatly coveted the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree. If the place it had appeared wasn’t too dangerous, he would not have been able to restrain himself from leading his people over to search for the treasure.

“Old man Bao Shan, may I know where the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree has appeared?” The shock in the hall continued for a moment before someone took the lead to ask.

All the excited eyes present once again gathered on old man Bao Shan after this person asked a question. From the looks of it, they would not be able to control themselves and would attack old man Bao Shan if he refused to reply. Their reasoning was quite fragile because of the allure of the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree.

“Ha ha, everyone can rest assured that this elderly-self will not hide anything now that I have spoken.” Old man Bao Shan understood the thoughts in these people’s hearts. He would naturally not use this matter as a joke. He laughed, “The location where the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree has appeared is likely not a foreign one. It is the Ancient Wasteland Region located on the north-eastern border of the Central Plains.”

“Ancient Wasteland Region?”

Many exclamations reverberated around the large hall after these words were said. Those experts who had suddenly sat straight up earlier deflated with an anxious expression in their eyes.

“It is actually located in such a dangerous area…”

Xiao Yan slightly knit his brows. He had naturally heard about the Ancient Wasteland Region. That area was probably the oldest place in the current Dou Qi continent. It was also the forbidden ground of all humans. The weather inside was terrible, and poison permeated the air as fierce beasts roamed. These fierce beasts were descendents from ancient times. Some of them were not inferior to any tribe in the current Magical Beast world with the exception of the Ancient Void Dragon. In other words, even the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe would perish if they entered…

These beasts were bloodthirsty and violent. Although they were not intelligent, their strengths were extremely frightening. Even experts at the peak of the Dou Zun class would not dare to say that they would be able to successfully leave the place alive. This was a truth provided by a countless number of years of blood lessons because many experts had entered the wasteland in search of treasures. However, contact with them was eventually lost. Some renowned experts within the Central Plains were among those who had entered.

As an increasing number of experts disappeared in the Ancient Wasteland Region, its dangerous reputation spread further. Eventually, no one dared to step into it. Another factor was that this wasteland was a little far away, so this once dangerous land gradually faded from memory.

However, no one had expected the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree to appear within the Ancient Wasteland Region this time around!

“No wonder this old fellow would release this kind of information. With the strength of the Reflecting Treasure Sect and the other two factions, they would be committing suicide if they entered the Ancient Wasteland Region. They wish to attract more people to enter in order to gain some benefits from the chaos…” Yao Lao slowly unraveled his thoughts. He was also deeply aware of the danger of the Ancient Wasteland Region. He also understood why old man Bao Shan was so open-minded about sharing such news.

“Ha ha, every appearance of the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree results in an unnatural phenomenon. Everyone should gradually be able to sense it within a month. At that time, you will know that I am stating the truth.” Old man Bao Shan smiled as he stated. “I have already provided the information to everyone. This spatial trade fair has successfully been completed. Thank you all for participating.”

The atmosphere in the large hall was quiet for a moment before some people began to stand up before they walked out of the hall.

“We should also leave. The Bodhisattva Ancient Tree is indeed a mysterious thing. We should head over to take a look if we find the chance.” Yao Lao softly commented when he saw that the trade fair had been concluded. This was a very good opportunity. If they could obtain the Bodhisattva Heart, the route to advance to the Dou Sheng class would be incomparably smooth. In other words, a Dou Sheng would appear in the Falling Star Pavilion. They would then feel more confident if they were to fight the Hall of Souls.

“However, we must first obtain the ancient map…” Yao Lao faintly laughed. He slightly turned his head. That skinny black-robed man, who had successfully bought the ancient map, had turned around and left. A cold smile slid across Yao Lao’s face as he glanced at the his back.

“Let’s go…”

Yao Lao got up. After which, he walked out of the large hall without turning his head. Xiao Yan and two swiftly followed. They were aware that an intense battle was inevitable.

Yao Lao disappeared for a moment after the trade fair was concluded. After which, he returned swiftly before leading Xiao Yan’s group out of this realm. He flew to the north-west. Finally, they glided through the desert and stopped on a steep mountain.

“This is a spot where they must pass. Given those three old demons’ characters, they will definitely not take a detour even if they possess a great treasure…:” Yao Lao looked into the distance and spoke in a faint voice.

“Teacher, what is the background of those people?” Xiao Yan nodded and inquired.

“An evil and strange sect called the Cloud Rain Sect. This sect rears meat cauldrons to raise one’s strength. These so-called meat cauldrons are talented girls who are given a Qi Method to train. They will bitterly train for over a decade before the Dou Qi within their bodies is absorbed through the Cloud Rain Sect’s unique intercouse method. Of course, this kind of Qi Method is too overbearing. The ladies whose Dou Qi has been absorbed usually die from old age within ten days.

“The Cloud Rain Sect has over a thousand disciples. Moreover, all of them are females, but they are all meat cauldrons for those three old demons to absorb…”

“It is really a shameless sect.” Cai Lin’s and the Little Fairy Doctor’s faces turned a little cold after they heard Yao Lao’s explanation.

“They are indeed shameless and were chased away from the Central Plains back then, but it is unexpected that they have returned…” Yao Lao nodded and said. “Back then, I had exchanged blows with one of those three and seriously injured him, but I was injured by the other two. Therefore, I did not take that person’s life. It is surprising that I would come across them after so many years…”

“These three old demons’ evil reputations in the Central Plains were gained much earlier than the Xue He Tianzun you met. The eldest, Tian He Zi, has already reached a nine change peak Dou Zun. The second brother, Di Je Zi, has reached the eighth change while the third, Ren He Zi, is at the sixth change. Their combined strength is likely able to contend against an elite Ban Sheng.”

Surprise flashed across Xiao Yan’s eyes when he heard this information. These three old demons were indeed extraordinary. With this kind of strength, one would be considered top-notch even within the Central Plains. No wonder they could take out a nine-colored Pill Lightning tier 8 medicinal pill.

Yao Lao suddenly lifted his head while Xiao Yan was continuing to make inquiries. He looked to the distant horizon and faintly said, “They are here…”

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