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Chapter 1396: Information

Old man Bao Shan smiled when he saw the completely silent hall. He was clearly aware of the allure of the Purifying Demon Lotus Flame. Hence, he had left the map fragment as the second to last item before taking it out.

Many fiery hot pairs of eyes within the large hall were staring at the map fragment. Those present were not ordinary people. Even the Purifying Demon Lotus Flame was a legendary thing to them. They had only heard of it and had never truly seen it. Of course, this did not hinder anyone from coveting it. Anything powerful would ultimately attract countless pairs of greedy eyes regardless of the danger involved.

Although this map fragment was not the true Purifying Demon Lotus Flame, one would be able to obtain some information related to the Purifying Demon Lotus Flame by obtaining it. If they could obtain it, the benefits could be described as endless.

“Ha ha, the owner of this map fragment wishes to exchange it for some medicinal pills. Of course, the quality of the medicinal pills must be at least a six-colored Pill Lightning. As for the quantity, that will depend on everyone…” Old man Bao Shan smiled. His eyes swept over the hall before he said, “The bidding will begin now. Everyone, please offer your bids.”

There were many people in the large hall who were interested in this map fragment. Immediately, a hoarse elderly voice said, “Three six-colored Pill Lightning tier 8 medicinal pills.”

“Four six-colored Pill Lightning tier 8 medicinal pills.”


Many bids were suddenly issued from the large hall within less than two short minutes. The hall’s atmosphere abruptly became fiery hot. The bidding price swiftly rose in front of old man Bao Shan’s smiling eyes. Everyone clearly understood that the map fragment was worth far more than these offers. However, if one could rely on this map fragment to find the Purifying Lotus Demon Flame, this loss would not be worth mentioning.

“What should we do now?” Xiao Yan frowned and softly asked after learning that so many people were interested.

“Don’t be anxious, let’s wait…” Yao Lao shook his head as he replied.

Xiao Yan could only nod his head when he heard Yao Lao’s response. He forcefully calmed his heart. The frown on his brows deepened when he heard the continuously rising price. He had indeed underestimated the allure of the Purifying Demon Lotus Flame. Even though it was only a map fragment, it caused all these people to act crazy.

The bid continued to rapidly rise amid numerous cries that refused to give in to each other. Within less than ten minutes, the price had already risen to nine six-colored Pill Lightning tier 8 medicinal pills. This bid caused even Xiao Yan’s expression to become a little ugly. A bid that involved so many six-colored Pill Lightning medicinal pills had exceeded his expectations.

Fortunately, the current price had exceeded the point most people could accept. Hence, the number of people bidding also decreased, but everyone knew that these remaining people were truly wealthy individuals.

“Five seven-colored Pill Lightning tier 8 medicinal pills.”

A cold cry that contained some anger suddenly echoed after the previous bid.

This price was undoubtedly high, and the large hall quickly became quieter. Many eyes followed the origin of the sound that had been transmitted, but all they saw was a figure completely covered by a black robe.

“Eight pills.”

An elderly voice suddenly sounded in a simple manner.

Xiao Yan quietly sighed in his heart when he heard this voice. Yao Lao had finally begun to bid. However, Xiao Yan didn’t know if Yao Lao would truly be able to obtain the map fragment. After all, the people here were not ordinary individuals.

“Hmph.” The person who had cried out the price earlier snorted when he heard Yao Lao open his mouth to make a bid. The man hesitated for a moment before he clenched his teeth and said, “One eight-colored Pill Lightning tier 8 medicinal pill!”

A low uproar appeared within the large hall after his words sounded. Many people had not expected this fellow to take out an eight-colored Pill Lightning medicinal pill.

“Three pills…”

This voice was still faint, but it suppressed all the voice in the hall. Yao Lao caused that person to give up with a great unwillingness.

Xiao Yan sighed in relief when that person ceased speaking. He was just about to speak when Yao Lao’s voice appeared beside him, “Don’t be happy too soon.”

“Five Pills.”

Xiao Yan’s face twitched when he heard a voice filled with a cold sternness. His eyes searched for the origin of the voice that was being transmitted. He found a somewhat skinny figure seated on a stone chair. The skinny figure seemed to have sensed Xiao Yan’s eyes since he suddenly turned his head. A pair of dark and stern eyes shot over like sharp arrows from under the Doupeng, causing space itself to fluctuate. At the same time, an unusual pressure surfaced on Xiao Yan’s body.


Yao Lao let out a cold snort when the pressure formed around them. He randomly waved his sleeve and the invisible pressure was destroyed in an instant.

“What a frightening strength this person has…”

Xiao Yan finally recovered and was quietly stunned in his heart while Yao Lao exchanged blows with this mysterious person.

“Be careful. This person is an expert with half a foot in the Ban Sheng class…” Yao Lao softly mentioned. His voice gained a solemness for the first time.

Xiao Yan’s expression changed upon hearing this. This spatial trade fair was indeed a place with many hidden experts.

“Eight Pills.”

Yao Lao coldly cried out after speaking to Xiao Yan. At this moment, his expression had gained a tight frown. Such a price had exceeded his estimate.

“Ha ha, this friend has bid the price of eight eight-colored Pill Lightning medicinal pill. Is there anyone who is still going to bid?” Old man Bao Shan smiled as he asked a question.

Old man Bao Shan’s words caused the large hall to become silent for a moment. Many pairs of eyes were thrown toward the skinny man, who had counterbid Yao Lao earlier.

That skinny black-robed man smiled in a dark and cold manner when all these gazes swung over. He immediately opened his mouth and said, “One nine-colored Pill Lightning tier 8 medicinal pill. If you are able to offer a higher price, this map fragment will belong to you!”

“This fellow is really crazy…”

Everyone present inhaled a gentle breath of cool air when they heard that the black-robed person was willing to take out a nine-colored Pill Lightning medicinal pill. They shook their heads and quietly made comments in their hearts.

Xiao Yan’s expression had also turned gloomy at this moment. He also possessed a nine-colored Pill Lightning medicinal pill in his hand. It was the Pill Beast that he had obtained from the Dou Sheng remains last time. However, his losses would be too frightening if he bid the Pill Beast. After all, if this Pill Beast was reared properly, it might even be able to advance to a tier 9 medicinal pill in the future. At that time, its value would soar by hundreds of times. Even a Dou Sheng class expert would be attracted by it. He would not take out a medicinal pill with such a potential no matter what.

Yao Lao’s finger gently pounded against the armrest. Although there was a Doupeng covering him, Xiao Yan was aware that his face consisted of a frown at this moment. He pulled his sleeves and slowly shook his head. This was not the moment to be impulsive. Even though they were unable to use proper means to obtain this map fragment, they would still be able to use other means to do so…

Yao Lao slowly spread his hand when he saw Xiao Yan. He nodded and a low voice was transmitted into Xiao Yan’s ear. “The price is too great, but I am already aware of that person’s identity. He is an old opponent… this time around, I will coincidentally be able to resolve the conflict from back then.”

Given Yao Lao’s character, he would not simply watch this final map fragment leave. It was just as Xiao Yan had thought. Since they were unable to obtain it through proper means, they could only use some other means. Moreover, it was not the first time that he and Xiao Yan had done this. They also had to use other means in the Black-Corner Region in order to obtain another map fragment. It seemed that an old show was about to repeat itself…

“Hee hee…”

That skinny black-robed person laughed in a low voice. After which, his eyes returned to old man Bao Shan at the middle of the hall. He waved his hand and a small snow-white rabbit appeared in it. An extremely dense pill fragrance filled the room the moment it appeared, causing the eyes of many to turn a little red. A nine-colored Pill Lightning medicinal pill was something that even a Ban Sheng class expert desired. Even less needed to be said about the elite Dou Zuns.

The skinny black-robed man rubbed this little rabbit with his hand. He also felt some pain, but he clenched his teeth the moment he thought of the Purifying Demon Lotus Flame. A glow rose from his hand that wrapped around the rabbit. After which, it was shot toward old man Bao Shan with lightning-like speed.

While this nine-colored medicinal pill rushed across the large hall, many people felt an impulse to snatch it. However, it was fortunate that these people did not lose their reasoning. They did not do anything after struggling with the impulse in their hearts.

Old man Bao Shan beckoned with his hand and received the cluster of light. After which, he carefully examined the snow-white rabbit. He sensed the unbelievably pure energy within its body. Only then did he nod his head. His eyes contained a marvel. Clearly, he had not expected someone to take out such a medicinal pill as a bid.

“This friend, the transaction is complete. This map belongs to you…”

Old man Bao Shan carefully stored the rabbit. His finger flicked over the ancient map fragment. The map fragment turned into a ray of light that rushed toward the skinny black-robed old man. Finally, the man grabbed it with a pleased smile on his face.

Xiao Yan slowly clenched his hand when the ancient map landed in the hands of that black-robed old man. A chill flashed within his dark-black eyes. He needed to obtain this Purifying Demon Lotus Flame at any cost. Hence, he had to obtain this map fragment even if this old fellow was someone who had half a foot in the Ban Sheng class!

“Ha ha, the last item of our spatial trade fair is not an object but some information. Although this information will spread through the Central Plains soon, the information we have here should be firsthand…”

Old man Bao Shan smiled after completing the ancient map transaction. His eyes scanned the hall as he said, “Relax, we will not ask for a reward for this information. However, due to it being a little shocking, we have placed it last…”

Everyone frowned when they heard old man Bao Shan’s words. Everyone in the room stared at him with some doubt. Just what kind of information could old man Bao Shan hold with such regard?

Old man Bao Shan smiled as he sensed the many uncertain eyes. His soft voice slowly echoed through the large hall.

“The legendary Bodhisattva Ancient Tree, rumored to be able to allow one to breakthrough the ordinary and become a Sheng (Saint), has once again appeared after ten thousand years…”

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