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Chapter 1389: Resolve

Liu Chang’s group’s footsteps immediately stilled when they heard Cai Lin’s icy-cold voice. A moment later, Liu Chang and Wu Zhen suddenly turned their heads. They furiously demanded, “Why? Does the Yan Alliance intend to kill all of us in front of so many people?”

Xiao Yan placed his hands behind his back. His eyes indifferently studied Liu Chang’s group. Many of them were displaying their panic. A faint voice resounded beside everyone’s ears, “The Yan Alliance has its own rules. This is not some loose organization. It is alright if someone wishes to withdraw from the Yan Alliance. However, if one wishes to withdraw as an excuse to escape punishment after committing a crime, would one not be treating the Yan Alliance like child’s play?”

“During these years, the two of you have been overly arrogant, causing trouble for my Pill Hall and resulting in the disunity of the Yan Alliance. This is a great crime. If it can be resolved by just quitting, would it not mean that anyone who broke the rules of my Yan Alliance could just leave peacefully by quitting the Yan Alliance? In that case, is it even necessary for my Yan Alliance to exist?”

Xiao Yan’s expression was ice-cold. The murderous desire in his heart became even denser. These two were like termites. If they were allowed to safely leave, all of Yan Alliance’s rules would become a joke. Once this precedent was set, how would he be able to control the masses?

Those alchemists from the Pill Hall lowered their heads when they heard Xiao Yan’s cold and stern cry. They had indeed become arrogant during these years because of their unique status within the Yan Alliance. Perspiration rained down from them while Xiao Yan reprimanded them in a cold fashion.

Liu Chang and Wu Zhen’s faces twitched. Their hearts panicked a little when they sensed the icy-cold looks that the surrounding members of the Yan Alliance were giving them. The development of this situation had exceeded their expectations. Originally, with their tier 7 high grade alchemists status, they would be treated like VIPs no matter where they went. It was unexpected that Xiao Yan would actually be this rude.

“What do you plan on doing?” Liu Chang grit his teeth and asked.

“It is not what I plan to do. I will perform as the alliance rules state!” Xiao Yan faintly replied.

The expressions of Liu Chang and Wu Zhen drastically changed when they heard this. According to the rules of the Yan Alliance, their offenses would require them to die a couple of times to make up for their crimes.

“Capture them!”

Cai Lin’s face was cold as she gave an order.


The surrounding experts of the Yan Alliance, who were awaiting orders, immediately rushed toward Liu Chang’s group upon hearing Cai Lin’s cry.

“Bastard, do you think that the two of us are afraid of you?”

Liu Chang and Wu Zhen really began to panic when they saw the experts move. A furious cry sounded as Dou Qi surged from their bodies. They forcefully pushed aside the few Yan Alliance experts who had arrived beside them. Their bodies moved, and they turned into light figures that tried to flee into the distance.

“Trying to flee?”

Xiao Yan lifted his eyebrows. His mouth revealed a cold smile as his palm grabbed toward the two. The surrounding space instantly stilled and the two figures were trapped within. Xiao Yan randomly threw these two captured individuals back, and they violently smashed into the ground.


A powerful strength caused the duo to spit out a mouthful of fresh blood. Their expressions were ghastly. Before they could cry out numerous long spears with cold glints paused near their heads.

“Alliance chief sir, please let the both of us off. We will definitely do our best for the Yan Alliance in the future!” The Dou Qi within their bodies had forcefully been scattered by Xiao Yan’s palm earlier. Only at this moment did Liu Chang and Wu Zhen become terrified. They hurriedly cried out together.

“The rules of the Yan Alliance will not be changed because of anyone or any events!” Xiao Yan glanced indifferently at these two individuals. He waved his sleeve and a group of Yan Alliance experts captured the two of them like wolves and tigers. They were dragged into the deepest part of the Pill Hall. Those traitors who had planned to follow the two of them were all captured and dragged away. In an instant, desolate screeches reverberated over the square.

Those miserable cries gradually became distant and the square became quiet. Those alchemists present were covered in a cold sweat. None of them dared to utter a word.

“Gu He…”

Gu He’s heart trembled when he heard Xiao Yan’s sudden voice. He immediately and respectfully responded.

“Being the chief of the Pill Hall, you have a responsibility that you cannot shirk for allowing the Pill Hall to turn into this state. From today on, you will be demoted from the hall chief to a deputy hall chief. Grandmaster Fa Ma will be promoted from the position of Elder to the new Pill Hall’s chief.” Gu He and Fa Ma quickly acknowledged the changes when they heard Xiao Yan’s faint voice. The current Xiao Yan was no longer the Xiao Yan from back then. The current Xiao Yan possessed an absolute strength to deal with anyone.

“Since there are punishments, there will naturally be rewards. The Yan Alliance has developed greatly during these years. This is an ancient method to train one’s soul. It will be able to help an alchemist breakthrough to the eighth tier. All the alchemists of the Pill Hall who have reached the seventh tier will be able to obtain it after making a certain amount of contributions. Those of a lower tier will be able to obtain a portion of it to train their spirits after making a certain amount of contributions to the Yan Alliance. It will enable all of you to increase the rate at which your alchemist tier improves. I hope that everyone will practice hard…” Xiao Yan flicked his finger after his words sounded. A scroll flew toward the stunned Fa Ma and Gu He.

“This… an ancient method to train one’s soul?”

There were many alchemists present. Moreover, there were some alchemists who did not belong to the Yan Alliance. However, all of their faces revealed a disbelief when they heard Xiao Yan’s words. They were clearly aware of just how important one’s Spiritual Strength was to an alchemist, but none of them had ever heard that it was possible to train one’s spirit. At the same time, they were aware that Xiao Yan would not make a false claim in public given his status, so all of their eyes became fiery hot.

“It is unexpected that there is such a benefit for joining the Pill Hall… it seems that I must find an opportunity to join it.”

Those alchemists present stared at Gu He and Fa Ma with envious eyes as this thought appeared in their hearts. The Yan Alliance might have extremely strict rules, but they could be endured if they were able to strengthen themselves. Moreover, Liu Chang’s group from earlier had completely brought it on themselves. With those crimes, any other factions or sects would have long since executed them. They would not even be given the time to argue.

Fa Ma and Gu He’s trembling hands held the scroll in front of many fiery hot eyes. They had heard that it was indeed possible to train one’s spirit, but that method had long been lost. It was unexpected that Xiao Yan actually possessed such a method. Moreover, he was willing to give it to the both of them…

The hearts of those two were incredibly excited, but they did not know that this was only a portion of the method, yet this portion benefited their current states. If they performed extensive contributions in the future, Xiao Yan would naturally give the rest of the method to them.

Cai Lin quietly sighed in relief when she saw the square suddenly become unusually excited. She was worried that harshly punishing Liu Chang’s group would result in people being afraid of the Yan Alliance. It was unexpected that Xiao Yan understood the theory of the carrot and the stick. By acting ruthless and subsequently relaxing, he had managed to subdue all of these prideful fellows. Even someone like Gu He was displaying a face that showed his heartfelt gratitude,

“This person has matured even more compared to back then…” Cai Lin turned her head, glanced at the side of Xiao Yan’s face, and softly muttered in her heart.

Cai Lin clearly understood in her heart that the Pill Hall would definitely change for the better after this incident today. With this deterrence, such incidents would probably not happen again in the future. Without the Pill Hall as an evolving cancer, the Yan Alliance would continue to develop and would truly dominate the north-western region of the continent!


Xiao Yan rested for two days in the Mysterious Yellow Fortress after resolving the issues regarding the Pill Hall. He was a little tired after refining a tier 8 medicinal pill…

“Is this First Start Pill really suitable for Xiao Xiao?” Within a room where a hidden fragrance lingered, Cai Lin watched Xiao Yan take out the tier 8 medicinal pill he had refined a couple of days earlier. She asked him a question in a worried manner. The medicinal strength of a tier 8 medicinal pill was quite high. Xiao Xiao’s constitution might already be very strong, but Cai Lin was still a little worried.

“Relax, the First Start Pill might be considered a tier 8 medicinal pill, but its medicinal effects are extremely gentle. It is most suitable for the current Xiao Xiao. The medicinal strength within it will continue to remain inside Xiao Xiao’s body and will improve her constitution as she grows, causing her to become perfect.” Xiao Yan smiled and replied. One might not become perfect after consuming the First Start Pill by itself, but Xiao Xiao already possessed an extremely good foundation, so all he would be doing was stabilizing this foundation.

Cai Lin could only nod her head when she heard Xiao Yan’s response. She simply watched as Xiao Yan gently place the medicinal pill into the little mouth of the curious Xiao Xiao, whose dark-black eyes were wandering around the room.

The medicinal pill turned into a cluster of gentle light that seeped into Xiao Xiao’s body after she consumed it. After which, it slowly stopped in her lower abdomen. Light was slowly emitted as Xiao Xiao sneezed. Both of her eyes were shut since she had become somewhat tired.

“This is the initial scattering of the medicinal strength. All we need to do is wait for her to wake…” Xiao Yan smiled as he explained.

Cai Lin gently nodded after hearing this explanation. She bowed her delicate body and gently rubbed her hand over Xiao Xiao’s body. Her bewitching face revealed a charm that was filled with a motherly love. Xiao Yan was a little absent-minded as he watched her. He softly said, “Big brother has asked us to hold a simple Xiao clan wedding to marry you into the Xiao clan. What do you say?”

Cai Lin’s body trembled when she heard Xiao Yan’s words.

Xiao Yan slowly walked forward when he saw Cai Lin’s somewhat stiff yet lovely body. Her normally cold expression was being replaced by an extremely rare bright-red color. At a glance, she appeared even more bewitching.

Xiao Yan’s heart became slightly heated when he saw her enchanting reaction. His arm hugged that narrow and seemingly boneless waist. A slight smile appeared as he gently kissed Cai Lin with her slightly emotional eyes. Lust quietly filled the warm room…

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